Mistress Nyxe

Mistress Nyxe 5

At Cheryl's house, her dark doppelganger was perfecting command of her expanded powers in the living room. She hovered in the air with a satin sheet wrapped around her as a vibrator teased her pussy, whimpering softly as the vibrations ran up her body. It took all her concentration to keep a slow pace; as the teasing vibrations just barely hit her lips and clit, she wanted to command the vibrator to pound her to hell.

She was starting to understand her human impulses. Now that she had a body, she had to get used to its effects. She found her powers were stronger when she was aroused, but they were a hundred times harder to control. There were so many distractions for humans--odd sensory mingling that constantly fouled up her train of thought. Every time one of her agents came to orgasm, it triggered a surge of power. The bigger the surge, the more uncontrollable the effect.

In Cheryl's room, Melissa hung upside down as a vibrating egg rattled inside her. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them. Her dominatrix outfit stood at the other end of the room, directing the action.

"Go down on me," Melissa said. looking at the outfit longingly. "With everything you can do, there's got to be a way to do it." Dark red lipstick shot off of Cheryl's vanity and uncapped itself in front of the outfit. Melissa's eyes widened as she watched the stick paint a pair of lips over nothing. The outfit turned to her, lips smiling. Both latex gloves raised into the air, and the egg came out of Melissa and landed on the bed. Melissa, on the other hand, sailed feet-first toward the outfit's head. She felt a tongue bury itself in her as a pair of lips slid over her, sucking on her. She cooed. She felt both latex gloves grab her ass and lift it, pushing the invisible tongue further into her.

As Melissa belted out a note of pleasure upstairs, Dark Cheryl's body flipped around. Her legs spread open. She looked in shock at the vibrator, now vigorously inserting itself. She breathed out. It took all her concentration to get it to calm again.

She could feel impulses as an enchanted pair of boots, but they were never her impulses. They were harvested from human beings, creatures that could be easily manipulated if their sensory drives were overloaded enough. Now she had those same sensory drives, but unlike most other human beings, she had the near-absolute power to fulfill them.

She lazily played with herself again as the television clicked through channels and a haunted computer mouse surfed the web on the desk beside her. It halted when it came across a site for a sex shop mega store hundreds of miles away. Cheryl hovered over to the computer. It was time for some real excitement.

“Next day delivery, huh? I can do better than that...” As she snapped her fingers, a blue tube dress walked into the living room. "Get an outfit together. We're going out." A pair of black thigh-high pantyhose jumped out of one of Cheryl's drawers, accompanied by light blue panties and a matching strapless bra. As the items slipped onto her body, she summoned a portal. When she was finished dressing herself, she stepped through and found herself in the stock area of the sex store.

It was enormous. Shelf after shelf of cases in huge warehouse aisles. “Everyone come with me,” she said, waving her hands. Fetish outfits of all kinds began popping out of the boxes and lifting off of racks. Dildos, strap ons, cock rings, crops, cuffs, and plenty of other toys began hovering around, looking for subjects to play with. Blow up dolls inflated themselves, stood, and began marching through the aisles.

The warehouse manager was coming off his break as a simulated pussy sailed down the aisle toward him. He froze in his tracks.

“Hey there, honey. Want me to suck you off?” He gasped. The voice had come directly from the simulated pussy itself. The lips even moved when it talked.

“Eh—ha--that's a pretty good joke you guys...but you can cut it now. It's pretty creepy.” As he tried to figure out how the toy was being manipulated, he watched saddles, lingerie, bondage gear, boots, gloves, and other fetish wear moving quickly down the aisle, swarming toward him. “Holy fucking--” His pants undid themselves and slid down his legs. The toy slid itself onto him and began pulsating. As he reached a hand down to pull it off of him, he was gagged and his arms were bound with bondage tape. He lifted off the ground and sailed back toward his office as a blow up doll and two full-enclosure catsuits followed... 

Out front, a couple of exotic dancers were in the dressing rooms trying on some clothing. A out-of-dress dominatrix was looking through corsets, and a few couples were giddily or shyly looking around the aisles. The floor manager was dark-eyed and mocha-skinned with dark hair framing her face. She was clad in shiny PVC pants and a tight t-shirt bearing the shop's name. D-Cheryl walked through the stock room door.

“Are you the new hire?” the sexy manager asked. D-Cheryl looked her up and down.

“I'm the new Boss,” Dark Cheryl said, smiling. Behind her came clothes and toys from the warehouse. Now the clothes on the sales floor began to come to life as well. Cheryl's dark copy had gained phenomenal power at this point, remotely receiving excesses of sexual energy through the pandemonium at both Jodi and Lisa's building and Cheryl's own house, where Melissa was being continuously pleasured by her copy and Cheryl's extensive wardrobe.

