Lust of the Lither

Kat Vanishes

Kat opened the door and walked into her friends' house dressed in leggings and a t-shirt. "Daisy? Lauren?" she called out.

She heard them in the living room and followed their voices. "So the orbs came to you guys too?" she asked after they greeted her.

They nodded and vaguely spoke of what had happened. Kat shuddered as she remembered the previous night. She might've locked up her sex toys better if she knew something could bring them to life. Well...maybe not locked that tight.

Her attention was brought to a mason jar sitting on the coffee table with what looked like a pile of some clear goo resting at the bottom. "What's that about?" she asked, reaching for it.

"Careful!" the other girls cried at once.

Before her hand reached it, she yelped and pulled it back as the jelly surged up the glass towards her, rocking the container. Lauren grabbed it and held it steady for a moment before letting go. "One of the orbs possessed a bottle of petroleum jelly last night. Daisy managed to get it in the container earlier after it"

Daisy blushed and shifted her legs. Kat ignored them for the most part, still staring at the jar. "So one of the orbs is possessing that stuff?" she asked.

Lauren said yes, and Kat picked up the jar carefully. She held it up to look inside as the goo sloshed and jumped around. It was a bizarre sight to see the cream animated in such a fashion. "Was this the only orb you guys saw last night?"

"No, not by a long shot. The others are all gone we think. We don't know why this one stayed." Daisy answered.

The goo seemed to realize it was trapped, and settled down. "What's it doing?" Kat asked, and they all gathered to look.

The jelly shuddered and seemed to congeal, when suddenly a bright orb flew out from the now still cream. Kat nearly dropped the glass in surprise, and quickly set it back down as they all backed away. The orb flew up to the lid, which suddenly began to unscrew itself.

"What do we do?" Lauren asked nervously.

"I don't know!" Kat responded as the lid popped off.

The orb floated out above the table to eye level, seeming to observe the girls. After another tense few seconds, it darted towards a large vanity mirror that hung on the wall. It flew into the silvery surface, which then seemed to ripple in waves before settling.

The three girls looked at each other, then cautiously approached the mirror. The mirror rose from the floor to just above their heads, and was about three feet wide. Lauren always said it made the room look bigger. As they looked at the silvery surface, they noted that all of their reflections were missing.

"Weird." Kat muttered, as she slowly reached towards the surface.

"What are you doing!?" Lauren exclaimed.

"What? I don't think these things are trying to hurt us." she looked at her friend defensively.

"We don't know anything!" Lauren declared.

"Exactly." Kat replied, and poked the mirror.

She yanked her hand back as the mirror rippled away from her touch like a pool of water. Daisy and Lauren looked from the mirror to Kat. "It felt cool. Like water almost, but not quite."

Reaching forward again, Kat pressed harder, and her whole hand suddenly slipped through and stuck out the other side. She quickly pulled it back through and looked at them with wide eyes. "Holy shit!" she exclaimed.

The tested the mirror for a few more minutes. Daisy managed to toss one of her shoes through the portal, before immediately regretting the decision. "Damn it, how am I supposed to get it back?"

"I'll get it." Kat declared, and before either of the two girls could stop her, she stepped through the mirror.

The silvery surface rippled around her like a cool liquid, and a moment later she stood on the other side. She looked around curiously. Wherever this was looked identical to the room she'd just left, only as if under a slightly different filter she couldn't quite explain. She picked up the shoe and turned back to the mirror. Daisy and Lauren seemed to be yelling at her from the other side, but their voices were halted by the mirror apparently. Kat smiled and waved before tossing the shoe back through.

She turned and looked around the room some more. She walked up to the window to look outside, but the window panes were just mirrors themselves, throwing her curious reflection back at her. Deciding she should head back, she turned and walked toward the mirror. As she approached it, she froze as it began to ripple again. Suddenly, the orb shot out of the reflective surface and flew at her. She quickly side stepped and it flew past her, turning sharply at the wall before darting out of sight around the corner into the hallway.

Kat let out a breath and turned back to the mirror. She froze. Instead of Daisy and Lauren, all she saw was her own reflection. Her way back was gone.

Liz frantically rifled through the forum she'd found the spell on that had started this whole mess. There had to be something here! Aside from the initial post, it was just a bunch of crap she couldn't use or understand. She kept looking. A little while ago the spectral woman had disappeared as suddenly as she'd arrived when Liz started messing with the board again. Liz didn't really know what was going on, but she knew she'd started it.

