Mistress Nyxe

Mistress Nyxe 6

With a great flash, everything was gone. Each of the women portaled out with the culmination of over a dozen simultaneous orgasms, brought on by mortal desire and supernatural means. With the realization of Lady Nyxe's plans, each of the women were taken back to where they'd been found. The difference was that now they'd all been augmented by Lady Nyxe, and although they were no longer in a sex shop saturated in sexual arousal, it became immediately clear that what they experienced was real.

Alicia woke up in her bed. She stood up and threw her robe on, trying to remember the last thing she could. When she walked into the bathroom, everything came back to her. She had made love to something unreal: water that took on a life of its own and the shape of a man. Later, she was in some kind of warehouse and--a voice echoed through her head.

"When you all leave here, you'll share my powers of...persuasion over inanimate objects, and you'll also be able to materialize anything having to do with your fancy." Alicia gasped; the voice came through crystal clear. She looked at the faucet on the sink. As she made a twisting motion with her hand, the hot water knob turned itself. The water flowed upward and out of the sink, collecting in the air as it began shaping itself. Alicia laughed and turned to the bathtub. Both knobs turned, and another stream of water added to the volume accruing in the human shaped bubble.

* * *

For Stacie, the reality was immediately obvious. Her room was completely redecorated in red padded rubber walls, and her cotton sheets had been replaced with latex. When she looked up, she saw an empty dominatrix outfit holding a tray.

"Breakfast, my dear." As Stacie reached a hand up to the plate of toast, a length of rope curled around her wrist and pulled it away, tying it to the bedpost. Another length of rope secured her other wrist. "No, no--from now on, we'll do it for you." A slice of toast rose up to meet her lips, and Stacie opened her mouth. It floated into her mouth and Stacie tore into it. All the sudden, her eyes shifted focus to the door of her bedroom.

The dominatrix from down the hall hovered in, riding on the back of a PVC catsuit with a bridle wrapped around an invisible head. She grinned at Stacie as she entered, then pulled back on the reins attached to the bridle. The catsuit hovered closer to the floor and the dominatrix stood up.

"Kaori! They found you too?" Stacie asked. The dominatrix nodded.

"I'm glad they did. Now I can really be in control." Kaori pointed to the tray. "Enjoying your breakfast?" Stacie's orange juice floated up to her, and she sipped at it as it tipped back. When it pulled away, Stacie nodded.

"This is great, but...I have to go to work in a few hours." Kaori looked at her, incredulous. She started laughing.

"Work? I decide where you go and what you do now," Kaori said. "I know you understand." Stacie watched as the latex sheets stretched over her and pulled her back down onto the bed. The outfit with the tray backed away from her. Stacie looked beneath her as the latex sheet lifted her into the air. Kaori held out a fist and tightened it. The latex sheet around Stacie wrapped itself tighter.

"Kaori?" Stacie watched as Kaori reveled in her power. Kaori smiled at her.

"You'll stay here and get ready while I get us some toys," Kaori said. "You may bring her to my apartment when she's ready," She added to the outfit carrying the tray.

"Yes, mistress." The outfit bowed slightly to Kaori, who winked at Stacie as she mounted the catsuit's back again. She pulled on the bridle twice and it lifted off the floor, heading back toward the doorway.

"Kaori, what are we doing? What kind of toys?" Stacie called to her as the rubber sheet slid over her, constricting her body. Kaori looked over her shoulder. 

"Well, we were told we'd have to feed these powers--and I'm getting hungry already."

* * *

Hannah woke up on the couch, wearing the same outfit she was wearing before the strange things started happening in her house. Brooms gliding across floors. Dishes doing themselves. Vacuum cleaners and dust rags working without hands. Then there were the boots--but when that started happening, she wasn't in this place at all--in fact, she was on this couch, but around her were--

"What exactly just happened?" Hannah asked. The house was empty, so if she was sleeping, she hadn't been out for that long. Hannah had been in the depths of arousal recently--she could tell from her nerves. There were clothes coming to life around her, unseen hands fondling her, unseen forces pampering her--but at the end, a barrage of boots. Boots were an old fetish of Hannah's, something she was obsessed with as a young woman that had cooled off once she became a mom.

Memories seeped in, and Hannah remembered the pair of boots that were supporting her breasts--massaging them gently with their vamps. In front of her appeared two black suede knee boots, looking exactly the same as the pair she remembered. Hannah gasped and stepped back. The boots stepped forward.

"You called?" Hannah looked down at the boots.

"I--" Hannah reached down to touch the boots, and one of them jumped up to meet her hand. She jumped back a little.

"You summoned me through thought, Mistress." Hannah heard a voice somewhere in her memory: When you all leave here, you'll share my powers of...persuasion over inanimate objects, and you'll also be able to materialize anything having to do with your fancy. It clicked. It didn't make any rational or scientific sense, but it clicked nonetheless. Hannah's skin tingled. She held the image of a pair of thigh-high burgundy leather boots in her mind and snapped her fingers. The boots appeared where she focused her eyes. They lifted off the ground and filled out with unseen legs as they approached her.

"How can we be of service, Mistress?" Hannah stroked the leather on the thigh, smiling.

"Now that you mention it..."

* * *

There was a knock on Lisa's door. She was in her bed with her robe around her. The apartment was an absolute mess; there were clothes all over the place. Lisa looked out the peephole. It was her artist neighbor across the hall, Nicole. Lisa opened the door.

"Niki, what are you doing here?" Nicole looked at the shape of Lisa's apartment. 

"Your place too?" Nicole said, distraught. She kept looking behind Lisa.

