Lust of the Lither

Conflict and Countermeasure

The moonless sky hovered over a suburban neighborhood lit by scattered street lamps. Nearly invisible against the black sky, a curvy woman floated down from the clouds with her arms held out to her sides, palms in the air and legs crossed. The entity in Sofia had taken a different route than she would have normally slipped through, hoping to take her opponent by surprise. She stopped and floated in place, eyeing the grey sedan pull into the driveway a hundred feet beneath her, probably returning from that old library where they first met. The woman she sought stepped out and walked to her door, and Sofia descended down after her.

The tall red haired woman stepped through her front door as Sofia floated down behind her. She casually shut the door behind her, and didn't notice for a moment when it didn't click shut. After that moment, she noticed the discrepancy and turned around. Her breath caught as she jumped at the sight of the strange woman standing behind her in the doorway. She wasn't afraid as one might expect however. "Who are you?" she questioned with just a hint of authority.

"Hello Sabrina." The spirit said through Sofia's lips.

Despite the body she inhabited, the other woman recognized the tone and command in her voice. "Mistress?!" she said in a shocked voice before rushing on. "You shouldn't have come! The others's in...ooh..." the woman bit her and shuddered lip as something seemed to be happening between her legs.

"She's right." An ethereal voice seemed to echo from behind the redhead. "I thought you'd never come."

Sofia just smiled and met the girl named Sabrina's eyes. "I keep my promises."

The girl tried to answer, but she shuddered and let out a small moan as a ghostly figure rose up behind her, seeming to flow out the back of her pants. Sofia glanced at the entity. "I see you no longer disdain the pleasures of the flesh." the spirit spoke through its host to its kin.

The other spirit traced a misty finger down the side of Sabrina's face, and she closed her eyes with a tiny whimper as ghostly forces still played with her below. "I've found it does have its...benefits." the thing murmured before turning its focus to Sofia. "If you think that body you've crawled into will help you, I'm afraid you're mistaken."

Behind her, two small mirrors on the wall began to ripple before another two misty entities flowed out into the room. Two. Damn. The spirit glanced Through Sofia over her shoulders and spotted the supplicant and, to its dismay, the undecided one. It supposed it would need a new name for that one now. Sofia looked back to Sabrina and the spirit behind her. "I see you've brought more to your cause. Must this world truly be disdained?" it questioned.

"Yes. Although, after the time I've spent here..." It looked at Sabrina and she squeaked as ghostly tongue probed into her flower. "...I think I may make some exceptions."

The entity in Sofia knew the time for words was quickly coming to a close. It turned a bit of its attention to the small pieces of its essence with Daisy and at Liz's place. What those girls could provide now wouldn't be much, but every bit would help. With a thought, the slices of her will made their moves.

Daisy pulled into Jack's driveway as she thought on what she'd seen. She'd tried to ask the small wisp floating about her to explain what it was doing with Sofia, but it remained quiet, opting to remain out of sight beneath her shirt. She knew Sofia was all about this ghost and its powers but still... She supposed she could wait until tomorrow to do something about it, and see if the spirit kept its word. It had so far at least.

As Daisy reached for the door handle, she gasped as she felt the small wisp suddenly dart down the front of her pants into her underwear. "Hey easy theRE!" she yelped as the thing immediately swirled around her clit, producing electrifying tingles of energy that pulsed through her pussy. "I...I...ooh fuck." Daisy panted as she quickly became overcome with arousal.

Across town, Liz and Lauren were once again in the basement pouring over the notes attempting to learn more about these spirits and their strange connection. Out of sight, a small wisp of spirit slipped across the table and slithered into the wooden box on the table holding the ghostly orb they were studying. Both of the girls heads whipped to the box as it began to rattle violently as the piece of spirit influenced the glowing creature within.

Lauren glanced at Liz. "Are know..."

Liz shook her head. "It's not me! I don't know what it's-" but before she could finish, the top flipped open violently and the orb shot out into the room. Before either girl could begin to react, the thing flew over to Liz and dove down the front of her pants. Her eyes shot open wide and she gasped, grasping at her crotch. "Oh oh ooh!" she stuttered. "!" she groaned and closed her eyes. A moment later she opened them, staring at Lauren with a predatory gaze.

"Oh boy..." Lauren muttered as Liz raised her hand towards her friend.

The entity in Sofia could feel the new flows of energy coming from the girls. It hoped it would be enough as it felt the other two spirits closing in behind it. Sofia glared at the spirit hovering with Sabrina. "You may have more power between you, but there are still things about our worlds you have yet to learn."