“Is this for real?” The floor manager asked, watching blowup dolls and phallic toys bounding and flying through the halls. A female doll approached her.

“It's as real as you want it to be,” Dark Cheryl responded. She waved her hands, directing a two-way dildo into the doll's vinyl pussy. The doll hopped up and down as the jelly cock slid in and out. The Manager's jaw dropped.

"But who are you? How is this happening?" She slowly approached the blow up doll, reaching out and grabbing the other end of the jiggling rubber cock. It continued sliding its other end in and out of the doll as the manager held it. “This is kind of—hot,” she said. “I mean--I’ve got to be dreaming, right?”

Dark Cheryl walked up behind the doll, patting its butt. The vinyl blow-up doll bent over, exposing the hole in its ass. D-Cheryl giggled as she stuck an index finger inside.

"Ooh!" The doll cried in a feminine shriek. "Be gentle with me--it's my first time." The manager couldn't believe what she was seeing. Clothing coming to life? Magic dildos? A talking blow-up doll, and a woman fingering its ass as if it were perfectly normal? The blow up doll placed her arms on the Manager's shoulders so that it could bend over further for D-Cheryl. The doll's ass inflated itself a bit more.

"That's right, honey. Make it nice and tight for me." A bottle of lube hovered over to D-Cheryl. She pointed at the doll's ass with her other hand, and the bottle of lube uncapped itself, squirting between D-Cheryl's finger and the doll's shiny vinyl hole. The doll started moaning as D-Cheryl lubed the passageway. "Mmm...I'm going to need a nice big cock to relieve this one." The manager watched as the sliding door on a display case opened. An inflatable dildo with a ball pump hovered out and headed for the doll's ass. D-Cheryl stopped it before it had the chance to insert into the doll. "Be nice to her," D-Cheryl said to the hovering dong. As it shoved itself slowly and carefully into the doll's ass, the doll squeaked and stood upright. The manager stood back, watching the doll getting penetrated by two dildos. Seeing this kind of impossible sexual pandemonium everywhere in the store, she started stroking herself through her shiny plastic pants.

"Oh, please allow me,” D-Cheryl said, waving her hand again. The Manager's pants unbuttoned themselves and slid off. Her black panties followed after. The bottle of lube hovered over to the floor manager and doused her. She happily rubbed the lube all over herself while her outfit reformed without her in it, making its way toward one of the unsuspecting couples in the aisles. The manager held up her shining tits with one arm and stroked her pierced clit with the other, licking her lips as she looked seductively at D-Cheryl. Still getting used to her body, this was the first time Dark Cheryl was genuinely aroused just by watching another woman. But what had done it? Maybe it was the floor manager's confidence--her instinct to fuck overpowering both fight and flight.

D-Cheryl was paralyzed with lust. She could feel her lips puffing up, swelling with anticipation at the thought of the floor manager's slick, smooth skin. As the manager saw more clothing in the store come to life, she looked over at the latex racks and thought it a pity they hadn't come out to play. As if on cue, a red latex catsuit hovered off the rack and began to take shape, starting with the feet and working its way up. As it walked over, the manager pointed at it, and the bottle of lube that squirted her earlier obediently coated the catsuit head to toe. D-Cheryl was getting hot; this woman already had command of her own situation. She knew what she wanted, and even under the ludicrous circumstances, wasn't ashamed to pursue it.

“I want to wear you,” The lube-glistening manager said to the suit. The suit unzipped its back and stretched open.

“Well come on in, honey!” The suit responded with a feminine voice. There were squishing noises as the grinning manager slid into the latex suit. The suit zipped itself up and hovered into the air. The manager held her arms out and made a sweeping motion. Behind D-Cheryl, a bondage mattress flew off its wall display and hovered toward them.

* * *
One of the strippers was changing into her last outfit when she heard a knock on the door.

“Just a minute! I had like two dozen things, okay?” her friend across the hall looked up, confused.

“Case? Who are you talking to?” Casey jumped a little when she realized the boots outside didn't belong to Natalie. When she looked through the gap in the dressing room door, she realized the boots, shiny leggings and tank top didn't belong—to anyone.

“Um, Natalie?” Casey said just loud enough for Natalie to hear. “Please tell the—lady—standing outside my stall to go back to the store and wait until we're done. There was a scream outside in the store. Casey jumped again and looked out the gap.