"My place what?" Lisa said, feigning ignorance. "Come in, come in," Lisa said, motioning to Nicole. She entered.

"Your apartment! Your clothes are all over the place. It looks exactly the same as my apartment. What happened here?" Lisa sat back down on the couch. Nicole remained standing with her hands on her hips.

"Is anything missing?" Lisa asked. Nicole shook her head.

"Nothing important," Nicole said, "But my clothes are all over the place, just like in here." Nicole looked back at Lisa. "You were around today, right?" Lisa nodded. "So what happened?" Lisa spotted a strap-on sitting in the middle of the floor. Her double take brought it to Nicole's attention. "Is that...what I think it is?" Nicole asked, looking at Lisa, whose face turned red.

"It's--um..." Lisa gave up. "It's a strap on dildo, Niki." Nicole raised an eyebrow, turning to Lisa.

"Yeah, I got that. More importantly, what's it doing in the middle of your living room floor?" Lisa didn't have an explanation--at least not a viable one. Lisa sighed.

"Nicole, has anything ever happened to you that you don't know how to explain?" Nicole just stared at her. "Sit down for a minute." Nicole narrowed her eyes, brushed a pair of stockings and a skirt off of one of Lisa's leather chairs and sat.

"Like what?"

"Like magic stockings," said Lisa's voice from out of her room. Lisa and Nicole both jumped.

"How'd you do that?" Nicole stood up, pointing at Lisa's bedroom. Lisa hopped up to shut the door to her room, but it was too late. A pair of thigh-high red lace stockings walked out of Lisa's bedroom. Nicole's jaw dropped wide open. She fainted and fell back. Just as she was about to hit the couch, Lisa waved her hand.

Nicole's unconscious body hovered slowly upward, her limbs and body supported by cushions of air. Lisa turned to her stockings.

"Could you have waited like two minutes?" Lisa shouted at them. "Aren't you supposed to do as I say?"

"Orders from the top," the stockings replied. Lisa looked over at her leather chair as indentations appeared in it: two round marks on the bottom cushion and an oval in the back. Lisa recognized the grin of the Transformed Lady Nyxe as she faded in, maintaining her translucence.

"Oh, Lisa--where would I be without your generosity? I trust you're enjoying your new gift..." Lady Nyxe's translucent form reached over and stroked one of the red stockings.

"No, they--"

"...and I see you're also wasting no time replenishing it." Lady Nyxe looked over at Nicole, who was still unconscious. "And with someone who doesn't even know it..." Lisa scowled at her.

"No, she--"

"Doesn't matter to me, my dear. However you like them." Nyxe smiled. "I'm here for another reason."

"What?" Lisa puffed. 

"Now, now, don't get mouthy with me, hun." Lisa hovered into the air. The sash to her robe came undone and pulled her arms behind her, tying them around her wrists. Lisa didn't struggle.

"Okay, I'm calm. Sorry." Lisa's sash untied itself, and she hovered back down to the floor. The sash snaked around her and through the loops. The robe tightened and the sash tied once more.

"That's better. Now listen carefully. Your niece Tiffany is on her way here."

"Tiffany--oh my god, Jodi! What did you do? What did you do with my little girl? And--and her boyfriend?"

"I'm taking care of both of them, Lisa. Relax." Lady Nyxe tilted her head, and Lisa felt invisible fingers run over her shoulders. "Relax." Lisa went with the movement of the hands rubbing her back. "Just as no harm has come to you, no harm has come to them. They're experiencing intimacy like few humans ever have. For now, you have to listen to me." Lisa nodded. "Your niece Tiffany is on her way here."

"Tiffany? Why?"

"It's not exactly her. It looks like her, but she'll have powers like mine."

"What--do you mean?"

"I can't explain completely--there's not enough time. Suffice it to say that this--thing--that's taken over Tiffany is using her to hunt me down. Anything you tell her will be used to destroy me, so you have to lie to her."

"Hunt you down? But--"

"It's why I sent myself here, Lisa--I knew you could protect me. It's why I traveled here in Cheryl's clothing--it was the quickest way out when they used Tiffany to try and destroy me." Nyxe's face showed fear, terror. She was playing her role perfectly.

"So I have to lie to Tiffany?"

"It's not Tiffany. They're just using her. Once you see the powers she has, you'll believe me." Lady Nyxe's ethereal form stood and approached Lisa. "Please protect me, Lisa. My life is in your hands. If Tiffany finds out I've given you my power, she may--" Lisa's eyes went wide with horror.

"Might what?" Lady Nyxe knew she'd won. Now Lisa feared for herself, and it was certain she wouldn't tell Tiffany anything. All she had to do was get rid of Nicole, make the apartment clean itself, and keep her powers hidden while Tiffany came. "What might she do?"

"You'll be safe, I promise. Tell her that I--encountered you," Nyxe grinned, "but that I left after I took what I wanted from you. Just make sure she doesn't find out that I've given you your gift." Leaving it at that, Nyxe thought, would keep the fear freshest in Lisa's mind. "No matter what, don't tell her--even it it seems like the real Tiffany. She can't know anything about this conversation. Do you understand?" Lisa wasn't certain she did, but she nodded anyway. "I can't bring back Jodi and Mike until she's gone," Nyxe lied. "They might be in danger. Make sure Tiffany doesn't suspect anything."

"What about her?" Lisa asked, pointing to Nicole. "I can't take her back to her room. What if she wakes up and comes over here, ranting and raving?" Nyxe grinned.

"Well, my dear, you can always use my gift to turn her into something you can control." With that, Nyxe faded out. 

