Lofty Enchantments

05 - The Encounter at Silk Lovelies

So I think we should head over in a few minutes,” Jen said. “Since the basement opens up after dark, we’ll just poke around upstairs for a bit until then. What do you think?” Rosa nodded.

Sounds like a plan. Just you and me, or--”

“Well, I think maybe Eva would benefit from some practice,” Jen grinned. “Did her skirtsuit tell you about what she did yesterday?” Before Rosa could answer her, Eva stepped out of her room, overhearing.

“My ears are burning,” Eva said. “Benefit from a place like what--and did my skirtsuit say what?” Caught, Jen played it cool as always.

“Silk Lovelies; it’s a lingerie shop downtown. We were thinking about exercising some of your magic there--for training purposes, of course.” Jen placed her hand on Eva’s shoulder. “As for your office couture...I heard about the incident at work yesterday.” Eva blushed. “Probably time to step your self-control up a notch.”

“It wasn’t my intention to get you in trouble,” said one of Eva’s skirtsuits, strutting out of her room in translucent cream stockings and brown leather boots. “I just thought the boss should know that your new magic’s been working a little overtime on its own.”

“Well, it was only for a few moments. I don’t think she even realized what happened.”

“She didn’t,” the skirtsuit replied. “We had one of your extra pairs of ankle boots escort them back under her desk after hours, so I’m sure she just thinks she didn’t look for them well enough--if she knew they were missing at all.”

“So wait,” Rosa giggled. “What exactly happened?”

“I got kind of...distracted at work yesterday. One of my creative directors--one of the more attractive ones--brought me this ad spread with...a bunch of empty boots walking out of a store. The tagline was something like ‘at this price, you’ll want to bring all of them home’. All I kept thinking about were her own red leather boots marching her into my office and--you know. Things that wouldn’t exactly be appropriate on a normal business day. Instead, her boots came strutting in all by themselves. I was pretty lucky no one saw, I guess. Thank god we were so busy.”

Jen and Rosa both laughed.

“If you want to keep your new powers and your office life from mixing without your say-so,” Jen said, “it’s just going to take a bit of practice. That’s why you should come to Silk Lovelies with us tonight.”

“Hell, that’s not the only reason,” Rosa cut in. “If you’ve never seen the bar and the more kinky stuff for sale in the lower floor--it’s totally worth the experience. Cute girls, cute boots... It’s a bit intimidating for the faint of heart.”

“No objections here,” Eva said. “But tell me,” She turned to her animated skirtsuit, “Are my clothes going to tell on me every time I get a little out-of-hand?” The skirtsuit shrugged.

“Come on...we’ve got the power to talk.” The skirtsuit’s sleeves placed themselves against well-formed hips. “Under the circumstances, don’t you think a little playful gossip should extend to your wardrobe?” Eva only blushed more, breaking the silence with a laugh.

Rosa’s beckoned to a purse on a rack, which floated to her hand. “So here’s the deal. The owner doesn’t quite know everything about us--but she’s knows what we’re capable of, and that we’re mostly there for some harmless fun. She pretty much leaves us to our devices. But the rest of the employees are mostly students, so their roster shifts often. As far as magic goes, just follow our lead and you’ll be fine.”

As the girls left the freight elevator and headed out the building’s front door, they didn’t notice the shadowy figure watching them just beyond the parking area. But the loft itself did...


It was dusk when the three entered, jingling the bell on the inside door. The girls were promptly greeted by an middle-aged woman, exotically decked out in a leopard print dress and gold 5-inch heels. Certainly over forty, but with glowing skin and a well-toned body. A qualified cougar--and clearly not afraid to show it.

“Well hello, Jennifer,” the woman said. “And Rosa, nice to see you again. I see you’ve brought me a new customer?”

“Marlene, this is our friend Eva. Eva, meet Marlene. She’s one of our absolute favorite suppliers.”

“Supplier, facilitator, enabler...” Marlene laughed. “It’s nice to meet you, Eva. Love the boots.” Eva looked down at her footwear and back up at Marlene, noting the veryfriendly expression on her face. She couldn’t help but feel she was being undressed by the woman’s eyes.

“Thanks. Kind of a favorite pair.” She felt herself blushing again.

