Lofty Enchantments

02 - A Shoe-in Applicant, Part 1

Jen arrived at the top floor of the building housing Uncanny Advertising just as the clock hit 10:00. An administrative assistant led her through rows of cubicles and toward a corner office with a plate on the door that read EVA STILLMAN -  VICE PRESIDENT. The assistant opened the door, motioning Jen in.

“Miss Crowley,” Eva said, standing and walking out from behind her desk to meet her applicant.

The woman was the picture of professionalism, but that didn’t at all inhibit her sex appeal. She wore a well-fitted skirtsuit with old-fashioned nylons and firm and glossy black leather boots.

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Eva Stillman, Uncanny’s VP.” She reached out her hand over the desk as Jen approached, but her eyes caught something other than Jen’s own. For a fleeting moment, Eva had stared down at the floor toward her boots.

“Pleasure to finally meet,” Jen replied, shaking her hand. “Thank you again for the opportunity.”

“Of course,” Eva smiled, meeting Jen’s gaze now. “Please, have a seat.”

As Jen sat, Eva caught another look at her black leather boots, gleaming under the fluorescent lights in the middle of her office. Jen could feel Eva’s eyes on her as she pulled her portfolio out of her briefcase and placed it next to her chair.

“So, I guess I should start with this. What reason do you have to get into advertising?”

“I think I can really put something out there that will get people’s attention. I’m of the school of going beyond making someone want something, and making them need it.” Jen reached down and grabbed her portfolio, handing it to Eva as she bobbed the foot of her boot left and right. “I don’t have a lot of direct experience, but I adapt quickly, and I have an excellent record under pressure.”

“Your educational qualifications are commendable for someone so young.” Eva began pointing particular things out from the resume. “MBA at Harvard, BFA from SCAD...You’ve already got a wide range of very profitable skills in personal commercial design, so I have to ask--why our firm?” Eva noticed something strange in the air as she finished speaking. The familiar fragrance of leather was bombarding her, driving her crazy. The woman was answering her question, but she was elsewhere, lost in glances of Jen’s bobbing boot. The scent was so strong--invading. Jen was sitting at least five feet from her, but it was as if she was right next to them, close enough to...

“Are you alright?” Jen asked, hiding a smirk. She had struck oil; now all she had to do was keep drilling.

“O-of course,” Eva blushed. She didn’t have any idea what the applicant across from her had said, but the intonation was professional enough. Eva decided to stumble on. “So you’ve--uh--had your eyes on our particular firm for a while.”

“Yeah, I was just saying that I’d rather start somewhere a bit more personable, where people around me share my--interests.” Jen’s eyes narrowed.

“Excuse me?” Another shade of red in Eva’s face now. Had she been caught?

“You know what I mean,” Jen added. “You’ve been staring at my boots this whole time.” Eva blushed. “It’s okay, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a bit of a kink for them myself. The look of them, the feel of them, the taste of them.” Jen got up and approached Eva’s desk, slamming the heel atop it. “No one’s looking, Eva. Give it a lick. From the toe, up.”

“I--I...” Eva found her tongue pulling itself out of her mouth and dragging her face closer and closer to the sweet, supple leather. As soon as her tongue hit the boot, she seemed to catch herself in her chair--the way she would if she were nodding off to sleep.

When she looked up, Jen was still seated at her chair with her legs crossed. Her boot had stopped bobbing.

“You’re sure you’re okay?”

“I--I think so. I apologize for that. I don’t know what’s come over me.”

Jen realized she should switch gears. Mind games were fun, but she could forget how easily her powers could make people concerned about their own sanity. She needed to try something a little more present--some physical effect. She made a quick, unnoticeable glance at Eva’s computer, and it came to her. “If you’re not feeling well, I can come another time, or--”

“No, no--I’m sorry. As I said, your credentials are sterling, so let’s have a quick glance at your artwork.” As Eva opened up the envelope and took a look at the photos inside, a window opened up on her computer. She gasped.