"What? What the hell do you mean?" There was no answer--from Nyxe.

"Well, there's materialization," the red stockings replied, "then there's transformation." Lisa sneered.

"Are you suggesting I turn my neighbor into a pair of stockings?" Lisa scowled down at her leg wear. "What am I saying? Of course you are, I'm talking to a pair of stockings." She heard her own voice giggle.

"You're funny when you're nervous. How come you weren't cracking jokes earlier, when we were all--"

"I was just a little overwhelmed, okay?" Lisa pointed to Nicole. "Can we get back to this?"

"It's totally reversible, I promise. Try that." The red stockings kicked at a leather ottoman.

"Try what?"

"Turn that ottoman into a pair of stockings." Lisa turned to it, confused. She held her hand up and squinted at the ottoman. The red stockings laughed. "It doesn't work that way. You have to give the qualities to it. It doesn't 'know' how to be stockings. You have to teach it."

"What the hell does that even mean?" Lisa asked, turning back to the red stockings. 

"Look, you did it!" The ottoman began shaking and hopping. A flash of light enveloped it, and when it subsided, a pair of stout, black thickly-filled thigh-highs attached to an intricately designed tan garter belt stood where the ottoman once was.

"Goodness, that's a change!" An odd feminine voice spouted from above the garters. The stockings turned to face Lisa. "Did you do this to me?"

"Yeah, I think I did." Lisa turned to the red stockings. "What's with the voice?"

"What's wrong with my voice?" Asked the black stockings.

"Well, there's none of your essence in an ottoman," the reds replied, "so you subconsciously gave it the voice you thought it should have. Appearance too. Not bad, by the way, they're pretty sexy." Lisa's red stockings approached the other pair.

"Well at least someone can appreciate fine craftsmanship," the black stockings replied, approaching the red pair. Nyxe's face appeared in Lisa's mirror. Both pairs of stockings jumped.

"Not the time nor place for fun, ladies. Come in here and you can play footsie all you want." A portal opened in Lisa's mirror, and the stockings bounded into it.

"Wait, you're just leaving?" The portal sealed again, and Nyxe's face returned.

"It's fine, Lisa--transform her and prepare for Tiffany now! She's on her way!" Lisa nodded at the image of Nyxe in her mirror and looked at Nicole, still hovering. Lisa sighed. "Ok. Teach her how. Teach her how to be a bodyst--this doesn't make any sense at all." Lisa didn't realize that she was doing it, but her thoughts were hitting on the qualities of the bodysuit she had in mind. White, fine lace on the legs and feet, sheer on the hips and torso. Nicole was surrounded in light.

When the light died down, Nicole was replaced by a delicate white bodystocking. It was filled out to her shape, and Lisa hesitated a second before waving her arm. The bodystocking floated down to the couch and lost its shape.

Lisa waved her arms, and the bodystocking fluttered into the bedroom. Clothes started lifting off her floor and sorting themselves, but Lisa caught herself, remembering that she had to forget about her powers in the next few minutes.

* * *

Lynn laid on the bed, panting. She'd never imagined she could feel release like this.

"Whoa..." Lynn puffed. "What was that, five?"

"Six," Ms. Merton's cocktail dress replied. "You had two in the chair, remember?" Lynn looked over at the dress and laughed.

"Six..." Lynn sighed again. "That has to be a record for me." Her wet panties pulled themselves off of her and back up the legs of the outfit Anabel Merton had stolen.

"Mmm...it's so good to have you back, Lynn." Her outfit laid next to her in bed. Lynn looked over at her.

"Hey, you snuck out of my house--I never went anywhere." Lynn felt invisible fingers move over her stomach as the sleeve of her red blouse swayed back and forth. "Mmm..."

"Oh, if only Anabel could see you now," Ms. Merton's cocktail dress said. "She'd probably join right in." The other sleeve of Lynn's outfit reached over toward Anabel's outfit. The hem on the cocktail dress lifted, revealing panties wrapped beautifully around an invisible facsimile of Anabel's curvaceous hips. Lynn watched as the panties were manipulated by the invisible fingers of her own outfit.

"What--exactly--are you?" Lynn asked, turning to her own outfit.

"Impulse, essence, and fragments of consciousness," Ms. Merton's cocktail dress responded. "What are you?" Lynn's outfit laughed.

"What? What's so funny?" Lynn felt fingers run through her hair.

"You've come for us six times...don't you know what we are?"

"Sexuality manifest."

"Impulse manifest, Lynn. We can have conversations with you just as we made love to you--just like our lifegiver would."

"So, all of this comes from Anabel?"

"Not all of it," Lynn's outfit replied. "You could have rejected this any time you wanted to." Lynn shuddered as the lips of her pussy spread themselves open.

"But you were brave, so you completed the alchemy that brought us here." Anabel's cocktail dress bent over Lynn's midsection. Lynn's legs were lifted straight into the air as Anabel's dress went down on her. Lynn moaned as she felt a tongue explore her while a pair of lips vibrated against hers. She placed her hands on an unseen head of soft hair, bobbing up and down between her legs.

"I can feel you!" Lynn said, grabbing the unseen tufts of hair.

"Of course you can," The dress said. Lynn noticed that the tongue was still inside of her when the voice spoke.

"But earlier, I passed my hand right over, and--mmm..." Lynn cooed as the tongue darted in and out.

"We can be whatever we need to be, so long as we have the energy. We can just fill out the clothing to give ourselves a human appearance, or we can become solid displacement so you feel us as you would an invisible body...or tongue."

