Lust of the Lither

Of Companions and Competitors

Liz watched Lauren furtively as she read through the mystical texts she'd printed from the dark web. She'd come over to study this stuff a bit more and also because apparently Daisy had 'brought that guy over to study again', whatever that was about. Ever since the other day, she'd thought about whatever was happening between her and Lauren, and she couldn't get it out of her mind.

On the table between them the box holding the orb rattled again, and Liz felt the bond to Lauren. She didn't think the orb was necessary for her to access it, but it definitely brought it to her attention. Liz was going crazy thinking about what it meant and its implications, but more than anything she wanted to test it. She just didn't know how to bring it up to Lauren.

Her eyes traced up the girls legs to her face, eyeing her long sleeve grey shirt and form fitting flannel pajama bottoms on the way up. She could just reach out a little...

Lauren jumped slightly, then muttered, "What the hell?" reaching up the back of her shirt to re-clasp her bra where it had suddenly came undone.

Liz shook herself. She needed to stop. Well maybe just a little more. Lauren extended her will through the link a bit stronger than she intended, and Lauren yelped in surprise as her pants were suddenly tugged down to her ankles to reveal her blue and white panties sitting snugly around her thighs.

Lauren spun around to search for the culprit, but saw nothing otherworldly than the look Liz had in her eyes, wide with surprise. "What...What was that?! Is there another ghost or something here?"

"I, uh, no I don't think so. I didn't see anything." Liz stuttered.

Lauren looked around cautiously as she pulled her pants back up her smooth legs. "I thought I felt..." she glanced at Liz, then looked away. Lauren decided it must've been the orb in the box, and that whatever was holding it wasn't completely secure. Liz wasn't sure her friend was totally wrong as the box rattled again and the connection tugged at her.

"Have you found anything in there about any sort of...psychic connections or something like that?" Liz questioned. She'd read a lot of it already, but couldn't find anything related to what she was feeling.

"What? I mean, no. Not really." her friend answered and Liz sighed.

She needed to go ahead and get in front of this before it ran her over. "Lauren I..." but before she could speak, her friend interrupted her.

"Ah ha! Finally I found something talking about these spirits! I...oh wait no this describes them as an oozing black substance, that's not right." She pushed aside the binded papers in frustration. "Sorry, what were you going to say?"

As Liz stared at her she could feel the bond strongly. "Lauren something happening between me and you. Something to do with those things." she pointed at the box

"What do you mean?" Lauren asked slowly.

"I just...I don't..." Liz didn't know how to say it. She met Lauren's eyes with an intense look. "I'll show you." she declared, and bit her lip as she manipulated the connection.

Lauren squeaked as she felt a hand trace up her inner thigh before firmly grabbing her ass. She looked behind her, then back at Liz with wide eyes. "What-I don't understand."

"It's me!" Liz declared as she began to lose herself to the feeling. She raised her arm towards Lauren who gasped as she suddenly floated half a yard into the air. On the table between them, the box hummed.

The floating girl yelped as her pants were tugged once again to her ankles, then off her feet, followed by her arms being raised above her head as her shirt tugged itself up and off with equal vigor to expose her white bra. Lauren walked towards her with her arm outstretched and curled her fingers while tilting her hand. Lauren gasped as spectral forces invaded her folds accompanied by an ethereal energy that she could only describe as purely erotic. Liz could feel the sensations and force feedback through the bond and gasped at the sensation.

Eyes afire, Liz looked at the box and the top sprung open. The glowing orb darted out the top and soared towards Liz, before slipping down her pants to merge with her underwear. She breathed in sharply at the sensation, and the new energy and vigor she felt flow through her and into Lauren, who moaned in response.

Liz felt her feet leave the ground as the ethereal force presence in her panties obeyed her will. She hovered up in front of Lauren and stared into her eyes. Lauren whimpered for a moment as a ghostly tongue swirled around her swollen clit. "Liz?" she asked her floating friend.

It was the hint of fear in her friend's voice that snapped Liz out of her trance. She looked at Lauren confused for a moment before her eyes widened. "Oh my god, Lauren!" she gasped as they both floated down.

When they touched down, Liz shuddered as she felt the spectral orb slip up her backside, before sailing back into the box as the lid shut behind it. Lauren looked from the box to Liz, her eyes still wide. "Lauren I..."

The half naked girl shoved Liz back. "What the fuck was that?!" she cried.

