Mistress Nyxe

Mistress Nyxe 7

Melissa laid on what appeared to be an endless plain of black satin, stretching all directions to infinity. The satin glowed under an ominous purple sky as its surface seemed to flow like rippling lake water. The ground was pillow-soft, like laying on a mattress. Melissa sat up and realized she couldn't see a distinguishing feature in any direction. Wherever she was, it appeared to go on forever. Warm, sweet air moved over her like a July breeze at dawn. This place was comfortable for now, but what if she got thirsty?

"Don't worry," a voice echoed around her. "Everything's taken care of. I know it's not much to look at right now, but even as we speak I'm building it. Your own accommodations will be ready in a few moments."

"You're building it?" Melissa asked into the void.

"Yes, my dear--and when I'm finished, it'll be like nothing you've ever seen.

* * *

There was another knock on Lisa's door. This would be the last guest Nyxe had told her about: she had said that Tiffany had been redirected, and that the others from Lisa's building would meet in her apartment to be shown the power of their new gifts. Lisa's door swung open. An attractive brunette in black thigh-high leather boots stepped in.

Hannah looked at the other women. Lisa was the only one she recognized, a short haired blond woman in a turtleneck, khaki skirt, and plaid stockings. There were two other women dressed up in flashy fetish gear, one clearly dominant and the other with her hands tied behind her and a leash around her neck. There was a woman with light brown hair sitting on the couch with a cold stare. She had silvery gray eyes, and a sweater to match them. Finally another two women sat on the couch, one showing off her hydrokinesis by making a liquid shape twist ans bend in the air before dropping it back into the glass on the coffee table.

"I guess this is where the party is, huh?" Hannah stepped inside as the door shut itself.

"Hannah," Lisa said, looking at her quizzically. The two knew each other as a result of their daughters occasionally hanging out. "You too?" Hannah nodded and entered.

"We're ready to begin," Nyxe said, stepping from one of the bedrooms after a flash of light. All the women stopped what they were doing. "I trust all of you have become acquainted with your new gift, at least in a basic sense." All the women nodded. "Excellent," Nyxe said, smiling. "I've picked you all for a specific reason, and as such, I've given you a range of abilities. By now you've probably realized that many things bend to your will, some more easily than others. Nearly anything can be given life and placed at your command, and I'm sure many of you have already realized that objects related to your sexual proclivities can be created from absolute void." A couple of the women's eyes went wide. Alicia looked up at Queen Nyxe.

"You mean that I can--create water?" Nyxe nodded.

"Yes--from the very air. But you need not stop at water." Nyxe snapped her fingers, and the water on the table turned caramel colored and began bubbling. The glass lifted up to Alicia's face. She grabbed it.

"C--cola?" Nyxe smiled. Alicia sipped from the glass. "No way! I can do that?"

"Try it," Nyxe responded. Alicia let go of the glass, allowing it to hover. The cola inside turned a pale tan color and kept sparkling. A large spherical droplet rose out of the glass and hovered into Alicia's mouth. Despite the other women's powers, they were focused on Alicia, who had a grace with her power that the others hadn't yet caught up with.

"Champagne," Alicia said, laughing. "Nothing special though." She held her hand up the the glass, which stretched and molded into a delicate wine glass.

"How'd you do that?" Hannah asked her.

"Glass," Alicia said, looking at the wineglass. The stem shrank and the glass lengthened, turning into a snifter. "It's not a solid--it's a supercooled fluid with ultrahigh viscosity." Even Nyxe raised an eyebrow.

"Very clever," she said. She looked back at the group of women. "Has anyone else tried? Don't be shy now." Hannah nodded. She took a deep breath. Six pairs of boots appeared, all vinyl in different colors. They began walking around as soon as they materialized. Lisa closed her eyes, and a pair of sheen translucent hip stockings appeared. They inflated to a voluptuous shape, starting at the ass and going just to the knee. One of the pairs of boots stood in front of the stockings. Lisa and Hannah both watched as the uninflated stocking feet flopped inside. The boots raised their heels, and the remainder of the stockings filled inside the boots.

The stockings and boots turned all the way around, appearing to show off. Just then, a loud thud from above them. Eva, the grey-eyed girl, looked up.

"Noisy neighbors," she said. Lisa looked over at Hannah.

"Actually--you're one up from me, aren't you?" Hannah nodded. 

"It's the twins fighting over something. I'm not worried about it." Hannah and Lisa watched their creations interact with others around the room--Bridget, on the couch with Alicia, created a couple of pairs of tight white cotton pants, Kaori generated a latex hobble skirt and corset with a floating crop bobbing alongside, and Stacie created a pony suit on all fours with ball restraints on the hands.

"That's it, ladies, get as much practice as you can. Soon we'll be using them to--" Another loud bang came from above them. Hannah rolled her eyes. "--attend to them, my dear." Hannah nodded cordially.

"My apologies," Hannah said to Nyxe. "I'll be right back." Hannah walked to the door.

"It's quite alright," Nyxe said. "And Hannah, if you find anything...unexpected," Nyxe smirked, "think about what you were like at that age before you judge them too harshly." Hannah narrowed her eyes at Nyxe's teasing smile, wondering what she knew about the noises coming from the apartment upstairs. Hannah would find out soon enough.

* * *

Hannah heard a quiet chorus of mmm's and ahhh's as she approached the door to Sadie and Madeline's room. She held her breath and knocked on the door. The noises stopped immediately, and Hannah heard a thump as something fell to the floor.

"Sadie? Maddie? Are you two in there?" Sadie and Maddie were sitting on their beds, both looking at each other in terror. They'd been caught. Maddie had a black vinyl boot in her hand, another one sat lengthwise on her lap. Her panties were pulled down to her knees as she held her skirt up with her other hand. Sadie had already haphazardly pulled her jeans around her hips, a pair of red leather boots in front of her. "Girls? I heard you in there. Answer me, or I'll open this door." Sadie gestured to Maddie, who just shrugged.

"Give us a second, mom." Maddie dropped her skirt and put down the boot in her hand. she pulled her black panties around her hips again, feeling them soak up the moisture between her legs. She tossed both Vinyl boots under her bed. Sadie kicked the red boots under her own bed. Tho two girls looked at each other again. Sadie nodded. "Okay, come on in."

The door creaked open with Hannah standing behind it.

"You guys were being a little noisy," Hannah said. "thought I'd see for myself how exactly you were rearranging the furniture." Both girls blushed a little as Hannah entered the room. "But nothing seems to be moved around much--maybe you were practicing judo throws?" Sadie scowled at her.

"Ugh...mom?! You're the one pretending to leave and standing outside our door. That's gross. What kind of mother hen watches over 18-year-olds like that?" Sadie stood up, red-faced. Hannah walked forward.

"I heard you...from the-next-floor-down." Hannah stared at Sadie, who was blushing again. Maddie laughed a little.

"From Lisa's apartment? Having coffee again?" Obvious derision in Maddie's voice. It was like her traits had been split in half. Sadie was fiery and serious, while Maddie was mischievous and sarcastic. After Hannah's separation with her husband, she spent a lot more time with women, and Maddie had been waiting to call her on it. Hannah redirected her stare at Maddie.

