Lust of the Lither

Liz's Learning Curve

Lauren and Kat pulled into the driveway. "I guess we beat Daisy here." Kat mused, seeing no other car besides Liz's.

"I guess." Lauren replied, though she sounded slightly concerned for some reason.

They entered without knocking and called out for their friend. Hearing an answer from the basement, they quickly ran down to find Liz drawing some strange circular symbol on the wall in chalk. "What are you guys doing here?" Liz asked.

Lauren looked confused. "I got a text from Daisy, she said you'd called her and told her we all needed to meet you here for something important asap. I tried to call you but you wouldn't answer. Neither will Daisy now."

"Daisy? I never...where is my phone." Liz wondered, wiping the chalk off on her jeans as she looked around behind her.

As soon as Kat's eyes fell on the symbol scrawled onto the wall, she felt movement at her lower back. While the other two were distracted, she quickly lifted up the back of her t-shirt to check on the tattoo. She sighed slightly as she saw nothing had changed. that the same place it was before?

Before Lauren could ask more questions, Kat interjected. "What's with the artwork?" she pointed at the wall.

"That? Oh I just finished it. I think I have a way to get a handle on everything that's going on. I read from the same source that told me how to set up seance the other night about a way to maybe send all those things back to where they came." Liz answered excitedly.

"You mean the same source that told you how to start all of this in the first place?!" Lauren asked incredulously.

Kat ignored both of them and walked slowly towards the artwork. There was something about it that brought a weird sensation over her. The other two girls were still lost in conversation about what was safe and what was necessary as Kat stopped in front of the artwork. 'What a strange feeling.' she thought as she lifted her hand to it.

"I just need a little more time to figure out how to activate it and-Kat what are you doing?" the two girls turned to Kat.

Kat gasped as she felt something suddenly dart up from her lower back and slide up her outstretched arm. The black misty substance flowed out to her fingertips and leaped out of them into the drawing, flowing out into the lines and curling around the scribbles. The artwork suddenly began to _move _as the circle rotated and began to glow in the center.

"What did you do?!" Liz asked in a worried tone.

"I...I didn't mean to! I didn't know this would happen! The thing said..." Before Kat could finish, a familiar throaty left echoed through the basement.

"Oh shit." Lauren and Liz whispered in unison.

"Thank you my child. Now we're even." the silky voice purred as the mist flowed out of the center of the swirling inscription.

"What? No! This isn't what...You tricked me!" Kat stuttered.

The spirit just laughed as it formed into its feminine silhouette. It eyed the portal reverently. "This might have actually worked. If you had any idea what you were doing. But I must thank you girls once again. Now I'm no longer trapped between spaces. I can fully enter this world." The figure curled its fingers, and the portal lifted from the center out, leaving the wall like a tablecloth from a table. It swirled into a glowing ball that the entity clutched in its hand. When it opened its translucent fingers, the orb was gone.

The three girls slowly backed away, unsure of what to do next. The figure looked at them and laughed. "Oh you three, really you should see yourselves. You look so scared and pitiful. I'm not evil! I haven't, nor will I ever harm a hair on your bodies. Well, unless you ask..." it purred.

The girls said nothing and just looked around at each other, unsure of what to do. "Oh very well, I can see you don't want to talk right now." The spirit seemed to pull itself up straight. "See you girls around." It winked at Liz, who yelped as something pinched her bottom. The mist suddenly flowed down and across the ground, sliding between their feet past them to the stairs where it whipped up the flight out of view.

The three girls stood their in silence for a few moments, before Liz finally spoke. "I think I need to do some more reading."

Daisy lay slouched on her couch staring at her reflection in the mirror as she stroked her pussy over her panties. Her pants hung from a lamp across the room and her nipples threatened to poke through her bra and skimpy tank top. The three orbs that had come through the phone hod toyed with her for the better part of an hour, and now the one in her panties held her here, slowly teasing her while the other two massaged her head and shoulders. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't enjoying this.

She looked harder at the mirror and suddenly realized it wasn't her reflection on the other side. "Sofia?" she gasped as the curvy girl stepped through the shimmering portal dressed in a pair of high cut white panties and a matching bra.

Another orb followed her through the mirror and flew over her shoulder towards Daisy. She gasped and arched her back as it flew into her underwear to join its sibling. Daisy suddenly found herself floating off the couch toward Sofia. "What...what are you doing?" Daisy questioned in a haze of pleasure.

Sofia held a finger to her lips as she floated up beside her. "Shhh now, come with me. I have some things I want to show you."

Daisy merely nodded with eyes wide, almost beyond questioning anything at this point. Sofia smiled and stepped back through the mirror as Daisy floated through behind her. A few moments later, the silvery surface stopped its odd shimmer, and merely reflected the room in which it sat.

The girls hadn't spoken much since Liz's basement a few days ago. Daisy had stayed at Sofia's that first night to make sure she was OK, or so she said, and ever since then she had been a bit distant. Kat must've felt bad about what she'd done, because she didn't seem to want to talk to them about any of it. And Liz was...well Liz and her had been working.

Lauren eyed the strange trap Liz had set up. On a table in her basement, the planchette from the Ouija board sat in the center of small concentric inscriptions dotted with several small candles at various intersections of lines. Where her attention was really focused however, was the glowing orb hovering still above it all that Liz had somehow managed to contain. Apparently it was some sort of trap or cage, Lauren didn't really understand it and she wasn't sure Liz truly did either.