Liz took another step back. "Lauren I'm sorry! I don't know what..." but Liz just put her hand up and shook her head.

She stumbled over to a chair and sat down, breathing deeply to calm herself. Liz slowly approached. "Are you okay? I didn't mean to-"

"Didn't mean to?!" Lauren stood again and looked at her. The both stared in silence for a moment, before an odd look passed over her face. "Liz that was...fucking amazing. And terrifying." Lauren looked at her with a hint of a grin and shook her head. "How long have you..." she trailed off, unsure what to ask.

"I don't know, a few days? I think ever since we...I fucked up that test we did the other day." Liz rambled.

Her friend shook her head. "Wooow. This is uh...yeah."

"I know." Liz nodded.

Lauren glanced at the box, then pointed at it. "Was that uh...did you mean to..."

"No idea, never done anything like that before." Liz answered quickly. She quickly tried to explain the bond and what she was feeling, but she wasn't sure she totally got her point across. "And you don't feel anything?" Liz asked.

"Nothing. I mean, I felt something when you were going all super witch or whatever, but nothing besides that. Do you still feel the connection." Lauren asked.

Liz thought about it and nodded. Lauren shook her head, then seemed to notice she was still standing around in her underwear. She looked around for her clothes and spotted her pants a few yards behind her. As she turned to get them, Liz tested something. She focused on the printed mystical book on the table and tried to move it, but nothing happened. She looked back to Lauren as she knelt down to grab her pants and arched an eyebrow. Lauren jumped back as the pants suddenly jerked out of her reach into the air. "Hey!" she yelped, looking at Liz.

It all seemed to be tied to Lauren in some way. Strange. She focused on her friend. "Let me help." she declared and raised her hand.

"Wait, what are you-oh!" she gasped as she floated into the air. On the table the box shook again. The pants hovered down, then pulled themselves up the girl's legs before settling snugly. Liz twitched her head to the side and Lauren's shirt flew up to her. She raised her arms and it slid down over her tits and toned stomach snugly. When it was all done, Liz set her down gently.

"That was...holy shit." Lauren muttered and shook her head. She squeaked as she felt something pinch her ass. Liz winked at her, then blushed and looked away.

Before Lauren could retort, their heads both turned to the box as it twitched excitedly. They both let out a small sigh when it stopped moving, but in relief or disappointment, Liz wasn't sure. What she was sure of, it that things were going to get very interesting.

As Kat stepped through the mirror into the other world she gasped as the wriggling tendrils at her back door suddenly stretched inside. She stumbled forward as she gripped her rear with a hand. "Easy!" she muttered as the whole creature shivered as if invigorated by this place.

She took in her surroundings and noted the simialrities and changes. It was her room, except without any of her junk or clothes on the floor, and instead of glass the windows were mirrors. Out of curiosity she opened a draw on her dresser to find nothing inside. Weird, but she supposed it wasn't the strangest thing she'd encountered recently. Between her legs, her panties rustled.

Out of curiosity, she focused on the ceiling again and floated once more into the air. So, she could fly here too! She shuddered as the tendrils in her ass stretched further, writhing a bit more excitedly. It seemed the more she used the creatures' powers, the more they used her. She floated back to the ground and landed lightly. The tendrils relented slightly, but not completely. She shivered slightly at the sensation.

The longer her living lingerie teased her, the closer and closer she got to being tipped over the edge into a shuddering orgasm. Every time she'd come in these panties she'd warped somewhere through space and time, so she figured she should probably be ready to leave when the moment came. This put her on something of a time-frame for exploration. She shivered as a tingly tendril stroked her labia. Perhaps not a very long time-frame.

With this knowledge, she threw open her bedroom door and set out to explore this strange place. She passed through many residential rooms similar to her own, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, all with mirrors for windows and a distinct lack of looking lived in. And of course, occasionally she'd open a door to find gravity on the other side completely changed. Her flying panties were certainly a boon, but damn it if they weren't distracting.

At one point she stumbled as a long tiny tendril slipped out of the back of the waistband and gently traced up her spine before retreating quickly back inside when she looked over her shoulder. By the time she'd been searching for what she assumed was about an hour, there were enough tendrils writhing and shoved deep into her sphincter to nearly be a pulsing phallus, not to mention those giving her pussy attention. She was considering just flying the rest of her time here to avoid the distraction walking caused as her thighs rubbed against the slippery yet incessant advances.