"Hmph." Hannah stepped over toward the bed. She looked on the floor. She crouched down as if she was about to reach under the bed. Maddie leaned over and got in her way.

"Alright, hey--whatever you do on your time is fine with me. Just--" Hannah shook her head.

"Got into my new collection, didn't you?" Both girls faced turned bright red. Sadie was horrified. "Relax." Hannah stood back up, laughing a little. "We all know where you got the idea from, after all." Hannah started to walk out of the room. Sadie's stare was aimed at Maddie, frozen in embarrassment. Maddie shrugged it off again. As Hannah shut the door behind her, she spoke again.

"Given that you both seem to have inherited my...affinity, there's a surprise for you." The girls looked at each other. 

"What are you talking about?" Maddie shouted to Hannah, now behind the closed bedroom door.

"My collection," Hannah replied. "There's more where those came from, and they're no ordinary boots. So enjoy the show and try to keep it down." The girls gave each other confused looks.

"What?" Maddie said as she heard Hannah's heels click down the hallway.

"Go easy on them..." they heard their mother's voice trail off. "...it's their first time--sort of." The girls then heard the door to the apartment open and close. The girls were alone again.

"Enjoy the show?" Maddie asked Sadie. Sadie shrugged.

"The 'go easy on them' part worries me a little bit more," she replied. There was a shuffling noise from the bedroom next to theirs. Sadie stood up. "What the hell?" Sadie hit the wall. "I hear you in there, I know you didn't leave!" Their bedroom door burst open again. Standing behind it was a pair of leather thigh high boots.

"S-Sadie, do you see that?" The boots clicked into the room. Both girls watched as they stood in between the two beds. Sadie pulled her feet up onto her bed, looking at the ghostly footwear with wide eyes. She turned to Maddie. "The...show?" Maddie shrugged, incredulous. "Did mom have something to--"

"They're moving like someone's in them, like--like they've been brought to life." The boots swayed back and forth. Sounds came from under their beds as the two pairs of boots they attempted to hide form Hannah slid out and stood upright.

"Oh my god..." Sadie said, watching the sexy red leather knee-high boots take shape. The creases in the shaft slowly smoothed out until the dyed leather wrapped tightly around an unseen pair of shapely calves. Sitting on the bed, Sadie could see into the filled boots as they stood on their toes, seemingly stretching.

Maddie watched the same thing happen with the thigh-high vinyl boots she had tossed aside. They too were filled with a pair of shapely unseen legs, and the boots marched over to the edge of the bed, leaning against Maddie's legs. Her heart fluttered.

"This is--Sadie, is this really happening?" Maddie looked over at her sister, perched over the red leather boots and watching them step and turn. Sadie looked up at her.

"So did she actually say we were allowed--I mean, did she really know what we were doing in here?" Sadie asked.

"Well, you remember when we walked in on her, don't you?" Maddie asked. Sadie's mind flashed back over a decade ago. Noises behind a door. Sighs of passion. Laughter. Joy. A doorknob she and her sister struggled to turn. When they finally got it open, a woman: naked, on the bed, clutching a black leather boot between her legs, pushing it up and down against her. Back in the present, Sadie watched as few more pairs of boots walked into the bedroom. Vinyl platforms. Latex thigh-highs. Leather ankle boots. Knee-high suede stilettos. Both girls watched the procession, their eyes daring between the new pairs and the ones that had filled themselves out next to the bed. "Sadie," Maddie continued, still staring at the haunted footwear marching in front of them, "do you remember that dream I told you about a few years ago?"

"You think maybe there's a chance this is going to end up the same way?" As if on cue, the red leather knee-highs floated up off of the floor and onto the edge of Sadie's bed. Sadie gasped. Maddie's eyes lit up.

"Touch them," Maddie said. "just to see what they do." The shin of one of the black vinyl boots slid itself against Maddie's shin as she watched Sadie move her hands closer to the red boots. "Ooh--" Maddie giggled. "Mine seem friendly enough." She leaned over and looked down the shafts of the vinyl thigh-highs, marveling at the way she could see all the way inside of them as the phantom legs inside moved them around.

"Whoa," Sadie said, passing her hand over the shafts of the boots. One boot hovered just off the surface of the bed and sailed toward her. She leaned back as the shaft hovered about a foot away from her. She reached out and touched the soft leather, running her fingers up the front.

Maddie was already ahead of her. She slid closer to the edge of the bed, hanging her thighs over the edge. The vinyl boots were dancing now, one between her legs and one to the left of her. Maddie hiked her skirt up a bit as she slid closer. Sadie looked up at her.

"Maddie, what are you doing?" Sadie asked. She grabbed the boot in front of her, squeezing the shaft where it met the ankle. It gave way with some resistance, but when she let it go, it inflated again. "Maddie, they're empty--and moving around all by themselves."

"And from the looks of it," Maddie replied, "They don't really have a problem with what we were doing with them." Maddie watched as the Vinyl boots danced around, sliding between her legs and rubbing against her thighs. She watched as the boot between her legs inched itself closer and closer to her hips, hiking her skirt up as if to tease it. Across from her, Sadie was stroking a red leather boot calf. Its mate hovered up and suspended its toe in front of Sadie's lips. Sadie looked over at Maddie again, now grinding herself against the top of the vinyl shaft.

"Maddie, are you sure about this?" Maddie looked up at her, grinning. She gestured to the pair of boots that were--by now--giving her a hell of a lap dance. She nodded casually at Sadie. Just as Sadie was about to respond, the boot near her lips passed by her, the leather of the side of the boot touching her face. The scent and the feel of it against her cheek made her forget her inhibitions; she turned her face to meet the boot and grabbed its vamp with her other hand. She opened her mouth and licked the boot shaft, working her way down to the toe. The boot in her other hand responded by jumping between her legs and rubbing against her jeans. "Mmm!" Sadie spurted, looking down at the empty red boot between her legs, moving its toe up and down across the tight denim.

Maddie giggled. She didn't even have to answer her sister's question; at this point it was a foregone conclusion: both of them were sure about it. Boots walking around on their own would send most people out the door in a hurried panic, but Sadie and Maddie had talked about this particular fantasy before. Their unnatural obsession with boots started early for obvious reasons, and with each given the shameless encouragement of the other, their exploration of the fetish grew. In one conversation, no doubt being recalled by both girls as this bizarre and fanciful scene played out--Maddie remarked how nice it would be if the boots could play all by themselves. Now, they'd both be allowed to play out that seemingly hypothetical fantasy.

Maddie pulled herself away from the edge of the bed and beckoned to the Vinyl boots. They jumped up onto the bed with her, and one of the boots stepped right between her upper thighs. Maddie grinned and pulled her skirt up, showing off her black panties again. She felt something tug at her waist; she looked down and realized it was her underwear. The waistband was rolling back on itself, curling up the fabric covering her nether region as it went. She pulled in a deep breath as her feet hovered into the air; her legs were pulled together and lifted up by an unseen force. She felt the rest of the waistband curl over her ass as her re-moistened panties slid up her thighs.