“We’ve got a few lovely pairs toward the back--and only the best names, of course. We don’t specialize in boots, but I think you might find something you like in our little selection.”

“Awesome,” Eva said. “Nice meeting you.” As Eva and Rosa headed into the store, Marlene leaned in toward Jen to whisper.

“Just remember the rules, but have a good time. It’s been a slow day anyway.” She gave Jen a wink. “And drop by my office for a chat a little later?” Jen nodded, giving her a sly smile before following behind the others. They were already busy scoping out items on racks, and employees in the aisles.

“So how far back do you two go, Jen?” Eva asked.

“Paris, sometime in the eighties. Her parents owned a few boutiques there, and here in the city.” Jen shook her head, recalling fond memories. “My god, she was barely legal when we had our first fling. Fun as hell, though. No reservations about being subjected to all kinds of magical play. She would make a fun acolyte if she wanted to be.”

“And...she didn’t?”

“Well, she’s as much fun as you or Rosa or I--but she’s got a wonderful husband she’s happy to grow old with. I can’t say I don’t understand her reasons. Still, in the saw the look she was giving you?” Eva giggled a little.

“Plays for both teams, does she?”

“Like a pro,” Jen said. “But maybe you’ll see for yourself later.” Jen looked around scoping out the boots and shoes in the back. “ Now then, see anything you like?”

Eva did. Carefully setting up a high heel display was a sharp but demurely dressed young woman in a blue silk blouse and black jacket. She wore a black pencil skirt that went just below her knees, covering the tops of glossy black boots. She wore black glasses, and her blonde hair was tied into a tight bun. But even covered up and hidden away by this impeccably professional facade--Eva could tell that she had a stunning body, and she bet she had a voracious sexual appetite to match.

“Lesson one,” Jen cut in. “When you’re blessed with magical powers, strong emotions give off an aura. Anger, hope, fear...lust. I want you to take a look at that woman and tell me what kind of a fetish she has. Word of advice--closing your eyes helps the first time.”

Before Eva had a chance to act, she was hit with a powerful sensation coming from the woman. The smell of leather filled her nostrils, the sound of high heels filled her ears. She shut her eyes and images of the woman and her deepest fantasies filled her mind.

“Boots,” Eva barely stopped herself from yelling out. “She’s got a boot fetish, big time.”

“Seems right up your alley, doesn’t it?” Jen couldn’t help but feel Eva’s lust begin to expand outward. Suddenly, the woman began to blush and she slowly staggered toward a nearby restroom.

“Jen, did I just do what I think I did?”

“Your lust overloaded her; she popped. You didn’t even give her a chance to build up.” Jen chuckled. “Give her a minute; you can try again once she comes back out.”

In the lingerie section of the store, Rosa was admiring a mannequin with a delicate lace set consisting of a lemon yellow camisole and panties. Seeing no one directly nearby, she wanted to try something out.

Go get yourself a set in red, Rosa inaudibly commanded the mannequin. Without hesitation, both legs detached at the hips and walked away from the rest of the display. As the torso hovered slowly upward, the shoulder straps of the camisole slid down over plastic shoulders. The otherwise fixed arms magically extended themselves downward, allowing the torso to slide out of the cami and panties while the set stayed suspended in mid-air, maintaining their position despite the departing plastic woman. Once it was free of the clothes, the top half of the mannequin followed its legs over to a rack with the same set in red.

Rosa examined the hovering yellow set, splitting her attention between the phantom lingerie and the enchanted mannequin. It pointed a plastic hand at a hanger, which dutifully floated up off the rack as the red set inflated to the form’s curves. Hovering in place like the yellow set, the mannequin halves slipped into the red lace. As the shapely form put itself back together, it decided to deviate from the original command. Extending its arm toward a hook holding sets of satin opera gloves in plastic bags, the form beckoned a red pair. Rosa smirked, watching the enchantment’s will unfold all on its own. The bag split open, and the smooth, flattened gloves filled to two delicate arms. The fiberglass humanoid grabbed the red satin opera gloves one by one and slipped them over its arms.

“Good call.” Rosa turned to the aisle behind her to see an employee staring slack-jawed at the spectacle. She didn’t seem to be particularly frightened by the sight, but the shocked and amazed look on her face was unmistakable. A mischievous smirk came over Rosa’s face. “Yellow’s cute, but I thought red was just so much more attention-getting. Don’t you think?”