Before she made that decision however, she came across her first signs of life. She walked into a bedroom that had lacy black webbing stretched across some of the corners, and focused heavily around an antique vanity. She slowly approached it as her underwear hummed. It seemed to be made of the same stuff as that creature she encountered before. As she got next to it, she watched as several small rolling balls of wriggling tendrils scampered out onto the counter. One noticed her and approached the ledge. In a flash, it leaped at her waist, but before her hands could even move to stop it, a black tendril whipped out from her panties and swatted it back onto the counter.

It crawled away in a daze, and her panties hugged her hips protectively. Or perhaps possessively, she wasn't sure. She patted her backside in reassurance, then shuddered "Gah!" as the tendrils swelled into her erogenous zones with greater vigor. She wouldn't be able to hold out a whole lot longer.

There were two other exits from the room besides the one she'd entered, and she chose the one surrounded by the dark substance. She passed through a few more rooms with the slick webbing becoming more frequent, and more of those small creatures darting about furtively. As she walked through one room, she froze as a familiar voice rippled behind her.

"You just couldn't stay away, could you? Well, I'm positively flattered." it cooed.

Kat spun around, then groaned as more tendrils sprouted to lap at her swollen clit. "What-mmm-what are you? What-nnah-what is this place?" she stuttered through the creeping advances.

What she'd mistaken for a pool of the goo on the ground, rose to form the sinuous figure that stood before her. It stalked towards her, and Kat floated back into the air with a thought, barely resisting the urge to moan as the tendrils' motions accelerated. The thing stopped and observed her. "Interesting. The formless one still holds some sway. Usually...hmm. They must be quite fond of you." she flicked her fingers towards her waist and Kat trembled as her panties swelled into her as if in pride.

"To answer your burning questions, this place is...complicated." it gestured around with a slick hand. "And I am even more so."

Kat bit her lip as she involuntarily rocked her trembling hips against her panties. She wouldn't be able to hold out much longer, and she still had barely learned a thing! "But I will tell you this about me." The creature glided towards her and looked up. "Whatever my kind touches, so can I." It lifted its fingers in the shape of a V to its liquid lips and lapped between them with a long black tongue.

Kat cried out in ecstasy as she felt the same tongue at her pussy, sprouting from her possessed underwear. At the last moment, she thought of her room as her orgasm crashed into her. She folded out of existence as space warped around her, and crashed into her bed as she bucked her hips furiously against the ministrations of the tendrils and ethereal forces between her legs.

A few minutes later, she'd came down, and groaned as she felt the tendrils slide out of her folds. Through groggy eyes, she looked down at her hips as her panties pulled themselves off and scurried back over to their home in her dresser. If she didn't know better, she'd say they almost looked drunk. It was already late in the night, and she needed only lay there a few minutes more before she was dreaming peacefully.

In the mirror world, Kat's room had altered slightly. Laced about a few of the corners was a slick black webbing, all leading back to the top drawer of the dresser where a cluster sprouted out. Inside, something stirred.

Daisy had left Jack's place early that morning without much talk of what they'd spent the last night doing. She didn't share any classes with him that day, so she had some time to think. Around lunch she received a message from him asking to get some coffee and talk. The small wisp of the spirit's small misty essence had some interesting advice for what to do about him. Most of it was different sexual positions.

He picked her up and they talked on the drive over. They never made it to the coffee shop, for she inadvertently took some of the ghost's advice and wound up sucking him off as he tried desperately to keep his focus on the road. Something about the way she'd seen him had changed, and by the way he kissed her when they'd managed to park, the same went for him.

And that's how Daisy found herself driving back to his house after leaving the study hall with the sunset, when she received a text from Sofia asking her to stop by. It was more or less on the way, so she took the short detour.

She let herself in through the front door and called out for her friend. "Sofia? I got your text."

"Phenomenal." her friend purred.

Daisy spun around to find her standing behind her in tight black leather pants, heels, and a white tank top. "Jesus Sofia! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" she gasped.

Her friend just laughed deeply and placed a finger on her chest, tracing a delicate circle. "Well now, we wouldn't want any harm to come to you, would we?"

There was something about her voice..."Sofia are you...feeling alright?" Daisy questioned, taking a step back away from her friend's outstretched digits.

"Sofia is...indisposed. She's letting me take her for a ride, if you will." The woman purred, tracing a finger down between her large tits.

