Lust of the Lither

Lust Embodied

Daisy made it to class with seconds to spare, walking down the rows of the large lecture hall and sitting down next to her lab partner as the professor began to speak. Her lab partner leaned over to her. "I think this is the first time I've ever beat you to class." he whispered.

She shot him a look and mumbled, "I got...distracted."

He leaned back as she began to take notes on the lecture. About ten minutes later, she looked over to see him slumped over, asleep in his chair. He was a bright kid, but honestly she wasn't sure he could pass this class without her. She twitched slightly as she felt something trace up her back and settle behind her ear. "What an energetic specimen." the voice whispered.

Daisy looked up at the experiment projected on the screen, confused, before she felt her head being turned towards her sleeping friend. She snorted, then went back to her notes before she got an idea. She whispered something to her ethereal companion, then waited. She felt something trail down her neck, then zip off her shoulder. A minute later, the boy jumped awake as he felt something flick his ear particularly hard.

He looked around confused, and Daisy gave him her most innocent look. There was no one close enough behind or beside him, so he just rubbed his ear and settled back into his chair. A few minutes later, Daisy looked over and shook her head as he lay there snoring softly again with his chin on his chest.

Later, the students spilled out of the lecture hall as the class ended. Daisy walked with her lab partner, Jake out of the building. "Another riveting lecture." he yawned wide, stretching his hands above him.

"One of these days Jake, you're going to have to actually pay attention and learn something yourself." she declared sternly.

"What're you talking about? I can just ask you." he answered, and she scoffed. "Speaking of which, are we still studying tonight?"

"Yes!" she said a bit too excitedly, as something had just slithered down the front of her pants into her underwear.

"Well it's good to hear you're so enthusiastic about teaching me everything you just heard in there." he smiled at her. "Well I, uh, gotta get to my next class. You got my number, just let me know." he finished awkwardly. Jake clasped her on the shoulder, then walked off towards the physics building. That kid was hopeless.

Just then, her phone vibrated with a message from Lauren asking when she would be home, and if she should get her dinner. Daisy told her about the study session and that she'd be home late, and Lauren sent her a thumbs up. Daisy should probably bring Lauren up to speed about what her and Sofia had been up to, but she just wasn't sure she'd be totally on board.

As if it knew what she was thinking, Daisy stumbled a bit as she felt something flick her clit as if to remind her of its presence. "Trust me." she muttered. "I haven't forgotten you."

Lauren put her phone down as she sent the last message to Daisy. So she had the whole house to herself for a few hours? She thought on this as she stared at the glowing orb hovering near her. After she'd got back from class, she'd heard a noise coming from the bag she'd brought to Liz's. Intently remembering what happened last time this situation occurred, she'd shut all the blinds in her living room and locked the front door, before throwing open the bag. The single orb had darted out, now circling near her as she turned to follow it. As she looked closer at it, she realized it was the same one she and Liz had used in their experiment that had gone awry. It must've snuck into her bag while they were still panting on the floor.

She had already texted Liz, who was on her way to see if she could capture it again for more studying. In the meantime, Lauren was supposed to keep it occupied. Well, Lauren could think of one way to do that. She beckoned the glowing entity with her finger as she walked over to the wall. Turning around, she placed her palms on the hard surface, and stuck her ass out. If this didn't get its attention it must be blind. She yelped in surprise, and she hated to admit excitement, as she felt it at her backside.

Across the room, Lauren didn't notice the mirror no longer reflecting her as something else looked through to watch her. The entity watched excitedly as the spark's advances ignited the girl's passion. These girls were going to be perfect.

Liz stepped into the house and glanced around. Her hips still throbbed occasionally after her earlier encounter with the spirit. "Lauren?" she asked, searching for her friend.

A small glowing orb suddenly zipped up over the couch towards her, and she heard a slight groan from the other side. She held her hands up palm forwards as if to ward off the entity. Surprisingly, it stopped and hovered just in front of her, darting about expectantly. She slowly circled away from it around the couch to see her friend facing away from her on the floor. On her knees with her face on the carpet and ass in the air, Lauren's hips swayed slowly back and forth as if she was in a sort of trance. Whatever it was, it seemed as if she was slowly coming out of it.

The orb in front of Liz seemed to glow brighter for a moment, and Liz felt something familiar. She couldn't tell if it was from the entity, the orb, or the experiment they'd done earlier, but Liz suddenly felt some sort of channel open between her and the girl on the floor. Liz stared down at her, and her eyebrow ever so subtly twitched. In response, Lauren's skirt flipped up onto her back to expose her firm rear end covered with tight green panties. At her waist, Liz traced her hand slowly upwards, and Lauren cooed as a spectral force slowly slid between her thighs and sensually massaged her.