"But--mmm--how are you talking to me while you're doing that?" Lynn said, touching the invisible head working its lingual magic on her. Anabel's outfit laughed.

"We don't have vocal chords, my dear--nor flesh, nor blood. We manipulate the energy around us to achieve the desired symptom in reality."

"But how--"

"Tiffany never asked so many questions," Lynn's outfit said. Let's put that mouth to use, shall we? As Lynn's outfit got on the bed and prepared to straddle her face, a crackling noise came from across the room. Lynn's outfit jumped up. "Anabel?"

"It's her," Ms. Merton's outfit said. A bright purple light came from the wall, and when it faded, Anabel's secret closet was visible. She rushed out of it and found the clothes with Lynn.

"Lynn?" Anabel looked at Lynn, confused. Lynn's eyes went wide and she pulled the blankets over her, covering up. Anabel broke a little smile despite trying to hide it. 

"Anabel, I--" Anabel's outfit stepped forward.

"Mistress Ana, something's happened." Anabel turned to her outfit.

"I know it has. That's why I'm here." She looked back at Lynn, then to Lynn's outfit, then back to Lynn.

"Lynn, did you...?" Anabel smirked and pointed to her outfit. Lynn blushed and nodded, a little ashamed of herself.

"Oh, Lynn, don't worry about it...have you had a good time?" Lynn looked away, then back at Anabel.

"Well, yeah--actually--I have." Lynn broke a tiny smirk. Anabel smiled.

"I'm glad--my enchanted wardrobe doesn't reveal itself to just anyone." Anabel turned back to the two outfits. "And speaking of revelations, have they told you anything else?" Lynn smiled.

"They did, actually. You keep a lot of interesting secrets, Anabel." Now it was Ms. Merton's turn to blush. She turned to the two living outfits.

"Ladies, where is Tiffany?" Anabel asked the outfits.

"Last we knew, she was heading to her Aunt's house when she left us with Lynn," the cocktail dress answered.

"Lynn, my dear," Anabel said, "I need your help. I won't compel you, but if you'd like to hear the full story of the gossip I'm sure our outfits have been passing onto you, I'd be glad to fill you in."

"Sure," Lynn answered. "Could I have my, um--" Lynn motioned to her robe and pajamas she come over in, sitting on the floor of the bedroom.

"Ladies, I'm going to bind the house. I'll leave you animated only if you promise to keep your activities to this room."

"Gladly," Anabel's voice answered back from the dress, wrapping invisible arms around Lynn's enchanted outfit.

"Come with me, Lynn," Anabel smiled. "We have plenty to do, and we're already three steps behind."

* * *

Casey started her shift with a kind of confidence no stripper ever had before. She had been bringing things to life with Natalie, and they learned another part of their power when Natalie made a rubber cock appear in front of her by talking about the events leading up to the transformation.

Once the shock wore off, Casey created her first leather thong from thin air. Before long Casey had created a plethora of leather clothing for both her and Natalie, while Natalie fashioned a collection of toys ranging from simple plastic dildos to monstrous rubber phalluses. They even combined their efforts to create a few leather-harnessed strap-ons. Once it was time to go to work, Casey and Natalie were both adept at popping their specialties into creation, but they had no idea of their transformative capacities.

It was a slow afternoon, and for once that was a good thing. It meant that the girls would have plenty of opportunities to play around with their new gifts. Including staff, customers, and Casey and Natalie themselves, there were less then a dozen people there. Casey and Natalie had the dressing room to themselves as they got ready. Casey materialized an amazing custom leather outfit and had it place itself on her while Natalie's makeup put itself on. Under the dressing table, a pink jelly dildo teased at Natalie's mound.

"You're first," Casey said. "What do you plan on doing?" Natalie looked back at her dreamily.

"Probably something that'll get me fired," Natalie said. "I'm going to give those sad little boys out there a show they couldn't even imagine." Natalie puckered her lips and a loud pink shade painted itself on. A tissue floated up to her lips and she clamped down on it, removing the excess.

"So, something with your little helper down there, am I right?" Casey chuckled.

"Hurry up and get ready, then you can watch me yourself while you're waiting to go on," Natalie said. Casey's top slid itself on as she materialized a pair of soft black leather gloves.

"Melinda's gonna flip, Nat." Casey grinned as her brand new gloves pulled themselves over her hands. Natalie snapped her fingers. The pink dildo came from under the table and placed itself on the desk. Natalie's thong slid itself back over her pussy as she  floated into the air. A pair of shiny white hot pants slid up her long legs.

"That, Casey," Natalie said with a grin, "is one of the best reasons to do this."

* * *

Vanessa was jarred awake by the sound of moaning. She woke in a huge vinyl inflatable copy of her bed. Aside her, hovering above the surface of the bed was her boyfriend James. His dick was being sucked by one of the blow-up dolls while the other one perched its surrogate pussy over his mouth. Vanessa didn't say a word. It was real--all of it. As Vanessa watched her boyfriend pleasured by the two dolls, she started touching herself. As she closed her eyes, a pile of creased red rubber appeared on the floor. Vanessa didn't even notice it there as it began inflating itself.

The pile of red rubber now formed the shape of a tall, light-build man, with all the included anatomy. The red rubber male doll hovered up and over Vanessa. She opened her eyes and gasped.

