Lust of the Lither

The Woman and the Lither

With four synchronous cries of pleasure, space warped around the girls as they appeared next to the stone cauldron in a tangle of tendrils and passion. After a moment, Daisy raised her head from Sofia's cunt and pulled her hands away from the other girl's pussies as they all slowly drifted away from her. Daisy made a small gagging sound before sucking in a deep breath of air as she fell to her knees shuddering. Sofia's still unconscious form slowly floated down to hover delicately just above the floor as she mumbled something in her sleep.

As Kat's feet lightly touched down, she surveyed her friends before her eyes landed on the red head landing daintily on the other side of Daisy. Kat half expected the woman to be in shock, but instead she seemed fairly comfortable with her surroundings. From what little she'd been told by the creature still on Daisy, she was somehow important in some way or another to the spirit that they'd summoned. Her kneeling friend groaned, and Kat's attention was momentarily diverted.

Daisy sucked in a breath as a black slippery substance began to flow and rise out of the waistband of her pants, forming into a figure standing over her. As the last bit seemed to leave her, Daisy slumped to her side and stared up at the creature with wide concerned eyes. " got inside-"

Before Daisy could finish, the creature spoke over her. "Yes, I was. And you were quite vessel. I've never truly been hosted like that before, let alone by someone who's body seemed so eager to accept me."

On the floor, Daisy just shuddered as the dark creature turned to face Kat as she approached the creature with a confrontational posture. "As for you, your welcome." it declared and Kat pulled up short.

"You said nothing about-" but Kat was cut off as well as the creature held up a liquid hand.

"We got out with your friend, and even another guest." the thing spoke, gesturing to the red head. "I think we were more than successful."

"Except you left the mistress behind."

All eyes in the room turned to the newcomer as she spoke for the first time. "There was nothing to be done unfortunately. It was even a miracle we-"

This time the creature was interrupted. "After what you did, do you expect me to believe you have her best interests at heart?" the woman questioned, placing her fists on her hips.

"I have atoned. I made a mistake, but that is behind us now." the creature almost seemed put off by this woman. Who was she?

She just shook her head at the creature and turned away to observe the room. "Leave us, for now at least." she gestured at the creature. "Maybe you're telling the truth, but I need some time to...figure some things out."

The thing seemed to rise to retort, before settling back with a look of, if not defeat, acceptance. "Very well." It began to stride towards one of the many doors ringing the room. As one opened before it, it paused and glanced over her shoulder at Kat and Daisy.

"I'll be seeing you again." it winked at them, and Kat grunted as something goosed her, and was matched by a small whimper from Daisy as the creature made its exit.

Kat knelt down to help Daisy stand, who did so with shaky knees, muttering something about never listening to fucking ghosts again. Hearing a small giggle, Kat looked back at the red head to see her holding her hand out as the three orbs descended to float above them. The girl curled her toes as Kat noticed the woman's panties happily groping her below.

"You're...Sabrina, right?" Daisy questioned.

The woman turned as if just now seeing them, and smiled. "Yeah, that's me." She paused and looked at the door the creature had just slipped through. "What all did that lither tell you?" she questioned.

"If you mean that thing that just left, not much else besides your name and that you might be there with Sofia. We really came for her if we're being honest." Kat answered and they all looked at the naked girl floating peacefully nearby.

"That ghost, err mistress I guess possessed her or something. We came to get her back." Daisy added.

Sabrina sighed and leaned back as if to sit, and Kat's eyebrows rose as she seemed to sit back onto an invisible chair cooing slightly and squirming a bit before settling. Kat realized with a start that Sabrina's possessed panties must be holding her up. Did she make them do that, or did she just know they would?

"Mistress could always be a bit...bold in her actions." She looked at them both seriously. "I promise you though, she isn't the one you need to worry about."

"About that," Kat began, "Do you want to explain exactly what was happening back there? Better yet, who exactly are you?"

The orbs still hovered about the girl as she fidgeted slightly, most likely responding to amorous ministrations from her haunted underwear holding her up. Sabrina glanced at Sofia as she mumbled something in her sleep. "We have another hour or so before your friend wakes and can return to the real world." she looked back at Daisy and Kat and gestured to some ornately carved wooden chairs pushed off to the side. "Make yourselves comfortable and I'll tell you what I can."