A video file of a woman rubbing the toe of her boot between the legs of another woman began to play. The volume was up, and Jen could hear the loud moans coming from the speakers. Eva quickly made her way to the mouse and clicked out of the window. She blushed and gave a slight chuckle. “My goodness--go to the wrong site once, and...” The video came up again, and even though she promptly exited out of the new instance before the sound came in, another window popped up in its place. Eva started to panic a little. Was there anyone in IT who knew about her stash? More importantly, had she fired any possibly disgruntled IT guys lately? She shut off her speakers and clicked the monitor off, giving up.

“Computer problems?” Jen asked, trying hard not to snicker.

“They hate me,” Eva said, trying to regain her composure through good humor. If this applicant had any aversion to seeing fetish porn popping up on her screen though, she wasn’t showing it.  She gave a quick sigh of relief. “So your qualifications are great, your work is obviously professional--so my only concern is pay.” Just as she finished speaking, Eva could hear the sound of high heels clicking against a hard surface. Like the scent of the leather from before, the heels sounded so close to her. But she and Jen were alone in her office, and there was no way she could hear footfalls in the hall from behind the double-paned glass separating her office from the staff bullpen. She was still watching Jen, watching her mouth form a ‘for-ty’ or a ‘fif-ty’, but over the voice was the sound of heels, clicking closer.

She stood up and made her way to the windows facing the cubicles. Upon lifting the blinds, she saw the impossible. Work was going on as usual, but her staff--the faces she saw every day, weren’t there. The empty clothing of the employees was moving by itself. A tight skirt and blazer walked up the aisle, file folders in hand. Eva’s eyes wandered down to translucent stockings and empty leather boots. She watched in awe as an empty sleeve handed the folders over to a well-filled blouse usually occupied by one of her copywriters.

“You all right over there?” Jen asked from her seat, hiding a smile from the dumbfounded Eva. It was when one of the suits made its way to the copier that it turned to Eva, seeming to wave at her. She noticed immediately that the business casual outfits floating around the office were filled out to exquisite feminine curves, but what she didn’t see until now was a single pair of black leather boots marching toward her office. Eva’s heart skipped a few beats.

“I can tell you that you’re perfect for this job, Miss Crowley--but what I’m not sure of is whether I’m in a well-enough state of mind to offer you the position. That is--unless you can see what I see.” Just as Eva was about to open the shades to the bullpen, the door clicked open.

A pair of black patent thigh-highs stepped in authoritatively.

“Damn,” Jen called out, directing her gaze at the boots walking into the office. Eva was relieved that Jen’s confirmation meant she wasn’t crazy, but it also meant that there were a pair of boots at the office threshold, standing on their own as if filled by shapely invisible legs. “A little early on the entrance, but I think she’s taking it all rather well.” Jen’s attention was now directed toward Eva. “So yes--you’re not crazy. Have a seat.” Eva’s chair rolled from out behind her desk and toward her, slowing as it approached. Eva cautiously sat. Once she did, her chair rolled her back behind the desk.

“Am--am I--? How the hell is all this possible?”

“Sorry for messing with you a bit when our interview started. I wasn’t quite sure how to...initiate you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve kept an eye on you for quite some time, Evangeline Stillman.” Jen turned and unzipped her own boots. As soon as the zipper hit the bottom they peeled themselves away. They stepped away from Jen’s feet before zipping back up and taking the shapes of human calves. “I know about your boot fetish, your immense porn stash...I even know about the escort girls you hire to enact the more--interactive fantasies.” Jen’s boots joined the pair now entering the office. “As you can see--I can do one better. I can bring every fantasy you have to life.”

“If this is all real--really real--how do I know there’s no catch? Why me?”

“It never ceases to amaze me how often this happens. Listen--this isn’t a Faustian bargain. I don’t steal souls, and there’s no obligation here but your pleasure. If you need it in writing, I can do that.” Jen held her hand out to Eva, and in a white flash, a boilerplate single-page contract appeared. “See? No fine print. All inclusive. I owe you infinite gratification, you owe me zip.” Eva stared at the paper for a second before gaining the resolve to grab it. Ordinary paper--and it was even printed on Uncanny’s letterhead.

“This is--unbelievable. Everything’s so...vivid, and if--”

“C’mon Eva,” The leather boots pleaded in a soft voice. “Say yes and we’ll show you an absolute blast. Don’t you believe us?”

