Lofty Enchantments

04 - Rosa on the Prowl

The alarm clock on Rosa’s nightstand blared as the curtains drew themselves open. As the bright light began to shine on Rosa’s eyes, a feminine form appeared from her sheet.

“Rosaline my dear,” The form purred. “It’s almost noon. You should be getting up, don’t forget what today is. We have a very busy schedule for you.”

“I know,” Rosa muttered as she buried her face in her pillow. “Just give me five more minutes.”

“You know I can’t do that,” The feminine hand of the figure reached out and grabbed Rosa’s ass. She buried her face into her pillow deeper.

“You want me out of bed and play with me at the same time,” Rosa finally turned over and opened her eyes, her eyes lit up and a sinister grin appeared on her face. “I’d say that’s a pretty big conflict of interest.”

“Is it? I could keep going, but something better is waiting for you outside.” The figure crawled away from Rosa, revealing her nude body as the figure stood as tall upright on the bed as possible. “Go on, Jen and Eva are waiting for you.”

Rosa climbed out of bed and left the threshold of the sleeping area of her bedroom. Thanks to Jen’s dimensional magic, Rosa had all the space she could ever need now that her room was the size of an entire two-story house.

She got into the shower, a huge tiled stall with multiple rain shower heads above, and movable hand-held massager showerheads along the two inside corners.

“Alright, shower nymphs...come and get dirty with me so you can make me clean.” The knobs controlling each showerhead turned on steamy warm water, and a bottle of body wash levitated into the stall. Rosa watched the strange phenomenon take place once again--a trick Jen taught her only a week ago. Beneath each showerhead, amorphous forms began to displace the water flow. Rosa reached down to her well trimmed pussy, brushing across it playfully as she watched them take shape once again.

There were six womanly figures in the form of broken water bubbles, dancing under the water and waiting for the bottle of body wash to inject them with the slippery fluid that would turn them into shapely sudsy ghosts. Rosa loved seeing how cleverly lewd they could be; she watched as one of the forms pushed its watery breasts together as the body wash suggestively squirted a jet of soap onto them.

Once all the forms were dripping suds, they approached Rosa, now stroking her clit. A soapy hand pulled her arm away and replaced Rosa’s fingers with its watery tendrils. Another form stepped in front of her, sliding its bouncy, slippery sud-covered breasts against her own. When another behind her sandwiched the girl between two glorious frictionless forms, Rosa squealed with joy and threw her arms around the shoulders of the form in front of her. She leapt into the air and wrapped her legs around the flowing body. With her ass spread open, another soapy form took advantage of the exposed bud, burying its flowing, translucent face between her cheeks.

“Whoa,” Rosa cooed. “Muuuch quicker to the job than last time.”

“We want to make sure every inch of you gets clean,” the form in front of her said. “Especially that tight little asshole of yours.” Rosa gasped as a warm watery tongue dove into her. She heard gurgling laughter from the form she was wrapped around as an imposing liquid phallus took shape and pressed against her.

Held aloft on slippery invisible phantoms, Rosa started rocking her hips against them. She felt soapy fingers gently sweeping over her arms and thighs, tickling under her feet and washing over her back. The tongue filling her ass prodded deeper into her causing her to buck up against it. When she did, the smooth liquid cock slid down and dove into her. Rosa’s fingernails dug instinctively into the back of the enchanted liquid body as she felt herself filled.

The forms sloshed into each other now, coming together in another shifting conglomerate of pleasing soapy shapes. Rosa felt the enchanted water tingling all over her skin as it coated and surrounded her. She bucked her hips inside what was essentially a giant floating water bubble, flowing and pushing against Rosa’s body--driving her closer and closer.

The bubble threw her body up and down, pulsing inside her and all around her. Bound up to her shoulders with the caresses of the enchanted water, Rosa let out a deep and satisfying moan as her hips convulsed in an unbelievable orgasm.

After she’d taken her time in the afterglow, the water slowly receded, setting her back on the tiled floor and allowing her to rinse. Now clean, awake, and satisfied, she stepped out of the huge luxury shower and met a pair of hovering towels.

Once she was dry enough, she descended the staircase, turning a corner toward what appeared to be a stage with several poles positioned on it.

“Alright girls,” Rosa shouted as she removed her towel and took a seat in front of the stage. “Today’s a special day for me. I want something that has a little bit of class.” Rosa sunk into her seat as the lights dimmed and loud electronic music boomed from the speakers above her. A spotlight appeared on a black latex catsuit in glossy black heels. A hat hovered above the empty neck, and a pair of crimson lips smiled below its rim.

“Then lets start the show,” the shiny catsuit purred back to Rosa, mounting one of the poles. “To begin, I present your favorite lacy ladies.”

Delicate lace lingerie in a collection of colors all wandered on to the stage, some paired up with gloves, stockings, garter belts, and other accessories. The outfits began to twirl and grind themselves against their poles. One ambitious lingerie set departed its pole and sauntered toward Rosa--a black bikini bra, thong, garter belt and stockings with a black satin glove hovering at either side. As they approached, they began a very sexy lap dance for her. She could catch a hint of her perfume coming from the articles in front of her.

Rosa reached down to the string of the thong, running her fingers along it. A black velvet glove playfully swatted her away, and the other reached down between Rosa’s legs.

“Do you want to play, or do you want to get dressed?” Came an airy whisper through the air. Rosa laughed in response.

“Let’s do both,” Rosa said. “How about you play dress-up with me? I want to wear the red set. I want you to stay out here and dress kinda like we’re going to the same event.”

The red bikini swept around her and scooped her up, gently bouncing her breasts together as it fitted itself. Rosa felt her feet lift and separate as the red thong rode up her thighs and settled into place.

“Oooooh...” The red string of the thong vibrated between her cheeks and back toward the tiny patch of fabric over her pussy. The invisible touch through the thong peaked at her clit and hovered there, pressing and manipulating it.

“Only fair,” said the airy voice of the black lingerie. The red velvet gloves pulled themselves onto Rosa’s hands, extending them out and keeping her from interfering with the thong’s ministrations. “Now then--something between casual and formal?”

“As you like,” the shiny catsuit said, waving its hands to the back of the stage. Tight pencil skirts in greys and khakis sauntered in, swinging seam-busting invisible hips to full effect. Inside each were glossy translucent nylons filled to shapely phantom legs. silk camis joined cotton tanks next, offering Rosa a glance at her outfit choices filled to optimal shape.

A procession of a few blouses and light sweaters rounded out the options, and both Rosa and the black enchanted lingerie picked items to suit them. Rosa played footsie with red stockings and a dark charcoal skirt as a white cotton tank slipped itself over her. It lifted and perked her tits proudly, unnaturally, even as it sent rolling sensations around her nipples. A red satin blouse fluttered over Rosa, caressing her sides as it buttoned itself up.

Across the room, a deep purple silk cami draped itself over the black bikini before being covered by a glowing white satin blouse. Black stockings and a tight black leather skirt rounded out the enchanted outfit, and now the rest of the procession returned to the dark of the stage.

“Are we ready to go?” the empty outfit asked. Rosa wasn’t. A foot of the red stockings played between her legs as the bottom half of her outfit decided it wanted to play here and now. “Come on, then--plenty of time for that when we get to the party.”

Rosa’s giggling turned to a sigh as she was lifted into the air as if she were light as a soap bubble. The skirt and hose slid up her legs easily, holding her aloft as two pairs of shoes came strutting off the stage--a pair of black glossy heels much like the catsuit’s, and another red pair to match Rosa’s outfit. When they were in place, Rosa’s feet gently sank into them as she was placed back on the ground.

“Ready?” Rosa asked.

“I’ve been ready, miss mischief.” Just as they both walked toward the door, the buzzer went off. Rosa looked up at the intercom, and the button pressed itself.


“Delivery for R. Gray?” Rosa’s eyes lit up.

“Um, come on up. Elevator bank to the back.”

“Beg pardon, miss, but there are about 25 parcels here. Any way I can prop the door open?”

Rosa turned to the outfit. “Does he sound cute?” The outfit gave a very animated shrug.

“It’s an intercom, and we’re magic infused clothing. I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself.”