Kat looked at the chairs, then smiled to herself as she felt her living lingerie prod at her rear gently. Looking back to Sabrina, she sat back in the same way, and with a thought her panties responded in a similar manner, supporting her as if sitting on an invisible chair. She bit her lip lightly as a small tendril circled her asshole. Sabrina's looked a bit surprised, before a small smirk creeped across her lips.

Daisy looked back and forth between the two of them before declaring, "Well I'm getting a fucking chair."

A day had past since Liz and Lauren's wild night (an event that was seemingly becoming more frequent), and once again they were together. The entire day Liz had been unable to stop thinking about Lauren and their connection, and apparently the same was true for her friend. As far as they could tell, the link stemmed from or was at least amplified by the ghostly orb they kept mostly contained in that wooden box. After its escape the night before, Liz had added more inscriptions from the dark web notes on the lid of the container, hoping to this time keep it secure. It seemed though even without direct contact from the thing, the two women were still linked.

Currently, they sat facing each other on opposite ends of a long fold out table. Liz stared intently at Lauren, who was across from her blindfolded and slowly writing something out on a piece of notebook paper. Lauren's hand suddenly stopped moving. "Are you done?" she asked.

"Yeah, go ahead and take the blindfold off." Liz answered.

Lauren did as she was told and held up the paper so Liz could see it. She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding as she saw the words 'FUCK ME' written in what looked like her own handwriting.

"Is this what you were making me write?" Lauren questioned, and Liz nodded with a small smile as she shook her head.

The true nature of their bond was still a mystery to Liz. So far, it seemed she had a form of telekinesis and telepathy over Lauren, but it only seemed to work on things directly involving her friend. While the power seemed to stem from the orb itself, distance didn't appear to play much factor in how Lauren could access it. However when the orb was directly in contact with Liz, say possessing her underwear, her power over Lauren was intensely magnified, along with the sensations. Which were very intense, as the bond seemed to almost always devolve into something sexual.

As she watched her friend stare at the paper, Liz got an idea. "Lauren I wanna try something. Focus on the window over there." Liz pointed at a small window at the top of the wall on level with the yard outside.

She agreed, then said she was doing so. Liz reached out to the now familiar bond and willed the window to open. Feeling a familiar trickle of energy through her, the window unlatched itself and slid open.

"Holy shit!" they both cried out at once.

On the desk near them, the box holding the orb rattled excitedly. Liz wasn't totally sure what this meant, but it was definitely a new development. She smirked and looked at Lauren, who jumped as something goosed her through the chair. They tried a few more things resulting in Liz making a book hover, a chair slide itself around, and a few more things of the like.

An hour later they decided to call it a night. It already being somewhat late, and as she'd been making a habit of it lately anyways, Lauren decided to stay the night and sleep on Liz' couch. They said their good nights and parted to go to sleep. As she left to her room, Liz paused and peeked out into the living room as her friend got ready for bed. Lauren stripped down to just a tight off white t-shirt and orange panties as she pulled a blanket up onto the couch and snuggled in. Liz felt for their bond and tweaked it slightly, resulting in a gasp from Lauren she felt a tongue trace up her crotch.

"Liz!" she called out in a huff.

Liz chuckled as she made her way to her room to sleep. Rest seemed to elude her however, and not thirty minutes later Liz was sneaking past her friend to return to the basement.

In tight black sweatpants with white stripes tracing down the sides and a form fitting bleached t-shirt, she tip toed back into the basement. Slowly, she approached the table holding the box with the trapped spirit. She hesitated for a moment, then spoke. "I want to see more."

The box sat still, and she went on. "I want to learn more. I know you have...friends. Tell them to come too."

She waited, then the box rattled once. She took a breath, then flipped the lid open. The orb hovered out above it and floated in front of her. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her small vanity mirror, laying it on the table before her and waited expectantly. The orb seemed to regard her, before suddenly plunging down and disappearing into the silvery surface. Liz let out a breath and waited.

A minute later the small mirror shimmered and the orb flew back out and hovered in front of her face excitedly. Moments later, a dozen more followed it through to fly around her in a swirl of glowing lights. Liz looked around at the spirits and bit her lip before turning back to the orb in front of her. "Well?" she asked. "What are you waiting for?"

The orb hummed before enthusiastically diving down the front of her pants into her dark panties. Liz sucked in a breath as she felt her underwear constrict and shiver as the entity took over, followed by a familiar pulse of energy zapping through her pussy. For a moment, Liz felt the bond with Lauren and almost reached out to take dominance of it, but quickly stopped herself. There would be time for that later.