“I--came into the office this morning, I had one interview already, and--” Eva snickered, biting her lip as she watched the thigh boots rock back and forth. “This is absolutely bizarre, but...” She grabbed the pen on her desk and signed. “I’d never forgive myself if I woke up saying no to a dream like this.” The boots squealed joy, jumping into the air and clicking their heels together.

“I’l never get over the fact that my gifts are always interpreted as a dream--thought it’s far from the first time I’ve heard it.” Jen rolled her eyes. “You’ll come around soon enough, but in the meantime: signatures in ink aren’t how I close.” Jen moved closer to Eva.

“Whoa, wait. You don’t need blood, do you? Because--” Before Eva even had a chance to finish her sentence, she found Jen’s lips locked with hers. Unable to react, Eva just shut her eyes and went with it. After a few moments, they released. “What was that all about?”

“Now we have a deal. I share my gifts, and you share your fantasies with me. Does that sound good?” Eva slowly nodded. She couldn’t believe it. A half-hour ago she was just waiting to grill another applicant in the interview process...but now that applicant seemed to be in control--not only regarding the interview, but physical law and reality itself. “Well, Eva--here you are in an office with a couple of pairs of sleek, smooth, magical boots. Give them a command. Anything you want.”

“O-okay,” The thought that she could pretty much have whatever she wanted was tempting, but Eva couldn’t help but stay a bit guarded, even with the objects of her lust seemingly walking about on their own. Everything she knew about the realm of possibility was being challenged.

Still, her shyness was overpowered in the slightest by her curiosity. “I...want to touch them. I want those boots to--”

“Oh, say no more,” Growled the black patent thigh-highs, jumping onto her desk. Eva’s chair scooted back as she felt a loud POP at her waist. The button of Eva’s skirt exploded off of her hips, and the zipper jerked downward. Before she knew it, the grey woolen skirt was pulling itself down. She felt the slightest lift as it it scooted over her ass, and she settled back into the chair as it fell and slumped around her heather suede ankle boots. “Thanks to Jen, we already know exactly how you’d like to play--and magic boots can do more than even you can imagine.”

Still clad in pantyhose, blouse and blazer, Eva felt the excitement welling up in her. Jen’s offer and the lusty enthusiasm of the living boots was more than she could handle.

“Show me...” Eva whispered. At her request, her blazer ripped open, the two discarded buttons ricocheting off the wall in the wake of the force. As it slid itself over her shoulders, the blouse displayed the same insistence, popping its buttons one by one until her heaving cleavage was revealed behind a lacy black bra.

Left in little more than her underwear, she felt her pantyhose begin to puff up beyond her curves, filling like balloons. Eva could hear the sound of popping as the nylon was pushed beyond capacity. Before long, they split open at the seams and shot away from her, landing and slumping atop her desk.

“If you’ve all seen what I’m into,” Eva asked with a coy smile, “are you about to do what I think you’re going to do?”

One of the shiny patent boots leapt off of her desk and stood gently atop her waist, though they didn’t seem to hold much weight. The boot guided its heel down slowly, pressing itself just slightly against her clit--inciting a sigh from her.

Eva watched as the heel continued lower, edging itself to the side of her panties and snagging them on the heel without so much as touching the sensitive skin beneath them. With one swipe of their stiletto heel, the thin strip covering Eva’s pussy was cut away. Eva looked down in awe at her exposed body. The evidence that she was enjoying herself was already glistening on her lips. She’d never experienced a tease so expert--so deliciously precise.

“So, Evangeline Stillman...” Jen started, still seated across the room. “How did we get ourselves here?”

“I don’t--know what you mean,” Eva replied, biting her lip as she watched the cold black vamp approach her. “I mean, I was just going to interview you, and then--” The vamp of the boot pressed up against her pussy, sliding itself against her lips until it pressed against her clit. She gasped at the contact, wetting the front of the boots as it supercharged her nerves.

“I already know that part, Eva. Let’s start earlier.” Eva could feel tugging at her chest as the lacy black fabric between her bra cups began to pull and creak. The boot between her legs continued its slow, gentle massage as the other stood on her desk, apparently waiting to join in. “You’re new in the area, aren’t you?”