“Well--no--come down with me. Wait in the elevator,” Rosa said. “I’ll tell him to stack at the door, and uh--he’ll be surprised at how fast I’m able to carry everything back here.” She grinned. “If he’s cute...then back into the spider’s lair he comes...”


And he was cute. He’d already gotten most of the shipment just inside the door after she buzzed and told him to use the kick stop to prop it so long as his truck was just a spot or two away. Rosa pretended to grab a light box and carry it back around the winding corridor, but once she knew he wasn’t in sight, the rest of the boxes picked themselves up and queued to the elevator. She left nothing but the stack nearest to the door--it was too visible from outside to magically move without causing suspicion.

Rosa knew she shouldn’t even be going this far, but what were a couple double takes from passers by?

“And this stack will be--” He looked at the entrance. “Um--wow. Roomies helping?”

“You might say.” Rosa beamed stupidly at him, hoping to catch his attention as he got out his paperwork.

“Just need a signature here.” As soon as Rosa took his pen, she cast a hex to break it.

“It’’s not working.” She held it out, and he produced another, handing it over. But that one wasn’t going to work either. She scribbled against the pad, hiding a smile. “Nope. Got another?” He gritted his teeth.

“You know, I really don’t. I’m sorry about this, but I guess I’ve gotta go grab--”

“Come up,” Rosa said, looking him in the eyes.


“Upstairs. I’ve got a pen I can give you.” He looked back at his truck, parked on the side of the street.


“You’re fine there for at least 30 minutes. I promise I don’t bite.” Rosa smiled. The delivery man shook his head in disbelief. Was this woman for real?

“Maybe a bite’s not what I’m worried about,” he said, smiling like a fool.

“C’mon.” She grabbed two small boxes, and he grabbed the stack of three that remained. Together, they headed back to the elevator. Stacked inside were nearly two dozen boxes of different sizes. Rosa’s magically imbued partner waited just inside the elevator, flattened to the side just enough to avoid detection until he was already inside. Even after he was in, he turned away form the flattened outfit to see Rosa turn the key for her floor.

“Wow--fancy digs, huh? Elevator right to your place?”

“Yup--there are four lofts at the top of each elevator. One of them is our humble home...” She joked. “Isn’t that right, darling?” The outfit filled out to full capacity just as the delivery man turned to follow Rosa’s gaze.

His first reaction was to marvel at the shape of the gorgeous woman behind him. How was he lucky enough to...wait.

He did a double take when he reached the collar, and his eyes darted back to stockings that he swore he could see through. Now they jumped to empty white satin sleeve ends, and back up to the collar once more. These clothes had a woman’s shape, but there was no woman inside!

“That’s imposs--” Rosa put a velvet finger to his mouth, silencing him for a second as she looked into his eyes. “What’s going on here?” Rosa drew closer.

“Shhhhhhhh...relax. Let it happen. You’re going to like it--I promise.” The delivery man watched  as Rosa turned back to the stacks to boxes, noticing that he could still feel soft velvet on his lips. He drew back and looked down to find Rosa’s red gloves hovering in place, one dangerously close to his belt-line. He backed up, running into the tight curvy outfit behind him.

“Hey, loverboy. Got a package for me?” White silk sleeves wrapped around his torso. He gasped to see invisible fingertips at the ends of the empty sleeves, pressing against his shirt and rubbing his chest.

“This--” He laughed nervously, trying to spit out the words, “this has gotta be a dream...or something. H--how is this happening?”

“The lady told you to relax. We’re going to help you.” The buttons on his polo shirt popped open when one of the white silk sleeves pointed toward his collar. The other sleeve swept under his shirt, pulling it up.

Now the red gloves flew into action, unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. He watched all this go on for a moment before looking back at Rosa, who was watching his disrobing intently. Just then, the elevator door opened to the loft. Clad only in briefs, the delivery man floated out into the loft, tangled with the outfit that helped undress him. Now a black pair of gloves joined in probing and groping at him. The red velvet gloves teased their fingertips around the waistband of his sleek black briefs, and he looked back in awe as the parcels and Rosa floated out behind.

“Did--did I crash my delivery truck and...and--”

“You’re alive,” Rosa said, laughing a bit afterward. “Very much alive. And your truck is fine.” She turned to his stripped uniform, which picked itself up off the ground and puffed to his fit frame. “In fact, why don’t you go take care of that so it doesn’t get towed?” The collar of his polo shirt seemed to nod at Rosa as it remained in the elevator, now cleared of all the parcels. “Now then...”

Rosa looked down at the growing bulge in his underwear. Suddenly, teasing was no longer enough for the red gloves, who dove in and clutched him. He let out a groan of surrender, resigned to his body’s response. He wanted to know how the hell all this was happening. Apparently his cock didn’t.

“Rosa, my dear--” The latex catsuit from the stage called, filled was mischievous joy, “I’ve just gotten word that you and your magic friend there aren’t not properly dressed for the occasion.

“What do you mean?” Rosa asked. “You just dressed us!”

“I dressed you in the best possible attire for the moment...but now that this shipment is here--perhaps you’d just better see for yourself.” On cue, the boxes from the shipment began popping open.

The first two were accompanied by the rubbery sound of latex catsuits and dresses unfurling themselves. The delivery man watched in awe as floppy latex forms inflated to tight, slender, decidedly feminine shapes.

Two more boxes exploded open, and shiny lycra suits sprang out of them, inflating like magic body-shaped fabric balloons. Some were solid colors, others were garish patterns not unlike the spandex plumage of a pneumatic 80s TV super-heroine. Following close behind were several Japanese schoolgirl uniforms, heading for the living room while joking in a language Rosa didn’t understand.

The tape on three of the boxes gently tore open as the flaps floated outward before the boxes overturned. One by one, pairs of leather and patent boots in an assortment of colors and lengths marched out in an almost military formation. When dozens of them had left their boxes and stood side by side in several rows, both pairs of velvet gloves directed them to various locations. A small number of pairs marched off toward Rosa’s room and an equal number to Jen’s. The remainder marched in the opposite direction, heading for a door decorated with the shape of a stiletto boot.

“This--this is fucking incredible!” The delivery guy marveled at the pair of red velvet gloves stroking his now-hardened cock beneath his briefs. He didn’t even notice the two dark green latex military uniforms flanking him. The proportions were unreal, almost cartoonish. The overinflated breasts and ass stretched the outfit so tight it places that it became translucent. He couldn’t help but laugh when he looked up. “You’re going to pop those jackets!”

The outfits both pressed their breasts against his head at the same time, coming at him from opposite directions. He felt the legs of both pretzel around his sides, and just when they feigned letting up, the breasts ballooned again--a second after he was able to get a breath. He swam in the sensation.

“Just--hey--make sure he can breathe!” Rosa said.

“They know what they’re doing...” Came a voice from the utility closet, accompanied by a flash of light. A second later, the door burst open. It was Jen. “If you plan on bringing your new toy to the party--and your now magic friend, they’ll need to be properly dressed. So will you.” Jen stepped out of the doorway and let it close again. she was wearing a long red latex gown with matching opera-length gloves. “And there’s only one suitable material for such a fashion statement...” Jen snapped her fingers with both hands, and her long latex gloves glided off her arms, directing themselves at the other parcels.

One box tore open to reveal a sea of latex thongs and briefs. Another produced bicycle shorts and leggings, filled out beautifully by invisible bodies ranging from tight and athletic to bouncy and voluptuous. When the delivery guy took his next breath, he stared at a pair of stacked red leggings, hovering right in front of him. He marveled at the depth of the camel toe.

“That’s--” He wanted to reach out and touch it. That’s what these--whatever--wanted, right? “That looks uncomfortable.” The laughter he heard in response wasn’t from the two women standing on the other side of the room. It was from the leggings.

“Oh, not at all, boy. And it gets better.” The thighs of the leggings spread themselves to reveal latex labia--and more than just a good camel-toe between them.

“Alright ladies,” Rosa called out. “You can play with him all you want, we just need to get him ready.”

“That’s exactly what we’re made for,” the leggings replied. The delivery guy watched the emulated pussy in the leggings ooze a clear, viscous fluid. Before he could ask what it was, the slick rubbery mound was bounced against his face. He opened his mouth and tasted...honey.