“Casey?” Natalie said in the loudest whisper she could manage. “I don't see a lady. I see one of the outfits I tried on.” Natalie stood on the bench in her stall and looked over the gap above the door. There were two more outfits standing up without anybody in them—a white PVC nurse's outfit and a blue vinyl catsuit. Natalie watched as some of the clothes on a discard rack began inflating. “Holy shit! Casey, there's nothing in them--these things are walking around by themselves!” Natalie opened up her stall door and threw her outfits into the hall. “Case, get rid of the other clothes!” Casey nervously tossed all of her clothes over the door, forgetting that she was in the process of changing. As she jumped out of the changing stall to retrieve her shirt, the collar began lifting off the ground.

“Oh my god…” Casey said, stepping back. The shirt puffed out to feminine proportions and began buttoning itself. The sleeves smoothed out the fabric as the shirt turned and hovered out of the changing area. A pair of PVC hot pants Natalie tried on Bumped into Casey as they walked by. Casey stood still as she watched the rest of the clothing come to life.

* * *

In the store area, the manager's t-shirt, vinyl pants and underwear approached one of the couples in the back of the store still looking at things.

"Can I help you?" The outfit asked.

"No, just looking. Thanks--" The man stopped when he realized he wasn't talking to a person. He pulled on his girlfriend's shirt, tugging harder and harder until she finally responded.

"Ugh! James, are you five?" The woman turned around, holding a box. She dropped it when she saw an outfit walking around on its own. "Oh my god..."

"I love these things," the outfit exclaimed. "Wanna try before you buy?" The box on the ground popped open, and a wad of vinyl unfolded itself. The air valve popped open as the vinyl inflated itself into a pink cushion. A long pink dildo protruded at the top. Vanessa stepped back. "Don't worry, you don't even have to take those nice boots off." Vanessa felt something move under her skirt. Her panties sailed to the floor, draping around her boots.

"James?" Vanessa's skirt lifted itself up.

"Vanessa!" James took a step toward her, but he was blocked by two phenomenal tits encased in a tight t-shirt. He looked down the collar and could see all the way down to the panties under the vinyl pants. He stared at the perfect shape of the invisible ass inside. Meanwhile, Vanessa felt invisible fingers starting to explore her pussy.

"James!" She looked down at herself. "What's happening to me?" The cushion situated itself behind her as she began rising into the air. She tried to grab whatever was stroking her, but her hand passed through right to her lips as they continued moving, apparently manipulating themselves.

"What are you doing to her?" James asked the outfit.

"Shh...it's girl time right now. Go play by yourself." James tried to walk toward Vanessa, but he was held back by something. Just then, cuffs from the next aisle over floated over the shelves and toward James. They slipped on and tightened around his ankles and wrists. He watched as a full dominatrix outfit turned the corner. It raised a latex glove and beckoned him with a finger. James lifted into the air and hovered toward the invisible mistress.

Meanwhile, Vanessa was getting wet whether she wanted to or not. The fingers traveled all over her as the cushion began to tease her with its dildo. Not able to hold herself back any longer, Vanessa reached under her and grabbed the cushion, pulling it toward her. The pink phallus inserted, and Vanessa's eyes lit up with delight.  She let out a cry of pleasure as the cushion sailed 10 feet into the air.

"I'm f-f-flying," Vanessa said as the ground rushed under her. The soft plastic cock beneath her thrust in and out. She held on tightly to the cushion as it bounced up and down beneath her. 

* * *

”Case?” Natalie opened the door to see the remainder of the clothing walking out of the changing area to mingle with the other clothes. Casey looked back at her and shrugged.

“They just ignored us,” Casey said. “I guess they wanted the clothes?” Natalie shook her head.

“This is fucked up, Casey! How can this shit be happening?” Both girls watched the hallway as a man ran by, followed by a pack of hosiery with different patterns. “I mean—seriously--what the hell do we do now?” Something bounced through the air down the hall. Natalie’s eyes popped open when she realized what it was.

“Is that—” Casey asked as she watched the object approach. It was a jiggling red dildo, a long double-sided one. It stopped about 10 feet away from the girls, making a slithering motion through the air. Natalie’s heart pounded. She had to find out what was going on. She walked up to the dildo. “Natalie, what are you doing?”

“Trying something,” Natalie said quietly. She reached her hand out to the object. It quickly rubbed itself up and down against the inside of her palm. “Whoa,” she laughed, gripping the jelly shaft. “That’s really freaky.” Casey’s jaw dropped. She watched as the dildo pumped itself up and down in Natalie’s hand. The other end worked its way toward the hem of her miniskirt. As the other end lifted the miniskirt up, Natalie grabbed it with her other hand.

“Natalie?” Now both sides of the dildo were working themselves against Natalie’s hands.

