Mistress Nyxe

Mistress Nyxe 8

(Last one, gang--incomplete. A lot of this one is in outline form or half-formed. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to follow up on the discord. -V)


Nyxe walked into her copy of Cheryl's house. Everything inside the house was the same, and despite the house being suspended a few stories off the ground, the electricity worked and the water ran. Nyxe stepped in front of the mirror. She waved her hand to reveal the bedroom at Melissa's, then a couple of the girl's apartments in NY where clothes were already running amok. Then she waved her hand to reveal Foxtrot's Club, where the other group of girls practiced using their powers, waiting for Nyxe to appear.

"Hello, girls." Nyxe said from the mirror. Kayla and Casey looked over as an ethereal copy of Nyxe stepped through. "You've all done so well with your powers--I don't really have to tell you anything." Natalie started.

"But what if--"

"Shh..." Nyxe said. "You've nothing to worry about. Go wild. The world is at your command. Play. In a short while, we'll soon have enough energy to change everything." The girls looked at each other. "If you think this is power, you've seen nothing compared to what I can offer you. You've already given in to me--and now all I ask is that you use the gifts I've given you." Nyxe's ethereal form faded as they saw her back inside the mirror, in the copy of Cheryl's house.

"There's more?" Casey asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Much more," Nyxe said. "The more you play, the quicker you find out."

"Fair enough," Casey said, looking at the set of living leather furniture she had "created" around the strip club. The bar faded out of the mirror again as Nyxe waved her hand. "That's that. They ought to be fine on their own." Nyxe placed her hands on her head. "Now to find some more outposts." The mirrored wall in front of her changed colors as hundreds of scenes flashed before her eyes.

Something faded into view. It was a woman in a department store, admiring herself in the mirror. As she turned her body around, the mirror glowed. The hem of the short, slinky dress that the woman was trying on lifted into the air. The woman gasped and pulled the hem back down. As she tried to figure out what was causing the dress to lift up, she was tripped up by the pair of jeans she'd taken off. She fell toward the mirror, going through it instead of making contact.

In the dressing room, the woman's clothes came to life. They filled out to her shape as a peach tone faded in where the woman's body should be. Features of a translucent face appeared above the shirt. Before long, a woman faded completely into view, looking just like the woman that had fallen through the mirror. The copy looked at itself in the mirror and smiled. It seemed to approve of its appearance. It held out a hand toward the mirror.

On the other side, the woman was hovering next to Nyxe. They were both in Nyxe's copy Cheryl's house. The woman stammered in disbelief as her dress peeled itself off and floated back through the mirror. She covered herself with her arms.

"Don't worry, dear. It never gets cold here. Even so, if you'd like clothing, I can give you anything you'd like." The woman looked nervously at her. "I know this is going to take a little adjustment, but you've got to at least talk to me. Would you like to wear something?" The woman nodded. Nyxe waited a moment. "Well...any requests?"

Back in the dressing room, the dress was hovering in front of the woman's copy, filled out with a woman's shape. She giggled.

"Sandy, aren't you done in there?" Her boyfriend said. The voice startled her, and the dress dropped to the ground. She held the hanger up, and the dress jumped up and back onto it. She opened the door. "What--you didn't even try it on? You've been in there for 5 minutes!"

"It's perfect," the copy smiled. "I'm done." She grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the front of the store.

"Done. Done? What do you mean? You only tried the dress on! I thought you were going clothes shopping!"

"Nah," Sandy's construct replied. "I think I need to get more reacquainted with what we have at home."

"No complaints here," her boyfriend said. "Are you sure?" Sandy's construct smiled at him.

"I'm sure, hon. Let's go home." As she placed the dress on a return rack, she headed toward the door, pulling the guy right behind her.

In Nyxe's dimension, The woman she captured was wrapped in a long satin robe, sitting on the couch in the mirrored den as Nyxe explained her new home.

"...and you're not alone here, you're simply one of the first." Nyxe snapped her fingers, and a black spandex bodysuit appeared. Nyxe turned to it. "Take out new guest to meet Melissa, please." The bodysuit bowed and gestured to Sandy. Sandy looked up at Nyxe. "Go ahead, my dear. I promise you nothing in my world will bring harm upon you."