“H--how did...” The curious woman reached out and grasped at the space between the camisole and panties. “That impossible.” She put her hand up inside the camisole, feeling the lace from the inside and pulling down at it, only to watch it hold its shape when she released.

“I see this isn’t enough to send you screaming,” Rosa’s smirk grew into a full smile. “That’s a good sign. Explore all you want. They won’t bite.” Just then, the mannequin turned back toward the two women, walking gracefully over to them just as if it were a flesh and blood woman.

Any apprehension the employee felt about this plastic female form walking toward her melted away when she realized Rosa didn’t find any of this odd in the least. She stood her ground, reaching out toward the mannequin standing in front of her. She ran her hand down a shiny red opera glove, and as she reached the elbow, the mannequin began extending its forearm toward her.

It was almost like stepping into another reality. As she let her fingers glide down the satin toward the form’s fingers, the plastic hand articulated and gently held the woman’s own. She shook her head slowly and simply looked back at Rosa, giving her a dumbfounded smile.

“Are you doing all of this?”

“Well...most of it,” Rosa said. “Would you like to see more?” The employee nodded.

As Jen and Eva waited for the woman to return from the restroom, Jen caught sight of a young woman making her way to the changing rooms. Feeling a strong aura coming from her, she decided to take a quick break from Eva to tend to her.

“Alright Eva,” Jen said quietly. “I’ve got some fun of my own to attend to real quick. Just talk to her, see what kinks you can exploit, and go for it. Just remember--small steps. Think of it like good foreplay. Think you can handle yourself?”

“Oh, I think I can take care of it.” Eva said. “Go on ahead, I think I’m ready.” As Jen turned to the changing rooms, Eva breathed a sigh of confidence. Alright, let’s do this.

After entering the changing rooms, Jen let go of a couple articles she’d grabbed off of racks on her way. They hovered up and placed themselves on hooks as Jen turned her attention to her target. Inside the booth next to her, the customer felt the air around her warm ever so slightly. A comfortable feeling began to wash over her as she undressed herself.

She pulled her tight-fitting tee over her head and tossed it on the bench next to her, flipping her fingers through the hangers she brought in. She stopped on a strappy black top and pulled the hanger to the front, reaching under the straps and pulling it off.

Jen went through the motions of trying on the clothes she brought in, keeping her mind’s eye on the gorgeously shaped C-cup tits in the next stall over. She could see them clearly in her thoughts, filling a soft seamless white bra. Boosting her aura a little more, the woman noticed her breasts perk up through her bra. She certainly wasn’t cold, but that didn’t stop her nipples from showing themselves even through the dense fabric. She let out a little sigh, trying to keep quiet.

Wow, what was that all about? Smirking at herself in the mirror a bit, she shook her head and held the strappy top against her chest, scoping out the look before slipping it over her. Well, I guess I can’t try this one on without something strapless, right?

Jen heard every thought of the woman next to her. In a blink, she made one of the bras in the next stall drop from its hanger, landing just slightly on Jen’s side between the clearance of a few inches between the stalls.

“Oh, sorry about that,” The woman said, bending over and pulling the black satin strapless bra back to her own side.

“No worries,” Jen replied casually.

The woman took a close look at the bra. Had she even grabbed a black one? She couldn’t remember now. Shrugging it off, she reached behind her to unclip her own bra, expecting it to slide right off of her. Instead, she felt the cups of the bra hesitate, tightening around her teardrop-shaped breasts for a second before releasing. She couldn’t hold back her surprise, and her mouth let out an audible squeak.

Now Jen really had to concentrate on keeping herself from laughing. As quickly the woman felt it, the sensation was gone, but that didn’t stop her already excited nipples from visibly revealing their stimulation.

Holy shit...take it easy, she pleaded with her breasts. It’s just a dressing room. As she tossed her white bra on the bench with her tee, she unclipped the soft satin bra and reached around her back again, preparing to clip it.

But she didn’t need to do a thing. It clipped itself.