"I was just thinking about you," Vanessa told the form with a breathy voice. The form simply nodded back and placed a latex hand against her chest, pushing her back onto the bed. The hand grew as it squeezed her tit and slid down her stomach. Now the hand closed, holding up one finger. Vanessa licked her lips as the latex finger grew in diameter and length--taking on familiar details starting with the bulbous cap at the top. The transformed latex finger teased between her legs, and she responded by grabbing the tight rubber pecs hovering over her. She played with the nipples on the latex form, and simple face at the head seemed to mime a silent moan. The frame of the form seemed to inflate--the arms, torso, legs, and cock all grew slightly bigger.

Despite what was going on around her, something else jumped into Vanessa's head: what happened to the other girls--what happened to the goddess-like head honcho that was apparently allowing all these things to happen? The form slid its finger out of her, and the head tilted to the right. 

"No, you're wonderful--it's just that something's on my mind. I need you to take me somewhere." Vanessa held up her hand, and the inflated rubber reformed into a long, slender cylinder, bending to form a slight S-shape. A rounded protrusion spurred out of the back, and the new form hovered in the air, waiting for Vanessa. Vanessa's closet doors opened, and a pair of shiny zip-through pants walked out. "Perfect for discreet riding," Vanessa smiled. A tight ly filled t-shirt danced out of her closet and pushed its chest into her face obnoxiously. She giggled and pushed the shirt away, gripping its tits with her hands. When she pulled them away, the intangible nipples beneath the stretching cotton became visible. "Quit screwing around and let's go." The shirrt rolled itself up and sailed over her arms, wrapping around her torso. 

She looked back at James, still being sucked off by a blow-up doll. "I trust you'll be fine here, lover," She said, locking eyes with him as he panted--his hands pressed against the back of the doll's head. James only nodded, giving her a slight smile drowned in unknowable pleasure. "Hmph. Thought so." Vanessa hovered into the air as her shapely vinyl pants slid themselves about her legs. She felt her ass lifted over to the inflated rubber S-form, and the double zipper on her pants opened just enough to allow the form's dense rubber protrusion inside her.

"Mmmmmmmm..." Vanessa puffed, lifting off into the air with her legs wrapped around the form. She rode out into the livingroom hovering in front of a large, plate glass window. As she thought about how much easier it would be to go out the window, the red phallus protruding from the form swelled inside her, pumping up and down. Vanessa shuddered, unaware of the window frame carefully taking itself apart outside her building. The nuts and bolts hovered aside deliberately, all placing themselves in layers according to which they were disassembled. Vanessa clinched her thighs around her floating toy as the entire tube doubled in size. While her mind subconsciously used Nyxe's augmentations to keep the 8x8' flat of glass hovering safely over the traffic below, Vanessa rode the tube harder, tightening herself around it even as it slowly inflated. 

Her eyes were closed as she bucked harder into the tube. Now that she was outside, her window reassembled itself perfectly, leaving no sign that it had been taken apart. A student across the street couldn't believe what he was seeing. A window on the building across from him had just unfolded itself like something out of science fiction. Now there was a woman riding a red rubber tube in mid-air...supported by nothing that he could see. He couldn't make out the look on her face. Was it--pain?

"Mmmm...bounce me up and down. I wanna fly. I wanna--yeeeeeah!" Vanessa rollicked her weight back and forth as the rubber tube bounced her up and down. A couple people on the sidewalk were pointing. A girl a block away screamed. Vanessa was 70 feet in the air, but she was by no means invisible. Bouncing up and down changed steadily to forward acceleration, and every part of Vanessa held her inflated conveyance tightly as she headed toward the sex shop warehouse on the outskirts of the city.

* * *

Half of Cheryl's clothes were gone, and it looked as if a certain daughter had used her bed to entertain guests, which made her run the gamut from disgust to fury. None of the laundry was done--in face, there seemed to be MORE clothes scattered around. 

"She thinks she's on vacation because she's house sitting," Cheryl muttered. "Well, Ms. Merton doesn't need her there every second of the day, so I don't see why..." Cheryl pulled out her cell and looked at the number tacked onto the fridge with Anabel Merton's number.

The phone rang at Ms. Merton's house as her cocktail dress and Lynn's outfit tangled together on the bed. A familiar thunderclap noise boomed, followed by Lynn and Anabel stepping out from the reopened portal to the hidden closet. Anabel rushed to the phone, but Lynn watched the outfits, still going at it even as the two women entered.

"Do you two do anything else?" Lynn asked the two outfits, laughing. Ms. Merton's dress stood up and walked over to Lynn.

"What else is worth doing?" The dress asked as Lynn's tits were squeezed by their invisible hands. 

"Lynn! We're all set!" Anabel shouted from downstairs. Lynn backed away from the cocktail dress.

"Maybe I can get the real thing to join us all later, girls," Lynn said, smiling. "Until then--we've got work to do." Lynn walked downstairs. It looked like a new place, sparkling clean from when she'd been led into Anabel's master suite. "Ana?"

"In here, Lynn," Anabel shouted from the kitchen. She door opened itself as Lynn approached it. On the counter a bottle of wine was pouring into a single glass as boxes of crackers poured over a platter. A floating block of cheese was sliced up by a paring knife and a stack of small plates come out of a cabinet. "It's been a long while since I've had this many guests--just after college, probably."

"Wow--how many things can you do at once?" Lynn said, watching the boxes of crackers close themselves and sail back into the closet.

"As many things as I can think of, and even a few that can be left to themselves--like the clothes." Anabel took the small bit of wine that had been poured into her glass. "Mmm...'76. Great year." They both heard the doorbell ring. "Damn. Earlier than I expected." Anabel waved her hand, and the tray of cheese and crackers sailed out into the living room as the wine and 5 glasses followed. Anabel already knew who it was. The door swung open. "Come in, Gwen."