Sadie would have reacted to Maddie's possessed panties working their way off her body if she wasn't having a similar experience--by now her jeans had unzipped themselves, and the tight pants were slowly shimmying their way over her round derriere. Watching her jeans pull themselves off, her heart pounded. There was an odd fluttery feeling mixed with sexual anticipation as the pant legs pulled away. When she finally noticed her sister, Maddie was lying back on her bed with her legs curled around the shaft of a vinyl boot. The boot rubbed itself up and down just slightly as Maddie let out little moans.

Sadie's attention was drawn to the door when she noticed just how many pairs of boots there were. More than a couple dozen now, they swarmed over the floor, rubbing against each other and dancing around the room in flowing deliberate motions. Sadie's eyes leapt back to her own body as her panties shoved themselves aside, exposing her lips. She swooned as the red leather pressed its vamp against her, laying atop her and pushing the leather shaft against her skin from her clit all the way to where her belly met her chest.

"S-Sadieeee...are you having f-fun?" Maddie looked over at her sister, whose shirt was slowly unbuttoning now. Maddie looked down between her legs at the vinyl boot rubbing its toe against her wet mound. She grabbed her tits through the tee she was still wearing. As she squeezed and caressed herself, a pair of leather ankle boots jumped onto the bed. Maddie reached out to touch them, but the boots jumped to her sides the second she moved her arm. They carefully placed their heels under the t-shirt and flew up with it, peeling it off Maddie as her arms were thrown above her.one boot sailed back down and unhooked her bra with one perfectly-aimed swipe of the heel.

"More than I thought possible!" Sadie responded, pushing the red boot against her waist as it wiggled its toe up and down on her clit. She turned to her sister to see her bra drift away and land on a dresser. Now the ankle boots had their vamps cupped under Maddie's perky breasts, and she shrieked with joy as she watched the short boots work them in a clockwise motion. "I want someone to play with my tits," Sadie moaned as the red leather moved faster against her wet pussy. 

The thigh-high latex boots jumped onto Sadie's bed. Sadie watched as they bent at the knees. Based on how the boots were oriented, if there were a woman in them, her ass would have been right in front of Sadie's face. Instead, Sadie only saw the tops of the shafts and the inside of the shiny latex legs. She narrowed her eyes as she watched the ends of the latex shafts roll in on themselves a bit and pucker, shrinking the hole.

"What're you do--" The ends of the shafts encased her tits. Sadie moaned. "Oooooooh..." The boots started to inflate and deflate their shafts slightly, alternating with the rhythm of the red leather boot at her clit. "Mmmm...Maddie, these things are sucking my tits!" The ankle boots at Maddie's chest weren't doing a bad job either, as evidenced by her moans and sighs. She reached out to the upright vinyl boot and pulled it toward her. As it continued rubbing her with its vamp, she curiously unzipped the boot running her finger down the opened shaft. There was nothing but air inside. The boot knelt a little, pushing its toe against her harder.

"Ahh--yeah!" She let go of the boot, and the zipper flew right back up the shaft as the boot filled out smoothly again. Maddie took a deep breath, letting the ecstasy run through her. Sadie was sitting up again, watching the latex boots as they continued to pump her breasts in and out of their shafts. She ran her hands up and down the slick, smooth latex, squeezing the invisible thighs as they sucked on her. She could see down into the red leather boot between her legs as it worked her pussy closer and closer to orgasm. A pair of tan suede knee boots jumped onto her bed, standing next to her.

She stroked one of them up and down their calf, and the boot responded by rubbing itself against her hand. She traced her fingers up and over the lip of the shaft, pulling the suede down. The moment she let go, it reformed into a shapely lower leg.

"That's soooo hot..." Sadie said, stroking the material again. She reached down and tried to pick the boot up by its sole. Despite the great pressure  against her pussy by the boot pushing on it, she found the enchanted footwear didn't have anymore weight to it than a normal boot would.When she grabbed the boot, she could feel the toes moving.The shaft curled around her wrist, squeezing it. Sadie laughed; between the boot coiled around her hand and the ones sucking on her tits, these magic boots proved they could be more than just footwear. Two more pairs of boots leapt onto the bed with her. She beckoned them. "More...I want more...oooh, fuck me..." One pair walked down the bed toward her feet while one boot from the other pair sailed in front of her face, pointing its toe at her. As she leaned forward to lick the boot, the one between her legs pushed against her harder and the pair at her feet ran their soft material against her ankles, playing footsie with her.

"Do it! Oooh, do-it-do-it-do-it!" Maddie was ready to come. The pair of leather thigh-high boots had joined her on the bed and braced themselves between her legs, keeping them spread while they thrusted in rhythm with the vinyl boot that was seconds from making her explode. She looked over at her sister being worked over head to toe. There was nothing dreamlike about this--it was happening, it was real, and the scent of new boots and sex wafted through the air.

"Ooooooooh, I'm gonna come..." Sadie said softly. The latex boots kicked out their heels. Now the legs were straight, and a little pop was heard as the seal between boot and breast opened. The boots inflated themselves to capacity and wrapped around her tits again, working them over even harder now. "Yesssss, don't stop, don't stop--I'm gonna cuuuuuuuuum!"

The remaining boots in the room paired up and hovered into the air, making odd movements against each other. Maddie realized they were fucking each other--at least, they would be if they had invisible bodies inside the boots. She heard Sadie cry out, releasing herself against the red leather boot. Maddie came a couple seconds later, letting out a pitch slightly higher than her sister's. The boots' movements became soft and fluid as they pulsed deeply and slowly, sliding over their skin, and placing them in a bath of sensation. As the girls orgasms tapered off, they basked in the afterglow, wondering exactly how all of this was possible.

* * *

"We're going to do...what?" Lisa asked in disbelief.

"With my help, you're going to finish the job I started yesterday," Nyxe replied. "This building is ours--and you may bring to life, create, and transform as you wish."

"What about the other people?" Alicia asked.

"You may ignore them, or you may not," Nyxe grinned. "I leave that up to you. However, it's worth telling you that your command of power increases as you fuel it with passion."

"You mean that--"

"The more we use our powers to sexual ends, the more powerful we get," Kaori said, grinning at Stacie. Stacie felt the zipper on her PVC vest slide itself down her chest. Kaori pantomimed a squeezing motion with both her hands, and Stacie's breasts pushed themselves together, her cleavage spilling from the opening vest. Stacie cooed as Kaori started laughing. She snapped her fingers, and a full suit of pony gear appeared on all fours next to her. The ponysuit "bucked," going back on it's knees and curling its forearms as it gave a silent whinny.

"That's correct," Nyxe replied, "and it's important that you all become as powerful as possible. It won't be long before our opposition organizes against us." Lisa turned to her abruptly.

"Tiffany?" Lisa asked.

"Nothing but a pawn," Nyxe assured her. "The poor girl doesn't know what kind of tyrant she's aligned with." As Nyxe continued weaving propaganda, she told a very skewed story of how she was imprisoned unfairly by a sorceress. She talked about spending the last decade with her consciousness locked inside a pair of boots, the great efforts she undertook to learn magic while watching her captor, and her subsequent narrow escape. "But now I have a chance to stay free in this world," she concluded dramatically, "and that chance is thanks to all of you." She smiled. "Your abilities will grow with every moment as long as you help me--and if we should succeed in convincing my jailer to give up her hunt, your powers will become greater than anything you've ever imagined." No one appeared to be too jostled by this comment; Hannah, for instance, seemed more intrigued than anything.