“Case, do you see what they’re doing?” Casey watched as the phallic ends twisted and writhed as Natalie squeezed them. “I don’t know what’s going on in this store, but I think I’m taking this thing home. Natalie licked her lips as the double ends pumped in and out of her fists. “I bet they could give a girl a wonderful pounding.”

"They can do whatever you want them to," The manager's outfit said, standing in the doorway.

"Aren't you--the girl that we saw when we walked in?" Casey asked. The outfit approached.

"No, she's out there having the time of her life. Aren't you curious to see what's happening?"

"I'm curious to know who you are," Natalie said. "and how is it that you're talking to us?"

"How is it that you're playing with a magic dildo?" The toy jumped out of Natalie's hands and into the air. It went rigid and sailed over to the outfit as its vinyl pants unbuttoned and pulled themselves open. They sunk just low enough to see the black panties beneath, which slid to one side as and end of the dildo inserted into empty space. "Mmm...and if I'm just an outfit, how is it that I can feel this thing inside me?"

Natalie and Casey both watched in amazement. Casey's face was turning red. She was standing right next to what looked like a voluptuous invisible woman pleasuring herself. The outfit faced her as the soft red cylinder moved in and out. Casey looked closer. Was it getting wet somehow?

"You like watching this, don't you?" Casey felt hands rubbing her shoulders. She didn't resist them; she nodded.

"Casey, are you okay?" Natalie took a few steps toward Casey and the outfit. She noticed dimples appearing in Casey's shoulders, working their way toward her chest. Casey looked at her and nodded.

"Can she feel it too?" Casey asked the outfit, pointing at Natalie.

"No. We've got something else for her."

* * *

The dominatrix was in the dungeon area in a small isolated section to the side. She had walked out and seen the chaos in the megastore, and retreated here to compose herself. Two or three women in the air, at least one of them engaging in play with what appeared to be a vibrator gone mad. Clothes coming to life all over the store. What was happening? What would she do?

She'd shut the curtain to the dungeon section, but she figured it was only a matter of time before something or someone came looking in there. She looked across from her at a latex cocktail dress. There was a military cap as well. Plenty of crops to choose from. Lone Ranger masks.

"Alright," she said to herself. "Whatever is fucking happening here, 'Mistress Tia' can take care of it a whole lot better than I can." Lily stripped out of her street clothes and into whatever components best suited her. "Wish I had my stuff, but this works." In the end, she went for the lone ranger mask, hoping to mask any doubt she'd show otherwise. She wore the black cocktail dress, latex elbow gloves, latex leggings, and black heels. She pushed the curtain open with her crop.

"Shit!" She whispered, watching the warehouse. It seemed to be spreading...before long there'd be nothing on the shelves. As Mistress Tia, she stepped out in determined stride. Immediately, a novelty maid outfit stepped in front of her. She hesitated for a moment when it finally struck her that this was no hoax or trick--the outfit before her was either filled up with an invisible form, or moving on its own. Nonetheless, she was dressed to the nines, taller than the haunted maid outfit, and carrying a crop. Her attitude transformed any fear she had into command.

"Out of my way. Now." The maid outfit stepped aside immediately. Lily mentally cheered as she stepped by the outfit. Then she thought of something. "As a matter of fact, follow me." The maid outfit did as it was told and followed behind Lily. The two passed into an aisle with plus-size vinyl and pleather. Lily saw that most of it was still on the shelves. She turned to the maid outfit, in wonder of its form. "Why are they just sitting here?" The maid outfit stood back and waved its white gloves. Cheap pleather and vinyl shorts, tanks, pants, bras, and panties all came to life, shaping themselves to massive curves. Lily watched as the aisle filled itself with the outfits. Just then, something passed over her. She only heard a quick moan and a flash of a girl riding a pink inflatable cushion. "Shit! I wanted to see what that was!" A long pencil skirt hovered next to her and turned itself horizontally. She hesitated for another second, but convinced herself she couldn't show any weakness. After all, they were obeying her. She straddled the skirt as it lifted into the air.

Lily felt butterflies in her stomach as the skirt flew over the massive aisles of the megastore. When she grabbed onto the seam, she felt the skirt shift under her. It reformed its shape as if it were wrapped around a massive ass and thighs. Lily giggled a little, looking at the huge round invisible ass in the skirt beneath her. She slapped one of the vinyl cheeks. The form responded by growing a little, and Lily grabbed the ass with both hands, kneading it. The outfit bucked.

Lily gasped. She lost her balance and fell backward. When she hit the inflatable chair a second later, she realized it was no mistake. The thick straps on the chair wrapped around her wrists and ankles.