As she scanned the website, she found another post by the same author and quickly clicked on it. The post was just a link to a p.d.f. titled "Investigations Into The Realm". Too desperate too worry about it containing some weird virus, she quickly began the download. As she sat there waiting, she heard a strange noise and turned around.

The small mirror she used for makeup was rattling slightly on her dresser. She slowly stood and turned to approach it. Before she could reach it, dozens of glowing orbs erupted from the small silver circle. They swarmed around the room as the last of them flew out to join the rest.

'At least I know where they're all at.' she thought as the first one dipped towards her.

Kat tried not to panic but it was hard. How could she be so stupid! She pushed against the mirror, but it was as solid as ever. She groaned in frustration. After a minute of examining the silvery surface she'd came through in vain, she turned to look where the orb had gone. Maybe she could get it to open the portal again.

She walked to the hallway and turned to enter. Instead of the hallway as she expected, there was a short walkway that led to a room she didn't recognize with lights on the wall. She cautiously approached the room and realized with a start that the lights weren't on the wall, but in fact the ceiling. The entire room had been turned sideways. She peeked her head into the room and immediately fell back from vertigo and gravity. The room wasn't sideways, gravity was just different in the room.

Getting down on her knees, she managed to crawl and pull herself into the other room, rolling up onto the floor. She stood and looked back down the way she'd came, but immediately looked away as her brain tried to comprehend the odd shift in gravity. She looked around to observe her new surroundings. What the hell was this place?

Daisy stood alone in the living room staring at the mirror. Her and Lauren had tried to find a way through for half an hour before realizing it was impossible. As they thought of how to get Kat back, they'd both realized neither had heard from Sofia. All of their calls went to voicemail, so Lauren had left to go check on her. Leaving Daisy to sit here and feel helpless.

She jumped as her phone rang. The caller ID said it was Liz, and she quickly answered. "Hello?" she asked anxiously.

All she could hear was the distorted muffled sounds of what sounded like someone getting it on. She dropped the phone with a gasp when it shocked her. It landed on the ground and began to buzz and hop around, before flipping over so the screen faced her. As she watched the screen fizzed and warped similar to how the mirror had.

"Uh oh." she said as orbs began to fly out of the screen.

Kat had been walking for what felt like hours. Time must behave as strange as gravity here, for when she checked her phone for service again, the clock actually read a minute before she'd last checked it. This place was a maze and more. She liked to think she could find her way back to the room she started in, but she secretly doubted it. She was half sure some of the rooms actually moved when she left. Some of them also didn't seem to be made for humans, but she tried not to think about that.

She now stood in what seemed to be a vast study with large bookcases full of books written in a language she couldn't read. She thought it could be Russian, but she wasn't sure. As she gazed around, a smoky voice questioned, "Lost?"

She knew that voice! She spun around to see a smoky feminine figure lounging on a red Victorian chaise. "You!" Kat exclaimed.

"Me." it answered amused.

"How do I get out of here? Can you get me out?"

The figure rose sensually and glided across the floor to a book shelf near Kat. It casually pulled a book out and began to lazily scroll through the pages. "I'm not the same as the one that brought you here." the spirit declared casually.

"Well can you open a way out? You got in here somehow." Kat exclaimed.

"I possibly could." The spirit trailed off as if in thought. "But where's the fun in that?" it questioned, amused.

"Please, I can't stay here." Kat groaned.

The smoky figure looked her up and down, then laughed. "Don't look so pitiful, I do in fact know a way you can leave." The entity snapped the book shut and casually tossed it over her shoulder where it fell to the ground. "Follow me."

The spirit gestured towards a tall oak panel on the wall. In response, it clicked and swung open to reveal a passage lit by gas lanterns. The feminine figure flowed towards the opening and beckoned to Kat with a crooked finger.

Kat hesitated for a moment, but realized she had no choice but to follow. This place was a maze, andthere were secret passages? She'd never find her way out on her own. She followed down the candle lit hallway as the flames cast flickering shadows on the wall that seemed almost alive. Although hershadow seemed perfectly firm and normal now that she looked. As she watched, one of the flickering shapes darted down and pinched her shadow's rear. Kate yelped and spun around as she felt a very real pinch on her ass. There was nothing behind her. "Don't stare too long at the shadows dear." the spirit intoned from ahead. Kat quickly hurried to catch up.

They rounded a few bends and past several different shaped doors before they stopped at an old looking wooden door. The figure casually waved her hand and the door creaked open on its own. Kat followed the entity as it swept inside. The round room was made of stone with a ring of shelves on the outside, and a raised dais or alter in the center. On the alter sat an empty stone bowl that the misty figure peered into before turning back to Kat.