"Okay," Sandy said, standing up. She cautiously walked toward the catsuit and linked her arm with its sleeve.

"Have fun now," Nyxe said to her, turning back toward the mirror. "Now what else have we got?" The mirror began changing scenes again, this time stopping at a woman's vanity. A gorgeous young woman sat at it, fixing her hair. She was wearing tan panties and a matching strapless bra, and she made playful faces at herself as she situated her hair.

"Awesome," she said to herself, lifting her bra and dropping it. "I love how my girls look in this bra. I bet Randy will too." She started applying her makeup. As she leaned toward her vanity mirror, she saw her lipstick float into the air. She leaned back and stared at the hovering tube. "Wh-what the..." The lipstick uncapped itself and extended. as it angled toward her face, she stood up and walked backward, running into something. She gasped and turned around to see the tube top and pocketless khakis she set out for herself. They were standing up on their own. She started to scream, but she felt something cup over her mouth.

As she tried to run, she found herself lifted into the air. Clothes flew out of her closet and wrapped themselves around her wrists and ankles as the rest of her body was rolled up in clothing. She was turned horizontally and pulled into the vanity mirror, fitting comfortably thanks to her clothing captors.

Immediately after she disappeared into Nyxe's portal, a flesh color faded into the invisible body her clothes were holding. Within seconds, her construct was opaque, a nearly-perfect copy of the captured girl. The copy grinned. 

"Let's see what your date thinks of me," she said, fading translucent for a second as she did. 

Nyxe had already ushered the girl away on her side and was looking for a new target. Her mirror focused on a college dormitory room with a petite blond undressing herself. Nyxe snapped her fingers, making a dozen or so pairs of black latex gloves appear.

"Go collect her, my dears." The gloves sailed through the mirror. Nyxe watched as the girl on the other side reacted. Her wrists were grabbed by the first pair, and another glove went over her mouth before she could scream. She felt her ankles grabbed by another pair while still another firmly grabbed her ass. Another pair began massaging her tits as she hovered up and out of the room--into the mirror where Nyxe waited.

One of the girl's outfits, a sweater and skirt, sailed out of her closet and filled up to her proportions. stockings climbed out of a drawer and took shape below the skirt. When the outfit was complete, her equally blond copy faded into view. On the other side of the mirror, Nyxe's glove troupe played with the girl, still suspended in mid-air, while Nyxe looked at the construct.

"I've got a job for you," Nyxe said. The construct walked over to the mirror and smiled.


"There's a lot of ambient energy over there. Do you best and try to collect the a few of your floormates in the bathroom. I've got a plan."

A minute later, the blond construct left her room. She forced the smile off her face as she walked toward the bathroom door. She put her hand up, and the bathroom door popped open momentarily. When it started its piston-assisted close, she walked down the hall, knocking on every other door.

Girls started coming out of the their rooms and into the hallway, 

"Hey, what's the deal, Angie?" One girl said. Another came out of her room, groggy.

"You fucking psycho--some of us sleep in the afternoon. This better be good." The construct of Angie now stood at the bathroom door.

"Yeah, it's going to be REAL good when someone tells me what the hell happened to our bathroom. The construct stormed into the bathroom as most of the girls in the hall followed. As the girls filed in to the bathroom, the construct stood against one stall door and held it closed from the outside. 

"So what is it, Angie?" A girl asked. Angie's construct held a finger up, signaling the girl to wait.

"What? Show us! Stop wasting my time!" Another girl tried to push the door open, but the construct had no problem overpowering her.

"I'll-show-everyone-at-once." The construct leaned in fearlessly, showing just a clue of her translucence to the girl in front of her. The girl backed off. "Just wait, okay? I want to show to everyone so I can see reactions." The girl shrugged at her, wide-eyed.

"Fine, whatever." As the rest of the girls filed in, more glared angrily at Angie's construct.

"Alright, we're all here. Show us." While all the girls looked at the third stall door opening, something began happening to the huge mirror behind them. A girl turned toward the mirror. Then another. Both had surprised looks on their faces. 