“Your idea, obviously...” Rosa said.

“Well, the idea is that no one’s really going to believe him anyway...but to experience the whole day as a woman--seriously--”

“--no one’s gonna believe him,” they said in unison. Jen winked, but Rosa just shook her head.

“To think that once upon a time, I was just one of these poor souls...nothing but a toy to you.” Rosa stuck her tongue out.

“You think you’re no longer my toy?” Jen raised her finger, and Rosa’s skirt rode all the way up on her, revealing her red underwear. Jen made a hooking motion, and the underwear pulled itself down to Rosa’s knees.

“Oh, I know my position,” Rosa said. Snapped her fingers, and her panties and skirt slid back into place. “It’s just that I know it now,” she grinned.

The delivery guy heard the women going on about something, but their voices were lost in squeaks of latex as he sucked and licked at the candy-favored pussy of the tight red leggings.

“That’s right, baby--lick it. That’s goooood.” The two pairs of shiny uniformed tits that overwhelmed him earlier now simply held his head in place, and the red velvet gloves tapped at the latex legs to unwind from around the man’s. They needed his briefs to come off.

Box after box of latex continued opening in the room, filling out with sheathe-tight dresses of every length in sleek and garish colors. Gloves and boots were represented in similar variety, and it wasn’t long before the items mixed and matched with each other to form full outfits parading around the loft.

“Really went overboard this time, huh?” Rosa asked.

“Nonsense,” Jen said. “Given the right applications, one can never have too much latex.” She turned to Eva’s door and laughed. “Though I guess you could say that about having anything.”

Rosa watched all the latex clothing strutting around the loft, looking for something that stuck out. A catsuit? They looked pretty hot, but she wanted something a little less restrictive. Leggings carried the same issue. She spied a pink tube dress filled to average but well-shaped tits, wondering if it could accommodate her. Suddenly it turned to her and inflated itself, walking over so she could examine it. Rosa blushed a little as she pressed the tits together, noting how soft the latex was. it reminded her of bubble gum.

“Boots?” Rosa asked, and on cue, a pair of shiny pink thigh-high boots danced under the dress. “And, of course--” Rosa gasped as a pair of pink gloves stripped her red satin blouse and pulled it off. They started to grab at the cotton tank top, but it started up at it’s own accord. The skirt unzipped itself. Rosa’s red underwear and stockings were the next to go, and suddenly, Rosa was hovering naked as the two formal outfits dove into each other’s arms and flew high into the loft.

“It’s our turn. So...question,” The pink dress said. “Talc, or lube?”

“Lube for sure,” Rosa said, a chill going down her spine as she thought about the possibilities of living latex. The dress laughed.

“You were getting lube anyway.” From a couple boxes, bottles of lube emerged, broke their seals and popped open. painting streaks of slippery fluid into the air, some of the droplets spread over the shape of feminine hands, which went to grease up the clothing Rosa was about to put on. A larger bottle blew it top entirely, and from it emerged a transparent snake of lube. It floated around the loft, gaining volume by inflating itself with air. As it spun volume into itself, the slick bubble began to turn into a very recognizable and very voluptuous feminine shape.

“Now you’ll slide right in,” The lube bubble said. “Let me know if you need to grease up anything else. Until then...I have something else to attend to...” The slippery enchantment sailed toward the naked delivery guy, still greedily sucking at the latex pussy in front of him as he was fluffed by Rosa’s red gloves. When it approached, the gloves backed away, letting the job go to something that paired better with the voluptuous lube golem.

Rosa gasped as her dress glided up her skin, running over every nerve frictionlessly. Her gloves did the same, making a satisfying squish that altered every motion--every touch. The boots waited on the ground, standing straight up and awaiting her slender feet. Rosa’s dress and gloves lowered her into the boots, which somehow sucked her feet into them. She didn’t need to worry about how slippery the soles were--she was virtually weightless, and controlled by the motion of the latex outfit.

“Nice, right?” It walked her forward a few steps, then turned her upside-down without a problem.

“Whoa! Don’t--” A pair of greased pink briefs sailed up her legs. The boots seemed to accommodate their passage, rounding their heels and tightening them against Rosa’s feet without ever changing her position. When the briefs climbed her thighs, she shifted a little and gasped, feeling something filling her as the briefs situated themselves. She felt them tighten around her ass, and the dildo inside pulsed gently. “Whoa...that’s--” Rosa moaned.

“That’s how we get really close. But that’s just the beginning. Wait until we get to our destination.”

“You’re gonna be in me the...whole time?”

“To some extent or another, my dear.” Rosa looked back at Jen, who was playing with a ghostly lubricated hand as two more caressed the curves of her dress.

“Oh, don’t look at me that way. Would you like me to show you mine, or are you going to believe me?” Jen placed her hands at her dress, mock-threatening to pull it up. “I’m magic, but this is so slippery even I couldn’t grab it.” Rosa rolled her eyes until the pink dildo throbbed once, hard.

“Ugggggh!” Rosa sailed into the air, arching her back.

“Isn’t it great?” Jen looked up at her. “It concentrates your magic. Come on now ladies, let’s wrap this up.” Jen looked back at the delivery guy, now sliding between well-lubed latex uniforms as he was sucked off by a gorgeous lube golem who decided to don a pair of black latex gloves for herself. Jen stepped through the door, then her head poked back out of the glow. “Rosa, pick some company as your entourage while you wait for your...conversion.”

Every time the pink dress made a move it glided and teased against her skin. She felt it perk her tits as she spun around to look at the collection of latex in the room. She was distracted by the delivery guy, enthusiastic as he was awed by the situation. It was refreshing to see someone come around so quickly--though she wasn’t sure he knew exactly what he was in for.

“He’ll like it,” She giggled to herself. She’ll like it.

He blasted his load into the mouth of the golem, who immediately got thicker and denser. It licked translucent lips and swallowed proudly, pointing one of its black gloves at the leggings he was still eating out. A stream of lube sprayed from the tip of an animated bottle, squirting its contents inside the leggings. It was preparing for something. The lube golem slid her hands over his arms and shoulders, making him frictionless. He was about to reach out when a red tank top flew over his head and down his shoulders as the military uniforms backed away.

“Hold on a sec,” The delivery guy shouted. “Are you kidding? This is waaaay too tight, and...” The Red leggings flew down toward his ankles. “Wait! What are you planning to--those won’t fit me! I’ve got a different set of parts!” Giggles and mumbled comments came from the items, and when it finally clicked, the effects were already starting. The leggings slid up his legs, concealing his package. A pair of black knee boots and a pair of shiny red opera gloves approached him, greasing themselves up with the lube golem as she danced gracefully with the enchanted items before passing them on to him.

“You’re--what are you doing? No! Nnnn--ooooh...!” His voice squeaked. He put a glove-covered hand to his face and discovered it was way too smooth--and less pronounced? He felt something swell beneath him, and when he looked down, he saw enormous mounds pressing out against the tank top.

Something else felt different too, but--how to place it? Legs spread, she looked down at the most gorgeously intricate pants she’d ever seen. They even took on the shape of her pussy lips and...

“Wait a minute,” she squealed, her hair already flowing past her shoulders, tinged a glowing blonde. “I’ve got--” She reached a glove down to the graphic, lubricated folds in her impossibly tight leggings and moaned sharply, rising off the ground a little.

“Mmm...looks like you’ve found yourself, baby,” Rosa said, looking her up and down. “Now before I sweep you back into your boring life, I promise you’ll get all that man meat back...and intact,” she winked, “ So try and have some fun, huh? You’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime.”

The blond looked down at her new, fantastic body and pressed her tits together with her glossy, tight gloves. She erupted with laughter and looked back up at Rosa.

“What--what kind of good deed did I do to deserve this?” She said, looking over her shoulder to get a peek at her tight, round ass. The leggings even boosted her form a little more, and she gasped from the pneumatic feeling of her butt swelling.

“Right place, right time, stud.” Rosa replied, stroking her former red velvet gloves. “You’re not the first delivery guy we’ve serviced, but you’re getting better treatment than most.”

