Lust of the Lither

New Lessons

Daisy and Sofia sat opposite each other in a crowded coffee shop dressed in a tight pair of jeans and a white t-shirt and a patterned revealing sundress respectively, sipping their brews as they chatted. That day with the mirror, Sofia had shown Daisy some incredible things, all centered about that sultry entity they'd summoned nearly a week ago. While Daisy was surely awestruck, she wasn't quite as enthralled and near worshipful as her curvy friend. Though she definitely wanted to see more.

As if she could read her mind, Sofia raised an eyebrow and Daisy felt her legs pulled apart as an ethereal tongue beneath her pants slowly traced up her pussy before disappearing. It took all Daisy had not to cry out and merely shudder. The spirit had left some part of itself nestled into the lingerie Sofia wore beneath her dress. She claimed she had no control over it, but Daisy wasn't totally sure she believed her.

Once again on cue, a smoky voice whispered behind her ear, "There is so much I want to do to you." as an invisible finger traced down her cheek. The spirit hadn't left Daisy completely unattended either.

She glanced down at her chest to see a tiny, nearly invisible ethereal wisp slip down into her shirt between her tits. She curled her toes at the small tingling sensation it left as it explored her body beneath her clothes. Her eyes met Sofia's, "Any more incredible things you want to show me today?"

Sofia smiled slyly. "The mistress gave me some, interesting directions earlier." Daisy felt something tickle up the back of her calves.

Daisy wasn't sure if she was on board with this whole 'mistress' thing, but she wasn't planning on derailing this wild ride yet by expressing any doubts. Daisy placed her elbows on the table and leaned forward. "Well this should be interesting."

Sofia never revealed the instructions as they finished their drinkings, chatting about school and television. The conversation always seemed to find its way back to the events of the previous few days however. A little while later they finished their drinks and left the coffee shop on the edge of campus. Daisy had class in under an hour, and Sofia opted to walk her to it.

They arrived thirty minutes before the class was scheduled to start, and Daisy looked to Sofia as they neared the classroom. "What are you going to do the rest of the day?"

An odd look came over Sofia's face, and she looked at her with hungry eyes. "I'm going to start with this." she declared, pointing to a door to an empty classroom which swung open on its own.

Daisy suddenly felt herself pulled into the room, followed quickly by Sofia. Daisy turned around and backed into the whiteboard hanging on the wall. "What are you doing?" she questioned as the door silently shut behind her friend.

"What I was asked." she said in a devious tone.

Daisy suddenly felt her hands pulled up above her head and held in place. She felt the ghostly wisp beneath her clothes swirl around her waist, before her shirt suddenly flew up over her head and wrapped around her wrists revealing her baby blue bra. Before she could tell her to stop, she looked at Sofia's hand as she raised two fingers with a glowing orb shivering excitedly at their tips. Sofia shook her shoulders, and her dress just fell off her to reveal the high cut tan panties she wore and a matching bra.

She stepped up to Daisy and attacked her collar with deep kisses as she plunged her hand down the front of her pants. Daisy gasped as she felt her friends fingers along with the ethereal orb making itself at home. "Wait..." she panted, "Someone might see."

"Let them." Sofia whispered throatily, stepping back.

She wiggled her fingers at Daisy's waist, and her belt and fly furiously began to undo themselves. She then swiped a finger down and her pants obeyed, savagely yanking down to her ankles to reveal her matching panties. Daisy gasped as her hips began to float upwards, her feet slipping out of her sandals and jeans as they rose into the air. As she rose, Sofia casually stepped forward and left the ground as if gravity was merely a suggestion. Daisy felt the crotch of her underwear move itself to the side as Sofia's mouth met her cunt.

She moaned as quietly as she could, which was impressive given the feelings radiating between her legs. Sofia's arms wrapped around Daisy's thighs as her hands gripped her ass, squeezing and massaging as she ate her out. Daisy distinctly noticed her friends tongue assisted by the orb possessing her bottoms as she felt tingling tickles running amok below, followed by another tongue tracing Sofia's progress. Between gasps, she managed to look down at her eager companion and noticed something she couldn't quite make out was happening between her legs as well.

The sensations were just too much, and in no time at all, she bit her lip and groaned throatily as her orgasm washed over. Sofia moaned simultaneously between her legs, so whatever was happening to her must have finished as well. Daisy floated to the ground, but her friend remained aloft. Daisy looked between her legs as the orb flew out and her shirt unwrapped itself from her hands.