"Hi Ms. Merton," Gwen said, coming in. The door shut behind her. "Oh, I didn't know you were having other company."

"It's all right, Gwen, there's going to be a few of us. This is my next-door neighbor, Lynn DeWitt." Gwen blushed a little, knowing nothing about Ms. DeWitt but her voice and her taste in attire.

"Nice to meet you, Lynn," Gwen said, smirking a little.

"Nice to meet you too," Lynn responded. 

"Is that Gwen?" Lynn's voice shouted from the balcony. Gwen looked to the balcony. Lynn gasped. 

"It's fine, both of you--the other already knows my secret." Anabel looked up at the two outfits at the top of the stairs "Cristina and Cheryl, on the other hand, do not, so I'd appreciate it if you two could wait until your cue." Lynn's outfit floated over the banister and hovered down toward Gwen, whose shirt began lifting off of her. "Stop!" Anabel said to the outfit as Gwen's shirt dropped back abound her waist. Gwen's face was red.

"I'm sorry Mistress Anabel, but I thought Gwen--"

"Quiet. Return to my room, stay there and stay quiet until I call on you." Anabel turned to her cocktail dress. "Both of you."  The outfit sulked and hovered back up to the balcony, draping itself over the banister and falling flat. "Moping will only get you hung in a closet," Anabel said with a smile. The clothes jumped back into Lynn's shape and run into the bedroom. She winked at Gwen, who was blushing again. "You just have to know how to talk to them."

"Gwen, have you seen that outfit here before?" Lynn asked. Gwen visibly blushed.

"Well, I--" A young latina voice cut her off from the back room.

"Anabella?" Anabel headed toward the kitchen again.

"It's my housekeeper. No more about the clothes until I can explain myself, you two." Anabel looked at Gwen in the eyes. "Answer the door for Cheryl, would you dear?" Anabel disappeared into the kitchen.

"But the doorb--" The doorbell cut her off. It was Tiffany's mother. Gwen opened the door, attempting to be cheery. "Um...hey, Cheryl!"

"Gwen? What are you doing here?" Cheryl stepped in, looking around. "Where's Anabel?"

"Cheryl, you're here," Ms. Merton said, coming back through the swinging kitchen door with Cristina. "Cristina, this is Lynn, Gwen, and Cheryl; Cheryl, Gwen, Lynn, this is my assoc--"

"Listen, Anabel, I don't mean to be rude, but Where's Tiffany?" Cheryl pursed her lips. Anabel smiled slightly, apologetically.

"That's part of what we're going to talk about. But first, let's all sit down so that I can explain a few things." Cheryl didn't want to calm down, but she did so anyway. Once everyone was seated, Anabel started simply. "I'm a witch." Cheryl raised an eyebrow, the only other person to react was Cristina, who giggled a little.

"Anyone care for some wine?" Cheryl and Gwen both nodded.

"Wine, Gwen? What would your mother say?"

"My mother's got other issues right now," Gwen said, matter-of-fact.

As Cheryl was about to respond, something caught her eye. The bottle of red lifted itself off of the table cloth without the aid of human hands and poured into Anabel's glass. The bottle tipped itself upright again. Cheryl took the whole event unnaturally well. Cristina let out a little gasp, then puffed.

"I've seen this one before. You've got a cord running horizontally through--" the maid watched as the bottle sailed over to Gwen's glass and poured. "--well, it could be attached anywhere, really. it's just a matter of how it's--" The bottle darted over to Cheryl's glass and filled it. "--being controlled." When it finished, the bottle hovered back out toward the kitchen as the door opened itself.

"Anyone still in doubt?" Cristina nodded, looking around at the others. She was the only one.

"Well then, the rest of you must be in on it. I've seen tricks like that before." Anabel shrugged.

"Fair enough," she said, snapping her fingers. Cristina felt something tug on her feet. When she looked under the table, she watched her shoelaces untie themselves and hang suspended in mid-air.

"I--I--" Cristina sputtered. She watched the laces loosen up as her sneakers pulled themselves off of her. Now Cristina was making the sign of the cross. "Crissy, That's not going to work..." Ms. Merton said, laughing a little. "mainly because they're not the devil."

"What's going on then?" Cristina asked, frightened. "And why aren't the rest of you reacting?"

"What's going on is that your loyal client is letting you in on a closely guarded secret, and she wanted you to be part of that secret." Anabel smiled wide. Cristina raised an eyebrow. 

"Hold out your hand," she said, pulling something off of her neck.  Anabel did. Cristina dropped her cross onto it. Nothing happened. Anabel looked up at her and winked.

"Cristina, you're adorable! Did you think it was going to burn me?" The maid smirked at her.

"Anabella, I don't know how you did what you did, but so long as it isn't the dark powers--I'm honored." Cristina smiled. Anabel turned to Cheryl.


"I don't care if you're from the continent of Atlantis, Anabel." Cheryl was losing patience. "Where's my daughter?" Ms. Merton's gaze shot over to a large mirror on the wall. The room in the mirror gave way to hazy white. 

"She about to do something she shouldn't--and I wanted you here with me to talk her out of it," she said to Cheryl. "Tiffany?" Ms. Merton called out. "If you can hear me, I need you to stop what you're doing and come back home." A voice echoed back from the haze.

"Anabel? I thought you were away for--"

"I was," Anabel cut her off, "but something's changed. You can't confront the women in your Aunt's building, Tiffany. Not alone."

"Lisa?" Cheryl asked quietly.

"I took care of your boots, didn't I?" Tiffany replied. "I'll be fine. Can't I call you if I need help?"