What the fuck?! She turned with her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder. The fit was perfect, and the back of it looked like any ordinary bra. But she was positive that it felt like something had grabbed the two ends right from her fingers and clasped them together. Not even some-thing, actually. It felt almost as if the bra had done it all by itself.

“Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy,” A voice called out. At first, she assumed it was the woman in the booth next to her. “It’s a great fit, don’t you think?” The woman gasped, looking down. The voice had come from her own breasts. Was she going crazy?

“No, it said you’re not going crazy,” Jen giggled. “Just keep taking in that nice, warm feeling and relax. Let them do the work.” The customer looked to her left. That voice was certainly from the woman in the booth next to her, and if she just admitted hearing the other...

“Um, wh--what do you mean? You heard the--”

“Your bra, sweetie. It was your bra,” Jen said. “Now relax and enjoy the ride.”

“At least one part of your body is responding positively,” the voice from her breasts said. “Why not take a cue from them?” Just then, the black satin cups gently pinched around her nipples, inciting a shudder of pleasure from her. She let out a low moan as the sensation continued, reaching down and clasping her hands around the soft cups. She could feel the fabric moving under her palms all on its own.

“Ohhhmygawwwd...” she groaned, trying to keep her voice down. “How is this--how is this fucking possible?”

“Anything’s possible.” With the flick of Jen’s wrist, the elevated wall that separated Jen from the other customer evaporated away. Now the two stood face to face. “So let’s see what else you brought in with you.”

Back in the shoe and boot department, the door to the restroom finally opened. As Eva’s mark emerged, Eva noticed her aura shrank during her time in the restroom. As the woman made her way back to the displays, nervously looking around to make sure she was still alone, she quietly resumed her task.

“Oh my god!” Eva called out. She walked quickly over to the boot aisle, and without hesitation, she located a black leather knee-high on display. “These are so cute, but you know what I’d really like? Something this same style in a ballet boot.”

“That kind of thing would be found downstairs,” The sales rep replied. “I can go get you a pair if you’d like, but typically we don’t open up the lower level to customers until later.”

“I'd love to see the lower level.” Eva said. “Maybe you could just give me a quick tour?” The clerk checked her phone.

"Sure thing,” She checked her key-ring to ensure she had the right key to get downstairs. “It's amost opening time anyway. I'm afraid I won't be much of a tour guide, though--I don’t really go down there that much. I mostly work this level. Not much in the basement that fits my style. ”

“Are you kidding me?!” Eva decided to turn the screw. “You've got perfect legs. From what I see, a pair of thigh boots would just look killer on you!” Eva felt her aura as the heard the compliment, but it quickly retracted as her modesty got the best of her. She placed the key in the door.

“No, no. That would be too much for me.” Eva smirked. She was resilient, but the girl couldn’t resist her charms forever. She had magic on her side now.

“Y’know what, you’re trying a pair on while we’re down there. I’ll prove it to you.” Eva let her own aura out ever so slightly as they descended the staircase. As they reached the end, Eva noticed the stock rooms to the back of the basement, beyond a modestly lit bar adorned with lucite cases of exotic boots ranging from showy to just plain trashy. “Oh you naughty little girl, you’ve been lying to me.”

“Excuse me?”

“If you’re working shoes, you’d have to come down here.” Eva placed her hand on the wall next to the rep’s face. Her aura couldn't hide the lust seeping out. Now Eva was certain of her mark.

“I didn't say I was never down here. Just not often. And I admire women who can pull off a bolder style, but it’s not like I could, you know? It's not me.”

“You could pull off more than you think.” Eva moved in, giving the unsuspecting sales rep a firm kiss on the lips. Her aura exploded like a display of fireworks for the moment their lips locked together. But just a second later, the rep pulled back, wide-eyed.

“I--I don't...what are you doing?" Eva just kept smiling. The girl may have been second-guessing herself again, but Eva could see that it was the last time. “But...” She put a hand up to her mouth, thinking about what just happened. Her eyes darted around the darkened basement, lit only with a few neon bar lights behind the liquor shelves against a cobbled wall.

Despite the girl’s renewed hesitation, she couldn’t hide her aura. Her ability to hold back the feeling building inside her was breaking down. Her aura--the elucidating manifestation of every whim and fantasy held behind years of self-control--was burning like white hot fire. At this point her inhibitions may as well have been made of balsa.