As the two other spirits reached out to her with feminine misty arms, Sofia smiled. It felt the energy coming from Liz and silently thanked her for the gift she'd given her. As the spirits nearly reached her, Sofia suddenly reached her arms behind her and and grabbed the ghosts in two strong grips.

"What?!" one of them cried out. "That's not possible!"

The entity with Sabrina scowled, but before it could react, Sofia had fallen to her knees and pulled the two entities down beneath her. She panted as something began to build within her. "What are you doing?" it hissed as it approached the girl on her knees.

"Mmmmm." Sofia moaned, before looking up at the entity glaring over her, her eyes aglow. "Using a gift." it declared as Sofia's pussy lips seemed to be invaded by unseen forces.

Suddenly, Sofia closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as pressure began to build within her. Beneath the curvy girl, the two spirits cried out as something began to happen. As Sofia writhed, the ground beneath her began to glow. The other spirit shied back as something began to pull the other two entities in. Wind and energy whipped around them in a whirlwind as the lights of the house flickered in time with Sofia's pants and groans. Something seemed to be seeping off of the moaning girl and into the light with the other entities, when all at once she cried out in ecstasy.

The light beneath her faded to a dull glow as the girl slumped to the side unconscious. Cautiously, the entity pulled away from Sabrina to peer at the light as the girl still shuddered behind it in its ghostly clutches. On the floor, a silvering glowing circle surrounded by strange glyphs swirled. The spirit reached out with its essence to probe it, but quickly recoiled as it felt something pulling it into it.

The spirit turned on Sabrina. "What is this? What has she done?" it demanded.

"She...ooh...she took them. They're all trapped together." for a moment the girl managed to look at the spirit with an air of authority. "You didn't win."

The entity regarded the red haired woman. "Not yet." it declared, and curled its ghostly fingers. In response, Sabrina fell to her knees, shuddering in terrifying ecstasy under the creature's ethereal power.

For a moment, Liz felt something drain from her, as if a presence had left. Then Lauren moaned again as her telekinetic ministrations probed deeper into her, pulling Liz back into the moment. The ethereal orb in her panties surged more energy into her, and Lauren gripped her head, shoving Liz's face back into her friends pussy as they both hovered above the floor.

Daisy moaned as the ghostly forces worked her over. She had a leg thrown over into the passenger seat as the tension built and built. As she neared her climax, she gasped and lurched forward as the spectral forces suddenly vanished. "What the fuck?" she gasped, pulling open the front of her pants to try and find her ghostly molester.

She was still breathing heavily as her orgasm seemed to fade out of her reach, and she stuck her hand into her pants to finish herself off. Before her fingers slipped into her folds however, her eyes glanced over to the door of Jack's house. "Damn it." she muttered, throwing open the car door.

When he answered the front door, she nearly tackled him as she tried to undo his pants. By the time she kicked the door shut behind her, they were both half undressed, and by the bulge she could feel growing in his briefs, they were both more than ready to fuck.

Daisy awoke early the next morning at Jack's place. He still lay asleep next to her as she stretched and yawned, before crawling out of bed and walking to the bathroom down the hall in her panties and nothing else. She was brushing her teeth with his extra toothbrush when the events of the previous night began to reform in her memory, and her concern for Sofia returned.

The piece of the entity hadn't come back after leaving her alone and horny in the car, which she wasn't sure was a great sign for whatever the entity was doing with Sofia. As she bent over to rinse out her mouth, she jumped in surprise when she rose to find her reflection missing in the bathroom mirror. Wait... she though.

The silvery surface suddenly rippled as three glowing orbs suddenly flew out and darted around her. She reflexively clasped an arm over her tits to protect her modesty, as her head swiveled around to follow the intruders. "Not now!" she hissed, hoping not to wake Jack.

The orbs seemed to disagree, as two of them suddenly flew down the back of her underwear and merged into the fabric. Daisy gasped as she felt the tingling and tickling energy flow about the fabric around her hips as it tightened. She was suddenly hoisted into the air and pulled towards the mirror.

"Wait! Wait!" she whispered urgently, and her motion halted with her face inches from the portal. "I'll go with you, I will. I just need my clothes. And I can't leave my car here!"

The orbs seemed to consider what she said. They seemed to at least, Daisy wasn't even sure they understood her to be honest.