"So what's the plan?" Hannah asked. "What do you want us to do?"

Nyxe laid out the plan. The girls would start at the base of the building, using the fire doors to gain access to the shops on the first floor. Hannah had it easiest, she was actually the co-owner of the shoe store at street level. Her husband was the other co-owner; the shop was something of a pet-project for Hannah after giving up her job as an attorney to take care of the children. Eva, the girl with the dull grey eyes, mentioned that she would be happy to take the risque shop with a basement entrance on the backside of the building. Kaori volunteered to take the alternative fashion store so long as she could bring Stacie with her. Lisa would hit up the larger anchor store with Bridget.

With the plans sorted out, the women dispersed. In the interest of coordination, the chaos was to commence on the stroke of two, giving the women just a few minutes to get into place.


Hannah entered through the regular staff entrance and was greeted by one of the girls working the sales floor. Lisa was in the lingerie section of the largest store on the first floor, a women's apparel shop. Eva made her way down the stairs to the naughty toy shop. Finally, Kaori and Stacie wandered through the aisles of an alternative fashion store. They seemed to be attracting some much-deserved attention for their loud clothing.

Whatever attention any of the women were receiving, it was nothing compared to what the upcoming events would invite. Hannah walked into the small stock area in the rear of the store. She looked around at the shelves and thought about what was about to happen. She came to terms with her affliction years ago, and her muffdiving days in college only made her boot addiction worse...pretty girls wore pretty boots.

Hannah took a deep breath. The smell of leather and plastic opened the gates, and now there was no turning back. The command was issued. Box tops popped off as the boot cuffs inside began turning upright and inflating. Hannah's own boots came to life and lifted her into the air a few inches, massaging her feet. The boots in the stock area leapt out of their boxes and clicked toward the sales floor.

In the front, the metal shutter over the door closed. A couple customers looked up.

"Never done that before," Sylvia said. "Guess we should get that checked out." Another staff member nodded at her as she walked over and tried to lift the shutter. It didn't move.

"It's locked."

"It can't be locked," Sylvia said. "It's just stuck. It doesn't lock automatically; you need the key to lock it." The other staff member took a closer look.

"Nah, it's locked. Toss me the--" She saw a procession of boots silently walk out of the stock area and onto the sales floor. Sylvia screamed when she saw the boots and headed toward the emergency exit. The bar pushed in, but the door didn't open. She turned back to the parade of boots as footwear on the sales floor began to spring to life. A pair of expensive-looking italian leather boots approached her.

"Hiya, Sylvia."

The other staff member was pinned against the front door as pair after pair of boots, shoes and sandals walked around the store. Most of the customers screamed at first, but some were reduced to silent panic. They stood on the benches, watching the growing sea of footwear all around them. One customer hadn't moved an inch, she simply watched as the boots she tried on unzipped themselves and pulled off. Another pair waited in their place. She snapped out of her shock for a second and glanced at the other panicking people in the store, and reasoned that she'd be better off letting these things use her as a foot model. She half-shrugged and held her feet up as a pair of copper leather boots slid themselves over her feet and up her shins.

Another customer screamed as her own pair of boots came to life and launched her into the air. The screaming subsided to pleading when a few pairs of boots hovered into the air after her, and subsided again to confused questions when the smooth thigh and knee high shafts began rubbing against her body. There was an abrupt tone change to "mmmmhmmmm" when her pants came unbuttoned; after that there was no longer any resistance at all.

One of the male customers in the store didn't have it so nice. Two minutes ago his wife was ordering him around from rack to rack to retrieve boots for her, and now he was being pinned to the ground with six pairs of boots. One pair kneeled on his chest as his wife looked on. She had a look on her face--not frightened or worried, but awed.

"Do me a favor, baby," A pair of white leather knee highs said to her. "Cum for me and you can see a whole lot more like this." The white boots presented themselves in front of her husband and held there. When he realized his wife was watching his predicament intently, a jolt of sexuality hit him as he licked the possessed boot. "Ah, you're both going to play," The boots said. "Maybe we should add more players to the game."

"I agree," said Hannah as she hovered into the main area of the store. "The more the merrier. What do you say, Sylvia? Jackie? Sylvia was leaning down to get closer to the Italian boots that approached her when she saw Hannah, free of gravity and smiling at her.

"Hannah, is this really--"

"Yes, it is, and I'm telling you...it's incredible." Hannah lifted her hand as Sylvia floated into the air. She was lifted right out of her black pumps, which walked away on their own once they were free of her feet. The leather boots situated themselves under her and unzipped, gliding up and over her feet. The zippers went up the shafts again as Sylvia felt them just barely squeeze her calves.

"Hannah?" Jackie said, watching her boss show of her supernatural powers. "Did you make all of this happen?" Hannah nodded at her. Jackie watched the woman being caressed by several pairs of boots as her clothes peeled themselves off of her. She had an embarrassed look on her face, but she couldn't cover up the impulses that weightlessness and the attention of the boots were causing in her. "I-i-is she..."

"Enjoying herself? Looks that way, doesn't it?" Hannah responded smugly. She raised an eyebrow at Jackie and sent her hovering into the air. "Why don't you try? Afraid you might like it?" Jackie gasped as her navy blue mules pulled themselves off her feet. They were quickly replaced by a pair of lace-up red leather boots.

The store was effectively under Hannah's control. Two men were being dominated by heeled boots while three women watched, their pussies and tits stroked and teased by leather and vinyl. Sylvia, Jackie, and two other women sailed through the air. One of them was naked, riding a boot between her legs and grabbing the cuffs of two others.

As Hannah absorbed the energy in the store, there were boots popping out of thin air in the back room. Then, the service exits to the rest of the building opened, allowing the boots access to the upper floors...


Lisa wasted no time at all. She simply brought the staff and customers' clothing to life. She decided to try something different. A cashier was ringing up a couple when he clothes came to life, making her body a puppet. a sleeve swung up and pointed her hand at the man, who hovered into the air. The cashier screamed when it happened.

"Put him down!" The woman shouted. "What the hell are you?" The cashier gave her a worried look, then looked back at her sleeve. Both her arms raised, and she lifted into the air. The woman watched as her husband flew back toward a rack of spaghetti strap tops, which came to life and accentuated their braless tits. They surrounded him as the buttons on his shirt violently tore off. He was turned over, and his pants were pulled down over his ass. His wife watched as stocking sets of different colors seemed to materialize from thin air and approach him.

The three women staff members appeared to be causing the chaos. Despite their horrified expressions denying it, it seemed to be their hands that were causing unseen strings to manipulate the naughty clothing. By now, that illusion was no longer necessary. Hannah just burst in through the service door, followed by an army of boots.

"Oh Lisa, my dear--I'm here to assist you..." One the staff members watched as a woman in red leather boots and black miniskirt entered. Her clothes made her hover up to Hannah. 

"Hello mistress," Her clothes said.

"What?" The girl in the stock area said, looking down. "I didn't say that!" She looked at Hannah. "Please don't hurt me--I just want to kn-know what the h-h-FUCK is going on."

"Your clothes said it, dear. They're under our control now." Hannah smiled. "Just relax and enjoy the ride. We're not going to hurt you. We're not going to hurt anyone. Maybe if you get really into it, we'll let you join us."