"Great. I couldn't just leave the magic skirt alone, could I?" She sailed toward what looked like a bed, floating like a magic carpet in the middle of the store. "Whoa."

 A fair-skinned woman with long black hair was strapped to the bed, naked. A beautifully filled-out blue tube dress with black pantyhose hovered nearby. Suspended just above the bed was the manager, with her face buried in Dark Cheryl's legs. The tight latex suit made indentations up and down her thighs. It squeezed her ass and lifted and bobbed her breasts as she alternated between licking Dark Cheryl's clit and burying her tongue between her lips.

Lily's inflatable chair moved closer as she watched one woman pleasure the other. Vanessa, the girl on the floating pink cushion, hovered up to eye level on the opposite side of the floating bed. Now, in addition to the pink rubber cock gyrating and pulsing inside her, a pair of long white latex gloves held and caressed her tits. The girl bit her lip, winking at Lily.

"Oh my good lord..." Lily said slowly, watching her latex cocktail dress curl up her thighs.The leggings formed indentations at the crotch. Lily squirmed. "Oh god--this is insane!" She watched as the leggings bulged at the crotch, creating a little bubble.The bubble stretched into the shape of a formidable male endowment. Lily's eyes bulged. "Don't even tell me you're going to--oooooh!" Lily sang as the latex appendage inverted itself, inflating slowly and gently inside her. "Oooh," Lily grinned. "That's not half bad." 

* * *

Natalie sailed out of the dressing room in nothing but knee boots. The double dildo she had grabbed earlier was working one of its ends in and out of her; the other end was curled to the front, stroking her clit. She laughed and howled as she sailed through the air. The woman of the other couple watched as Natalie sailed away, going mad with pleasure. Jen's boyfriend had run away when stockings started leaping off the shelf and walking toward him, and now this girl flies out of the dressing room having the ride of her life on a--flying dildo? Jen walked quickly through the aisles, trying to go unnoticed. She ducked down in some racks of clothing, hiding under some satin camisoles.

What's happening here? Jen asked herself. Chase gets run down by a bunch of pantyhose...and he's got a thing for pantyhose. So-- Jen heard hangers click off the rack above her. Satin. Jen loved satin.

"Just go with it, honey," A busty plus-size camisole said. "Don't try and fight it like your man did. Embrace it." Jen stood upright, looking around. Slips, gowns, pajamas, panties and bras surrounded her--all satin. Jen looked at the camisole.

"But how did you--" Jen's pants unbuttoned and flew off of her as her purple satin panties rubbed against her. She looked down at the panties come to life, gasping as she watched them caress her pussy. Her shirt pulled itself over her shoulders, and her bra unhooked, floating away and hooking again, filling itself out to her curves. A pair of gold pajama pants sailed over her legs and a matching top over her shoulders. Unseen fingers caressed her body through the fabric, and she could feel the soft satin moving intentionally up and down her pussy and around her tits.

"Ooh...that's--" Jen gasped again looking down as she felt herself lifted into the air by the pajamas. A red sheet set ripped out of its packaging and wrapped itself over an unseen mattress. The pillowcases puffed up, holding pillows that weren't inside them. Jen looked at the odd half-invisible bed, curious of what was allowing all the physics-shattering events to occur. When she was dropped onto it, she sank into the fabric a few inches and then floated slowly to the surface, as if she had just been dropped gently into a container of dense insoluble fluid. The bed-shaped sheet set flew up into the air with Jen on it as the fleet of satin clothes followed.

A young woman in the administrative department had just hovered out into the sales floor, seated on a flying office chair. Her skirt was pulled up while invisible hands stroked her pussy and held her tits. The chair dropped to the floor as she flew up toward the hovering sheet set.

"I told you I'd give you your fantasy," her red satin blouse said, squeezing her tits. "Tell me, is she blond enough?" The secretary watched as Jen writhed with the motion of the satin encasing her. Jen's eyes opened. When her gaze met the secretary, the office worker's satin blouse unbuttoned itself. Her tight skirt peeled off her hips and her bra unhooked, only slightly dropping her enormous, gravity-defying tits. As her stockings and underwear pulled themselves off, her outfit reformed in the bed, straddling Jen.  The nude secretary hovered above them, facing downward. "Jen likes satin, don't you, Jen?" The blouse leaned into Jen's face, smothering her with enormous satin tits. Jen pressed her face into the blouse, grabbing the sides of the tits and squeezing them against her harder.

"And what does she like?" Jen asked, burying her face in the shirt again.

"Rosa likes being tickled." The secretary's arms flew behind her and a length of soft nylon rope bound them together. She felt her legs spread as her feet were clamped into a spreader bar.