"What the hell? I'm--moving?" The other girls began turning toward the sink-to-ceiling mirrors. There were a chorus of confused shouts as the girls were pulled to the edge of the sinks against their will.

"Stop pushing me!"

"I'm not pushing you--something's pushing me!"

"I'm being lifted up!"

"What are you doing? Stop climbing me!"

"Did--are you guys..."

"I'm levitating!"

"I told you! We're being lifted up!"

A couple of girls screamed. some looked back at Angie's construct, who was laughing.

"Angie, what's happening? Why are you--" The construct laughed harder, turning slightly translucent as she did. "What the hell, Angie? What are you?"

"BOO!" The construct said, turning invisible. The girls now only saw Angie's clothes standing in her shape. A couple more screams came out before they were pulled through the mirror. Angie's construct looked at the mirror. "A lil' help, boss? I can't get that many outfits on my own." A smiling Nyxe appeared in the mirror. She waved her hand as a flash came through the mirror and struck the construct.

"You can now," Nyxe said. Angie's construct felt a tingle come over her. She grinned and closed her eyes. In the hall, outfits for each girl walked out of their rooms. Jeans, sweatpants, tight t-shirts, button downs, socks, sandals, and sets of underwear went wandering out toward the bathroom. A guy coming through the corridor at the wrong time started to shout, but his own sleeve shot into his mouth, gagging him. His clothes started walking him to the bathroom with the other outfits.

"Wow, thanks!" Angie's construct said, looking at her hands. The outfits wandered in with the guy. "Hey, bonus." As the outfits stood in front of the mirror, each of their respective constructs turned opaque.

"Wh-wh-what the fuck is happening here?" From the guy's perspective, 8-10 invisible girls had just turned visible. He couldn't see the other side of the mirror where Nyxe and the real girls were watching.

"He's all yours, girls. Get a taste for your new forms." Unable to hear Nyxe's voice from behind the mirror, the guy looked nervously around him as the girls surrounded him. His shirt tore itself off as he lifted into the air.

"Mmm...keep going. He likes it." His pants unbuttoned, unzipped and dropped. Angie's construct faded out and reappeared, naked, outside her clothes. She hovered over to the man as the rest of the constructs watched...

* * * 

At Anabel's house, the six women sat in the livingroom, talking. Gwen's construct Red hovered over the room.

"It wasn't a good decision, but once it was made, I couldn't destroy her."

"Couldn't, or wouldn't?" Tiffany asked. Her eyes locked with Anabel's. Anabel nodded.

"I'm trusting all of you, so I'll be honest--both. I wouldn't destroy her. Even if you asked me to now, I couldn't. She's a living force, and I'm to blame for her being on this plane of existence. I can--find a place for her, but I can't destroy her."

"Banishment, you mean. But, isn't that what I did?"

"No. You turned her main form to energy and absorbed it. There was no banishment. You effectively took her power into yourself."

"That's why I became stronger," Tiffany said.

"Yes, and also why--" Anabel shuddered. "Ooooh." Tiffany's eyes widened.

"I felt it too, Anabel! It was, I mean, it feels like--" Tiffany laughed a bit.

"Augh," Anabel was panting. "I'm sorry, it's--"

"What?" Cristina asked. "What's happening to you two?"

"Something big is going on," Anabel said, shuddering. "It's--it's happening at..." Anabel stood up. "Pardon me a second." Anabel headed through the swinging door, past the kitchen and into the bathroom. Anabel started rubbing herself as the bathroom door shut and locked itself.

"What was that about?" Cheryl asked Tiffany. Tiffany blushed.

"Um, well--it was like--an impulse. I don't think it hit me as hard as it hit her."

In the bathroom, Anabel was hovering a few inches off the ground. She squeezed her tits through her shirt as her panties rubbed themselves against her.

"Yeah, yyyyeah..." As Anabel's cries increased in volume, the bathroom door started rattling. In the other room, Tiffany was feeling the same impulse as before, working at a lower magnitude. Tiffany's face was red. When Anabel's release came, the bathroom door broke open. Tiffany shuddered as her chair hopped an inch and landed on the ground again. Her face was bright red now.