Liz shook her head suddenly, and the connection was gone. Lauren almost seemed to pout for a moment. What the hell was that? On the floor, the girl was coming back to her senses and pulling herself up. Liz looked up at the orb floating in front of her and reached into her satchel to pull out something she'd brought for this. She raised up a small wooden jewelry box inlaid with symbols drawn in sharpie and the Ouija planchette nestled in the bottom. Lauren still had her back to her and was getting up to her feet as Liz tried to think of a way to get the orb to fly into her trap. To her utter surprise, the orb simply dove right into the box, and the lid shut itself behind it with a 'click'.

Lauren turned around with groggy eyes to see Liz's surprised look. "Did you catch the little bastard?"

"Uh...yes. Yes I did." Liz answered, still looking at the box quizzically.

Lauren simply took her look to be that of speculation, and raised her arms above her head to stretch before falling back onto the couch in a tired slump. "Those things have a way of really tiring you out." she mumbled from her reclined position.

Liz looked down at her friend and felt a tingle of that connection again, before mentally shoving it away. She would look into that later. In her hands, the box hummed softly. Well, maybe sooner than later.

Later that night, Daisy sat with Jack at his Kitchen table as they poured over the notes from that day's class. They had been studying for about an hour when Daisy felt something slip up behind her ear. "I think it's about time you took a break." the spirit whispered.

Daisy nonchalantly brushed her hair back in an attempt to push it away. The entity merely cooed, "Come now, you need it." She sucked in a breath as her panties suddenly shoved themselves between her pussy lips.

"You okay?" Jack asked.

"Y-yeah. I think I just need a break." she responded.

"You're telling me! I'm gonna go pee." he quickly stood and walked off to the bathroom.

She shook her head at him as he left. "He's cute." the entity purred.

Jack? I mean sure she supposed, but she'd never really considered...Stop, she needed to focus. "Probably not the best time for that kind of talk." she muttered.

"Oh I disagree." the disembodied voice countered, and Daisy suddenly felt herself hoisted out of her chair by her underwear.

"Eep!" she gasped, and quickly covered her mouth with one hand, while the other grabbed the table for support, her hips swaying as they pushed themselves out. "Not now!" she hissed.

She heard Jack walking back into the room, and quickly pulled herself back around as the spirit released her. Jack was rather handsome now that she looked and-stop it! She shook her head as he glanced at her strangely. "You alright?" he asked as he pulled his chair back out to sit down.

He sat down, and as she tried to do the same she sucked in a breath as she felt a force pull him into his lap. He grunted and looked at her with a startled expression. "Never better!" she chirped, trying to act natural. As natural as she could at least.

She could feel the force wasn't going to let her up, so she turned back to the textbook. "I think we should get back to it, don't you?"

"Right..." he said as his eyebrow quirked at her.

She felt something tickle up her sides and she squirmed, shifting around a bit in his lap. "Uh Daisy? Is there something..."

She turned to back to give him a clever retort, but just stared into his eyes as she felt something swirl around her clit. Oh fuck it. She leaned in and kissed him, raising a hand to his face. He hesitated for a moment in surprise, before eagerly returning the gesture.

Soon, she straddled him on the chair, furiously trading spit as their tongues battled for dominance. The ghostly teasing between her legs hadn't ceased, and when he shoved aside their papers with a hand and pulled her onto the table, she was more than ready.

For the next few hours, they fucked mercilessly around his small apartment, releasing pent up sexual tension she hadn't even realized they'd so deeply developed. On the table, counter, and even the floor they grinded against each other in passion as his thrusts and kisses were occasionally joined by otherworldly fingers and tongues. A while later, they lay snuggled up on his couch watching TV as his fingers casually played with her tits. Between her legs, another familiar ethereal finger traced up her slit as if to say 'You're welcome.'

Another day came and went, and Kat avoided the creature. Or creatures she guessed, she wasn't totally sure. She finally messaged Liz and Lauren to apologize for what happened, but they seemed to have completely moved past it. In fact, if she understood them correctly, they'd been pretty active these last couple of days investigating these supernatural events on their own. As she finished her work study at the university, this brought her thoughts back to the creature.

When she got home, she marched straight up to her room and stopped at her dresser. She stood in front of it and stared at her underwear drawer. So they'd been doing some 'investigations' without her? She could do the same. Not that she was bitter, just maybe a bit competitive. She kicked her shoes off and stripped down, stepping out of her pants and tossing her shirt aside. Her underwear was next, and she threw it over to the wall to stand naked in front of the dresser.