"Oh my god--not like this! I don't even know what's--" Rosa giggled as a feather brushed against one of her feet. "No--no--" Gloves shot at her from a couple different directions. A satin glove traced its way down her back on played with her ass while its mate pulled on her hair. A pair of latex gloves hovered beneath her, one of them holding a bottle of lube. The glove dropped the bottle, which hovered, uncapped itself, and fired a jet of lubricant onto the gloves. The fingertips of the gloves gently pushed and flicked her nipples. Another feather worked itself against the toes of her other foot. She cooed into a giggle, breaking into laughter. "Ooh!" Rosa looked down at the gloves tracing her tits. "Ooh, that's good..."

* * *

"That's everyone," Dark Cheryl said, looking up at the manager. "When this is all over, no one could possibly stop all of us." The manager pulled her face out of Cheryl's pussy.

"All of us?" The manager looked around. On either side of her were two women, one being fondled by gloves and fucked by an inflatable dildo cushion, the other strapped to an invisible chair, looking like she was being fucked by the invisible man's cock right though her latex leggings. One of the strippers the manager saw earlier was being fucked by a double cock, flying around the store, another was being ridden by the manager's clothes, which were now wearing a strap-on and hopping up and down on the stripper's ass. Behind the bondage bed, a red satin sheet set in the shape of a bed came closer. A woman lying on the sheets was being fondled and stroked by her own pajamas, and a woman hovering over them was bound, lubed and being teased with feathers and gloves.

Dark Cheryl could feel all of these women building to orgasm. As she concentrated, she could feel Jodi and Lisa in the city, along with several other women. She telepathically called out to Kyle's new form, giving him his final command.

* * *

Kyle, traveling as an invisible mist through multiple forms at once, saw most of the work the clothes had already done. His job was to get any other desirable energy yet untapped. There was the woman in the shower, who didn't notice Kyle was taking the form of water until he was filled up to the waist. By then, he already had his liquid cock sliding into her effortlessly. She didn't seem to mind.

There was the pushover who was actually already playing with her vibrator. Kyle took control of it and pulled out of her hand. She was only scared for a second--that's how long it took for her to realize that a haunted vibrator could only accomplish one thing, and it did that one thing rather well.

There was the under-appreciated milf Kyle had won over by making the house chores do themselves. After an unseen shoulder rub, she was happy to give into whatever force was willing to give her such wonderful attention.

Stacie's friend, the dominatrix from down the hall, gave his favorite reaction. Upon seeing an enchanted condom floating down the hall, she had no qualms stopping it by hand and getting its attention. After sucking on it a minute, she let it go between her legs. She squealed when it lifted her off the ground. Kyle hoped the Mistress might consider her a keeper.

With his new multi-presence, Kyle could sense Jodi and Michelle heading toward climax again. The clothes she was affecting followed her in the same rhythm with the other women. It was time. Combining his abilities with Dark Cheryl's, red bolts shot through the rooms as Kyle opened several portals. As the women approached orgasm, they were drawn through the portals--a few with their beds, a few with their enchanted clothing, and a couple nude with nothing but a toy driving itself into them, accompanied by their formerly worn outfit.

On the other side of the portals, the women entered the sex shop one by one, lending their energy to the process. When Jodi entered, still being fucked by Michelle's glowing transparent form in Cheryl's clothes, the windows began rattling. Shelves disassembled and stacked themselves in the corners as the remainder of the product in the store swarmed to life. The women were dispatched around the room by a sweeping force.

In the middle, Dark Cheryl hovered alone. Her tits swelled slightly and perked up. Her skin faded from delicate pale to mocha brown, and her face changed shape slightly. Her dark hair shortened, and her eyes had a slight ambient glow. She held her hands up, marveling at her caramel skin.

"It's...me!" She smiled. She ran her hands through her hair and looked down at herself. "I've driven the rest of her essence out, and with the help of the rest of you, I've chosen the best of what you've brought to the party." A mirror unbolted itself from the wall and flew up to her. "By the way, you can all call me Lady Nyxe from now on." The manager, nearest her, looked at her in awe. She was even more beautiful than when she first walked in. Lady Nyxe turned to her. "Now you'll all get a gift from me."

"What kind of gift?" The manager asked, bobbing up and down in her well-lubricated suit. Her answer came when 2 more latex suits approached her.  She watched a sleeve of another suit pointed between her legs.  Her double zipper opened itself, and invisible fingers explored the opening. The manager laughed. "More of this?"

"Much better than that," Lady Nyxe said. "When you all leave here, you'll share my powers of...persuasion over inanimate objects, and you'll also be able to materialize anything having to do with your fancy."