Apparently they did to some extent, as she slowly floated away from the mirror and turned around. The third orb suddenly darted out the door and disappeared down the hall. She prayed Jack wouldn't see it. Fifteen seconds later, her pants, bra, and t-shirt flew into the room and quickly slid themselves onto her hovering form. As her pants zipped themselves up, she squirmed as the seat goosed her.

The mirror shimmered and another orb flew out of it and joined her as she was carried out into the hall. She held her breath as she hovered by the open door to Jack's room, but she relaxed as she could see him still dreaming peacefully. The other orb darted ahead, and when she reached the front door she found her sandals waiting for her at the door along with her purse. She floated down and stepped into them before picking up her bag. The door suddenly opened in front of her and she gasped slightly as she felt herself walked outside by her possessed clothes.

When she reached her car, the fourth orb flew out of her purse and down into the front grill of the sedan as the back door opened itself. "Wait, maybe I should dri-oh!" she gasped as she felt herself pulled forcefully into the back seat as the car started itself.

She texted Jack to apologize for leaving so abruptly, and her concern mounted as her calls to Sofia all went to voicemail. Her car was speeding along, but not too recklessly, so she didn't complain. She had a suspicion she knew where it was taking her, so she texted her friend to tell her she was coming over.

Her suspicions were confirmed as her car pulled to a stop in Kat's driveway.

Kat had just finished throwing on a black skirt with no underwear beneath and tight grey t-shirt when she heard the front door open.

"Kat?" she heard Daisy call out.

She walked into the living room to see her blonde friend standing at the door with a concerned look on her face. "Is everything alright?" Kat asked.

As Daisy retold her what she'd witnessed the night before, Kat was beginning to guess that no, everything was not alright. Her eyes drifted to her friend's waist as she told her about the orbs that had taken residence in her underwear on the way over. And then she told her about the ghost's message for her.

"What? I mean, yeah I know how to get there...sort of." Kat answered.

Daisy wanted to know what she was talking about, and Kat figured it would be easier to show her. "Follow me." she said as she walked up to her bedroom.

Daisy stopped behind her as Kat reached for the top draw of her dresser. Pulling it open slowly, she held her hand out and cooed, "Come on out little guy."

Daisy recoiled a step as the black wavy creature skittered out onto Kat's hand. "What the fuck it that?"

Kat tried to explain what it was and how she got it. As she did, Daisy's eyes seemed to grow a little wider. "So that thing...fingers your pussy and you can fly?" she questioned.

"Actually I think it prefers my asshole." Kat replied with the hint of a shrug.

Daisy stared at her, blinking for a few moments before regaining her composure. "Right, well can it, um, can it get us both there?"

"Maybe. One way to find out I suppose." Kat declared and lowered the thing down beneath her skirt.

"Ooh!" she gasped as the thing eagerly jumped up between her legs and began excitedly slithering and wrapping around her hips. She grasped the dresser for support as it tightly settled and nestled into her folds. She bit her lip as a tiny tendril traced down from her clit to asshole.

When she turned back to Daisy, Kat noticed her friend seemed to shift uncomfortably, tugging at the back of her pants. "You okay?" she asked.

"Hmm? Yeah." Daisy answered distractedly. "These things just sort of...tensed up."

Kat looked down at her friends waist and she thought about the orbs possessing her panties. She gasped softly as she felt a small tendril slip up and curl around her bean. Her eyes widened slightly as a trickle of energy she'd never felt before flowed through it, and she suddenly realized she could feel...something. She focused more on Daisy and realized it was the orbs.

"The presence of power..." Kat mumbled to herself.

"What was that?" Daisy asked.

Kat looked up and met her friend's eyes. She twitched her eyebrow, and Daisy yelped as she was suddenly hoisted off the ground by her possessed panties. It worked! She wasn't controlling them, but they were listening to her commands. Kat licked her lips as the tendril circled more around her clit. What all could she make them do?

"Kat did you-nngh!" Daisy shuddered as something happened between her legs.

Apparently she could. She commanded them to set her down, then tried to clear her mind of thoughts of the orbs. The tendril in her living underwear retreated from her clit almost regretfully as Daisy caught her breath.

"Kat...was that you?" she asked.

She just smiled. "Sort of. I think. Apparently my little friend still has more surprises up its sleeve."

Daisy seemed to consider this before responding. "Well that's, um , fine I guess. Maybe this can help Sofia."

Bringing the subject back around, Daisy asked where the ghost wanted Kat to go. When she answered, Daisy shook her head. "I know where that's at. Sofia showed me once. I think the orbs can lead us there. Especially if you make them."