"Tiffany, what on earth are you talking about?" Cheryl shouted out to the mirror.

"Mom? Is that you?" Tiffany's voice echoed.

"There's no time, you two," Anabel said, "Tiffany, I can explain everything when you come back here."

"But I'm almost there! It's going to take me--"

"No time at all to get back if you listen to my directions," Anabel insisted. "Are you traveling transphasic right now?"

"Trans--what? [We are, Mistress.]" Tiffany and second voice came through simultaneously. "What was that?"

"Who's with you, Tiffany?"

"Oh, she's like a liquid copy of Gwen that was made by--erm...I'll tell you later."

"Liquid copy? You are transphasic. Tell your construct to flow into the door."

"To do what? [Understood, Mistress.]" A great flash of light burst through the room as a bright red form burst from the mirror. As the form stood up, viscous red liquid dripped backward off of it. The form took the shape of Gwen's body, leaving Tiffany on the floor, surprisingly dry.

"I mean none of you harm," Gwen's copy said. "I serve Mistress Tiffany, and I serve you." She bowed to Miss Merton.

"What--is that?" Cristina cried. "It's got your face," she said, pointing to Gwen. Gwen broke out in blush again.

"It's a construct," Anabel said, "emotional essence and will taking physical form. And there's only a handful of reasons it would have your form--isn't that right, Gwen?" Anabel grinned, making the self-conscious human Gwen glow as red as her copy.

"Muh...Ms. Merton?" Tiffany woke, dazed. Cheryl leaned over her.

"No, it's Mom, honey. Are you okay?" Tiffany blinked her eyes a couple of times. It wasn't her mother's blouse or an outfit of hers. It was her mother.

"I'm fine, Mom." The two hugged. "Great, in fact. I've got a lot to tell you about, but I'm guessing that's why we're all here in the first place."

"Right you are," Anabel smiled. "It's time to get to work."

* * *

There were only three customers in the entire bar. It was still early. Natalie swung around the pole gracefully; almost too gracefully, as her three observers had already notice. She was able to suspend herself in nearly impossible positions as she swung around the vertical bar. Natalie could tell that she was getting extra attention for her gravity defying moves, but she was about to get a whole lot more for what she did next. 

"Oh goodness, Natalie." Casey said to herself as a gray bar in front of the stripper's pole seemed to sprout from the ground. Instead of extending to the ceiling, this one grew about four feet and stopped. The top 8 inches of the pole molded itself into a  slight arc, took on a streamline tip and an appropriate texture. Natalie approached it, widening her eyes for show. The three men in her audience were paying close attention as she gripped the top of the bar and pulled slightly.

"Oh my god," one of the men whispered. He knew about the power of suggestion, but he didn't think it was powerful enough to make him believe his dick was being grabbed when he watched the same act 15 feet away being performed on a pole. When he tried to sneak a subtle look under the table, he was speechless. His pants were undone, and his manhood stood on end as if it was still being gripped.

Natalie slid her hand up and down. One of the men in front moaned now, but it didn't attract any attention to him; the woman behind the bar was now watching Natalie quizzically.

"What the hell is this?" The manager whispered to Casey.

"Oh, Melinda, hey..." Casey shrugged. "Dunno--something new, I guess." Melinda rolled her eyes.

"Job's real simple. Dance on the pole, get the men to drink more." Melinda shrugged. "Let me know how it goes." Melinda walked into the back again just in time for Natalie to perform her next trick. Without touching the thong she had on, it straps slid down her thighs and curled around her toes. She stepped closer and closer to the four foot pole; the customers' happy eyes glued on her. Now all three were being stroked under their tables by unseen hands, each too nervous to give away their intense pleasure in public. The man in back felt velvety fingers cradling him. As he sighed with delight, his chair detached from the ground just an inch.

Natalie alternated her gaze between the men, who reflected and multiplied the sexual energy she fed to them. Now Natalie herself hovered, though she made it appear she was lifting herself atop the pole by gripping it and holding herself up. When she slid her wet lips over the phallic protrusion and let go of the pole, everyone could see that wasn't the case. Now Natalie was riding the phallic four foot pole, but it became obvious from her motion that she was being lifted and plunged only a couple inches atop it by some invisible force.

The men rose into the air as Gwen's moans became louder. The bartender backed into the liquor rack and screamed. Casey stabilized the rack and watched as the bartender made a break for it. Casey held up her hand, and the bartender's clothes halted her in her tracks. During all this, the men were entranced with the force milking their cocks. They continued watching Natalie pleasure herself as a strange feeling swept over all three.

"Come for me," Natalie shouted, holding her pussy lips open as she fucked the pole. One of the men started shaking, and another, "Yes, my swelled darlings, relieve yourselves." Natalie grinned. "Surrender to me."

Casey was still holding back the woman, who had slipped out of her top somehow and was working on her jeans. The day bouncer finally came in, but he stood in the doorway turning white from what he saw. As he turned to bolt back out the door, Casey brought his clothes to life and made him walk back inside. He whimpered like a puppy.

"Yes!" Natalie was screaming now. The three men joined her in her moans as the bouncer felt something strange welling inside him. "YESSSSSSSSS!" A rush of warm air went through the room, and when Natalie took her next deep breath, the men in the room all ceased to be. In their places were dildos hovering above their chairs. Even the bouncer was replaced by a good-size sky blue toy. Natalie breathed heavily, recovering from her orgasm

"Nat--how the hell did you--" The bartender shrieked now; loudly and continuously. "Calm--hey--calm down, just--" Casey couldn't even hear the sound of her own voice over the pitch. The bartender put her hands up to her face and shrieked again, this time using her hands to accentuate the volume. Unable to take the sound anymore, Casey grabbed the bartender by the hands and closed her eyes. As Casey thought 'silence,' the shriek subsided and disappeared. When Casey opened her eyes again, the bartender and her clothes were gone. All that remained were a soft black pair of leather gloves. Casey gasped, letting the gloves go. They immediately sailed over to the bar.