"Give me a few minutes to convince her," Her clothing said. "I know what makes her wet--and now that I've got the opportunity..." The stock girl moaned as her panties shifted. A couple pairs of boots on either side of Hannah were getting antsy.

"Well?" Hannah asked the boots. "What are you waiting for? Please her." The boots hovered over the stock girl as Hannah nodded and hovered toward the main area.

Lisa and Bridget had gained a lot of ground in a few minutes. Every man in the store was riding atop a plus-size pair of stockings or leotard tights their arms wrapped around the spaghetti strap tops. Some kneaded the tits of the outfits as they flew around. One had taken it to the next level, and his dick penetrated an unseen pussy as the outfit moaned and bounced him up and down.

Some women were getting toe jobs from other pairs of stockings, other women were played with by their own stockings. One pair was able to slide a pair of panties aside and create its own ghostly phallus by swelling up inside her. Bridget bent over a woman in leather pants and produced a magic rubber paddle that smacked her rear, alternating with the leather pants kneading her firm round ass.

"Stockings and boots," Hannah said to Lisa. "What a dangerous combination." Lisa smiled and waved her hand. A black pair of see-through leggings hovered in front of Hannah. "Maybe I'll wear them," Hannah said. "Then I can have a part of you touching me all day." Hannah puckered her lips and made a kiss sound.

"Wow," Lisa said, looking down and marveling at the Dark Purple Vinyl boots Hannah produced on her feet. Their creases moved subtly up and down as the boots squeezed Lisa's thighs. "Mmm..." Lisa said. "Your turn." Hannah watched her boots unzip and pull themselves off her feet as the leggings approached. They pulled themselves up Hannah's legs as the boots replaced themselves. Hannah felt the crotch of the leggings sweep back and forth over her lips as her boots zipped.

"Ooh..." Hannah cooed. "C'mere, cutie." Lisa's boots pulled her over to Hannah as she kissed Lisa forcefully. Lisa's body went soft as Hannah's tongue darted around inside her mouth. Hannah grinned. "How great is this new development?" Lisa took a deep breath as her eyes rolled up. She smiled and looked at Hannah.

"Well, now we have an excuse," Lisa said, "not that the lack of one ever stopped us before." Hannah's blouse unbuttoned as Lisa ran her hands over Hannah's bra, squeezing her tits. "How do you suppose the others are doing?" Both of them looked over at Bridget, who had her crotch against the face of the woman whose leather pants were engaging in first class assplay. As rubber paddles smacked both their asses, Hannah snickered.

"Hopefully they're doing as well as she is."


Stacie and Kaori had finished already. Kaori had assessed the scene: there was an overworked General Manager and a bunch of unruly and irresponsible staff. While Stacie played customer and distracted staff members, Kaori restrained and gagged them. The doors were barred from customers entering, and much of the clothing merchandise in the back was already wandering through the rest of the ground floor, meeting up with Hannah's boots and climbing the stairs to the next floors.

When the GM came out of the office, she found her staff gagged and bound, all but one trying their best to get the most volume out of their muffled screams. The remaining guy was blushing and making less noise than the others. His tight plaid pants made his erection pretty clear. The staff was suspended in the air, but none of them seemed to be hanging from anything.

"What the hell is this?" She turned to Stacie and Kaori. Stacie held out her arms in presentation.

"This is your current staff. Disloyal, unreliable, untrustworthy, and failing to see any opportunities." Kaori pointed to the aroused staff member. "Except for him. He's got a crush on you."

"But how are you--"

"Nevermind. The point is, we can make it so your merchandise does things like this. The GM's shirt lifted her tits and slowly played with her nipples.

"Oh! How are you--oooh..." The GM looked up at Kaori, who was smiling at her. The GM mouthed *ass* to Kaori, who raised an eyebrow.

"I think we can leave this one with her own project," Kaori said. The GM felt strong hands grasp her ass and lift it. The GM raised her feet off the ground, trusting the phantom hands to hold her up. Another began rubbing her panties as she squealed and rose into the air, thrusting against it. "Definitely can leave this one. Look at her go." Stacie looked at the GM.

"Make them come, and we can promise you a position with us--doing what we do," Stacie said. Kaori was already leading the rest of the clothing to the service stairs and through other floors in the building.

"But how? I mean--I don't--"

"Ask, and it will be done," Stacie replied. She snapped her fingers. "At least while my mistress and I are in your area."

"Pull Debbie's pants off," The GM said. The test worked immediately. Debbie's voice went silent behind her gag as she watched her pants unbutton. They slid down her legs and off, just as the GM requested. Instead of falling to the ground though, they followed Kaori.

"Remember," Stacie said, "All of them. Yourself too." The GM's eyes went wide as she blushed. "The reward'll be worth it--I promise." Stacie flew through the service exit with the rest of the clothes as the GM tried out the new policy on her staff...


Alicia knew she was behind. She must have been off by a couple minutes. She headed into the women's shower room connected to the luxury building's pool. There were a couple women in their bathing suits, rinsing themselves before going into the pool. Alicia turned on another shower, and the five unoccupied showers turned themselves on. Alicia grinned. As she rinsed off, the shower room filled with a dense steam. In the pool, the steam from the shower room began running under the door.

In the showers, mist began to condense around Alicia's bathing suit straps. One of the other women glanced over and saw her shoulder strap being pulled down by a misty form. She gasped. The other woman looked as well.

"Hey," the woman spoke above the showers. "Y-your--" Alicia looked over at her and smiled as her shoulder strap pulled down and over her back. The woman gasped as she watched misty fingers work their way over her sides. They crawled under her top and tweaked her nipples. "Hey!" Her top unclipped itself and fell nearly to the ground before picking itself up again and clipping.

She looked down and noticed the water was no longer draining. In fact--it wasn't even hitting the ground. It was sweeping behind her. As she turned around, she was lifted into the air. She felt her body being pulled upward as something warm and wet slid across her back.

The other woman squealed as she watched Alicia and the undressed woman being lifted into the air by water forms shaped like men. Alicia laughed as she was fucked; the other woman moaned and sighed, unable to reconcile the pleasure she was feeling with everything and anything she knew about reality.

The pool attendant watched the bottom vent of the shower door pour out an unnatural amount of steam. She tried to push the door open, and found it locked. She clapped her hands against her pockets, looking for her keys.

The woman watched a female form of water standing in front of her as she glanced from Alicia to the other woman, getting fucked by the water forms as female water forms filled up inside their swimsuits.

"It's okay," the form told her with a soft voice. "We won't do anything you don't want us to." The form turned to look at the two women, who were wrapped around the male forms screwing them, howling with pleasure now. The female form turned back. "You see? We're giving them what they want. I can do whatever you want as well...don't you want me to touch you?" As the water form held out its hand, the woman slowly stepped toward it as her bathing suit began untying.

A couple of the pool patrons--some housewives and both sexes of the young professional set--now took notice of the steam rolling over the pool room. The pool attendant returned with her keys, but just as she was about to place the key in, the door pulled open. The attendant was swept off her feet by a puff of steam. She was suspended above the pool as the patrons panicked. Three forms wearing swimsuits walked out of the shower room, followed by Alicia, naked, with her legs wrapped around the liquid male form thrusting into her.