She looked Eva in the eyes again, and by now her expression had shifted. She dove into Eva, and when their lips locked again, the power of it was immense. The girl’s tongue forced itself between Eva’s lips, and the girl’s arms wrapped around her like a savior. Eva was practically knocked backward.

And as far as self control went, so much for practice. Eva found herself and the girl both lifted into the air a few inches by their own boots. If the girl noticed, she didn’t give a damn. She went on dancing her tongue around Eva’s, which only pushed the magic further out of her seductress’ control. As they clung tighter to each other, they slowly drifted back to one of the stock rooms. Eva knew exactly what was inside.

Neither of them noticed the oni mask hovering in the aisles--or that they were being watched.

Out in Lingerie, the employee Rosa charmed earlier was now watching set by set of combinations in lace, satin, and fine sheer fill out to invisible female curves. They were displaying themselves to her set by set, unhooking, inflating, showing off, then returning to their hangers again. It wasn’t until the employee’s eyes really lit up that one of the sets stepped right out of the line even as others in the row kept displaying themselves to her. A pink sheer demi-bra and matching panties hovered toward her, their ghostly beauty accentuated by the see-through fabric.

As they approached, the employee found her own clothes anxious to free themselves. Her tan silk blouse started fluttering as if it were being filled with air. The buttons opened up one by one, and before the shirt was open, her perky breasts were released by her black cotton bra. After unclasping itself, the cups flew up toward her face, letting the billowing satin of the blouse lick against her nipples as the two sides of the shirt came apart with the last button. Her heather grey skirt unzipped and slid itself off of her, dragging her simple cotton panties right along with it.

Now with the delicate sheer lingerie wrapping itself around her curves, she watched as her work clothes once again formed a full outfit without her in it. She looked over at Rosa, then to the mannequin Rosa had dressed earlier.

“No gloves for me?” The employee asked, licking her lips and smiling. Rosa wondered for a second if this was someone who’d been through the circuit before with Jen. This employee seemed to catch on rather quick for being a magic virgin. Rosa grinned at her like a predator.

“My dear, you can have all the gloves you want.” Rosa waved her hand at the wall of hooks, animating pair after pair of satin opera gloves. The employee watched the display of shiny vacuum-packed gloves popping and tearing their plastic bags as the gloves inside of them all expanded immediately into curious disembodied pairs of feminine satin arms, their fingers wiggling as they headed toward her.

Meanwhile, in the newly-combined changing rooms, Jen let the clothes do most of the talking.

“Let’s show her the sweater trick,” Said a thick red cashmere top.

“The...what?” The customer asked, looking down at her breasts being manipulated by nothing other than a tight living t-shirt.

“Yeah,” the cashmere sweater said. “Lift up your arms, honey.” The customer complied, leaning forward with her arms outstretched. The soft cashmere pulled itself over her head and fitted snugly over every contour of her chest and arms.

Just as the customer was about to ask again, she gasped, watching the front of her shirt swell.

“So now I can play with you here,” The microfiber shirt said, pushing her breasts together and gently gyrating them.

“And out here, no one has to know so long as you keep yourself under control,” the cashmere sweater continued. The customer stared in awe at her own spread, a couple cup sizes and easily adding another 6 to 8 inches to her bust to conceal the naughty activities going on beneath.

When the customer reached up to touch the overinflated orbs, she found the sensation mapped right back into her. She let out a moan as she tested the correlation again, this time pinching one of the protruding nipples. She gasped when the shock hit her. These upgraded tits seemed to be nothing but empty space, but she could feel the slightest touch throughout the surface of the sweater.

While Jen played upstairs, Eva’s renegade powers worked on her target in overdrive, popping the buttons off of the both of their blouses. Feeling her blouse burst open, the shocked sales rep released herself from Eva. Another jolt went through her as she looked around, wide-eyed. How did they get in the stock room? More importantly...why weren’t her feet weren’t touching the floor?

“How are y--” Her question was interrupted when her jacket and blouse slid themselves off her body, followed by her bra unclasping. She looked back up at Eva, starting at her feet--hovering the same distance off the floor as her own--and stopped at her smile. It was the same wickedly seductive smile she wore before the sales rep kissed her.