"Ooh, fuck." she sighed as her panties toyed with her clit.

She stifled a yelp as half a dozen more of the orbs suddenly dove in to join their companion possessing her lingerie. Her feet slowly lifted off the ground as the entities merged and mingled around her hips, sending electric tingles of energy arcing around her nether regions. As she floated up, her body was rotated in the air to face one of the windows lining the ceiling. As she watched, one of the orbs flew to the glass and merged into the surface, sending the surface rippling like a disturbed pool of water. Liz suddenly found her self levitating towards it as the spirits carried her through the air while they toyed with her below.

Liz curled her toes at the sensation, and held her breath expectantly as she flew towards the glass surface. A heartbeat later the glass rippled away from her as she passed through the surface and entered into a new dimension. The other orbs followed her through, and a moment later the window ceased its supernatural waves to sit in its place as normal as if nothing had transpired.

Upstairs asleep on the couch, Lauren squirmed and moaned in her sleep as an occasional stray thought from Liz betrayed her, sending ghostly forces to tease the sleeping girl.

Daisy stretched her arms above her head and leaned back against the tall back of the wooden chair as Sabrina continued her story. Apparently Sabrina worked at an old library in town that had received a shipment of strange books and research notes from an estate in a nearby town. Sabrina had been tasked with cataloging it and discovered someone's investigations into what had turned out to be the very place the girls were currently chatting in. On a whim, and because she apparently had interest in such matters, Sabrina had tried to complete some of the rituals in the notes, but to no avail. That is until one night, when something came through.

"The mistress was new to this world, apparently just as curious about us as I was about them. She's something of a visionary among her kind, and she can be, ah, very bold about some things." Sabrina continued.

Daisy's eyes went between Sabrina and Kat as they sat on what appeared to be invisible chairs, supported by what Daisy assumed was either the glowing orbs or whatever living lingerie Kat had snugged between her legs. Daisy noted that the two girls seemed to be much more comfortable with this strange place with all its odd creatures, ghostly or otherwise. She shivered as she thought of that slippery black creature. It had crawled all the way inside her-

"So what the hell is those other ghosts' problem?" Kat's question brought Daisy's attention back to the conversation.

The look on the red head's face darkened. "Those...things, the one you saw in particular. Those things are the real problem."

Daisy leaned forward as Sabrina began to outline exactly what it was they had stepped into. As she explained, Daisy decided the next time she saw Liz, she was going to let her know exactly how thankful she was for letting her into this mess.

Liz's world had been turned upside down. Literally in this case, as she peered into a room that seemed to be turned on its axis. She'd talked with Kat a little bit in the past week about what she'd seen in this place, but experiencing it was something else entirely. She breathed in deeply as she felt the spirits between her legs send more sparks of static power to tickle up the length of her moist pussy. Her mind swam with thoughts of supernatural possibilities and occasionally Lauren, who's bond she could still feel even here.

She still floated above the ground, being practically carried through this mirror reality by the orbs that she was becoming more and more acquainted with. She looked about in wonder as she traveled through this strange place. At one point she had an odd feeling of being watched. From the corner of her eye she could've swore she saw a dark shape slither past, but when she turned to look she found herself seemingly alone. The orbs didn't seem to notice anything, so she merely shrugged it off as they continued their journey through the warren of inverted and eclectic rooms. She thought it was almost something of a tour at first, but she now suspected they had a destination in mind.

A few minutes later, she arrived in what seemed to be a large Victorian ballroom, complete with hanging crystal chandeliers and maroon curtained drapes adorning large mirrors in place of windows. She hovered down to the ground and landed delicately in front of a grand stone fireplace at one end of the dance floor. One of the orbs that hovered around her like satellites darted away beneath the hearth that yawned higher than she stood and slipped up the chimney. The stone orifice suddenly began to rumble before swinging open to reveal a secret passage adorned with candles casting flickering shadows upon the wall.

Feeling a gentle nudge from her panties, Liz entered the passage. Apparently she had to walk through this part. A few of the orbs hovered in front of her, seeming to guide her at odd forks in the passage as she journeyed deeper into the passage. At one point she glanced at an orb that hovered close to the flickering shadows on the wall, and noted that its subtle light did nothing to dispel the fluttering dark shapes. Before she could look closer, she felt the spirits beneath her clothes quickly usher her along. A few more minutes of walking brought her to a stop in front of an old wooden door. The orbs just hovered around her expectantly, as if waiting for her to open.Deciding not to disappoint, she grasped the iron handle and pushed it open.