“I--uh--transferred from the main office in LA to...wait, I thought you already knew all about me.” the fabric between her bra cups suddenly tore down the center seam, and the lace damming her breasts gave out, letting her mounds spill out and bob. Eva gasped and scooped them up, holding them back with her arms as both her straps broke open. The bra dropped to the floor.

“I know certain things,” Jen said, “but not everything. Basically, I learned enough about you to get my foot in the door and to...properly convince you that you have a great deal to gain from my abilities.”

The other glossy black boot on Eva’s desk now jumped onto her lap. The other ceased its work on her more sensitive areas and joined its partner. She had her eyes on the sticky gloss at the boot’s vamp, wet with her scent. She reached out to the top of one of the empty shafts, but the pair jumped up and over her fingers, quickly maneuvering themselves and carefully twisting their heels to hook themselves around Eva’s wrists. When they landed, Eva’s wrists were locked against the armrests. “ never answered--why me?”

“I always get a kick out of this process,” Jen giggled. “First--’I’ve got to be dreaming’, then it’s always ‘why me’ next...” Jen’s boots had been waiting patiently next to her, but now the self-posing sex symbols of phantom couture hopped onto Eva’s desk. “Answer my questions first--then we’ll get to yours. What’s the story behind you and boots?” Eva watched Jen’s boots, posing and shifting as they appoached the nearside of the desk.

“Well, I’ve always admired them to a degree,” Eva replied, her gaze lost on the leather footwear dancing before he, “But not any more than any other girl. Not until I met guy who was all about them. He’d buy me these gorgeous boots--but it wouldn’t be enough to just see me in them. We used to fuck while I wore them.” Eva looked up at Jen, whose eyes were half-closed, returning a smoldering gaze.

“Go on,” Jen whispered, her tone betraying a pleasure flowing though her.

“You know--I thought it was just kinky fun at first. Then, the more we fucked, the more I realized how central the boots were. And not just to him getting off, either--they were important to my power over him. They became a part of my sexuality.” Jen’s boots jumped onto Eva’s lap now, standing on her thighs and behaving themselves, for now.

“But there’s something else. Spill it.”

“The--the first time I got him off with the boots, something changed. We were sitting across from each other, and I had the insides of my boots stroking his cock up and down. I watched him get harder and harder between that tight lipstick-red vinyl, powerless to hold himself back. Something about the pleasure he was feeling, that moment of release coaxed on by nothing but that shiny, slippery material--it made me jealous. I wanted to feel what that was like--to be so enamored with something that its very touch could get me off. Once I figured that out, human interaction wasn’t quite the same.”

“And so, you started trying things like this...” Jen’s leather boots said, one of them lifting off her thigh and sailing slowly between her legs. The thigh highs kept her wrists pinned to her armrests as the leather met her. She let out a moan as the toe flicked against her clit, making her pull her legs together in response.

“Oh no, honey. Open up for me.” The leather toe boot slid itself against her mound, wandering lower. Eva felt her own suede boots snugly grip her feet, and they slowly moved away from another. Now all the boots in the room were cooperating to bind and pleasure her--even her own. As much as she wanted to let all of it happen, she looked back at her office door.

“Should we...really be...doing this in here?” Eva struggled. “What if...someone walks in on us?”

“Relax,” Jen replied in a reassuring tone. “No one’s going to walk in on us--unless, of course, that’s what you want to happen.”

“This is so crazy,” Eva whispered, looking down at the boots playing at her inner thighs. “I keep--expecting I’m going to wake up.” Jen’s grin was ear to ear now as she watched Eva attempt to mentally sort out her manifested fantasies.

“There’s nothing to wake up from, Eva.” Jen looked at the windowed wall facing the bullpen, and the shades of Eva’s office all pulled themselves up and out of the way. “Showing, as always, is better than telling. To fully explain it to someone with as little experience with magic as you could take us all day--but if we make our way around the rest of your offices here, I think you’ll understand. You have a great deal of untapped talent; that’s why I chose you.”

Eva felt more than a little vulnerable with all the shades open. She was sitting in the middle of her office, letting pairs of boots play around the most sensitive parts of her naked body. Jen laughed at Eva’s worried reaction.