The two green latex uniforms embraced her from either side, welcoming now more than dominant. The blond was almost drooling over the size of the tits, now that she could see them. They were so much more sexy when they weren’t threatening to crush her to death. Not...that that would be the worst way to go.

“Okay, so the twins are clearly part of the entourage,” Rosa said. “Who else?”

“Do I get to play with the fresh meat?” A well-coordinated outfit stepped forward--a blue miniskirt and matching snap button shirt that teasingly exposed a phenomenally-filled yellow bra. One of the latex thigh-highs standing below the hovering outfit clicked its heel against the floor.

“Sure,” Rosa laughed. “You get to play with her all you want. You’ll just--have to share.”

Now she needed something else entirely. Security, strength, dexterity...maybe some gloves. Just then, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to face whatever wanted her attention to find a pair of blue shoulder-length gloves. “Well, hello there.”

Below the floating gloves was a single box, the last one that hadn’t yet broken itself down. The flaps gently opened and a black latex hand emerged, making a beckoning motion to Rosa. When she approached, another hand emerged...then another...and another. Within moments, a dozen pairs of gloves inside were assembled. Rosa’s eyes lit up. The gloves ran their fingers along the empty rims of other gloves, causing them to shudder delight.

“Mmm...I can tell these are going to be fun.” the blue outfit said as a black pair synchronised inside the sleeves of the blue shirt. “They’re very...tactile.” The rest of the gloves swarmed the lube golem’s heavenly transparent curves, making their latex palms and slender fingers frictionless. A few approached Rosa.

“I think the gloves are Dutch,” she said, admiring the luminescent shine. “They’re just a touch on the naughtier side.” Rosa jumped when she felt a hand strike her in the ass. She reached back and pulled a blue glove toward her while it’s partner placed a strategic pinch just under the dress’ hem before pulling it up. Another pair of black latex gloves helped themselves to her exposed, round ass. “Maybe more than a touch...”

“Well you’ve always had a weakness for them,” A voice called out as the door to Rosa’s room opened up. Out stepped a dark-blue latex dress floating above a pair of monstrously high heels. Rosa couldn’t help but smile seeing the strapless dress leave her room. A blue pair of gloves floated up and rested at the sides of the dress as a pink feather boa snaked onto the outfit’s phantom shoulders.

“So is it safe to assume you want to come along?” Rosa asked. The dress strutted down the half-flight of stairs.

“After I’m properly conditioned, of course.” One of the gloves made a muffled snap with rubbery fingers, catching the attention of the hovering golem. Its ghostly face looked up at the dress, but its smile said it was too happy letting a few remaining pairs of gloves massage its bubble-like body to follow any directions.

“Alright now, come on...” Rosa said, folding her arms and turning to the slick, nearly-invisible form. “You’re holding us up. Whatever fun you want to have, I promise it’ll be even better if you have it at the party. The golem turned back to Rosa and pointed at itself.

“I can go too?” The golem asked. Rosa nodded.

“If you get your slippery ass in that strapless dress so that we can get going, yes--you can come.” Rosa giggled.

“You heard her,” The strapless dress said. “Slide in, honey.” The gloves hovered away from the golem as she flew above the busty upper hem of the dress and dropped her liquid form inside. When she slid into place, lube gushed from over the top as her invisible form displaced it. The golem used its gloved hands to spread the shine all over the dress. “Mmm...that’s the way. Comfortable?” The golem bounced up and down a few times, watching the tight rubber jiggle with her transparent form.

“Very...” the golem said.

“Well, then--”  Rosa looked around at her quirky latex entourage. “Let’s be on our way!” With the snap of Rosa’s finger, the foyer of the loft began to shake. A bright blue glow began to appear around Rosa, her transformed guest and her ensouled entourage. With a bright flash and the sound of cracking thunder, they were gone.

A strange electrical storm blew over Los Angeles, lightning seeming to strike only above a certain mansion high up in the hills. In a massive blue bolt of lightning, Rosa and the others appeared. Not taking any chances, Rosa leaped into action.

“Alright,” Rosa whispered. “Anyone without a body needs to hide. Gloves into my purse--the twins and you other two find a closet.” One by one, each pair of disembodied gloves slipped into Rosa’s purse while the full outfits dispersed about the room. The twin military uniforms found a closet to slip inside of while the blue-and-yellow miniskirt outfit clicked its way over to an adjoining bathroom. The curvy golem and strapless dress explored elsewhere upstairs, being cautious not to run into anyone.

The transformed courier simply stood in awe, agape. First a new body, and now--where on earth was this lavish place? “You still with us over there?” The blond blinked twice and looked up at the outfit at the bathroom door, watching the glossy translucent golem saunter in.

“No--she stays with me,” Rosa said. “At least for now. I need to walk in to this party with some eye candy.” The outfit at the door made an offended noise, and Rosa giggled. “Some eye candy that won’t start an overcrowded panic,” She added. “Once it starts thinning out enough--then the real festivities can begin.”

“Sounds like fun,” came a voice from the middle of the room. Rosa jumped a little.

“Goddammit, Sarah. Every fucking time...”

“It’s about time you got here,” came the voice again. “You realize there’s a difference between fashionably late and...not?” A silvery latex halter dress came into view before her, a pair of matching silver knee boots standing under them.

“So that’s you down there, or...?” Rosa’s eyes narrowed, and she stepped forward, reaching down at the lower hem of the dress. Her hand was stopped with a gentle slap.

“Cheeky,” The voice laughed just above the halter dress. “You know damn well I’m in here.” Rosa felt something grab her hand, holding it. A pair of silvery elbow-length gloves faded into sight. “Jen never got around to teaching me the incorporeal thing. I’ve had so much fun with  invisibility, though...”

Rosa took a quick step forward and caught the dress in a friendly embrace. “It’s good to see you again, hon.” The boots took a step back and silvery dress turned to face the bathroom as the blue outfit found a cozy spot to hide. “You can phase back in now.”

“Do I have to?” Sarah’s whining was met with a brief stare from Rosa. The shoulders of the dress slumped as red stands of hair slowly began to appear. Then, a pair of emerald green eyes and ruby lips slowly popped in from the aether. Finally, her skin began to show up slowly, starting from the bustline of the dress and delicately spreading outwards. After a few more seconds, Sarah was completely visible again.

“You totally need to teach me that sometime.”

“Maybe when we’re done here, I’ll take a half-hour out to show you.” Sarah’s attention quickly turned to the transformed courier. “Well, hello there. Rosa, didn’t know you had a taste for the arm candy.”

“Well, let’s just say this one was hand delivered to me.”

“We’d better get going, things downstairs are winding down. Most of the guests here are hitting the clubs--but I’ve got a short list to hang around and help us with a little photo shoot. Then the party can get a little more--active.” Sarah flashed a wicked grin and grabbed Rosa’s hand, pulling her toward the door.

“ I come with you two?” The blonde asked.

“Of course you do, darling--” Her dress replied. “We wouldn’t have dressed you up so nice if we weren’t going to show you off...” The blonde felt her legs propelled forward as her enchanted outfit followed a giggling Rosa and Sarah out of the spare room and down the stairs.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, a slightly tipsy guest walked in wearing a tight black lamé halter top and matching miniskirt. As she stood in front of the sink adjusting her makeup, she heard a slight feminine giggle echo along the walls. The lights clicked off and she felt her breasts grabbed by a pair of gloved hands.

“Ooh! Can’t get away from you for a minute!” the woman chuckled, thinking the affectionate latex gloves were currently being work by a model she’d flirted with earlier. The gloves continued their probing. “Mmm...I didn’t realize you followed me up here.”

“Well...I’ve been here a little while, babe,” The voice called out from behind her. The woman simply laughed in response.

“Wow, listen to you. Sultry voice, lights were just waiting to get me alone, weren’t you?” Not realizing the mistaken identity, the woman became more aroused as one of the gloves began to slip under her glossy skirt, stopping when it felt moisture behind the woman’s panties.

“Thankfully I haven’t been waiting long,” the outfit said. “Why don’t we do something about this before you go back downstairs?” It might have been the booze, but those words--delivered as the glove slowly pulled her panties aside and played once over her clit--penetrated the woman’s psyche. She was horny now, and there was no going back.