Kat agreed. They walked over to the tall mirror hanging on her bedroom wall, and without a thought from Kat, one of the orbs flew away from Daisy into the mirror. "Huh. Maybe I don't even need to..." but before she could finish, they both jumped back as the mirror rippled their reflections away to reveal a black liquid figure staring lazily at them from the other side of the portal.

"Okay seriously, what the fuck is that?!" Daisy questioned.

The thing wiggled its fingers at them as if in greetings, and Kat shuddered as she felt a familiar tongue quickly slither up her pussy before retreating back into her underwear. "It's acquaintance." Kat muttered, recalling her experiences with it.

The creature watched them impatiently as they talked before turning its attention to Daisy and beckoning her towards it. She yelped and stumbled forwards as if something was pulling her by the crotch of her panties. Before Kat could even think to try and help, her friend had tripped through the mirror and stumbled to the ground on the other side as the creature stepped out of the way.

"Hey!" Kat yelled and ran through after her.

Dashing through the mirror, the surface shimmered as Kat leaped through to her friends side. She pulled her to her feet and glared at the slick creature. "What do you want?" she questioned with as much authority as she could muster.

The thing rolled the solid black orbs it had for eyes. "I want to keep my word. And that means helping you two apparently."

"Us? What're you talking about?" Daisy questioned as she brushed herself off.

"Let's just say I owe someone a favor. Someone you're about to go help if I had to guess." It eyed Daisy up and down and seemed to lick its lips. "And if you want to stand a chance of actually accomplishing that, you're going to need me."

The two girls looked at each other, before Daisy looked back and asked, "And how exactly do you plan to help?"

The way the thing seemed to smile at her friend made Kat shudder involuntarily. Of course that might have just been the ticklish attention her panties were giving her pussy.

"First," it began, "we need to get...acquainted." it declared as it slithered towards Daisy.

An hour later (or what seemed like an hour, Kat had trouble judging time in this place) The two girls stood around the stone cauldron in the room the spirit had crafted Kat's living lingerie. Or at least part of it, Kat noted, looking at Daisy. "Are you sure you're okay with this?" she asked.

Daisy shuddered as something moved beneath her clothes. "I can't think of a better plan, given what we know."

"I meant about, uh, our...friend." Kat eyed Daisy's waist.

Daisy looked down and lifted her shirt to reveal what seemed to be a black one piece bathing suit. "It's-mmm-it's certainly making itself at home."

"And you are oh so accommodating." a slick voice arose from around Daisy.

She jumped at what Kat assumed were advances between her legs. "We'll get this over with quick, don't worry." Kat tried to sound reassuring, but Daisy just closed her eyes and swayed slightly with the motions of the creature.

The creature was apparently supposed to have met them at this familiar location to inform them of the situation, but it seems the thing had already known where to find them. It told them about where the spirit had gone wearing Sofia's body, and how they could get her back. Of course its plan was totally dependent on its help, so Daisy had been volunteered to 'assist' it. Though Kat wasn't totally convinced it wasn't just using the situation for its own gain somehow. Her eyes glanced upwards to the four glowing orbs that accompanied them, slowly hovering about above them. With the arrival of the slick creature, they didn't obey her commands as thoroughly as before, much to Kat's chagrin.

"I still can't believe that thing would put Sofia in danger like that." Daisy muttered as she seemed to try and distract herself from her skin tight companion.

"The only one in any real danger is the queen herself." the creature crooned from below her.

Kat sure wasn't sure what this whole queen business was about. The other spirits they were about to possibly face were apparently also 'queens' as well. Not much of a monarchy in her opinion, and she wasn't about to start calling anything 'your majesty'. "Either way, we need to get her back." Kat declared firmly. She eyed her her friend and the creatures around them. "We're all set, let's do this."

"As you wish." the voice replied, and Daisy's eyes widened as she held her hand in front of her to see slick black tendrils slither up her wrist and coat her hand in a glove of stretched goo.

Daisy stepped up to Kat until their faces almost touched, though Kat still stood above her by a good four inches. "Ready?" Daisy asked nervously.

Kat looked up at the orbs and tried to command them, but they ignored her. The creature on Daisy chuckled, "They'll only listen to me for now." Daisy looked confused for a moment, then shook her head.

"Ready." Kat answered.

Daisy's hand held its palm out and the orbs all darted down to swirl between her coated fingers. Her arm then dipped down beneath Kat's skirt and plunged down the front of her dark panties. Both girls gasped at once, Kat at the feeling of her living lingerie suddenly hijacked and infused with energy that now flowed through and from the fingers playing at her snatch, and Daisy at tendrils entering her below pulsing with a similar force.