Alicia waved her hands into the air, and the people trying to escape from the pool found their movements getting particularly futile. Their limbs moved like slow motion through the water as they attempted to get to the edges. The other two women flew out of the shower room, one being fucked from behind by a male shape, the other 69ing with a female form. The mist stripped the shorts and shirt off of the attendant, and the form making love to Alicia dipped down toward the pool.

As soon as the form touched the surface of the pool, the syrupy water went wavy, pulling the people in the pool up with the water. It was as if the liquid in the pool no longer obeyed gravity. In addition, the swimmers found their suits being pulled off by the motion of the water. One of the men looked down as he was being pulled on by the water itself. when he reached his hands down into the pool, water started running up his arms, under and around the pits. He started laughing as the water around his waist pulled his swelling manhood back and forth.

Human forms began emerging from the pool water, wearing the suits the water had pulled off of the swimmers. As the women from the locker room came, those in the pool weren't far behind. The women bobbed up and down out of the syrupy water as they were penetrated by it. The water flowed softly in and out from between their legs, massaging their asses and thighs. The men were jerked off by the water flowing around their swollen dicks, the sensation somewhere between a blowjob and a tight pussy.

The misty forms from earlier joined the liquid forms coming off of the pool. A few of the male and female forms paired up and fucked while the swimmers spiraled toward orgasm. Alicia led the way for the mist and liquid forms as the swimmers came, releasing themselves into the pool water and supercharging it. Male and Female forms crawled out of the pool water until all that remained were half a dozen spheres keeping the swimmers suspended in sexual ecstasy.

Alicia and the multitude of enchanted liquid forms headed to the upper levels as more the building was taken over by sexual release.  


Eva walked into the shop in the basement disguised as a vendor. She had a sexy leather skirt and blazer over a satin blouse, and sharp-looking glasses over her steel-gray eyes. She place a leather case on the counter.

"Can I help you?" The store magager asked. Eva held out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Eva Palladas." She held out a card, and the manager took it. "I'd just like 5 minutes of your time to show you a product that might fit in with your selection here."

"Enhanced Robotics?" The woman asked.

"Don't let the name fool you," Eva replied. "We're in the same business. So do you have five minutes for a demonstration?" The store manager nodded.

"Yeah, sure." She agreed. Eva opened her bag and pulled out what looked like a soft dildo. "But I have to be honest with you, we've got a lot of things like that already in here." Eva placed it on the table and produced another in a different color.

"Not like these you don't." Eva replied. A customer walked up to the counter to be checked out. 

"Excuse me just a second." As she moved down the counter to ring the woman up, Eva raised an eyebrow at one of the dildo-like objects. It started wriggling on the table like a snake before slithering into the air. The motion caught the manager's eye, and she froze at her register. Her glace cause the customer to turn around and look. She was stunned as well.

"How are you--" The customer shook her head. "What is that?"

"State-of-the-art technology," Eva said in a matter-of-fact tone. "There's no product in the world like it. The next-best company is two decades away from this." The attendant nodded.

"I've never even heard of anything like this," she aid, stunned. "How do they work?"

"That's a proprietary secret," Eva responded, "But I can let you and your customers try these special first production prototypes if you'd settle for that." The customer approached and grabbed the wriggling toy. She laughed as it moved her hand around.

"I can't believe this," she said. "It's unreal--like something out of science fiction. What keeps it up? Magnetic fields?" Eva shook her head.

"Don't worry about it," Eva said, "Just enjoy." She grabbed the other toy and pointed it at her bag. A dozen more of the same came out of the bag, wriggling through the air as other customers in the store took notice. "Let me give you ladies a demonstration." Eva grabbed one of the floating phallic snakes. As she pumped her hand up and down on it, it tensed into a straight rod and pulsated with her pumps. Despite the store they were in, a couple women blushed. There were also enthusiastic cheers, oohs and ahhs.

The woman that grabbed the other hovering toy tried the same motion as Eva, watching as the snake-like motion subsided and the phallus turned rigid. A couple other customers started plucking the toys from the air, starting to ask questions about them. The customer who worked hers into a hard pole had a tremor of arousal run down her pussy. As the impulse broadcast back to Eva, she mentally popped open the customer's jeans and pulled them down.

The customer gasped as her panties slid aside and allowed the floating dildo to insert. Her pussy was wet, and she wasn't about to resist the incredible feeling of wieghtlessness as Eva's "state-of-the-art" dildo worked its way into her and shifted into a hybrid snake motion, massaging the walls of her pussy as she hovered a foot of the ground.

As other women were inwardly aroused, Eva detected it and gave her team of toys license to strip and penetrate. In a few moments, Eva had five women nude from the waist down, being fucked by "smart-dildos". One of the women stood out form the others though--and it was clear she was getting more out of the situation than the rest...

* * *

Near Philadelphia, Vanessa caused about a dozen fender benders on her flight to the outskirts of the city. By the time she got to the parking lot, she was dripping onto her inflatable transportation, gyrating herself against the rubber form. A couple people in the parking lot stared at her as she hovered down toward the automatic door.

Kayla was already inside. She had returned to work to find everything back in its place, with no evidence of yesterday's incident. There was at least one staff member there from yesterday as well, and she seemed fine. Rosa has reported to work as well, and knew full well about her power. Having worked with Kayla and knowing she was involved, she wanted to talk to her before she did anything serious. Before she could, though, she got directions.

"Hello, Rosa." Nyxe's face appeared on Rosa's computer display.

"You? But--"

"Little time, dear. Listen to me. The store is about to erupt into panic once more, and you'll find your friend Kayla with another of the chosen--Vanessa. You should all go to the club, Foxtrot's. Are you familiar?"

"Y-yeah." Rosa nodded.

"Go now, and tell them." Rosa stood and walked out of the sales offices. When she walked into the store, Nyxe was proven right. There were two women wrapped in latex catsuits being bombarded with lube and rubbed down with latex gloves. Another woman was bucking wildly as she rode the inflatable creation Vanessa came in on; Vanessa traded it for a ride on her boyfriend, who Vanessa had encased in an inflatable latex suit. The suit steadily inflated to capacity and hovered in the air as Vanessa bounced up and down on it.

The boyfriend wasn't protesting at all. Though no one could tell from his outward appearance, the inner layer of his latex suit was wrapped tightly around his growing shaft and responding to his arousal perfectly. The latex sheath tightened around him with every one of Vanessa's bounces, and it certainly didn't hurt seeing this gorgeous girl riding on top of him.

Kayla spotted Rosa as she approached. Kayla acknowledged her and turned her focus back to her victims, stupefied, bound by tight living latex suits, and being rubbed down all over their bodies.

"Hey there--care to join?" Kayla asked. Rosa hovered up to meet her.

"The woman who made all this happen--Lady Nyxe--she appeared to me," Rosa said. "She said we need to go to Foxtrot's, and something about being chosen." Kayla raised an eyebrow.

"What do you think of all this, Rosa?" Kayla said, giggling as she watched a pair of gloves knead one of her captive's breasts. She allowed the woman control of her arms again, and to her approval, the woman used her free hands to push the gloves into her flesh harder, encouraging them more. "It's interesting how easily they resign themselves to what's happening," Kayla said under her breath.