Sarah, Rosa and the mysterious blonde found their way downstairs. As soon as she entered the room, Sarah made her way through the organized chaos. Standing in front of a huge drop-cloth in the great room was the person she was here for. Tori LeRoux, one of the hottest models in the fetish industry was standing no less than ten feet in front of her, and she was looking directly at her!

“So you must be Rosaline, right?” Tori turned to Rosa and asked. She nervously nodded.

“Yeah,” Rosa replied. “It’s--it’s so amazing to meet you!” She was beaming, but a little jittery. She tried to contain herself. “When Sarah told me she was shooting for you tonight, I totally couldn’t believe it.”

“Well, if you’re friends with Sarah, you’ve got good taste.” Rosa almost melted as she shook Tori’s hand. Her trembling was obvious. “Don’t be nervous, I don’t bite unless you want me to.” She motioned to a slick, dark-haired man in a suit. “Ladies, my manager Tony...Tony, you know Sarah--this is Rosaline and...”

The blonde looked nervously at Rosa.

“ friend Cindy,” Rosa said, winking at the blonde. “Nice to meet you, Steve.”

“Shame you didn’t get here earlier,” The man said, looking the girls over. “There were a couple fet-mag execs looking for some amateur models, and you’ve certainly got the look.” Just then, his cell phone rang. “Hate to be that guy, but I’ve got to take this.” He turned to Tori. “Somewhere I can--”

“Anywhere upstairs, really,” Tori said. Steve nodded. As he walked away, Sarah shook her head at Tori.

“Never off-duty, hmm?”

“Hey--making a living in this industry is about the right opportunities,” Tori said. “Tony’s a little aloof, but he’s always on the ball.” She looked behind her at a rack of fetish clothing, searching for something. “Shoot. This isn’t everything--there’s a bunch of stuff I wanted from upstairs too.” She motioned to a couple staff members, getting their attention. “Run upstairs and grab the rest of the clothes off the rack in the guest bedroom.”

“Right away Ms. LeRoux,” One of the women closest to the stairs replied. She and another staffer climbed the stairs to the guest bedroom, grabbing everything from the rack and closet--including the two military uniforms hiding among Tori’s extensive latex collection.

Despite being separated from the occupied guest bathroom by a thin door, the music and cavorting downstairs kept the staff members from hearing the action going on inside.

“Oh my godddd, that’s good...” The tipsy woman in the guest bathroom was bent slightly over the sink. Slick latex fingers glided over her well-lubricated clit, soaked with the product of her arousal. Another glove expertly teased her nipples, hardening behind the form-fitting halter. She wanted more now. Since the ice was broken--well...shattered, really--it was time for her to reciprocate and get a little assertive.

She turned, feeling gloves and sleeves shuffle. She reached around the hips of the skirt, squeezing the empty outfit’s ass and letting out a thoughtful sigh.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since Tori introduced us,” The tipsy woman said, feeling the dangling hem of the snap-button shirt over it. She pulled down on it. “Let’s get you out of this gear, shall we? Let that gorgeous body of yours breathe?” She slipped her hands to the front and found the first snap. As she pulled the latex, popping the snaps open one by one, she leaned in to kiss the ‘woman’, her lips meeting nothing but air. “Are you dodging me?” She giggled. When she went in for a kiss again, this time her lips met something else entirely. It took her a moment to realize that she was kissing the inside of the collar at the back of the jacket. She gasped, pulling back and reaching a hand up to the front collar of the shirt.

“I didn’t say stop...” The voice sang softly between her ears. With a flick of the woman’s clit, she moaned and shuddered in the arms of this--headless woman? What the hell was going on?

“ did--” Her fingers slid cautiously to the edge of the front collar, reaching just inside. “It’s--” Another inch. “You’re just a--” Another. “You don’t have a...” The glove groping her tits reached up to her face and put a finger on her lips.

“Does this feel good?” The latex fingers flicked at the woman’s clit again.

“Fuuuuck...yes...” Her hand reached into the collar without hesitation now, exploring the tightly filled front interior. “But--what’s happening? What are you?” The woman reached for the glove at her face with her other hand--gliding up the arm until she met the same empty space she found at the collar. Was this a hallucination? Was a ghost dressed in fetish clothing coming on to her?

“What am I? A jacket, shirt, gloves, skirt and boots; nothing more. Don’t question it, let me in.” The glove working over her pussy stopped for a moment, snapping its fingers and making light switch flick itself on. Looking in the mirror, the woman’s eyes confirmed the impossibility her hands had explored. Under the circumstances, she didn’t care. Body or no body, this thing knew touch.

“That’ strange.” She grabbed the two sides of the snap shirt and ripped it open, exposing the well-filled yellow latex bra beneath. She gingerly poked at one of the breasts, laughing nervously as it the material gave just like it was holding soft, warm flesh. Now she wrapped both her hands around the hovering latex mounds, pressing them together as she stared at the empty space beneath. “Can you feel?”

“Honey, if I couldn’t feel--do you think I’d be bothering at all?” The outfit let out a slow, sultry coo as the woman began squeezing and pulling on the rubbery tits. “I feel that just fine. Keep it up, baby.” The woman obliged, groping madly at the bouncing orbs as the magic glove at her clit accelerated. “That’s it, now feel around inside me.”

Finished with his phone call, Tony walked by the closed hallway door of the bathroom just in time to hear feel around inside me. He paused, his eyes lighting up a little. Did he just accidentally catch some private after-party fun? There were certainly two female voices behind the door, and from the sound of it, they were a little beyond flirting.

Inside, the woman was rocking her hips against the magic latex fingers, moaning as she buried her face between the two latex tits. Her hands reached all over the enchanted interior of the outfit--one of them feeling the well-filled cups of the bra from the inside while the other pried between a hollow thigh-high boot and the hem of the skirt.

“Oh my god--I want to wear you. I want to wear you while you fuck me!”

Tony stifled a surprised laugh. What on earth could that mean? He wasn’t sure what was going on behind the door, but it certainly sounded...

“Eavesdropping is fun,” came a soft voice at the end of the hall, “But firsthand experience is much, much better.” Tony turned to find the origin of the voice, but he was not ready for what he encountered.

A rather voluptuous liquid form stood before him in a stunning blue latex dress. His mind split for a moment; he couldn’t take his eyes of the smooth, high-gloss curvature of the dress, or the dream-like detail of the face of the liquid goddess before him--but the sight of something so outside the scope of his reality, no matter how hot it was--turned him to frightened scurrying mammal.

With one motivation finally overpowering the other, Tony rushed back into the guest bedroom, shutting and locking the door. He stood against it for a second, thinking about the sight of the voluptuous, transparent woman. Insane. Was he just seeing things? (And--he reminded himself--hearing things?)

He laughed to himself. Really--weird, impossible...but fucking hot things? Too much alcohol and women in latex. It was probably time to call a cab.

Calming again, he turned to open the door. He did a double take at the floor, noticing a puddle of clear ooze seeping under the door frame. He bent down to stick a finger in it. As he stepped away again, he rubbed the frictionless fluid between his fingers. Lube?

As the liquid gathered under the door, it began to bubble. Instead of foaming, the bubbles gathered inside to make one big bubble, inflating itself and beginning to lose its natural round shape. It didn’t take long after that for him to recognize the shape of the mimicked female form he saw in the hallway. Having already gone through the shock of seeing it once, his fear was now matched by curiosity. What could possibly explain this?

As the feminine shape turned and unlocked the door, Tony braced himself. The door opened and the empty blue dress and gloves stepped through the threshold before the door shut itself again.

“Well now, sneaking off to the bedroom...I like the way you think.” The translucent woman seemed to pass through the side of the latex items as her bubble form engulfed them before sliding perfectly into place. “I can tell you’re a little nervous.” It approached Tony as he backed himself up toward the bed. “I can also tell you’re a little something else...” A translucent smile came over the forms lips as she pointed down at the growing tent in Tony’s pants.

“I--uh...It’s just--I’ve never--” He finally hit the bed, falling back and sitting on it. “You’re just so...”

“You can keep your mouth shut, my dear,” Tony’s zipper stood rigid before slowly plunging down. “Your body is telling me everything I need to know.” The button on his pants popped open, and as they began sliding down his legs unassisted, the gloves slid away from the slick transparent arms and made their way for his briefs on their own.