"Casey, did I really just--" All four dildos hovered over to Natalie, floating in a line in front of her. "--turn everyone into dildos?"

"It's okay," Casey replied. "Our bartender is now a pair of gloves. Serena, are you--okay?" The gloves gave her a thumbs up. "Is it you in there?" The gloves gave a so-so signal and began mixing a club soda and cranberry juice for her. "Well yeah, it is you, because you're not putting vodka in my drink." One glove wagged its finger as the other grabbed a bottle. "Whatever. I'm 21 in two weeks."

The door burst open. The dildos sailed backstage as the gloves hid under the counter. Natalie was standing on her own again.

"Natalie, what the hell is that other pole? Did I give anyone permission to install that?" Natalie scowled and snapped her fingers. The four foot pole disappeared.

"I promise it won't even leave a mark, bitch," Natalie replied. Casey gritted her teeth and smiled; it was about to go down. Melinda's jaw dropped, but shock was quickly exchanged for fury.

"I'll want to know how the hell did you do that, but more importantly--who the hell do you think you are?" Natalie stood her ground, looking down at the manager from the stage. She looked over at Casey. Casey nodded.

"We're more powerful than you could ever imagine," Casey said with fire in her eyes. Melinda turned to face her. "And this, Melinda, is your last chance to back down and apologize." A shudder of fear went through Melinda's face before she hardened her will. She looked Casey in the eye.

"Here's your apology: you're both fi-f-f--" The word cut just as Casey put her hand up. Melinda's skin turned a glossy black and expanded as her clothes ripped of of her. Her legs bent at 90 degrees as her lap widened. her arms locked into place at her sides, puffing out to what looked like padded leather. Her back grew broader and most of her head was swallowed up by the soft black leather except for her face, which froze in an orgasmic expression. When the transformation was complete, Her face was situated on what appeared to be chair's back over the two puffy mounds of leather cushion that were her breasts. Her arms had folded down to make the chair's arms, and her legs coincidentally fulfilled the same role in her chair form.

"You're f-f-furniture," Casey laughed. The gloves came out from behind the counter and sailed over the surface of the chair. The face on the cushion contorted, opening its mouth wider as the gloves sailed over the breasts in the back cushion. One of the gloves sailed upward to the mouth, and the leather lips tightened around one of the glove's fingers. "And you're nasty as hell!" Casey exclaimed as the other leather glove wandered down to the crease in the middle of the seat cushion. Near where the seat joined the back, the glove explored a deep crease with tiny delicate leather flaps on either side. As the glove flicked at the junction of the crease, the leather feet of the chair curled inward and the face on the back licked their lips, a leather tongue protruding from the glossy black mouth of the cushion.

Natalie stepped off the stage and walked over to the chair, the four dildos bounding close behind. Casey watched closely as Serena worked the hair over in her glove form. Natalie held her hands over her face and squealed.

"Oh my god, Casey--you made Melinda a leather chair." Natalie pointed at the face on the back cushion, and one of the dildos hovered over to it. The tongue reached out and slid itself up the shaft as the dildo moved closer. When it was close enough, the lips wrapped around it and started sucking. "My, she's a curious one, isn't she?" Natalie sent another dildo over to focus on the leather pussy on the seat cushion. In the meantime, the gloves hovered back over to Casey. She watched Melinda expertly take two dildos in her chair-like anthropomorphous form. She held her hands out on front of her.

"Get on my hands," Casey said to the gloves. The cuffs slid over her fingers and fit themselves snugly over her hands, squeezing them gently.The gloves darted up to her face, just barely touching her cheeks. Casey breathed in. She could smell the soft leather as one of her hands traced fingers over her face. Casey purred. Natalie watched as the chair rattled with sexual pleasure, and commanded one of the remaining dildos to tend to her pussy. One of the gloves crawled Casey's hands down toward her chest and held one of her tits behind her leather bustier. The other glove went south, diving under her leather bikini. Casey pulled her hands out of the gloves, which continued fondling her.

"Ooh," Casey said. "Feisty little devils, aren't you?" Casey hovered over to the chair. "I think it's my turn for this," she said, waving off the dildos. "And you can go play with her," she said to the gloves, pointing at Natalie. As the two leather gloves cupped Natalie's tits, one of the dildos worked itself in and out of her. She grabbed another one with her hands and started sucking on it, making it immediately rigid.

Casey sat on the chair, which responded by shifting a little. When Casey put her head back between the leather tits, they pushed against her. Casey reached a hand down to the chair's pussy in the center crease of the seat cushion. One of the arms of the chair grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her halfway around, extending its leather arm under her and penetrating her with a slick black finger. Casey moaned as she plunged her fingers deeper into the chair's moist black leather, pressing her face against the back cushion. The face sunk into the cushion and disappeared for a second, reappearing again where Casey rested her head. The leather mouth opened and a tongue protruded, rounding the lobe of Casey's ear. Casey pulled her fingers out of the folds in the cushion and squeezed the leather tits of the chair, making the chair hop a little with intense pleasure. The face smiled at Casey.

"Mmm, I can tell this is the beginning of a beautiful decorating scheme."