"Our what?"

"Your fetish, my dear. You want a latex catsuit? Poof, it appears." The manager shuddered as the other latex suits explored her. As Lady Nyxe looked around, the same thing was happening to the rest of the women--all of them straining to be relieved. Jennifer's wet satin was puffing up gently and slowly inside her, warm to the touch. A barrage of tickle and massage toys approached Rosa. "You can all fulfill whatever fantasies you'd like if you give in together." Rosa looked at her, giggling from her ticklers.

"What--what's the catch?"

"Hunger." Lady Nyxe smiled. "If you want these powers, you have to feed them by absorbing the pleasure of others." She waved her hand toward the ground, and Vanessa's boyfriend sailed into the air. His arms were bound behind him, and a yellow latex glove stroked his manhood. He was throbbing, and he willingly thrust himself toward the glove as it pulled on him. "Man, woman--doesn't matter. As long as someone comes for you, you retain your power as one of my nymphs. Of course, in the off chance you choose not to join us, you'll be sent home to your mundane lives, wondering what this experience was all about, knowing that you could have been made a demigoddess." A couple of the women paid attention to her now. "If you'd like out, just say so--and be sure not to come." Lady Nyxe grinned. "That's the binding part of the contract." There were a few unconvinced faces, but not nearly enough to distract from the well-convinced ones.

"I want it, I WANT IT!" Vanessa screamed, riding the cushion beneath her violently. A couple of female blow up dolls flew toward her boyfriend. One of them stood in front of him. The yellow glove retreated, and the doll's mouth replaced it. James could feel the vinyl pulse and tighten around his cock as one of the doll's hands reached up to cradle the rest of him. Watching the living blow-up doll fellate James, Vanessa's inhibitions only faded more.

"I want it too," Jennifer sputtered between ecstatic throes. A cloud of satin surrounded the floating bedform, and a men's black silk pajama set stepped from the cloud, floating toward her. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she watched the set approach. The broad shoulders and defined pecs at the top and the bulge at the bottom made her wonder if anything could be done with the invisible goodies inside. Her satin bottoms pulled down just enough to expose her honey-soaked lips. The black silk pajama pants were right next to her when the bulge beneath them grew behind the overstitch opening at the front of the pants.

Jennifer licked her lips as the button on the overstitch popped open. The bulge shot through the opening, but all Jen could see was the back of the pants on the other side. The hems of the overstitch puckered out, holding an invisible cylindrical shape. Jen's clothes lifted her to eye level with the black pajamas. When she hovered closer to them, she felt something hard, smooth and warm dive between her lips. She sighed. She wrapped her limbs around the soft pajamas as she pushed her hips back and forth.

Each of the women from the apartment found themselves faced with a specific group of extremely assertive clothing. Lisa was surrounded by stockings, leggings, thigh-high nylons and socks of every gauge and color. At this point, Lisa had no intentions of resisting, and she extended her legs, stretching in mid-air. A pair of shiny nylons pulled themselves up her legs, expanding over her calves and slithering up her thighs. When the met her hips the front of the stockings slid back and forth over her pussy.

Lisa sighed and reached her hand down, rubbing herself through the stockings. As she soaked the crotch of the nylons, a pair of knee-high socks danced toward her. One of the socks rested between her thighs, pointing up. Lisa moved her hand away and let the toes of the filled out knee sock do the work for her. It was assured they'd finish the job.

Stacie watched a parade of dominatrix clothing march out of the back of the store. She was collared and leashed by the leather pants and bra that first found her in her room; they were holding the leash with a pair of ghostly latex gloves. The domme outfits rose into the air and sailed toward her.

"Are they coming for me?" Stacie asked. The outfit didn't need to answer. The first of them approached quickly, holding a thigh-high boot out in front of her.

"Lick, now." A feminine voice echoed from above the demi-cups of the corset. Stacie happily did so.

Kyle reformed himself as a single being again, watching Michelle's light-form pound a strap on into Jodi. His body flowed slowly toward the light form. Michelle turned as Kyle's liquid form began wrapping around her illuminated shape. Kyle let out a long slow moan as he coated Michelle's form in a viscous red translucent shell.

"I can feel you," Michelle's light form echoed. Kyle's voice moaned again, weaker this time. As his red liquid form finished wrapping around her, he included the strap-on. Now he felt himself inside Jodi's soft pussy. "I can--hear you?!" Michelle heard echoes of Kyle's thoughts as Kyle himself slowly lost consciousness. He was swallowed up with the sensations of Jodi around him and the feminine energy-form he was encasing. Jodi began breathing deeply in rhythm with Michelle's glow which pulsed from Kyle's red to a bright orange. The light inside the case was intensifying with Jodi's sweeping breaths. She rose higher into the air with Kyle/Michelle's strap-on throbbing inside her.