He looked down, watching in awe as the waistband of his underwear yawned open, releasing his erection. A well-lubed latex glove grabbed it immediately, happily polishing it with lubrication.

In the bathroom, the woman was pinned against the door, wearing every piece of the latex outfit. Her hands were under the power of the living latex gloves, which spent their time either teasing at her pussy or keeping her arms out of the way entirely so that the others could work her over. The woman’s original outfit sat across from her on the toilet, its skirt pulled up and its panties sliding and stroking themselves against an invisible pussy.

With the slicked latex panties teasing against her clit and rest of the outfit gently rocking her against the bathroom door, the doorknob began to turn itself. It clicked open, and the woman hovered out into the guest bedroom, her original outfit following close behind. On the bed, a translucent woman was straddling a man in a state of half dress. His button-down had yet to come off, and already his undershirt was pulling away from him, hiding his face. His pants were around his ankles, pulling away like the rest of his clothes. The form riding him let out bubbly laughter as it bounced up and down, inflating its ass and tightening around the stiff cock it was riding.

When the clothes pulled themselves off, Tony found himself staring through his impossible bubble babe to a woman in a tight latex outfit, hovering close to the ceiling and moaning delight. It looked as if invisible hands were moving over the latex, teasing her anywhere she was clothed.

“Well now,” the latex outfit said, “it appears we’ve got the opportunity to charge up a few more guests for the party downstairs.”

“Absolutely.” the voluptuous bubble continued bouncing on Tony’s cock, but the gloves massaging his chest pointed to a closet. The door opened, revealing still more latex. “The more the merrier.” Before long, shiny slender forms began sauntering out of the closet, ranging from glossy bikinis to full-coverage catsuits.

Back downstairs, Tori quickly browsed her latex selection. Now having to hold themselves relatively still in front of a room full of people, the two military uniforms began silently daring each other. Egged on by its telepathic mate, the green uniform on the right rack reached its deflated sleeve stealthily out toward Tori’s ass. As Tori explored the rack farther, her plump, rubber-covered ass stuck out closer to the gloved sleeve. It kept itself within inches of squeezing range, making a pinching motion to the blue uniform on the other rack and pantomiming a laugh. Thinking she saw something move out of the corner of her eye, Tori suddenly turned back. The sleeve was now at the uniform’s side, as still as everything else on the rack.

She could have sworn she heard a faint laugh, but she shrugged it off and continued exploring the latex clothing. As soon as her back was turned, the sleeve of the green uniform jumped back to tracking Tori’s ass. With one final psychic push, the military uniform jumped forward and landed a pinch square on Tori’s ass cheek. She jumped up and let out a shriek, looking back to find nothing but a wide eyed staffer, her mouth gaping open.

“You alright?” Tori asked, still trying to figure out what had happening to her.

“The-the rack. It’s on the rack.” As Tori looked along the rack she felt another grope on her left breast. She squeaked again. When she looked down to catch the offender, she saw a floppy blue sleeve retreat into the clothing rack.

“Holy shit!” She shouted to the staffer. “Something’s in here!” When she went back to look at the rack, she blinked. There was a green military uniform sitting on its more than two dimensions. “Aren’t we supposed to deflate the inflatable stuff when it’s not in use?” She said. “Something’s probably losing air in here, flopping ar--”

With a closer look, she realized there was no interior layer. This outfit was filled out with nothing, as far as she could tell. She raised her hand to the collar, reaching in a bit. Confused and intrigued, she pulled her hand out and ran it along the front, down to the swell of the breast. She squeezed hard, doing her best to palm the odd inflated form. What the hell kind of clothing was this?

“Wow, third base on the first date?” Came a voice from the rack. Tori gasped and took a step back. “What a slut.” The outfit began inflating the rest of its body as others started to look on, wondering who was responsible for this--and just how the hell they managed to pull it off.

Sarah turned to face the racks, trying to keep a straight face while pretending to be as shocked as Tori. Rosa had no choice but to bury her face in her hands.

“You guys couldn’t hold it in for five more minutes?” Rosa mumbled to herself. “I had a big reveal planned and everything.”

The uniforms jumped off their hangers, inflated to curvy feminine shapes. Despite the seeming physical impossibility of the gag they were witnessing, a few laughed at the bizarre spectacle and approached the empty costumes. When a female staffer got too close and groped the inside of the green uniform’s collar, it playfully slapped her away. The staffer gasped, pulling her hand back and getting a fluttering feeling that no mechanics or special effects could explain what she was seeing. A few incredulous gasps and choice exclamations came over a few in the room, but most maintained the nerve to stick around and see what was behind this oddity.

Even the fluttery staffer stood her ground in front of the military uniform, still shaken, but now struck with growing curiosity. Rosa smiled. It wasn’t exactly like she’d planned, but from the looks of things, this entrance couldn’t have gone any better. People seemed more curious than scared, and Rosa was happy to show them more--especially the lovely Tori. It was time to begin the party.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Rosa called out to the crowd. “Those of you who decided to stay behind despite this admittedly freaky display are in for the treat of your lives.” The remaining staffers and guests, totalling five not including the two enjoying themselves upstairs, turned and faced Rosa. Now standing with her arms held out wide, Rosa was gonna give them a show to remember. “What is standing before you is magic, magic in its rawest, most awesome fucking form. It only wants one thing out of you, it wants to fuck your brains out. You’re free to leave if you want, but rest assured--you’ll be missing out on a night that you’ll most likely never be able to experience again.” Rosa was shocked to see none of the guests or staffers choose to leave. Even Tori wasn’t budging. Then again, when placed in the same position years ago, Rosa realized with a grin--neither did she.

Sarah looked down, finding a pair of empty silver boots where her legs used to be. “It’s about fucking time.”

“Hey Sarah, why don’t I let you do the honors?”


“It’s easy. Just tell them to walk.”

“O--kay.” Sarah turned and pointed to the racks. Her arousal spiked when she noticed the arm inside her glove was gone now as well. “I command you to walk.” There was a few moments of silence, then the latex articles on the racks began to pulsate.

“You don’t need to be so formal,” A voice called from out inside the rack.

“A simple come on out would have sufficed,” said another.

“It’s--it’s really happening!” Tori exclaimed, looking back at her friends. “Sarah--” she said, looking at the empty dress in front of her, “How long have you been able to...”

“Longer than you’ve been alive,” Sarah chuckled. “Being magical has certain...perks. But this enchanted clothing thing--first time trying it myself. We thought you might like it. I know for sure Rosa does.” It was all so much for Tori to take in. As the latex clothing pulled itself off of the racks, Rosa opened her purse. Several pairs of gloves flew out, all surrounding Tori.

“Whatever you girls want to do, just be gentle. It’s my first time with empty--gloves.”

Upstairs, the lube golem was sucking Tony off as he watched latex clothing fill the room. Two pairs of gloves played at his torso, and occasionally one of them would reach right through the lube golem to stroke his cock as it relubricated itself in her bubble.

Now the woman wasn’t just being fucked by the outfit she was wearing; she was also surrounded by tightly filled dresses, bouncing latex bustiers and shapely leggings. She could feel invisible hands groping at her exposed skin as her outfit continued sliding and stroking her toward orgasm.

The door to the hallway clicked open. Tony and the woman shared a glance as the latex in the room began to shuffle out the door. The golem sat up, looking toward the door, then back to Tony.

“They’ll have no problem finishing up, I’m sure. Meanwhile, I’m needed elsewhere. The magical form flashed a translucent grin as it flew into the hallway. Tony looked out the door, noticing more empty shining clothes walking toward the stairs from another room in the hall. He was distracted by the sight of a blue latex glove firmly grabbing his rigid cock and frictionlessly pumping it. He was distracted again when he noticed the woman’s original outfit on the corner of the bed, the crotch of its panties grinding against it.

“You like watching her almost as much as I do, don’t you?” The outfit said.

“I like watching--pretty much everything happening here,” Tony chuckled, lost in this bizarre fantasy experience. “If you wanted--you could try my tongue instead of the corner of that bed...”

“Mmm...tempting, but I just wanna play spectator. What those gloves are doing is an artform in itself.”