“Eva, trust me--no one out there has a problem with what we’re doing. Look closely.”

Jen was right. As Eva looked out, she once again saw empty business suits at desks, skirts and blouses hovering down aisles, and a couple of empty outfits cavorting around the water cooler.

“Are you--going to tell me how you’re able to make all this happen?” It took focus to speak. The boot lapping between her legs was driving her mad.

“Like I said before,” Jen replied, her hand slowly sinking beneath her skirt. “It would take me all day to explain my magic to you right now. All you need to know is this is indeed your office building, but at the same time, it isn’t. All you really have to know is that I won’t do anything that will compromise your position or reputation. No one you know is here and I’ve made sure to prevent anyone from snooping in on us. All you have to do is trust me.”

As the door to Eva’s office popped open and raunchy jazz music pumped through the intercom system, her eyes widened in awestruck glee as to what was on the other side. From one of the cubicles marched a pair of burgundy leather knee-high boots.

“The staff is ready for your inspection, mum,” they announced in front of her door.

“Oh, ditch the formality,” A smoky and sultry voice came from within another cubicle. A pair of red latex crotch-highs strutted out, putting out an aura of pure sex with each step. “She doesn’t want to be treated like a boss--she wants to be treated like the slut she is.”

“Oh, pipe down! She’s the boss and we are her playthings. We will allow her to choose how we will be used.”



“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“Children,” Jen interjected as her skirt slipped itself off her body and her hand found its way into her panties. “Settle down. At this rate she’s going to burst before you even get your turn.”

“So let’s take her out in the open and let everyone have a piece.” Jen’s boots and the boots at Eva’s wrists loosened their grip on her as her chair rolled out to the doorway. As the boots made their way to the ground, Eva stumbled back onto her feet.

“Um--everyone?” Eva asked, trying to regain her balance. The patent thigh high stabilized her shoulders and the ankle boots on her feet kept her anchored to the floor. The red latex boots responded with a chuckle.

“Oh, the sights we’re gonna show yoooou!”

“Don’t tell her!” The burgundy boots responded. “You’ll ruin the surprise!”

“Oh, get your zippers out of a kink.”

“That’s it,” The patent boots said to Eva in a calming tone. “One step at a time. It’s a bit strange to walk your first time here with all of the magical energies floating about.” Her ankle boots massaged Eva’s feet as they helped keep her upright.

“It feels like walking up a wall,” Eva replied. “Is this all from from you, Jen?”

“You’re helping me with the office...and all of these luscious boots,” Jen hovered out of her chair and followed the entourage heading into the bullpen. “But yeah--this is part of my little repertoire.”

As Eva walked though the bullpen, passing voluptuous living outfits, she heard moaning coming from one of the nearby cubicles.

She peeked behind a wall to find a silk blouse, a pair of khaki stockings and brown knee highs standing in front of a pinstripe suit kneeling down in front of the stockings.Eva chuckled as she realized that the way the clothing was positioned, the pinstripe suit was probably eating the stockings out.

Out of the bullpen, a teal skirt-suit was bent over at the copier, trying to reach a fallen document. A pair of blue knee-high boots approached the suit and began to rub its toe against the sheer crotch of the skirt-suit’s pantyhose, making light thrusts against the mound in front and the hole in back of the hose. The skirt-suit responded by moaning loudly and flailing it’s hollow ass in the air to give the boots better access.

As Eva took all this in, Jen hovered by over her shoulder--looking back into Eva’s eyes with hunger as she continued rubbing herself through her panties.

“You can--fly, too?” Eva asked. Jen giggled, twirling and plucking a pink blouse from one of the cubicles as she sailed by.

“You should already see by now that for me, flying’s like counting my fingers.” Jen pulled the blouse against her body. “This is all prologue, darling.”

Now in the middle of the bullpen, Eva stood and watched Jen as the latex boots and leather burgundy boots stepped ahead of her and turned around.

“Hey, Jen--” The pair of red latex crotch-highs said, “could we have a bit more room please?”

The latex boots took to the air. “Vertically?”

“Sure thing,” Jen said, holding her hands out in front of her and spreading them in plane with the floor and ceiling.