She watched as the orb zipped around the room, before flying into one of the windows overlooking campus. The glass shimmered and warped in a familiar way, and Sofia floated towards it as her dress left the floor and and pulled itself back onto its owner. As she floated towards the window, she rolled over to face Daisy. "See you around." she winked, and floated through the window, the glass rippling around her as she left this plane of existence.

Daisy sighed as she pulled her clothes back on. That girl was getting out of hand. She pulled her phone out and saw with relief she still had fifteen minutes until her class started. She started towards the door and didn't notice the orb phase from the glass back into the room behind her. As she grabbed the handle, she felt something tickle her ear and a sultry voice whisper, "I'm not done with you yet."

"Eep!" she gasped as a force pulled her back into the room.

Lauren had left to go to class, but Liz still had the rest of the day off. She'd cleaned up their experiment and made some lunch, now sitting alone in her basement reading through the ghostly 'instruction manual' she'd downloaded and printed. The more she read, the more she thought whoever wrote it didn't truly understand everything about their topic. There were missing pieces of information, a lot of guesses they wouldn't call theories, and in one instance it just said, 'I don't think that witch was right about this one', next to a drawing of a smiley face made out of weird symbols unlike the rest.

There was one thing she'd wanted to try though, and with Lauren gone she had an opportunity. Not that she didn't trust Lauren, Liz just didn't think she'd completely understand. Yeah, that was it.

In the shadows, the spirit's wispy spy watched as Liz set a wooden bowl on the table in the middle of a circle inlaid with several glyphs. The entity quickly realized what she was doing. If Liz could see its face, she might hesitate at the mischievous smile the spirit wore.

Liz placed the last ingredient into the bowl, then lit a match. She dropped it in and violet flames blazoned upwards before quickly dying down to a low simmer as a thin pillar of mist rose from it. A few moments later, Liz heard a familiar sultry laugh from somewhere above the bowl.

"I think it's time we talked again." Liz declared, crossing her arms.

"Oh do you now?" the ethereal voice questioned?

"Why did you lie to me? You told me you needed me to make that portal thing so you could get back where you came from. Then you used Kat to completely change it!" Liz argued. "I wanted to help you get home."

"Darling you helped me more than you can know. Now I'm nearly as powerful in both worlds, thanks to you." the voice dripped with passion. "In light of that, I should probably mention that I can do more than just talk through this connection you made."

Wait, this was only supposed to allow Liz to speak to the spirit, it isn't supposed to...

Liz gasped as the thin pillar of mist suddenly swirled into a sultry feminine form gazing down at her. "Wait, I..." Liz never finished as the figure made a beckoning motion with its hand, and she was suddenly lifted into the air to hover in front of the figure.

"Such a pretty thing." it cooed, and with a swipe of its ethereal finger, Liz's pants shot down her legs and flew off her bare feet followed by the buttons on her blouse all coming undone at once before it shook itself off her shoulders.

She tried for a moment cover herself as she floated in her black lacy bra and panties, before she stopped. It wouldn't do any good here. "What do you-mm-what do you want?" Liz stuttered as she floated up face to face with the spirit, a ghostly hand trailing up her thigh.

The entity laughed, "You called me, my sweet."

"Oh. I...well I...I want answers. I want to understand all of this." Liz gestured around her.

"Is that all?" the thing hummed, as if thinking. "Very well." it began, and Liz found herself staring into glowing eyes as the spirit grabbed her ass and pulled her against its ethereal form, leaning in. "I'll give you a taste."

Liz muffled a gasp as the ghostly figure pulled her into a deep throated kiss. As soon as their lips touched, Liz could feel wispy tendrils of presence flowing through her mouth, down her throat and into her body. A half moment later, she felt them in her mind. In that moment she could feel power, see reality bend to her will. The energy she felt was purely erotic, and she was vaguely aware of her dripping pussy. It all flooded away in an instant as the spirit pulled back from her now hungry lips, and Liz whimpered involuntarily at its exit.

She stared breathlessly into the creature's eyes as it tilted its head and smiled. "It feels like you learned something." it purred, and Liz shuddered as she felt a finger trace up the front of her damp panties. "Now let's finish the lesson." it growled sexily.

Liz looked down as she heard a noise and realized they were hovering over the bowl. Ghostly ethereal tendrils were rising up between her legs towards her. She looked back to the entity and moaned suddenly as she felt tingling fingers slide the crotch of her panties aside and dip into her folds. By the time the tendrils were at her panties, Liz was already drowning in lust.