"Tiffany, what's--" Cristina was cut off when Anabel came out the kitchen door, brushing off her blouse. She sighed.

"We need to see what's going on in New York," She said. "Red, I need your power. Tiffany, I need you to come with me."

"Wait a minute," Cheryl said. "You can't just take her with you into god knows what. She's--"

"--Fine." Anabel said. "She'll be fine. We're not actually going anywhere." Anabel turned to red. "You know how to do it, don't you?" Red nodded.

"What are you talking about?" Tiffany asked.

"Ethereal projection," Red replied. "I will go to New York myself, taking your consciousness with me." Tiffany looked at Anabel, who nodded. "Your bodies will remain here. When I return, your consciousness returns to your body."

"It's a way for us to observe things without being detected," Anabel explained. "Will you come?" Tiffany nodded.

"Sure thing," Tiffany said. "I'm part of this too." Red stretched and hovered in the middle of the living room.

"Then let's go," Anabel said, hovering up to meet her. Tiffany did the same.

"You're just leaving us here?" Cheryl asked. "What happens if--"

"While I'm still physically here, everything within this house will obey the four of you. If you all stay here, you'll be fine." Cheryl shrugged acceptance.

"Be careful," Cheryl said.

"I will," Tiffany and Anabel said simultaneously. Anabel smirked. "Take a deep breath now, Tiffany." Red placed her hands on Tiffany and Anabel's foreheads. As Red faded out, Tiffany and Anabel's bodies hovered carefully down to the couch.

The travel was nearly instantaneous. Before she knew it, Tiffany saw a storm of clothes wandering through a hall in the building. Anabel and red watched as well. 

*We can split up to observe,* Red said. *I can hold your ethereal forms up to a few miles away.* Tiffany and Anabel nodded. *If you need me, call me with thought.* Tiffany and Anabel went in different directions. Anabel went to the upper floors of the building while Tiffany navigated below. 

Anabel couldn't believe what she saw. The whole building was alive. As she passed up through the floors, she saw clothes and objects in every apartment performing tasks on their own, whether their owners were home or not.

One apartment had no one in it, but Anabel could tell by the clothes that it was occupied by a couple. Their outfits were in every room, paired off and pawing all over each other. In the kitchen, A three-piece suit grabbed the ass of a skirt suit. One sleeve slid under the blazer. The couple's voices emanated from the unseen forms in the outfits, teasing, moaning, and talking dirty to one another.

Anabel wandered into the bedroom and saw a camisole attached to a pair of suspender strap stockings, spread-eagle with their legs lifted into the air.

"Lick it, baby. Make it wet." The feminine voice from the outfit continued moaning as the man's shirt below the stockings bobbed up and down, facing them. The stockings wrapped their lower legs around the shirt's shoulders as its collar bobbed up and down. Anabel continued into the bedroom. There were athletic shorts and t-shirts playing with sets of lingerie all over the place.

The craziest action taking place, however, was happening in the bed. Anabel watched as the sheets furiously rolled around, two passionate voices escaping from them.

"Fuck me, fuck-fuck-fuck me!" The invisible forms beneath the sheets flipped themselves over, and Anabel watched as it looked like the male form fucking the female from doggy-style. "Ooh, deeeper. Deeper and harder! Fuck meeeeee!" The bed started jumping off the ground as the sheets moved back and forth, slamming the bed against the wall even as it began hovering.

This was bad. Even without their human counterparts, there was enough power flowing through the building for the animated forms themselves to regenerate sexual energy. If this were allowed to continue, Anabel reasoned, the cycle of energy might reach a positive feedback loop. At that point, Nyxe wouldn't even have to exert her own energy over this plane in order to change it. She could just issue the command, and the energy would generate itself. Eventually, Nyxe would only need to pull the trigger.

Anabel moved on to the next floor. She was surprised to see a man sitting in a lazy chair, calm as could be. A negligee stood in front of him, swaying back and forth. There were various other outfits walking into his apartment from the rest of the building, all of them women's clothes.