Eva couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The room itself seemed to yawn, and now the spacious-enough ceiling of ten feet was stretched to a vaulted two stories.

“I know what you want, Eva.” The latex boots hovered around her at waist height, flying close enough to just wisp against her skin. “You like having control--most of the time. But every once in a while...”

A conference table in an office overturned itself, and the double doors to the bullpen broke open wide. The table slid out of the office and took to the air, floating just above the cubicles and coming straight toward Eva.

All the sudden, the latex boots stretched around her and lifted her into the air, getting additional support from Eva’s own ankle boots. Once the table was under her, she was set on the hovering table, which stabilized itself perfectly.

“Alright,” The latex boots said, letting her go again. “We’ve been showing our moves to about you show yours to us?” One by one, outfits came up to take positions around the table, as if they were sitting in invisible chairs. Eva was now surrounded by silk blouses, tight blazers, and a couple of suit jackets. Jen took her place at the head of the table, wetting two of her fingers in her mouth in preparation. “Now then, we’re eagerly anticipating what you have in store for us.”

“I--how do I even--?”

“Don’t play that card with us.” The latex boots ran their toe along Eva’s cheek, tracing a line down her neck, through her cleavage and all the way down her belly to her clit. Eva let in a deep breath as the boot gave it a gentle flick. “We know how anxious you are to please, so why don’t you start with me?” The boots hovered down to the table and stood on it. “Worship, Eva.” One of the boots held out a toe. “Worship, and we’ll reciprocate.”

Eva responded with a grin as she took the entirety of the boot’s toe into her mouth. The boots themselves took some surprise in this action as her tongue lashed about, hitting just about every nook and cranny of the boot’s toe.

“My, my!” The burgundy boots responded as they landed onto the table. “You’re liking this even more than I expected, you naughty, naughty girl. I ought to teach you some respect.” Eva took her mouth off of the latex boot to turn around, but just then, she felt a leather toe slide between her ass cheeks and push them up. “No, no--keep your attention focused on them. No one told you to stop.”

Eva obediently turned back to the latex boot, running her tongue up the vamp as she wrapped her hands around the ankle and started stroking at the rubbery foot. She heard sighs from around the table now. Diverting her eyes while keeping her tongue and lips at work, she saw blouse sleeves reaching up to grope their own breasts, suitjackets with one hand moving suggestively under the table, and even a magnificently filled bra busting from an unbuttoned blouse, squeezing its cups around a blue knee-high boot in a makeshift titfuck. Just within view was Jen, her blazer now gone and her blouse unbuttoning itself. The exhibitionism only fueled Eva, who let out soft moans as the burgundy leather boot worked her pussy from behind. Now she was squeezing a shapely latex calf, massing her fingers into the rubber as her salivating mouth trailed around a thick thigh.

“Oh, Eva...I do believe we’ll keep you,” Jen said. “Tell me, do you have a permanent place here yet?” Eva released her mouth from the now dripping latex, much to the boot’s chagrin.

“No--I don’t,” Eva replied. “I’ve been living in a hotel room out of my suitcases since I got here.”

“Well then,” Jen said, “We’re going to use this opportunity to use some...creative energy.” Jen floated up over the table, pulling her hand away from her panties. Eva watched as the damp fabric kept playing against her without any manual assistance. “Let’s shift this into high gear, ladies. We’re going to build Eva a brand new space in the loft.”

“The lof--?” Eva was stopped short by a latex toe.

“You’ll see when it’s done,” The shiny red boots said. “Until then, enjoy the predicament we’ve got you in now.” The latex boots stomped on the tabe with both soles. “Hey, Ms. Stuffysoles--step aside. I want a turn at her pussy. She’ll give you a spit polish in return.” The Briton-voiced boots gave off a sigh before stepping back from Eva’s pert ass.

“Fine,” the burgundy boots responded. “I suppose that’s only fair.” The knee-highs then marched over to Eva’s face, clicking their heels loudly against the mahogany. “Now then, your pussy has made quite a mess of us. We surely can’t present ourselves to Ms. Crowley’s wardrobe in this state. Lick us clean.”

As Eva placed her mouth around the vamp of the burgundy leather, she recoiled as a red latex toe began to gently rub her swollen lips.