She thought she heard excited movements as she slid the drawer open. This was confirmed as the black, now nearly formless shape scurried out of the opening and onto the top of the furniture. It seemed to have gotten slightly bigger again. She hoped she hadn't lost too much of her other panties to this thing, that stuff was expensive!

She pointed her finger under the creature's nose (or whatever the front of this thing was called). "No more eating my underwear. Got it?" she declared in a firm voice.

A black tendril reached out and curled around her finger, slowly stroking it as it pulled back. "I...I guess I'll take that as a yes." The thing seemed to shiver excitedly.

"Well come on then." she said and held out her hand.

The thing eagerly scurried out towards her hand, but instead of climbing on, it grabbed it with a few tendrils and swung off the dresser. It let go and splatted against her pussy, hungrily reaching and stretching its flailing and slithering limbs between her legs and around her waist. She gasped and stumbled back as the thing quickly made itself at home and nestled into place. Kat shuddered and looked down at the now waist high black panties with the red symbol on the crotch that hugged her hips.

"Nngh..." she groaned as a small tendril traced down from her lower back all the way back up to her clit, where it gave it a quick flick before retreating back into the living fabric. This was going to be interesting. "Okay..." she breathed as the thing snuggled against her intimates. "Let's see what we can do."

To keep some of her modesty, and more for convenience, she pulled a dark blue sports bra out of her dresser and slipped it on over her head. "Alright, let's see if you can lift me up like before."

She looked down at her panties, but nothing happened. "Er, fly?" she questioned, but just felt the thing snuggle up a bit more. Alright so this was going to be a bit harder than she imagined. She thought for a moment about how the thing teleported her, or whatever it was, to that strange world and she got an idea. She looked up at the recessed light fixture on her ceiling, focusing on it and thinking of reaching it. She breathed in sharply when she felt small tendrils rise up and tickle her inner folds, then laughed excitedly as her panties suddenly hoisted her into the air. She was flying!

She floated up to the light and stopped within reach. She looked down at her living underwear giddily. This thing was going to be fun. "Take me back down." she commanded in an excited voice, and nothing happened.

"Right." she shook her head, then focused on the ground. She quickly floated back down to the carpet and landed in stride, raising her hands to cover her mouth as she giggled excitedly. This was awesome!

With a thought, she leaped back into the air and soared a circle around her room with her arms outstretched. "Fucking awesome!" she cried, shuddering a bit as more tendrils joined the others between her legs.

She landed again and looked down at the possessed lingerie with a wide grin. This was great! She could fly to class, she could teleport to Liz's probably, she could... Her thoughts trailed off as she stared at the rectangular mirror that she'd never hung leaning against the wall. Her panties kneaded her ass and seemed to tug her slightly towards the reflective surface. Could she do it?

She walked over to the mirror and halted in front of her reflection. She thought of how she passed through before, and focused on the silvery surface. Her reflection didn't change as she reached her hand towards it, but when she touched the mirror, it rippled away from her touch like a disturbed body of water. She gasped and pulled her hand back. No way!

Focusing again, she reached up and passed her her whole arm through before pulling it back. She thought back to what happened last time she went to that place, and shuddered as another cluster of tiny tendrils sprouted around her asshole and tickled the puckered rim. Well, this time she was more prepared. Focusing on the mirror, and biting her lip at the attention her privates were getting, she stepped through the mirror, and disappeared through the silvery pool.

Somewhere else, the entity noted the change as she felt Kat step into the other world. Interesting, she'd gone through a gateway instead of the way she'd provided. She could feel the presence of the other creature the Lither had forced into her creation wrapped around the girl's hips. Its unconventional bonding must have...altered some things. The spirit could see no harm in its intentions so far, so it decided to leave well enough alone. Besides, it did enjoy a little mystery now and then.

The spirit returned its attentions to the girl Sofia hovering in front of her, attended by a dozen glowing spirits darting about her form as she writhed in pleasure. The feminine entity hovered above the scantily clad girl and met her gaze. "While you've already agreed, I wish to ask once more. Will you sacrifice your form to me for a time? There is something I wish to try."

"Yes mistress!" the curvy girl gasped through the haze of ecstasy. "My body is yours!"

"Excellent." the spirit purred as it slithered a smoky hand down the front of the girls panties. Sofia's eyes widened as she gasped. The spirit's fingers plunged deep into the writhing girl's folds as her power and essence flowed into her.

"Oh. Oh. Oh! OH!" the girl moaned as she was pushed over the edge.

A few moments later, the girl's eyes snapped open and she smiled, as the light of a different soul shone behind its gaze.