The clothes surrounding the woman dispersed to the hall, but now the enchanted latex the woman was wearing kicked into overdrive. She came away from the wall and hovered into the air, moaning louder as sexual energy ran thick in the air.

“She’s fucking amazing,” Tony said, watching the woman moan pleasure as she defied gravity.

“She certainly is,” the clothing responded. “You should feel what its like to be wrapped around her during a night out. All that sweat, all that sex...” The crotch of the panties dove between invisible pussy lips as the outfit thought about its past experiences as a simple inanimate object.

Downstairs, the sexual heat was starting to build. A female staffer working a video camera stood in awe at the pair of military uniforms caught in a loving embrace. She looked to where Sarah once stood, finding only a silver dress, gloves and boots. The ensemble extended a silvery glove to the staffer and made a come hither motion. The staffer’s heart fluttered as the camera hovered out of her grasp and went in for a close-up on the uniforms all on its own.

The staffer floated gently in the air, the seams of her black tee and slacks exploding open to reveal her satin lingerie. Before long, her bra unhooked and slipped off while her panties slid themselves off. As the staffer gently landed in Sarah’s lap, A warm, crimson smile briefly flashed as a silver glove floated between the staffer’s legs. After a short gasp, the ghostly lips captured her own in a kiss. With another silvery glove exploring her perking nipples, she had no choice but to melt into the attention, smiling as she kissed the hot, plump phantom lips back in earnest.

Rosa let the gloves lead the way with her, demonstrating what Tori could expect just before feeling it herself. A single pair of gloves cupped Tori’s breasts and played with them as she watched Rosa, worked over by no less than a half dozen gloves. As hot as it was to watch the gloves grope at her tight, red governess’ dress, Tori thought about how much better it would be to feel the slick fingers right against her breasts.

Just then, one of the gloves working over Rosa slipped under her dress, reaching under and pulling at the pink latex bikini.

“One more minute,” the bikini moaned. I’ll go when the others do. On cue, Rosa’s dress began to slide itself off as her own pink gloves pulled away from her hands.

“Fuck, yeah...” Rosa moaned, feeling the slippery latex fingers play against her lubed nipples. Only her bikini and boots remained.

“You may as well go,” The boots said. “I’m staying right here.”

“And keeping them from those gorgeous legs and feet?” Rosa’s own pink gloves asked. “Be nice and let them have their turn. Besides, we’ve got an appointment--with them.” Tori’s governess dress unzipped itself at that moment, peeling off of her and letting the single pair of gloves against her skin. They started at her shoulders, sliding down her moist skin to the swell of her breasts as the dress peeled away. Her red ballet boots magically unlaced and gracefully slid themselves off, and now Tori’s body were open to any attention enchanted latex fingers wanted to provide.

Rosa’s boots relented, squishing and sliding off her legs. Her pink latex bikini followed, and she let out a shudder as the dildo that had been teasing her all along gently began to slide itself out. Tori licked her lips as she watched the dong pull its seven inches out and turn to face her. Instead of flying over, though, it hovered just in front of Rosa’s engorged clit, looking like she was wearing a strap on with an invisible harness.

As the military uniforms hammed it up for the camera, groping each other with invisible hands in suggestive poses, a latex clad model watched, her own clothing lavishing attention on her. She marveled at the magically possessed camera, dodging around at every angle to capture its naughty invisible subjects while the lube golem silently began lapping at her pussy.

By the time she noticed the translucent female-shaped bubble sliding up and down her clit with a lube tongue, a camera was hovering around her body as well, recording every moment of her ecstasy. The thought of this being shown outside the mansion made her blush, but it was matched in excitement. Exactly who or what force was controlling these phantom electric eyes?

“Oh that’s nice--very, very nice...” A drunk Eva slurred, back at the loft. She was alone at the loft while Jen tended to something elsewhere, encouraged to follow Rosa’s adventures on the magic big-screen in the living room. “Not enough boots though--if you ask me.”

She didn’t realize how powerful something as simple as her words were becoming, especially with the alcohol coursing through her. Wherever they could be found in the loft, latex boots of all sizes began coming out of bedrooms and closets and reported to Eva’s inebriated commands. As they began to surround her, Eva placed the mojito in her right hand on the coffee table while removing her left hand from her panties.

Eva’s influence extended beyond the confines of the loft. Three pairs of thigh high latex boots emerged from a nearby closet. A model whose clothing had already left to join the party took a seat on a nearby couch and beckoned for the boots to come to her. As she felt the cold latex vamp against her, she extended her tongue and began to lick the lip of the shaft, inside and out.

Upstairs, the woman hung upside down in the air, her outfit bouncing her up and down as her latex bikinis smoothly stroked inside her. She moaned harder with every bounce, the soft, thin latex inflating in soft pulses as she approached orgasm.

She was floating a few feet away from him, but Tony could easily see every motion of the magic bikinis pulsing inside her. It was like her flying outfit was orienting itself to give him the perfect view. He had no problem watching. In the face of a dozen gloves each, in addition to every other slippery tactile miracle happening here--it was far more fun to watch each other enjoy the magic than it would be to feebly try and please each other.

His theory was confirmed when he caught a glimpse of her eyes, not looking at his, but looking at the two gloves double-fisting his cock, entirely covering it with every stroke. Another playing under his balls set her off, and a glimpse turned into a long, hard stare. Tony smiled and enjoyed the view between her legs once again.

The gloves stroked faster and faster while the woman’s bikini pulsed in time. With their curiosity entirely uninhibited and their sexual energy harmonized, they both sang each other into orgasmic fury as the magic clothes around them shook, flapped around wildly, and collapsed. When the sexual haze settled, both found themselves drifting gently to the bed.

“You fucking like that, don’t you?” The possessed gloves Rosa was wearing talked dirty in her place, one of them playfully pulling Tori’s hair as the other reached around her and bobbled one of her breasts in its palm. Rosa’s hips slammed against Tori’s ass as her magic dildo fucked the perfect model doggie-style. Rosa just looked down in awe, looking inside the cuffs of the other empty gloves fluttering around, teasing, and groping them. She simply let the enchantments direct this tactile Elysium while she enjoyed the sensations. She’d been around this kind of magic for years, but this experience was truly one-of-a-kind.

Fun as the staffer was, Sarah saw a perfect opportunity across the room. With a silvery glove, she waved over a shiny red catsuit. It unzipped itself before her, and with a flick of her wrist, she slid the nude staffer into the smooth latex catsuit. When it zipped up again, invisible magic fingers danced everywhere over its surface, driving the staffer wild. Satisfied that the woman wouldn’t be bored without her, Sarah set her sights on Rosa and Tori.

Both of their dripping pussies were hovering off the ground at the perfect height for Sarah’s lingual talents. Their magic gloves played with each other at arms length while the dildo teased at alternating clits. When the toy saw Sarah coming, it cleared the way, letting Sarah dive in to suck at Rosa’s juices first. Rosa looked down to find her clit bouncing up and down by itself as Sarah’s silvery outfit faded from view before phasing back in again.

As soon as Sarah had her fill with Rosa, the dress spun a half turn and leaned toward a perfect, shaven mound. Now Sarah’s hot, slippery tongue glided over Tori’s clit, and the only evidence of the phantom sucking and licking was the motion and compression of her lips, and the occasional slurping sound and Sarah greedily tasted her soaked pussy.

A pair of gloves, separated from their original human plaything, caught sight of the unusual spectacle. They hovered in and lingered around Sarah’s dress, trying to find a point of entry. After a little trial and error, one managed to locate and begin to stroke at Sarah’s clit while the other had no trouble whatsoever grabbing on to her silvery breast.

The model that received the brunt of Eva’s magical feedback was standing naked, crouched down against a transparent latex thigh high. She wrapped her arms around the top of the shaft and pulled it toward her, ramming her hips against the tight slippery latex harder and harder. In the meantime, her tongue was busy alternating between two pairs of latex boots, both competing for her attention even as she tried to catch a glimpse of her pussy from the inside of the magic boot. A camera hovered in to get a perfectly framed shot as the model broke free of gravity, lifted off the ground by the magic boots.