"You couldn't happen to bring someone along with one of these outfits, could you?" The man grinned. A pair of capri pants and a halter top walked over and sat on his lap. His heart fluttered. When the outfit sat down, he felt some weight--more than the clothes themselves, but less than if an invisible woman were in the outfit.

"We can do even better than that, actually," The capri outfit said in a perky voice. "We don't have to just be clothes." The man jumped a little as he felt a hand caress his face.

"Wow," he said, putting his hand up to his face, but feeling nothing. He raised his hand to the edges of the halter top, finding no arms or shoulders. "How did you--"

"We can touch you, but there's not enough energy for us to have bodies. We need help in order to do that." He felt an invisible finger trace down his shirt, over a nipple and down toward his waistband. Once again he grabbed for an intangible arm.

"So you can touch me, but I can't touch you?" He asked. He watched as his waistband pulled itself around, twisting so that his pants unbuttoned. "I guess I can already imagine what kind of help you need," he said to the outfit, looking back down at his unzipping pants.

"You can touch me," The outfit said, sticking its chest out. "You just can't touch the parts without clothes yet." The man grinned, reaching in between the legs of the capri pants. "Ah, a bad boy." The negligee moved closer, swishing against his face. A tight fitting skirt and blouse walked over and stepped beside him, leaning over. He felt air gently blow around his ear as he grabbed the ass of the capris tighter. "Can the bad boy handle us when we get bad?" The outfit asked as the man's dick popped through the flap on his boxers.

As his senses heightened, his chair started rocking back and forth, eventually coming off the ground. Anabel could sense something different from this tenant. It was as if he changed the pattern of the magic around him, as if he had some kind of charisma with the animated clothing.

"Very ni-i-ice..." The man remarked as an invisible fist enveloped his shaft, stroking it up. He watched as the skin of his shaft folded up and over his head, then back down, stretching. Anabel decided to go up another floor.

There was a stream of water flowing from a sink, curling into the air producing a form in the shape of a woman in the kitchen of another apartment. All the sudden, the sink erupted and burst open. Now a massive jet of water spiraled through the air, filling the woman shape and making it grow. A resonating laugh filled the room as two dripping limbs reached up to hold the growing breasts of the living water bubble. Now the giant water woman had to squeeze itself into the small kitchen.

The man living there turned the corner. In his kitchen there stood an impossible liquid form with breasts, thighs, buttocks, and even long, dripping strands of translucent liquid hair. His jaw dropped. Just as he was about to express his panic, the voluptuous water form waved an arm at him. The end of the arm lost shape and flung a globule of enchanted water at him. It surrounded his head the moment he screamed, and came out as a low vibration muffled by the water encasing him. The sentient water removed itself from his mouth and nose before he took another deep panicking breath. He looked down to see a thin column of later connecting him to the giant form near the sink.

As the column got thicker, he reached a hand down to try and break it, or stop the flow. The trail simply cascaded over his hand, continuing to add to the form of water slowly encasing his body.

"What the hell is happening here?" He shouted, finally breaking his silence. This finally brought his girlfriend running to the kitchen. She panicked the moment she saw the massive liquid construct soaking up all of the water from the kitchen sink and--holding her boyfriend? The giant womanly golem glanced at her and smile.

"Well hon," The liquid creature said in pleasing tone. "What would you like, girls or guys?" The young woman let out a blood-curdling scream. "Now, now--that's no kind of answer." The liquid figure began to inflate rapidly again, its form seeming to burst the unseen barriers holding the water back. "Maybe you'll calm down once you see the nice variety I give you to choose from."  The construct suddenly burst, leaving several puddles on the floor. The couple looked at each other, thinking for a second that their strange expeirence was over.

"H--honey?" The woman asked. "Are you okay?" She looked at her boyfriend. He no longer had a hovering mass of water restraining him, but he was now soaked head to toe.

"Uh...I th-think so," he answered. "Whatever just happened--is it over?" 

A clicking sound came from down the hall. The woman peeked out the kitchen door to see her footwear--sandals, strappy shoes, heels, mules, boots, and sneakers--all walking down the hall in a march-step. The woman screamed again.

