Lust of the Lither

Kat Returns

A few days after that damned tattoo left her, Kat was lying in her bed in a short skirt and t-shirt thinking back to what had happened. She was still mad she'd let that spirit trick her like that. She hoped it would show up again, just so she could give it a piece of her mind. As she though, her underwear draw rattled again as that weird demon thong moved around. It hadn't left the drawer yet, even when she peeked inside to see it casually rolling around in her intimates.

Suddenly, she sat up and looked at the dresser. She knew a way she could find that spirit again. She walked over to the tall piece of furniture and considered her idea. The spirit had given this thing to her as a 'gift', and it had worked as it said it would. That didn't mean she could trust it again. Slowly, she pulled the drawer open and peered inside. She saw something black and wavy scuttle towards the back. Had it gotten bigger since she last looked? "Are you eating my panties!?" she asked, incredulous.

The thing just bobbed and flowed about on its silky legs in the corner. "Never mind." she shook her head. "I need to go back where we came from last time. Can you take me there again?"

The creature seemed to consider her, but didn't move. She was going to regret this. She hiked up her skirt, and pulled her underwear down to her feet before kicking it off. Slowly, she reached for the creature. "Easy there." she purred soothingly.

The thing seemed eye her hand, before slowly crawling towards it. "There we go." she murmured pleasantly as she picked it up.

It felt just as strange as last time as it slid and fluttered in her hand. "Here goes nothing." she muttered, lowering the thing down to her exposed pussy.

She gasped and jerked back as it suddenly leaped from her hand to her cunt, loose limbs suddenly whipping and stretching about her thighs and hips. She stumbled back as it pulled itself against her crotch and up into her crevices as it slithered and oozed about. A few moments later, she looked down beneath her hiked up skirt to see a pair of black panties with a strange red symbol on the crotch wrapped snugly around her hips.

A moment later, she felt a familiar surge of energy pulse through her private entrance. "Nngh! Okay, whew! Let's do this then." she stuttered as she tried to focus on and remember the circular room in the strange mirror world.

The energy pulsed and and tingled her folds in increasing waves, driving her inexorably towards the edge. She gasped and panted at the sudden force and thrill of the feeling as the air began to warp around her. As she neared climax, she hesitated in her thoughts. Should she really jump right back into that thing's lair? "Wait...I...I...oh-yes!" she gasped, closing her eyes as space suddenly folded her out of existence.

When she opened her eyes, she stood in the same large study housing the secret entrance that led to what she assumed was the spirit's home. "Damn it!" she gasped, still catching her breath. Her living panties seemed to purr inquisitively against her crotch. "It's alright, it wasn't your fault...I think." Between her legs, her living underwear squeezed her ass.

She shook her head at the strangeness of it all. Reaching beneath her skirt, she tugged a bit at the elastic fabric stretched deep up her ass. It seemed to be staying put for now, so at least her way out of here wasn't about to scamper off, she hoped. She eyed the wooden panel that opened to the strange passageway of living shadows. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to go charging in to confront that thing, seeing as how every encounter she'd had with it ended with her either drooling in pleasure or at the end of a backhanded deal. Usually both.

She thought about going back for a moment, then felt a familiar humming beginning between her legs. "No no no, not quite yet." she breathed, grabbing her thigh. The force relented, and she sighed in relief.

She looked around the room at its various exits. While she was here, she might as well do a bit more exploring. She approached one of the large oak doors, before glancing back at the secret entrance one last time. "Not yet..." she murmured, before leaving the room.

As she stepped into the next, she immediately realized her mistake. Her mind hadn't immediately processed that what she was looking at was not a wall, but the floor. As she stepped through, the new gravity already had a hold of her as she fell from the high ceiling with a gasp. Halfway through her fall, her body was suddenly turned upright and her descent slowed. Her possessed panties gripped her tightly as she floated gently down and landed.

She tried to slow her breath as her heart still thundered with adrenaline. She brought herself under control and looked down between her legs. "Thanks, uh little guy."

She felt a static feeling trace around the waistband and she squirmed slightly at the sensation. She really needed to make up a name for this thing if she was gonna keep using it. The room she was in seemed to be the lobby of some modern office building with a few spartan black couches and chairs scattered about, a metal reception desk, and lots of doors. Where tall glass windows should have been, there were mirrors, except for a few instances where windows looked through into what appeared to be an almost identical lobby.

What caught her eye though, was an elevator. How would that work in this place? She walked up and looked at the two buttons, marked with some symbols or language she didn't understand in place of arrows. On a whim, she pressed the 'down' button. A few moments later, the button lit up with a 'Ding!' and the door slid open to reveal an ordinary elevator. She glanced around behind her as she suddenly had the feeling of being watched, but saw nothing. She stepped into the elevator as the doors slid shut behind her.

The control panel was lined with buttons written in that same strange language. The more she looked at it, the more she thought it might just be gibberish. And she almost swore if she looked away then back, some of the writing would change. She reached up to press a button, then hesitated. Was this a good idea? Maybe she should go back.

At the thought, she felt her panties hum with energy once more, before she squashed the notion in her mind. She could explore a bit more. Maybe even find a way to get back at that annoying entity. Her mind made up, she pressed a button at random and felt the elevator rumble with motion.

In the lobby Kat had just vacated, a feminine figure flowed down through the opening in the ceiling. It hummed in thought to itself as it eyed the elevator doors, feeling its recent occupant through a link with the living lingerie she'd decided to try out, just as the spirit had hoped. It could feel the place the elevator had just stopped at for the woman. "This should be interesting." it mused to itself.