Her mind was flooded with that kiss and her irresistible urge to be wrapped around Eva’s body. By that time, the building could’ve come apart around them and the sales rep might not have cared. Her own lips reflected a smile back at Eva as their skirts unzipped and slid down their legs.

“I’m magic,” Eva replied, focusing on the shoe racks in front of them. “And it gets even better.”

Eva snapped her fingers, and boxes on the racks popped open, one by one. The rep’s heart began to flutter as she watched pairs of boots rise out of their containers and land gracefully on the ground, already filled with phantom legs. Together they began to march toward the floating pair--all by themselves. Eva took the young woman’s hand, and she felt a rush of warmth go through her as their feet settled back on the ground. The rep looked around at dozens of pairs of living boots, now surrounding her.

“Go ahead, touch one. I know you want to.” The woman wandered toward the throng of boots standing in the aisles. The boots scattered, clearing the way to a pair she’d been secretly salivating over. Walking toward her were a pair of black leather crotch boots, their heels towering at least an inch above the others.

“Hello there, Tara.” The sales rep gasped at the sound of her own name--and she swore she heard the voice come from directly in front of her. She turned back to Eva, her mouth hanging open.

“Did they just talk to me?” She managed to squeak out. Eva just shrugged.

“We know you’ve been watching us...waiting to try on a pair of your own.” Tara’s face turned bright red as she turned back to the boots.

“I’d--I’d kill to pull off a look that included something like you.” She stared in awe. How many times had she said it in her head? I’m going to just buy a pair of you and keep you all to myself.

“We want you to wear us, Tara. But before you have to fuck us. Only seems fair for making us wait so long.”

“Go on Tara,” Eva waved her toward the hollow footwear. “This is a once in a lifetime chance. Don’t waste it.”

Outside the stock room, the mask remained hovering. A nude human figure appeared from the mask, sliding it aside as a chill ran over her.

Mistress Keiko? I’m there. Thousands of miles away, she was answered by a commanding Japanese voice that only she could hear. Yes, I just watched them both hover into the stock room. She held back a giggle as Keiko responded silently. Yes, Mistress. The woman seems so taken with her that she’s...apparently just taking it all in. Having heard how much Eva had advanced, Keiko issued her underling a new command. The woman shuddered, biting her lip and placing a hand between her legs. It would be an honor to, mistress. As always I am your eyes and hands.

Upon finding a pair of fire-red latex thigh boots on the rack behind her, Keiko’s acolyte ran her fingers down the material. Feeling a shudder of excitement, her breathing went heavy as her skin slowly began to fade where the cold latex made contact. She held a boot against her bare clit, feeling the form and texture of the latex through every one of her nerves. She began vanishing faster now as a soft glow enveloped her and the boots. Every trace of her human form dissipated into ambiguity, and as the glow died back down, only a duplicate pair of shiny crimson boots remained, mirroring the pair she’d taken from the rack. With her transformation complete, she strutted toward the stock room as the original latex boots leaped back onto the shelf.

The red latex boots walked in unnoticed among the other pairs. Tara took her time with the black leather crotch boots, savoring every impossible moment with the enchanted pair of smooth, phantom legs. Down on her knees, she nuzzled against a black vamp with her cheek, taking in the scent and letting it fill her before parting her lips to worship the boot with her wet tongue. She held the soft calf of the boot in one hand while sliding her panties aside with the other--anxious to reinforce the arousal she was already experiencing. But as she reached down to touch herself, the free crotch boot slid itself between her legs.

“Let us, darling. Keep that mouth of yours busy. We’ll do the rest.”

Even in all her confidence, Eva couldn’t have expected for this to go any better. She was standing in a stock room full of enchanted boots, watching Tara’s fantasies bloom right before her eyes. With every lick, every hopelessly seduced gaze Tara gave to the powerful, towering leather legs, Eva felt her own cunt aching for attention. Suddenly, she glanced over to the soft clicking sounds of a pair of fire-red latex thigh boots. She beckoned to them, longing for the smooth, rubbery material to stroke itself against her skin.

“Hello sexy,” The boots purred. “Care to take a ride?” Eva’s heart fluttered. The more aroused she got, the naughtier her magic became, causing these enchantments to act and speak all their own. Eva didn’t even give a verbal response. She simply smiled at the boots, turning toward them as her sheer red panties curled down her thighs. When they reached the floor, she opened her legs to the latex boots as she rubbed her already wet clit.