"Honey, my--my shoes are walking on their own!" The woman exclaimed. "What the hell is going on here?" The man was more concerned with the puddles of water that now seemed to be rising off the floor. He noticed the water from the sink being diverted into a bunch of small streams leading to the puddles. Now he realized the the puddles were each taking the shape of a fit human body, some men, some women. There had to be at least a dozen in the tiny kitchen, shining translucent forms of broad-shouldered, tall, well-endowed men; forms of women from slender to voluminous, petite to pneumatic--all liquid. One of the female forms sloshed toward him, her legs fusing and forming a kind of serpent tail.

After watching the exodus of her footwear, the woman turned back to see the human shapes of water standing in her kitchen, particularly the large-breasted shape with a genie's tail slithering toward her boyfriend.

"Stu, what's happening here!?" His girlfriend shouted. Stu barely had the will to look away from the form approaching him. Though he was caught in shock like a rural deer grazing on the side of an interstate, he could still identify that its shape--particularly the top half of the front--was visually pleasing. The two shiny pear-shaped orbs probably had a lot to do with it.

"Fountain nymphs?" is all Stu could think to say. He thought he remembered seeing a renaissance art piece on the subject.

"That's a cute name--fountain nymphs. I like it," the form before the man said. Now standing again, the form's slithering tail turned back into a pair of liquid human legs. "Well," The form said to Stu, then turning to his girlfriend. "Would you two like to play?" When one of the male forms approached Stu's girlfriend, the two humans in the room looked at each other, looking as if they were seriously considering the offer... 

Anabel slipped through the ceiling into the penthouse. At first, she found no sign of life in the suite, but upon closer inspection, she found a mob of clothes congregating around a single closet. Anabel poked her head through the door to find a young woman against it, eyes full of terror as she held the door back.

Anabel recognized her as a hit actress from a soap opera she used to watch. Now she was showing true emotion as she tried to hold the door shut. But it didn't take her long to reach the realization that the closet wasn't exactly the best place for her to hide. After all, if there were clothes outside that had just jumped to life and started coming after her, then...

She looked back into the closet and saw the wall of shoes and boots in the cubbies at the end. Shoes are clothes too, she thought to herself. As if her thought had given the shoes the idea, pair by pair the footwear came out of their compartments and hovered to the floor, filing up with invisible feet and legs. It wasn't long before the entire collection of footwear came off the shelves and stood in front of her, slowly surrounding her.

"Wh-wh-why is this happening?" She asked to no one in particular. The rattling at her back stopped when she spoke. She listened cautiously, no longer feeling anything pushing against the door. Clearly, she had a choice between these living boots and her clothing assailants outside. She hadn't ever thought of her footwear collection as menacing, but right about now, she saw a sea of soles, heels and spikes that she wasn't sure would be any better than woven textiles.

She flung the door open and scrambled to her feet, ready to bolt out of her penthouse apartment in a moment's notice. What she found behind the door quickly changed those plans.

It seemed to be everything. Her clothes closet had emptied itself, and now many of the items were filled out, looking like an invisible copy of the actress was standing inside them.


Downstairs, Tiffany sees a line of slaves set up by Kaori and Stacie

Tiffany finds Bridget and her booty posse.

Tiffany finds Lisa and calls to Anabel and Red

Anabel and Red join her, talk over a plan. 

* * *

Nyxe appears to Hannah, telling her there are intruders in the building.

Nyxe appears to Protags, telling them they're trapped.

Red confirms being trapped.

Jodi appears to Red and offers a way out.

* * *

Tiffany and Anabel revive in house.

Anabel mentions the power locked at the Sorority, where some of Nyxe's original source energy was contained.

The house is left to Cristina, who is given absolute power over the house.

As Anabel's team heads to the sorority, Hannah and Jen approach Anabel's house.

* * *

Jodi appears to Lisa, lets her know she's safe and happy.

Lisa asks Jodi if she's doing the right thing, or if Tiffany's lying. Jodi responds that the nature of the situation does not equate to these polar terms, and that lady Nyxe has no interest in destruction.