When the camera swung around it caught the blonde, hovering off the ground, her latex leggings pulled down over her hips to reveal a perfectly trimmed landing strip and a tight, delicate pussy.

“You’re about to get a firsthand education on dexterity,” one of the uniforms said. “Next time you’re fingering a pussy--remember how good this feels.” A pair of green latex fingers glided softly over her lips, pushing between them just enough to produce her own lubrication. The fingers slid up over her clit, nudging it back and forth.

“Ngggghh....” The blond couldn’t manage anything else. A blue glove from the other uniform gently penetrated her with two more fingers, and now she was going into overdrive.

“I’ve got another free hand,” the blue uniform said, reaching for the waist of the green one. It reciprocated in kind, and now the two uniforms fingered each other and the blond as she wrapped her arms around their shoulders, gripping them tightly as she raced toward a brand new kind of orgasm.

The model that was eaten out by the lube golem earlier was now bobbing around the room with the bubble, scissoring against its slick thighs as she moaned for something inside her. As she leaned in and held the breasts of the magic bubble close to her, she didn’t notice the bottom half of it changing shape right between her legs. The lube bubble’s legs became one fluid, tapering form, ending in a simple rounded tip.

As the golem passed its bubble tail around to the side of the model’s hips, she felt the smooth, long tail coil around her waist. The very end of it waved back and forth behind the torso of the frictionless translucent woman, and second later, it dove down beneath the two of them where it slapped with a lubricated splash against the model’s clit. The model gritted her teeth and moaned, staring at the magical face before her.

“That’s fucking hot,” she cried. “Fuck it hard and fast. Get rough with me.” As the lube golem leaned back and palmed the model’s perfect tits, her hands became rushing, inflating pads of soft pliant bubble. Her glossy breasts bounced around in all directions when the tip of the lube tail took her invitation seriously and vibrated between her legs, inflating its bubble form little by little as it fucked her tight pussy.

The enchantment filling the mansion was overflowing now, reaching critical mass as the horny magic latex exploited the energy of every being capable of orgiastic release. Lights turned on and off as models, staffers, and guests of honor were pushed dangerously close to orgasm. The furniture in the room began to rattle and hop. A couch occupied by a staffer and three living outfits lifted clear off the ground.

Doors all over the mansion opened and slammed shut. TV screens flickered with hypersexual scenery as the feedback became too much for the cameras in the room handle. Back in the loft, Eva cursed the static on the screen as she rode a single flying black boot high into the air, its toe ravaging her clit.

The staffers and other guests shreiked unearthly passion as things came to a head. Upstairs, Tony and the woman watched as normal clothes began to spring from the closet and dresser drawers. Cotton bikinis and satin tangas bounced to life only to turn to glossy, slippery latex in a flash after they inflated to shape. The same magic transmutation came over the bed, and they watched in awe as the satin sheets and down comforter beneath them turned to slick transparent red latex. The woman’s street clothes sat on the bed, the panties writhing and contorting. Orgasm for the magical outfit was coming quickly as they slowly began to lose control over their shape.

The entire building began to shake as pictures and other objects on the walls began to drop one by one and shatter. Rosa, Tori and Sarah were now a foot off the ground as a small collection of gloves worked them over. Tori split her time between the tongues of Rosa and Sarah as the smooth latex fingers between each of their legs and at each of their breasts delivered them closer and closer to orgasm.

Inspecting the scene on the ground, Tori found the other staffers and models were all spent, basking in their individual afterglows curled up with the latex items that brought them there. Even the blonde courier was done, sharing a cigarette with the two military uniforms. She couldn’t help but smile, this stranger had done all this just for her. That’s when Tori felt it; she let out a high note to signal orgasm had finally come.

Within a few moments, Rosa and Sarah followed suit as the windows of the living room split and several light bulbs exploded. Tori watched as the gloves lost their shapes and fell back down to the ground. The trio gently lowered back to the floor as Sarah’s now completely nude body came back into focus. Looking down, she removed a collapsed glove that had not fully escaped her. The three girls finally landed right on the set, and Sarah’s floating camera came in and grabbed a quick shot of them before landing safely on a stool.

“That...was...awesome...” Were the only words Tori could find to explain what she had just gone though.

“Yeah, I know right?” Was the only response Rosa could utter before an aftershock hit her. Both girls faded to a sweet, post-coital sleep moments later.

Jen portaled in to find everyone spent and the whole mansion looking like a tornado wandered around inside. She chuckled to herself, knowing how much fun the girls had. With a wave of her hands, brooms and dustmops appeared and began sweeping up the glass. Sleeping guests were dressed in their original clothes and placed on reorganized furniture. She looked at the windows and lights, snapping her fingers at each and replacing everything like new.

In just a few minutes, she had all the clothing sailing back its hangers in the room. Sponges cleaned up whatever items needed it, and before long, the mansion looked just as before--except with the normal wear and tear of a good party.

Tony decided to take this opportunity to catch a couple Z’s while the woman, and presumably his client were passed out. Still sitting next to him was the woman’s outfit, its panties writhing and contorting while the rest of it was beginning to arch back. When a rather large wet spot appeared in the panties, the feminine shape of the outfit suddenly began to distort and collapse.

“Well,” the outfit said to Tony as its crossed boots collapsed to the floor. “Looks like this is goodbye. Had a pleasant chat, loverboy.” The halter and top both lost their shape at the same time. Tony, the only one still awake in the room, had no choice but to wonder what the fuck just happened. As he fell into the bed and shut his eyes, the blue latex dress and gloves that played with him earlier found just enough energy to slide themselves quietly into a closet.

It was a good two hours before Rosa and Tori awoke. Most of the guests and staffers had already left and the photoshoot equipment had already been loaded up and returned to the agency. Rosa looked around to find Sarah in street clothes, conversing with Jen about something. While she couldn’t make everything out, the name Keiko was brought up quite a bit.

“Rosa,” Sarah called out. “Good to see you finally up. Don’t forget--we had a deal. I show you mine if you show me yours. You held your end of the bargain, time for mine.”

“Oh, right.” Rosa couldn’t wait. Sarah was finally going to show her invisibility. “So what’s the secret?”

“Just think clear thoughts. Glass, the wind, whatever works for you.” Rosa shut her eyes. Unlike Sarah, her disappearance was abrupt and complete. “Your clothes won’t disappear with you at first, but with practice you’ll be able to be completely invisible while clothed. Also, you’re going to need to practice if you want to be a little more dramatic with your transformation.”

“So where did everyone go?”

“I sent them home,” Jen replied. “I muddied the memories of those who might be a bit too vocal about their experience. Gave your courier friend his body back, too. He’ll wake up in his truck with his route completed. As for the clothes you came here with, the gloves are back in your purse but the gown and uniforms want to stay here.”

“Wait,” Tori cut in. “Are they still...”

“Of course they are, dear. And they’ll stay that way as long as you ‘feed’ them. Our gifts to you--though they might see it the other way around.” Jen looked around the living room. “I can’t seem to find the last outfit you came here with though. Shame, it was kinda cute.”

Back at home now, The model tossed her oversized purse on the counter. She looked at herself in the mirror, and something about the lame halter and skirt seemed unfamiliar. Hadn’t she been wearing something else?

Her purse slid off the counter behind her and spilled to the floor. Squishy, limp latex fingers rolled out just enough to see. When she turned to examine the stuffed purse, she slowly pulled the long rubbery glove out. Along with it came more latex clothing--a skirt, a button up shirt, a bright yellow bra--before long, she had every peice of the outfit laid out on her counter.

“I didn’t--steal this from the shoot, I hope.”

“Uh-uh,” a soft voice said as the collar leaned forward. “We stowed away, baby. We wanted more than just a one night stand.” As the model watched the outfit fill to the shape of a woman, her memories of the night before became clearer.

“Oh my god,” she held a hand over her mouth, watching the puffing voluptuous shape. “It was was all real!” She approached the outfit, wrapping her arms around it.

“As long as you can keep it our little secret,” the outfit said, “I’ll show you pleasure almost as good as you had last night. In time--maybe better.”

The sound of shuffling could be heard coming from the woman’s closet. As the doors flung open and feminine laughter filled the room, she couldn’t help but smile. This was going to be a good day.