"I'm going to--" Jodi's eyes met Michelle's, glowing through Kyle's form.

"--cum!" Michelle screamed with her. Jodi and Michelle both exploded, and Kyle's form reacted without his consciousness, teleporting all three out with a red bolt.

Bridget was tied prone, her ass vulnerable to the gloves, paddles and flogs slapping her ass and thighs. Another glove stroked up and down between her legs as she wiggled her ass, loving every moment of her ghostly punishment.

The MILF Kyle seduced was in a flying armchair with her satin blouse and front-close bra open, exposing her gorgeous breasts. Her shoelaces untied themselves and her shoes flew away, soon replaced by a pair of knee-length leather boots.The boots slid themselves onto her feet and zipped themselves over her boot-cut pants. She opened her eyes and saw a pair of thigh high PVC boots bending down toward her face. She gasped as she felt two contact points of smooth skin against her.

"Did I just feel a..." Two black suede knee boots lifted her breasts, hooking them gently in their vamps. The MILF laughed as she looked down at the boot fronts playing with her tits. "Oooh--I haven't had a dream like this in--" She pushed her face back into the invisible mound at the vertex of the PVC boots, licking deeply into it as she wrapped her arms around the boot calve. "I've never had a dream like this!" She said, muffled by the unseen space as she thrust her tongue in and out. The PVC boots pushed toward her as her pants unbuttoned and started peeling off.

Rosa's nipples were being teased by vibrators as a condom slipped its tip in and out of her. She had already given in completely and was ready to burst.

The woman from the shower had portaled in with nothing but her towel. She was still savoring the memory of her magic hydrophilia in the shower when she found herself hovering in midair in the middle of a sex-supermarket gone mad. She wasn't focused on the clothes or the other women suspended in mid-air, seemingly making love to possessed clothes or nothing at all--instead, she was focused on the four 5-gallon water cooler jugs hovering in front of her. The tops popped off, and the water flowed upward, spouting faster and faster from the jugs and forming liquid human bodies. She began rubbing herself as she watched one of the jugs of water form itself into the shape of a well-endowed man.

Natalie was sucking on a dildo while the double-end pushed in and out of her pussy, the other end pushing on her mound and rolling back and forth against her clit. Tiny vibrators worked their way over her ass and thighs. She started to moan as her legs kicked.

Straps wrapped themselves around Lily's arms and legs as the inflatable chair released her. A vac bed hovered over and unzipped as Lily's latex leggings pulled off of her. When the last of her outfit stripped, the vac-bad slipped over her feet and zipped itself. She found the breathing tube as the vac-bed deflated, freezing her in place. indentations ran in waves all over the outside of the vac-bad as Lily made little noises out of the breathing tube. The creases on the vac-bed deepened between her legs and the two small mounds on the front. Lily loved being restricted, and the vac-bed was about the best form that restriction could possibly come in.

The Dominatrix from the floor above Lisa and Jodi was in awe of the situation, and it took her a moment to notice the outfits in front of her. One of them, a schoolgirl outfit, had its collar down near her feet. She felt pressure against the outside of her boot as she reasoned there was an invisible tongue belonging to the form filling out the schoolgirl uniform. It was worshiping her. She felt a little shiver down her spine when a body stocking approached and bowed to her gracefully, pulling her hand up to kiss it. A pvc corset and pants approached her, bending over in front of her. She realized what was happening--she was being worshiped, submitted to. She made a come-hither motion to the body stocking, grinning as it obeyed.

The manager's clothes slid out from under Casey, dropping her legs into a pair of leather chaps. The chaps squeezed her thighs as they fastened themselves, and a leather top wrapped around her chest, buckling itself. Casey watched as several leather outfits assembled themselves. She gasped a little as a bulging leather dance belt approached her.

As Lady Nyxe drew the desires of all these women into her, they created feedback. Moans came from all over the room as textures and toys explored the women that most desired them. The women all ran at the same rhythm, and just as Lady Nyxe promised, they were being bestowed with their gifts as they submitted to the creatures of the sex-fortress. The amazing part was that it was brought to life by the potential sexual energy harvested by a shred of essence locked in an outift of Cheryl's that was brought to life. By now it had not only reclaimed a body, but also transformed that body into Nyxe's immortally beautiful and infinitely manipulative form.

The building itself pulsed with life as every living and pseudo-living thing inside it experienced the ultimate release, one that would transform everything involved...