Eva’s enthusiasm made every moment all the sweeter, and Keiko’s shapeshifting spy made no hesitation to fulfill her offer. Every heightened sensation Eva felt would only return her own tenfold. Rookie or not, her magic was already spiraling out of control--and from the looks of the scene, that’s what every participant wanted--boots included.

One of the red latex shafts extended itself between Eva’s legs, letting her reach down and glide her hands over the slippery latex before rising to gently meet the heavenly space between her legs. The other red boot turned upside down, pushing a pliable shin between Eva’s massive tits and pointing its toe to her quivering lips.

Now that the soft leather had warmed against her skin, Tara clinched a hand around the back of the tight phantom leg, pulling the crotch boot between her legs even closer. It had been teasing against her pussy in the slightest, almost as if it was playing coy--daring her to escalate the sweet touch of the vamp’s slick leather against her clit. As she shifted her position, pushing her hips against the boot, the shaft tenderly placed itself between her breasts and began to bend at the ankle, pumping at her cleavage.

Tara never expected to be getting herself off on a pair of boots in front of another woman, but this went far beyond the limitations of an uninhibited fetish. Now not only was her depravity in full view of this mysterious seductress, but the boots themselves were getting involved--and they were every bit as enthusiastic as she was.

Tara worked her fingers up the shaft of the boot heaving against her skin as her lips climbed the other. When they reached the top, she took the top of the shaft between her teeth, playfully tugging down on it as she looked inside the hollow form. A giggle spouted behind gritted teeth as the vamp at her clit began working itself side to side, spreading her accumulating juices across itself until a trail of honey dripped down each side. Tara cupped both her hands around her breasts now, squeezing them against the thick empty thigh between them. With both hands off the thick rubber matting of the floor, she realized the weight of her upper body was being held only by the enchanted boot. With a swift tug, she pulled the edge of the shaft to her lips, reveling in every second of the impossible experience. Tara’s tongue explored the inside of the empty boot, panting as she took in the scent of new leather mingling with subdued cherry lip gloss.

Keiko’s spy didn’t have to do anything but walk in on the scene; Eva’s will practically did the rest. After all, as far as the magical inductee knew, it was her show--the boots were just along for the ride. She felt Eva’s heat growing as the woman thrust herself against the tight latex, her body begging for more as reality itself bent to her whims. When the slippery red boots lost all sense of gravity, it took the agent a moment to realize it. Eva was making them hover now, driving the whole of her weight against the lipstick red latex. Her eyes were fixed on Tara--and it was almost as if every time the girl’s naughty mind sparked an idea, Eva’s made it happen--for both of them.

Out of notice of Eva or Tara, their auras--kaleidoscopic bursts of passion--spread upward and outward throughout the stock room. As the agent struggled to maintain her focus, she observed the two auras begin to swirl and coalesce. She’d experienced something like this every time she made love with her mistress...but it was a phenomenon usually reserved between two magical beings. And yet, she knew Tara wasn’t magical.

Mistress Keiko, you're sure she's a rookie magic user?! Her power is so much greater than my expectations!

With their inexperience to the enchanted energies being channeled through the air, neither woman could tell what was happening--but Keiko’s shapeshifting spy could sense everything. In their acceleration toward orgiastic bliss, Eva’s increasing abilities went beyond her own body, beyond the empty shelves and animated boots, flowing into Tara herself. There was no telling when the girl would realize it, but it was as inevitable as the ground-shaking orgasm that both women were inching toward.

In her enchanted latex form, Keiko’s acolyte took in Eva's every loving motion. She made the vamp against Eva’s clit bulge and contract, hovering around Tara to give Eva a perfect view of the limitless joy on the girl’s face. Tara kept herself occupied with the top of the leather shaft, wrapping her arms around the thigh and pulling herself forward, driving even more of her weight against the other--clinging to her skin and rippling its smooth leather against her.

As she looked up, watching the floating Eva pass through her line of sight, the long leather boot beneath her took on more and more of her weight, lifting her body until only the tips of her toes touched against the black matting on the stockroom floor. She felt her body beginning to give in to the intensity as she witnessed other things in the stockroom succumbing to the same passion.