"Wait, what? fuck." Daisy whispered, taking another step back.

"Now now, none of that." The possessed woman tsked, beckoning towards herself with an outstretched hand. Daisy gasped as she was suddenly lifted into the air and floated towards Sofia, or whatever she was now. "You're friend is perfectly fine, she asked for this I'll have you know." Daisy just stared, not sure whether to be awestruck or terrified. "Besides, I mean to be gone from this body by the morning." She seemed to hesitate as she glanced off at a hanging mirror reflecting the strange scene.

She looked back at Daisy with a more serious gaze, "Which is why I need your help."

Daisy froze. "Look, um, I'm flattered and all, but I don't really want to share"

Sofia waved her off, "Oh not that. Although it would" her friend's eyes slowly ran up her hovering form, and she shivered at the feeling of gentle yet firm hands running along her curves before they quickly vanished as she resumed talking. "No. What I need from you is a promise. If by tomorrow you have not heard from Sofia, find Kat and tell her to go to the room where I gave her the gift." She looked at Daisy intently. "Promise?"

"What? Kat? How do you know...I mean, sure. I guess." Daisy stumbled over her words as she tried to decipher what was going on exactly.

"Promise." the spirit infested woman commanded.

"I...I promise." Daisy answered.

Sofia smiled. "I knew I could count on you." She stepped forward and floated up into the air to Daisy, sliding her hand around her waist and pulling her tightly against her chest. Before Daisy could think of a response, her friend pulled her into a passionate kiss, their bodies spinning through the air. Sofia released her and they floated apart, her friend towards the mirror, her towards the door. She felt something slide up behind her ear, and she heard the spirit whisper, "See you soon."

Sofia merely winked, before sinning around to face the now rippling surface of the mirror and floating through into the other world. As the mirror's ripple dissipated to show Daisy her own reflection again, she floated gently down to the ground. She heard the voice whisper behind her ear again, "Best not keep Jack waiting." before the wisp slipped back down the back of her shirt.

A short time later, or no time at all depending on the world's natural laws (or lack thereof), silver elevator doors dinged open, and Sofia stepped out into a stark white lobby with an assortment of spartan black furniture scattered about. Its destination wasn't far now, and the spirit kept a tight control of its emotions. As it walked past one of the dark chairs, it morphed and slithered into a feminine shape behind the walking girl.

Sofia stopped, and the hint of a smile played at her lips. The oozing figure slowly prowled towards her backside. "You've acquired another host." It observed as it stepped closer. "I've always found humans to be particularly...delicious."

Sofia turned and glared at the creature. "You should know, you were with her friend not long ago."

"That one? Ha! Such a lovely bundle of ignorance and courage." It pulled up eye to eye with Sofia. "You mean to go back to her, don't you?"

The spirit knew of what it spoke. It supposed it was always rather transparent with such matters. "I do." Sofia raised a finger to the things chest. "And you still owe me for what you did."

The thing sneered, then seemed to shrink back slightly. "I am remorseful for what happened, truly. That was...never my intent."

The spirit knew as much, but it would still use this thing and its talents as it suited her. "I require two things from you. First, if I fail you will soon here from Kat and perhaps one other. You must give them the help they acquire."

The slippery creature glanced away in thought, before returning its black gaze to Sofia's dark eyes. "I suppose it can be done. And the second wish you so arduously task me with?"

Sofia smirked. The entity and the creature in normal circumstances would be evenly matched in power, if not in in ability. However, in this body and with the things the spirit had done, that was no longer the case. Sofia reached a hand up and traced a finger down the side of the things head, down to its shoulder where she suddenly gripped hard.

The thing grunted as she shoved it to its knees in front of her waist. She grasped the back of its head with her other hand and pulled it back to look into its oily eyes. "I want you to taste this...delicious creature."

The creature stared into Sofia's eyes for a moment, before a wicked grin spread across its face. The entity relaxed its grip as the slippery entity reached around her waist to grab large handfuls of her bountiful backside. It slowly moved its face to her crotch, where it opened its mouth to reveal a long prehensile tongue and several other liquid black tendrils that pulled open the front of her pants.

Sofia cooed as the tendrils made their way into her bottoms, and before long, she let out an involuntary whimper of pleasure as the creature left no crevice between her legs unexplored. Not long after, the entity didn't even try to contain its cries from the earthly vessel as long slick tendrils explored its depths.