In the basement, Eva is already taking her power to the next level. 

* * *

Meanwhile, in the other dimension, a sphere of mirrored glass hovered in the air. It was from this point that Nyxe was observing the construction of her new kingdom. Already, a strip club and an apartment complex had formed on the ground below as well as a few structures that had formed in odd corners of the dimensional walls. From these structions began to emerge people, women Nyxe had captured from around the world. What had started as a slow trickle began to transform into a small flood as more and more structures began to appear. Inside of the strip club, the largest group of women was being processed. One by one, they moved through a line to the front entrance. Once there, they were met by a pair of leather gloves.

"Identification, please?" The gloves asked as a college aged girl searched her nude body for any form of ID. Instead the gloves cupped her breasts and gave a squeeze. "Alright, Sarah Ducard. Please step forward and recieve the mark of Her Eminance, the High Governess General. Your clothes are waiting for you at the front door as well as a map to your new home." Sarah slowly walked forward as the gloves drew a symbol on her right breast with its finger. A black tattoo of the symbol appeared. "Thank you and have a wonderful day." Sarah, was still confused as to what was going on. One minute she was seeing what her best friend was going to wear to class and the next, she ended up here. She walked up to the front door, feeling the tattoo to see if it would come off. She was shocked to find the clothes she was wearing standing on their own amid a crowd of other living clothing. Her clothing was holding up a sign reading "Sarah Ducard" so she approached them.

"Hi Sarah," A voice called out from the mauve sweater up top. "We've been waiting for you for so long."

"Put us on Sarah," The black knee boots added. "We'll be good, we promise."

Meanwhile, the reflective sphere began to ripple and compress. Nyxe sat inside, rubbing herself vigorously as she watched the events unfold in the mirror. As the mirror pulled away from her view, Nyxe began to materiaize an image of her palace in her head. As she continued her masterbation session, a drop from the sphere splased down on to the ground. From it formed a massive tower and an administration complex. Crystaline structures began to jut out of the sides of the sphere and form into introcate towers, which turned black in color. Gold details painted themselves on the obsidian towers and windows of amethyst began to appear one by one. In the center of each tower appeared a massive purple sapphire with gold details surrounding each one. Towers continued to appear until there were ten. Three on the inside forming a triangle and seven forming out from the inner three. The towers broke away from the main structure to float on their own. As Nyxe transitioned from simple rubbing to intense fingering, the silver sphere shrank in size. The sphere flattened out into a disk as a cylinder shot into the sky and fattened out. Once the tower reached its maximum height, the top blossomed into a violet rose-like shape. Surrounding the tower came a royal garden and the various buildings of the royal court. At the bottom of the disk, skyscrapers began to appear, followed by a massive tower in the center. From this central tower formed a single clock. As Nyxe finally climaxed, ten silver orbs shot from the finalized palace to the ground, forming the blanks for the ten Governess Manors.

A city was beginning to form in all directions of the palace and beyond it, vast forests of satin and mountains of leather began to pierce the blank landscape. The women already captured were slowly being introduced into the city and by the hour, more were showing up.

Nyxe's dimension has grown, and now includes more structures.

The power generated by Nyxe's captives now allow her to perform more complex tasks with portals and constructs.

Nyxe sat in her new throne while looking at a strange game board on a table. On it were pieces in the shapes of the fetishes of her governeses as well as shapes of Anabel and her resistance fighters. She watched as the little statues of Anabel and her band walked toward a structure set up to look like the sorority house Nyxe knew all too well. She stopped and noticed that Anabel's maid remained behind. She continued to watch as a pair of miniature black patent boots and a pair of black satin gloves approaced the model of Anabel's house. Melissa approached her new mistress from behind.

"So," She said in a soft tone. "What does all of this mean?"

"We've reached the point of no return," Nyxe replied. "They don't know it yet, but this world is mine. All I can do now is wait for her to make the next move. If she does what I know she'll do, this game's as good as lost for her." Nyxe chuckled a little to herself. "Checkmate, Anabel. Checkmate."