The gorgeous woman who’d lured her down here was watching her with intense eyes as she rode a pair of slutty red latex boots--apparently free of gravity. She heard moans and crude sexual innuendo from boots all over the room, twisting around each other’s shafts as zippers split themselves open and possessed laces like thin nylon tentacles explored shapely phantom legs in vinyl and leather. The sight of all this took her past the point of no return.

“Oh god! Oh god! I’m gonna--I’m gonna--” Every pore of Tara’s flesh felt like it was alive with energy. Time seemed to slow as ripples of pleasure coursed through her body. For a brief moment, she felt oneness with the room and its inhabitants--human and otherwise. Her head filled with foreign memories of an office building downtown, two women with even crazier sexual memories than this--encounters with magical beings she could have never dreamed of before this night. She was in the mind of this strange woman, in every pair of boots in the room, and in the very room itself.

As Jen sat in the changing room, her mark for the evening on the floor moaning and thrashing about, she felt a massive energy spike coming from below her. She knew immediately it was Eva, but judging from the sheer amount of lust leaking from the floorboards, Jen could almost swear she was having an orgy with a dozen witches. Searching with her mind’s eye, she could confirm just two--and something else.

Looks like an unexpected development, Jen thought. Time to investigate the party downstairs.

As Tara gently floated back down into her body, she was slammed all at once by the sensations she missed out on while floating in the aether. She let out a high note, her pussy screaming out in ecstasy. The nerve endings still attached to the buttery leather composed a symphony, her naked skin fluctuated between warmth and cold.

The light bulbs above her began to ripple and shatter one by one. Boot boxes on the shelves exploded open as their contents landed on the floor and writhed around each other like snakes. The door began to open and slam shut and a radio set up on a table switched between sensual jazz tunes.

With Tara’s release, Eva and Keiko’s disguised acolyte couldn’t hold back any longer. The formerly human pair of boots struggled to keep control of their own magic as the two women in the basement came simultaneously. Almost everything in the stockroom carried it’s own energy now, and the acolyte knew that it wasn’t by her own direction. There was clearly a new force at work here, and it wasn’t just the rookie witch riding her. Pleasure tore through every square inch of her, from the enchanted latex down to the acrylic heels. Her own silent release came just after Eva’s, the high heeled forms slowly sinking back to earth as the peak of the moment passed.

Eva didn’t bother trying to hold herself up when the latex boots rode low enough for her feet to touch the ground again. She happily collapsed to the cool rubber matting on the stockroom floor, mentally celebrating her first solo victory as one of Jen’s students.

With Eva and Tara distracted by their own afterglow, the boots slowly limped away, easily blending in with the rest of the living items that were slowly and feebly returning to their places. Or attempting to, at least. The swell of power seemed to flow back into Tara as gracefully as it expanded. As Eva crawled closer to Tara, their panting slowed. Eva looked deeply into Tara’s eyes, frozen astounded.

“I take it you liked your first time,” Eva said between breaths.

“It was...wonderful,” Tara replied as she was struck with another shockwave. “I...I keep--I keep expecting to wake up.” On the ground with Eva, Tara propped herself up on her elbows, watching the boots on the floor shuffle clumsily back into their boxes. It wasn’t until Eva watched a broom float out of a closet to sweep up the broken glass on the floor that she realized...

“I wouldn’t have even known where to get that,” She said to Tara, a dumbfounded smile on her face. “Penny for your thoughts?”

“I’m--I don’t know,” Tara said. “It’s just that--everything’s such a mess, and...”

Faint clapping now as a pair of telltale boots clicked down the basement steps. Both women looked across the basement to see Jen sauntering slowly down the stairs.

“My, my, Eva.” Jen laughed. “I knew you’d be good, but even I didn’t expect you’d be so skilled in picking your playmates.” Tara blushed, looking around for something to cover up with. “Oh, don’t worry about that, my dear. You’ve got no room for shame in that pretty little head of yours now.”

“Tara, meet Jen,” Eva said. “You wanted to know how all this is possible? She can explain it way better than I could.”

“But I’m not sure I need to,” Jen said. “You feel it in you, don’t you my dear?”