“Didn’t realize you were so sensitive,” The red latex blurted out. “This could be more fun than I had thought.” Eva diverted her eyes to attempt to see what was going on behind her, but a ruler that had been sitting on the table darted out and smacked her across the ass.

Eva let out a squeak. Working her way up the smoky leather with her tongue, the ministrations from the latex boot beneath her and the spankings from the animated ruler behind her continued. The latex drove against her in a heavier rhythm now, taking some of her weight off of the smooth mahogany table.

She was dripping. Jen’s magic made this better than any dream her mind could’ve produced. Slippery latex worked against her clit, the shin of the rubbery boot occasionally forcing itself between her ass cheeks, grinding against her harder and harder.

“Your tongue is wonderful, Eva,” The Londoner voice sang. “You’ve had quite a bit of practice at this, I can tell.”

Eva only looked up at the top of the empty shaft, aspirating pleased noises as she tried to maintain her focus on the boots before her. At the head of the table, Jen’s arousal was beginning to hit it’s zenith.

“That’s it,” Jen moaned. “You’ve got her on the ropes, just a little more and she’ll burst.”


Meanwhile, back at the loft, Rosa was only just emerging from her room for the afternoon. As she staggered around the living room, she noticed the wall behind her was starting to warp and change.

“You guys seeing what I’m seeing?” Rosa asked. The now rippling drywall began to split, forming completely straight lines as a small growth began to appear.

“Oh,” came a voice from a pair of white go-go boots resting on the ottoman. “She’s making a door.”

“Another room?” Rosa laughed. “God, maybe she needs more closet space.” As the wall continued its transformation, drywall crumbled away, but seemed to fall straight through the floor. Behind it was an ornately decorated door with glossy red paint, markedly different from the one Jen had created to her own room and expanded Rosa’s some time ago. On the center panel, a shape seemed to extrude. As the edges of the rise sharpened, Rosa could see that it was in the shape of a sexy stiletto boot.

“A...boot room?” The go-go boots asked. “That could be nice.”

“Nah, I’m not so sure.”

“Did you ever stop to consider zhat maybe we’re getting anozher roommate?” Another voice emerged from the kitchen as a pair of black PVC boots stepped out.

“Maybe,” Rosa said, standing and examining the door. “Or maybe she’s making a new space for us to play in.” Anxious as she was to see what was behind the door, she waited for the transformation to finish before she touched it.

As she slowly slipped the door open, she was amazed at how much space there was. Despite the extreme limitations of the building, the room was clearly the size of the loft itself. As Rosa and the go-go boots walked inside, they noticed the polished hardwood floor and brick hearth fireplace. In the back was a massive closet, opening up to reveal large numbers of shoe racks. The furniture all had a boot theme from the sofa and chairs to the bed in back.

“Whoa, taking the theme to its logical extreme, huh?”

“I like it,” the go-go boots replied.

“Of course you would.”


Eva was on the verge of climax. All she needed was one more act to throw her over the cliff. The burgundy boots stepped aside, and the latex pair stood before her again.

“Climb on,” the red boots purred. “Let’s wrap this up, shall we?” Eva stood up on wobbly feet and mounted the boots, placing her pussy on the latex between shaft and heel. As she started to grind against the boot, they began to gently float above the mahogany table. “That’s it, baby--let gravity do the work.”

“This--is--so--AWESOME!” Eva shouted between moans.

“Just wait, it gets better.” As Eva continued dancing her hips against the smooth latex, the boot began to play against her rhythm, pulsating in time with her thrusts. Riding a boot in mid-air was something she never imagined, not even in her deepest fantasies when she fucked herself with a boot--whether it was empty or worn. This was something brand new, and every moment she thrust herself against the phantom boot, she was thanking Jen in her mind.