The elevator door opened with a 'Ding!', and Kat peered through the opening. The room was nearly identical to the one she'd left, with a dozen exits but only a single piece of furniture: a Gothic looking cushioned black chair. She walked past it and eyed the doors, all uniform stainless steel, similar as before. She spun around as she heard movement behind her.

The room was still empty except...had that chair moved? She looked around to confirm she was alone, and slowly approached the furniture. She stopped in front of it and sized it up. As she looked, she felt a nervous rumble from her possessed panties. She yelped and jumped back as the chair suddenly flowed and morphed into a standing feminine form made out of some seemingly black liquid.

Kat stepped back nervously, and the creature mimicked her movements, flowing towards her. "I wonder what brings a human into this realm?" the slippery thing pondered, sliding closer.

"I...well I was-" before Kat could finish, the thing suddenly looked down at her waist and her living lingerie suddenly clenched against her.

"How fascinating." unbelievable fast, the creature had suddenly flowed down and was kneeling in front of her lifting her skirt. "A Formless One given a vessel." the thing traced a liquid finger up the front of her panties, then looked back up at her. "You must've met one of the ethereal queens then." it declared, rising to stand face to face with Kat. "You are quite the specimen." the words flowed from the thing as it punctuated them with slippery fingers slowly walking their way up her toned tummy.

"H-hey now..." Kat tried to pull back and suddenly found her panties holding her in place. "What did you do to it?" she asked, looking down between her legs where the thing had let her skirt drop.

"Nothing at all. Not yet. Some creatures just know to be subservient in the presence of...power." the thing emphasized that last word oddly. The thing laughed melodiously, and flowed into a back handspring before falling seated on a small stool it formed quickly from itself. It sat there eyeing Kat up and down, as if considering something.

"Look, I didn't mean to intrude. I'll just go if you let panties let me." Kat declared.

The thing hummed, amused. "On the contrary my dear, you're more than welcome any time in this place." It looked as if it had made up its mind as it slithered up to stand, the stool retreating back into its body. "In light of that, I have a gift for you." it held out its hand as it approached her, and on it sat a small ball of wriggling tentacles made of the same substance as the creature.

"Oh. That's, uh, really not necessary." Kat tried to dissuade the thing as it walked up to her.

"Oh, but I insist." it purred, and Kat felt her panties seem to shake in apprehension.

The thing's hand was suddenly between her legs again, and Kat gasped as she felt it press the wriggling mass up into the bottom of her underwear. Her panties squirmed and writhed around her hips as the thing seemed to flow and wriggle its way into the living fabric. No longer held still, she stumbled back away from the creature and tried to think of her bedroom. She almost cried out in praise when she felt the familiar surge of energy through her pussy from the lingerie, despite whatever was happening below.

She tried to ride the feeling, closing her eyes and willing it on to escape whatever this thing was. Her breath began to come in short gasps as she neared a climax. As she neared her peak, she opened her eyes to see the creature standing where she'd left it, seeming to smile. It raised a hand it wiggled its fingers as if in goodbye. "Come back soon." it growled seductively as Kat's pussy spasmed in a wave of ecstasy.

The world folded around her, and she was suddenly falling back onto her bed as she groaned in pleasure. She laid there for a few moments to catch her breath, before lifting up her skirt to inspect her companion.

Whatever was happening seemed to have stopped, or at least finished. Kat noted with uneasiness that her orgasm seemed to have ended it. Or sealed whatever it was. She slowly stood, and hooked her thumbs into the waistband to pull the haunted underwear off. As soon as she started to pull down, it was as if the fabric unlaced itself into dozens of tendrils and jumped off her hips onto the bed.

She eyed it apprehensively, and it seemed to size her up as well. She noted the red symbol on the 'back' had changed slightly, now inlaid with a dark lattice of swirls and lines. The standoff lasted a few moments more, before the thing scurried off her bed and over to her dresser, where it crawled back up into her underwear drawer.

Kat released a breath she didn't know she was holding and allowed herself to relax slightly. Maybe she should tell Liz or someone about this. She grabbed her phone from her bedside table and hesitated, looking back to her dresser. Maybe...maybe she should keep this to herself. For now.

The creature watched kat stealthily from a small crack in the dresser. The two entities were bonded to the vessel now. Their essences regarded each other warily, unsure of what to make of the other and its abilities. They were both in agreement though, they couldn't wrap around that girl's hips again soon enough.