"Well, it's a sex megastore. If they were vanilla freak-out types, they wouldn't be here, I guess." Rosa shrugged. Seeing Rosa and Kayla talking,  Vanessa the inflatable suit over to them.

"Lovely day, isn't it?" Vanessa said, bouncing her PVC-clad rear against the suit's belly.

"The lady from yesterday appeared," Kayla said. "We think she wants to meet us downtown at a strip club. I'm Kayla, by the way."

"Vanessa," She replied. "And you are?"

"Rosa," the other girl with curly black hair said.

"And what's your specialty?" Rosa smirked a little and snapped her fingers. Brushes and feathers appeared at Vanessa's feet. "Ah. I remember now."

"I can demonstrate later," Rosa snapped her fingers again, and the items were gone. "We're going to Foxtrot's--I would guess to meet the other women who shared our...experience yesterday."

"And then what?" Vanessa asked.

"Who knows? Are you coming?" Kayla asked. Vanessa nodded. She beckoned to the floating latex snake shape that was giving another girl the ride of her life. It hovered over, maintaining its rollicking motion as the girl purred, practically melting into the latex.

"We're going to trade again, hon. You can have your boyfriend back." Vanessa hovered off the inflatable suit as the woman hovered off of Vanessa's latex transport.

"And here's a present for you both," Kayla added as she waved her hand at the inflatable suit. The woman watched as latex seemed to gather itself in one area of the suit. It then protruded and expanded, filling out like a rock hard member. The guy trapped in the suit moaned. "Sounds like it worked," Kayla snickered. As the woman was set down on top of the suit's phallic protrusion, both she and her boyfriend let out passionate harmonized notes. Vanessa mounted her ride.

"Mmmm...that's nice." Vanessa wasn't sure how it happened, but her PVC pants puffed up about an inch. At first she thought her legs swelled. "What the--" The top zip of her pants went down a bit, revealing the fabric of the pants to be about an inch and a half thick--or so she thought. It took her a few seconds to realize it: she had inflated them.

"In the meantime, let's leave this while we're gone and see what happens," Kayla said, grinning. "What do you think?" Rosa shook her head, but she was still smiling. Vanessa, distracted by her new use for her power, didn't hear her. "Vanessa?" She snapped out of it.

"Oh, sure--I say we leave it." Now that she was wearing pants with an inch of air between them (two inches in the rear to accentuate her ass), she decided to try her cotton t-shirt. She was amazed. The shirt puffed out, and she flipped up the lower hem to find the fabric ballooning out. She laughed, astonished. The cotton was still slightly see through, but the air didn't rush from the gaps in the weave. And while it seemed to still be cotton, Vanessa found it gained an elasticity like that of rubber.

"I think even leaving it like this is too boring," Kayla said. "I think we leave a party going on." Kayla looked over at the latex department. As the suits, pants, chaps, dresses, and other items came to life, some of them started morphing. A black latex hood stretched giant curled horns into itself. and placed itself atop a red governess' dress. The seat of the dress stretched back five or six feet as two sets of latex leggings went beneath it, one in front, another in the back. Kayla had made a living latex centaur. A pair of black wrist gloves placed themselves at the end of either dress sleeve, and the completed creation trotted and bounced toward them. Kayla fashioned a latex saddle and laid it over the back of the shiny red beast. Seeing an opportunity for collaboration, Vanessa snapped her fingers. Kayla's saddle became unmistakably three-dimensional as it inflated. Kayla mounted her creation.

The store was a mess again, its merchandise alive as the day before. Rosa looked around at the chaos.

"So we're just leaving now?" Rosa asked. Kayla nodded.

"Hop on," she said, patting the over extended ass of the dress. The saddle stretched out to accommodate Rosa, and the two enchanted rubber mounts headed for Foxtrot's.


As Jennifer headed toward "Mistress Tia's Punishment Emporium," Lily's BDSM parlor, she was recovering from the sex she had with her boyfriend that morning. He was a little freaked out to discover he hadn't dreamed the whole "living clothing" incident the night before, but after Jen transformed their bedroom into a scene from a wet dream, he had no problem letting his girlfriend use her bewitching sorcery on him. At first Jen simply created walls of curtains, drapes, floor and ceiling covers to set the scene. But while she fucked her boyfriend, the satin sheets on the bed began to slither all over their bodies. A pair of breasts would take shape behind the fabric, or invisible fingers would grab and prod through it. The hotter the sex became, the more the satin around them interacted.

After Jen came, it was impossible to avoid the living satin forms; they were everywhere around the condo. When Nyxe appeared to her, she headed to Lily's and left her boyfriend to the whims of a house full of sex-hungry clothing (and sheets). 

The door opened. Lily was behind a post-mod desk, dressed in a lace corset and a short leather skirt.

"No appointements today, I'm afraid. I've given the staff--" She recognized Jen. "Hey, it's you!" She looked over at the door. It bolted itself. "Did she appear to you too?"

"Yeah--she told me you'd know what to do next."

"We're all headed to a strip joint downtown, I guess to start phase one of the plan." Lily grinned. A suit consisting of crisscrossed straps appeared in front of Jen. "I trust you've been practicing?"

"Yeah," Jen blushed. "Quite a bit...but have you tried using your power when you're fucking?" Lily's eyes went wide.

"Awesome?" Lily asked.

"It's like she said--our powers feed off of it. If you use magic while you fuck, it's like an endless well." Jen smiled.

"I'll have to try it sometime," Lily said. "In the meantime, let's go." Lily stood up and hovered forward, just barely off the ground. "Come on, then--we're going to be late." A handcuff appeared around Jen's left hand while the other cuff floated freely in front of her, leading her out the door.

* * *

Melissa was stunned. A second ago there was nothing, and now there stood three buildings on the plain of shimmering satin. First there was a city building, with storefronts at ground level and apartment on the above floors. They were beautiful storefronts, and there were lights on in the upper floors. The building itself had to be 20 stories high.

There was also a decently sized strip club across from the building. Melissa gasped as she watched the dark fabric on the ground morph. A "street" formed between the buildings--the street level sunk about 4 inches and turned to a duller black. The edges puffed out a little, making a rounded curb on either side of the street. Smaller shimmering squares appeared on the sidewalk area of this created street, and by now Melissa had to find out what was happening. She approached where the satin horizon turned to these other materials. The knelt down on the "street," noticing that it was still soft and gave way like the other ground. The difference was the texture--it was like the streets were made out of leather. Melissa bent over and touched it. She couldn't believe it, so she knelt down and got even closer. She could detect the scent now, and there was no doubt about it: leather. 

She walked over to the sidewalks. She guessed it before she got close enough to touch it: velvet. If this was the way Nyxe designed her worlds, she was off to a great start as far as Melissa was concerned. She was getting thirsty, though. The sign from the strip club turned on, and the door popped open. Melissa wandered inside to see exactly how much detail it was created with...

A portal opened, and Nyxe floated into the dimension. When it closed behind her, she looked up at the apartment building and smiled.

"My, it seems I've chosen the right group. They're really into their work." Nyxe snapped her fingers. "I nearly forgot--there's a couple more locations that we could use in here. I left plenty of energy in Cheryl and Melissa's houses, I just need a catalyst." Nyxe concentrated, and her aura glowed a slight hue of purple.