Kat recognized the sensation as energy flowed through tendrils and fingers sliding sensually into her cunt and asshole, though this time she had no control. "Oh god!" she grunted as the force built.

"Fuck!" Daisy gasped and panted as she was similarly thoroughly toyed with.




They moaned together as the sensations built, then with a flick of Daisy's wrist, they were both suddenly crying out as simultaneous orgasms washed over them. Reality spun around them, and they both stumbled apart as Daisy's hand slipped from beneath Kat's skirt.

Both girls panted, trying to catch their breaths and gather their wits as they took in their surroundings. They appeared to be in someone's small kitchen, and with a glance out the window at the setting sun, in the real world as well.

"Fuck me." Daisy whispered as she tried to regain her composure.

Kat straightened up and got her breathing under control as she tried to steel herself for whatever they might face here. Glancing at Daisy, she considered the thing beneath her clothes. Whatever it was, Kat was going to one day make it teach her about its world. Then I can be in charge. she thought as her panties squeezed her ass.

The girls looked at each other as a woman cried out from the next room. They didn't recognize the voice, so they approached the door slowly. Holding up her hand, Kat counted down from three. At one, they swung open the door and charged into the room and pulled up short at the sight.

On the floor to their right, a tall red haired woman in white lingerie sat on her knees with her face pressed into the carpet and her ass stuck in the air behind her as she moaned like a whore. In front of her a smoky silhouette neither girl recognized pointed a hand at the girl while glaring at the intruders with glowing eyes. Directly in front of them, Sofia floated naked and unconscious above a glowing circle on the floor, her legs facing them and shaved pussy on display.

Kat's eyes darted between the figures, but her eyes landed on the circle on the floor. "Wait, that looks like..." but before she could finish, Daisy cried out and fell to her knees.

"Oh fuck! Kat it's-ah-it's going inside me!" she gasped.

Daisy's coated arm lifted towards the prostrate woman, and the orbs flew from her fingers towards them. The ethereal figured snarled and pulled back as three of them darted around it, while the other flew down the back of the red head's panties. The girl gasped and suddenly shot up, arching her back with a groan as the thing settled into her underwear. Daisy's arm fell as she knelt shuddering on the ground.

The spirit swatted its hand and the orbs scattered from it. "You!" it snarled, floating towards Daisy.

Kat tried to remember the plan, but with Daisy writhing and moaning on the floor, the plan was out the window. She looked at the scattered orbs and focused. She sucked in a breath as tendrils sprouted form her panties and twirled around her clit, and a sudden awareness of the glowing creatures flowed into her. With a thought, she ordered them towards the smoky figure, and this time they thankfully obeyed.

"What?!" it gasped as the orbs returned, driving it back a few paces. It looked around and suddenly turned its gaze to Kat. "How dare you!?" it hissed.

Kat stepped back from the menace in its voice, but before she could respond, Daisy suddenly jerked up to her feet. Her eyes wide with surprise, she stumbled forwards towards Sofia's floating form. She opened her mouth to try and speak, but just made a gagging sound. As she reached Sofia, her arms, now both covered in the black substance, extended out to either side. Kat gasped as her underwear suddenly seized around her under foreign control, and she levitated into the air towards her friend's outstretched hand. Hearing a moan, she glanced over to the red head girl befalling a similar fate as she floated towards Daisy's other hand.

Daisy stumbled jerkily towards Sofia's spread legs, and planted her face between her pussy. Their friend gasped in her sleep, and squirmed in the air as Daisy went to town on her cunt. Right then, Kat and the red head arrived at Daisy's outstretched hands, and her fingers slipped between their legs and into their underwear. Both the girls cried out, facing each other as the blonde girl fingered their already sensitive pussies.

Kat glanced at the red heads face and was surprised to find her staring at her in lust, and what seemed like hope. She looked at Sofia and her writhing unconscious form suspended in the air and shuddered at the fingers deep between her legs and the slick black tendrils protruding from Daisy's mouth and slipping into the curvy girl's flower.

The three orbs suddenly retreated from the misty feminine form, parting and diving into all three points of contact between Daisy and her friends. The spirit growled and flowed towards them, but moments before it reached the four women, the combined force of the slippery ministrations and flows of energy into their erogenous zones pushed them over the edge, and the women cried out in a symphony of pleasure as the universe folded them out of existence.