"Are you sure about this?" she asked Liz.

Lauren was worried and concerned by whatever mystical forces they seemed to have unleashed. However while she didn't share Liz's outwards enthusiasm for learning more, she'd be lying if she said this entire experience so far hadn't enthralled her. She was very much someone who tried to stay in control of the situation, but something about these forces beyond her comprehension made her feel vulnerable and excited in a way that to her. Which she supposed was how she'd let herself be volunteered as the guinea pig for this experiment.

"Yes? I mean I think so." Liz tried to reassure her.

"Your confidence is inspiring." Lauren answered dryly.

"I'm pretty sure I got this figured out. Probably. Now, are you ready?" the dark haired girl asked.

Lauren sighed. "Yeah, let's do it."

On the floor next to the table, another set of larger concentric inscriptions similar to the the ones on the table had been drawn. In a grey skirt and green polo, Lauren stepped into the center of them, then nodded to Liz. Her friend leaned towards the table and blew out the candles in one quick breath. The orb stayed where it was, but suddenly seemed to vibrate excitedly.

"Feel anything?" Liz asked expectantly.

"Nothing yet. I don't...wait. I feel-oh!" Lauren gasped as she suddenly floated a few inches off the ground, the orb glowing brighter as her skirt and hair floated up as if in zero gravity.

She tried to push her skirt down to maintain some modesty as she floated a few inches higher. Her short ascend stopped, and she merely hovered in place, slowly rotating as if on display. "What do you feel?" Liz asked her hovering friend.

"It's hard to explain. This is pretty incredible!" she answered excitedly.

Beneath the table, hidden in the shadows, a small dark wisp watched the display. The entity was impressed with what the two girls had managed so far. It's little spy had been keeping close taps on their progress. They were still little more than children fumbling in the dark, but still...

It turned its attention to the floating girl, whom it noted as her skirt lifted, matched her panties to her shirt. This experiment of theirs was entertaining and all, but the spirit thought it could be a little more 'interesting'. Slipping silently across the floor, it subtly flowed into the inscriptions on the floor a made a few slight alterations, before positioning itself within a focal pivot point in the energetic spiritual link. Now, time to turn things up a notch...

"I think we can call this a success! We could actually control, well, 'direct' some of this things power!" Liz gestured to the orb.

Lauren was about to answer when she felt a finger trace over the front of her panties. She gasped softly, and her eyes darted to the orb, which seemed to be shuddering excitedly. "Liz! Something's-nngha!" she gasped as she suddenly soared up to the ceiling, catching herself with her hands as unseen forces went to to work between her legs.

Liz stared in shock for a few moments as Lauren struggled against the ghostly assault. Another wave of energy seemed to flow through her, and she was pushed up until her face was against the ceiling as her thighs were forced apart. "Liz! Ghaaa, oh! The candles!" Lauren gasped.

Liz snapped out of her stupor and rushed over to the table. She tried to light them, but an unseen breeze that seemed to be swirling through the room kept blowing out the lighter before the candles lit. She heard another cry and turned to see Lauren's hips beginning to grind against whatever had her in its clutches. Her eyes fell to the markings on the floor, and she knew what to do.

She grabbed a rag and bent over the drawing to try and wipe it away, thinking to break the link. As she started, the artwork seemed to resist her somehow. Wait, did it just move? Suddenly some sort of force pushed her up and away. The back of her legs hit the table and she fell back on her ass...right into the center of the other drawing, her movements shoving the planchette away.

Liz's eyes snapped wide as she felt something flow down her back into her underwear. She gasped as energy suddenly poured through her nethers, met simultaneously with a gasp from Lauren. Liz tried to get up, but was held in place by the orb now firmly in charge of her panties. She shuddered as she felt the sensual force flow through her, realizing she was now part of the conduit she'd made to Lauren.

She should have felt used, being a tool used to molest her friend, but she was too lost in the feeling already to care. Both girls panted and moaned as the energy and tension cranked up with the circuit's new participant. Liz jerked as a new wave of energy passed through her, then realized something. She could feel almost as if she had some control over the sexual energy coursing through her. Without knowing what she was doing, her eyes looked up between her friend's legs hovering above her. Biting her lip, she released the tension in the only target she could find.

Lauren moaned like a whore as a new energy invaded her privates, nearly sending her over the edge right then. Visible indentations could be seen on her ass and thighs as ghostly digits worked her over. Liz groaned slowly as the actions she performed seemed to focus the force between her legs flowing through her. As the tension built, so did the force, until all at once it coalesced at her clit and exploded through her.

She screamed as her orgasm wracked her body still held in place by the orb. Her cry was matched by Lauren as she came with an almost equal force. Seconds lasted eternities as their minds were nearly shut down by ecstasy. A minute or so later, the ghostly forces began to retreat from them slowly.

Lauren gently floated to the floor, before being laid down almost reverently within the drawing, barely conscious. Liz had not fared much better, and slowly slid off the table as the force released her, catching herself as she fell to her knees in front of Lauren. The orb had slipped up and out the back of Liz's pants as she fell, and now buzzed happily above them. They both groggily looked up at it, before it suddenly zipped up and away through an air vent. The girls looked at each other as Lauren declared breathlessly, "Next time, you try it first."

The little wisp slipped out of the drawing and back to its hiding place unseen. The world and these girls were proving to be even more fun than it had imagined. Stealthily it watched the two women, as elsewhere it plotted deviously.