Meanwhile, in Cheryl's house, a projection of Nyxe appeared in her bedroom mirror. The same projection appeared in Melissa's house, on the mirror hanging on the back of the master bedroom door.

"Alright, it's time for the rest of you to do one last favor for your mistress..." At both houses, clothing began lifting off of the floor and filling out. The remainder of Cheryl and Melissa's clothes strutted out of their closets and drawers. "Find someone to willingly surrender to you, and make sure they do it in the house. It's important." At Cheryl's house, one of her charmuese blouses saluted Nyxe to acknowledge the command. At Melissa's house, it was a pair of leather gloves.


Melissa's clothes had it easy...with Kyle's car still in the parking lot, one of his friends came looking for him. The timing was perfect; Melissa's clothes had been given their command just as Ryan spotted his car. He was ready to bitch Kyle out--it was moving day for Ryan and Kyle was supposed to be there to help. He walked up to the door and knocked--he didn't give a damn whose house it was.

"Yes?" Melissa's voice answered from a pair of stockings and a set of underwear behind the front door.

"I'm really sorry to bug you, ma'am, but I'm looking for my buddy Kyle. I'm sure that's his car in the driveway and I was wondering if--" The door clicked, but didn't open.

"Please, come on in--he's right inside." The outfit stood behind the door as it opened slowly.

"I'm really sorry to intrude, I wouldn't normally ever do this, it's just that..." Ryan trailed off as he walked in, realizing there was no one in the entryway. "--uh, Ma'am?" The door slammed shut, locked and bolted. By the time Ryan saw the living lingerie in front of him, he was already sent hovering toward Melissa's bedroom as his clothes stripped themselves off.

The leather gloves were waiting for him in the bedroom, along with a line of pantyhose, jeans, blouses, shirts, and lingerie. The clothing was all filled out to unbelievable proportions, far exaggerated beyond Melissa's curves. A sliver of Ryan's fear turned to wonder: were there unbelievably voluptuous ghosts in these clothes?

With that thought, hope was lost for the college boy. A pair of spandex tights danced in front of his suspended body, presenting their ass and shaking it. He marveled at the shape of the ass, and eventually came to the conclusion that--ghost, invisible woman, poltergeist, WHATEVER--it was filling out the spandex amazingly, and he wanted to know what it felt like.

The spandex ass backed up, bouncing closer and closer to his face. His eyes were fixed on it. When he realized the ass was growing and tightening the spandex as it bounced closer, part of his anatomy started doing the same. The leather gloves were glad to help with that problem.

"Your body likes us, Ryan. Don't let your mind get in the way of some fun." He looked down as a leather glove grabbed his growing manhood. "Nope, eyes up here." The spandex ass shoved itself into his face, and he looked back up at it. "You like this ass, don't you?" Ryan nodded slowly. "I like your ass, too." The other leather glove spanked him. He shoved his face as deeply as it would go into the spandex ass, grabbing the thighs. "Ooh...that's nice." Ryan reached one hand up and started rubbing the spandex crotch. "Verrrry nice...now if you want to know where your friend went, all you have to do is come for me. Can you do that for me?" Ryan moaned and nodded as the leather gloves pumped his cock harder.

In Nyxe's dimension, a house faded into view. and more details became clearer as Kyle was brought closer and closer to orgasm. 


Cheryl's clothing had to improvise. They called a nearby neighbor, someone Tiffany had gone to school with that was now an apprentice electrician.

"Mitchell? This is Tiffany's mom, Cheryl--from down the road?" The blouse held the phone to where its wearer's ear would be. 

*Oh, hey! What can I do for you?*

"Well, I blew one of the breakers, and now I can't reset it. I've got it back in position, and I've got everything attached unplugged, but--"

*I'm just finishing up lunch, Cheryl, I can be there in 5 minutes.*

"Thank you so much! See you in 5." Cheryl's blouse hung up the phone and laughed. A pair of leggings and a black cotton bra walked over to the blouse.

"Looks like this is going to be easy," the outfit said.

"And fun," responded the blouse as its chest swelled a little, making outlines of hardened nipples appear on the cups.

Five minutes later, Mitchell knocked on the door. He found it open slightly.

"Hey Cheryl? I'm here!" Mitchell called into the house.

"I'm in the basement," Cheryl's voice called. Mitchell wandered into the house and to the basement door. As he wandered down into the finished basement, a pile of clothing floated silently into the basement floor behind him. "I'm at the breaker box, Mitch." Mitchell turned the corner and walked back toward the laundry room. He found what he thought was Cheryl, bending over the washer trying to retrieve something. He ogled  the well-shaped ass packed into tight jeans. Tiffany's mom had always been a milf.

"So, where's the pro--b-b-uh..."The outfit stood up, revealing that there was no one side. Mitch turned the corner, but there was already an army of clothes waiting for him.

"Don't run, sugarstick. There's still something you need to help us with." Mitch's belt unhooked itself and slid out from his loops. His pants were unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled down. "And while you may not see Cheryl inside these clothes," the outfit approached him. "I still smell, taste, and feel like she does." He felt an invisible tongue dart into his mouth, and he surrendered to it. Whatever was in front of him, it was right. his defenses were melted immediately--it felt like she was really here and having her own way with him in ghost form.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad...as he was kissed by the invisible mouth, he didn't even notice himself being lifted off the ground. The outfit and Mitchell hovered into the downstairs den, in front of a mirrored wall. A silky invisible hand pumped his already throbbing cock as he grabbed the outfit's ass in return. 

He was in overload. He was going to come, but he wasn't sure it mattered. After all, his host didn't seem to really have a body. When the release hit, something else happened. The outfit shoved him against the mirrored wall as he came, but instead of hitting it, he fell through.

He fell to the ground on the other side. When he looked out the small basement windows, something was off about the light. He was alone, naked, post-orgasmic, half-terrified. He went up to the first floor. Purple ambiance in the lighting. As he looked out the glass porch door, he saw only purple sky and black ground stretching toward infinity.

"This can't be real," he said, running to the front door and flinging it open. When he stepped out, he fell what seemed like a couple stories and landed on soft black satin which puffed out and slowly decelerated him. It didn't seem to be solid ground at all, but when he stood up and walked on it, it held its consistency.

He looked back up at the house, which was suspended 30 or so feet in the air. the basement sat below it, but its outward appearance was walls of black satin similar to the ground her stepped on. He looked down at another house, slightly smaller, but suspended the same way.

"Welcome to your new home," Queen Nyxe said. Mitch looked at the gorgeous woman hovering in front of him. Beside her was Ryan, blindfolded and tied up, held tightly by what looked like a green spandex catsuit. One of its sleeves was encasing his crotch, almost looking like it was pulsating over it. "And thank you for your help. Now if you'll cooperate, these suits will show you both to your quarters."

Another catsuit grabbed Mitch from behind and bound his hands with rope. He could feel its breasts pushing into his back as its sleeves stretched and wrapped around him. As the two young men were carried away, Nyxe hovered up to Cheryl's house.

"Now that my gateways are complete, it's time for the next phase," Nyxe smiled, heading inside the house.