"If I give you a way out, I want something in return for my gift." The spirit commanded in that husky voice.

"What do you want?" Kat asked warily.

"Nothing sinister, like your soul. My goodness you should see your face!" the spirit laughed throatily. "No, all I ask is a simple favor in the future. You don't even have to do anything."

"That sounds a bit...ominous." Kat answered.

"I assure you it's nothing of the sort. Just so I know I you when the time comes." The spirit held out its hand to shake on the bargain.

Kat thought for a moment. She didn't trust this ghost, or whatever it was, as far as she could throw it. However it hadn't harmed her or her friends yet, just caused them some trouble. And a little bit of fun, Kat wouldn't lie to herself. Reaching out, she grasped the hand and felt a silky smooth yet firm grip in return. "Deal." she declared.

She shivered and gasped as she felt a tingling sensation run up from her palm to her bicep. She looked at her arm and saw a dark shape at the spot of the tingling slip up her arm into her shirt. "What'd you-ooh! What'd you do!" Kat exclaimed, squirming as the sensation trailed up near her neck, then slithered down between her tits. She lifted her shirt to look as what looked like a blob of tattoo ink flowed beneath her skin like the spirit herself did. It tickled her toned stomach as it flowed down then around to her lower back where it stopped.

"What did you do!?" Kat asked in a worried voice as she tried to look back at her new tattoo.

"I just gave you a reminder, so you can't say you forgot." the spirit answered.

Something in the tone of the voice concerned her, but Kat couldn't figure it out. "I'll remove it when the favor is complete. Now, Let's begin." the misty vixen waved her hands about, and different ingredients and items began to fly off the shelves and float around the bowl.

Kat was too distracted by her new tattoo to watch properly. It was a small black heart inlaid with lattices and curving artwork. It was actually kind of pretty, and it didn't hurt. But that was beside the point! She turned back to the spirit to see most of the ingredients and devices floating back to the shelves, and in the bowl sat a boiling black tar. The last ingredient caught her eye, as it was one of the glowing orbs that had brought her here.

"Hey!" Kat exclaimed. "Why didn't we just use that in the first place?"

"Because darling, I didn't want to." The mist laughed, waving her hand as the orb excitedly dove into the bowl, making the dark substance glow, if that was possible. "And for the last ingredient." the spirit turned to Kat and lifted a finger at her.

Kat gasped as she suddenly floated into the air. Before she could make an angry reply, her eyes widened as the spirit wiggled her fingers. Her shoes lept off her feet followed by her leggings and white thong zipping down and off her legs.

"Hey!" was all Kat could manage to utter before she floated back down.

Kat pulled her t-shirt down to hide her exposed bottom as her shoes and leggings landed neatly on the ground next to her. Her panties continued to float through the air, guided by the specter's pointing finger, until they landed in the bowl and sunk beneath the surface. The substance in the bowl immediately began to froth and surge about, before it all sunk down with a sudden calm.

"Your way out." the entity gestured towards the bowl.

Still holding her shirt down, Kat cautiously walked up to the altar and peered into the bowl. Inside, her thong lay, now black with a strange red symbol emblazoned on the crotch. She looked back to the spirit angrily. "Is this some kind of joke?"

"Not at all my dear. And you really needn't cover up, it's nothing I haven't seen before." the ghostly figure grinned.

Kat shivered as she felt delicate fingers trace up her inner thigh. In a huff, she grabbed her underwear out of the bowl and studied it. It seemed to be made of an entire new material as well as color. Delicate yet firm. She looked back to her ghostly benefactor. She was too far down the rabbit hole now to look back.

The reached down and stepped into the garment, pulling it up her legs where it settled in snugly. Her eyes widened as she could feel almost a hum of energy from them. She pulled on her leggings and stepped back into her tennis shoes before looking back to the misty silhouette, trying to ignore the subtle pulses from the enchanted garment. "Now what?" she questioned.

"Think about where you want to go. Think of of being there." it answered.

Kat thought of her bedroom back at her apartment. That should be safe. She gasped as the pulsing energy sensation kicked into high gear. She grasped her pussy and fell to her knees. "What...what is...oh god!" she gasped as the energy pulsed deep into her womb, electrifying her.

She panted and gasped as the feeling intensified, and as she got closer to the edge, the air began to shimmer around her. She barely heard the entity laugh and declare, "See you soon darling."

She cried out in pleasure as her orgasm washed over her. At the same moment, space seemed to fold around her, and Kat disappeared.