“I’m gonna--I’m gonna--I’M GONNA!” As Eva was reaching her threshold, the ground below began to shake. Jen kneeled on the table, her hands exploring the panties of two skirt suits as a burgundy boot played at her pussy. Down on the floor, the clothing in the cubicles were beginning to act far more aggressively to one another. Empty skirt-suits scissored in the hallway, literally riding each other up the walls. A blouse laying on a desk split open, revealing a well-filled bra. The outfit’s skirt rode up as a three-piece suit approached the edge of the desk. Some outfits played solo, inserting highlighters and paperweights through their panties, bending over desks and giving rulers and squares easy access to their tight fabric asses. A pair of trousers came unzipped, and a silk blouse nearby reached a sleeve out for the trouser’s open fly. As the sleeve began to perform an up and down motion, the underwear inside of the pants began to swell into the shape of an erect phallus. The trousers then broke away from the blouse’s sleeve and began to thrust at the space underneath the blouse.

The loud moaning echoed throughout the building began to resonate, even beyond the building’s planar borders. Back in the real world, the employees of Uncanny Advertising began to feel a gentle warmth that seemed to come from the floor and walls. Some swore they could hear heavy breathing and moaning, while others swore they could feel an occasional and unexplainable tugging at blouse buttons, pinches from the seats of their pants and skirts, fingers tracing down pantyhose, or the random unzipping of a boot or two.

Back at the loft, the ground began to shake as more furniture and other assorted items began to appear in the newly formed room. As Rosa looked around, trying to take in all the new furnishings, she was hit with a wave of uninhibited lust, strong enough to bring her to her knees.

“Rosa,” the go-go boots called out as they turned to meet her. “Are you okay?”

“Horny--fuck me--NOW!” Rosa could barely get the words out. The go-go boots stood on their toes in delight.

“Yes ma’am.”

As the grinding and vibrations were finally reaching their desired effect, Eva was sweating profusely. Everything in the office began going wild as Eva hit a high soprano note. Her orgasm echoed through Jen’s magical architecture, feeding her the energy to push her over the top. Jen’s voice joined in the chorus, and the power flowing through the building shifted again. The ground ceased its shaking, and all of the windows and computer screens shattered. Cracks were visible in the walls.

As the waves of pleasure slowly receded, the flying conference table begin to wobble. The effects of gravity began to take hold of it again. The clothes sitting around the table began to collapse, and the table itself fell violently back to the floor. With a simple leap, Jen was once again floating in the air. The business-wear she’d been playing with folded in midair and landed gently on the table. The burgundy boots landed on the table completely collapsed.

“We’ll see you later in your new room, sex kitten!” The red latex boots lost their shapely form and slipped out from between Eva’s legs to the ground below. As Eva panted, she noticed that she was no exception to the returning gravity. She began to make the thirty foot decent, but she was lurched upside down as her fall was stopped. She looked up to find her heather ankle boots tightening around her feet, holding her inside of them. Now Jen floated over to her, obviously pleased with her work.

“So...” Jen drifted playfully past Eva’s face. “How was it?”

“Amazing,” Eva replied, still catching her breath. “Impossible. Unreal. Fucking MAGIC. It was--by far--THE best fuck of my life! Seriously, living fucking boots. Never once, even in my wildest, fetish-driven dreams did I even consider a pair of boots could be this much fun. I think this is probably the best thing that’s ever happened in my life.”

“So, I take that to mean you like it,” Jen laughed.

“Ooooh yeah, I do. So what now? You’re going to show me how to tame wild boots like a bullrider?”

“Well, one step at a time. I can’t just let you out into the world on your own now. You’ve got to learn some control. Also, much as I know you love it, there’s more to this power than simply taking a joyride on some footwear. That’s why I want you to move in with me and my other student.”

“Other student?”

“Rosa. Real party girl. I think you’ll like her.”


Back in the loft’s new enchanted room, Rosa was splayed on the floor, a damp boot resting between her legs as she leaned her head against the other.

“So--did--” Rosa panted, “did we--find out what this room--is for?”

“I don’t think so,” the go-go boots said, “But whatever it is, I like what it did to us. I can only imagine Jen has some interesting things in mind for--” Before the boots could finish their sentence, the door began to open. It was Jen on the other side, and someone Rosa didn’t recognize. Both of them were in the nude, and it was clear that both of them had sex within the last half-hour.

“Oooh,” The go-go boots said. “Who’s the smokin’ vixen you have there?”

“You two,” Jen replied. “I’d like to introduce you to Evangeline Stillman.”