She stepped through then froze mid step as three heads turned in surprise to look at her.

"Liz?!" Daisy and Kat both questioned in shock.

"I...who...what are you guys doing here?" Liz asked in equal surprise as she surveyed the scene. Daisy and Kat had both stood when she'd entered, their eyes wide with surprise. Across from them a rather long legged red haired woman sat with her legs crossed floating slightly in the air in nothing but a pair of cotton bra and panties , surveying them all with a seemingly detached expression. Off to side of the women, Sofia, who Liz hadn't seen since they'd first summoned that entity, floated naked and apparently asleep.

The orbs hovering around Liz flew away to swarm around the room, many hovering over to the red head who smiled warmly at them as they darted around her. Kat and Daisy looked at each other as they regained their composure, before they looked back at her more seriously as Kat declared, "You might want to sit down."

Insolent girls! the entity thought to itself in a furor as it flowed its way through the mirror world. The 'mistress' as she called herself may have avoided it for now, but soon the entity would triumph. It had initially balked at the idea of leaving this world, of any mingling with this new place that had been opened to them. Now however, it saw an opportunity. These creatures could emit such power if prodded correctly, it astounded the spirit at their own ignorance of it. The entity still had much to learn of its abilities and control it could muster over the new plane of existence, but it had acquired a few tricks in its time so far.

One of which it was using now as it traced its way between worlds, hunting the women that had escaped it. The spirit was not sure what defense they could put up against it, but it would be cautious this time. Whomever had entered this world recently had left a trail of essence that the spirit followed hungrily. At one end it had found the trail stopped cold at some stone fireplace that seemed to be warded in a way against its entrance, probably some trick of the mistress, so it had turned and followed the path to its origin.

Finding the point where whomever it was had entered this world, it jumped through the opening and found itself hovering in a dimly lit basement. The creature knew it was in the right place, sensing a bounty of residual ethereal energy of the formless ones and most likely the mistress herself drifting about. As it scanned the basement cautiously, its gaze landed on a stack of papers with familiar writing on it. It flowed over to the documents and lifted them into the air, glancing about their contents. How had these girls come across Sabrina's research? The spirit thought it had destroyed every trace of it.

Before it could continue that task however, it suddenly realized it sensed a presence nearby. Placing the papers back down, it hovered to the open door leading to the stairway and cautiously flowed up into the house. When it reached the top, it smiled devilishly at what it saw.

A dark haired woman lay sleeping on the couch in a tight t-shirt and snug orange panties, occasionally twitching fitfully and mumbling to herself as a blanket lay tossed to the side on the floor. Reaching out to the woman, the entity was surprised as it felt something different about her. For the entity to possess flesh, the body must be willing and open to its control, something Sabrina had frustratingly denied it these past months. This girl however, seemed to have left the door wide open.

As the spirit approached her sleeping form, it reached out a misty tendril to probe deeper. The wispy cord slowly coiled around the woman's thigh and creeped upwards, careful not to wake her. The tip eventually reached where her legs met, and slipped gently beneath the crotch of her underwear.

"Mmmm." the woman moaned in her sleep, smiling slightly.

The spirit sensed the woman's body and what she could give the misty presence. Its initial assumption wasn't correct it seemed, the woman was open, but not completely. At least not to the spirit. However as it probed her it realized there was still space for it to go.

The tendril beneath her panties stroked her delicately as the entity floated in reach of the sleeping beauty. It traced a misty finger down the woman's face and the girl hummed gently to herself and tried to wiggle her hips against the protrusion delving into her underwear. Yes, this could work wonderfully.

The woman suddenly gasped and arched her back as the tendril surged into her. The spirit coiled and flowed around her as she was entered from below, energy and consciousness flowing into her. The woman squirmed and groaned in her sleep, panting and gasping as the spirit made its way inside. The woman began to buck her hips wildly as the entity traced a bath around her clit as it flowed into her, groaning and moaning louder now. With a little influence from the ghost, the girl remained asleep despite the overwhelming euphoria emitting from the powerful forces at work between her legs and within her. With a final plunge, the spirit drove the rest of itself into her as the last little wisps of mist slipped into her panties before entering the girl herself while she cried out as her orgasm racked through her like a wave of ecstasy crashing into her.

Lauren gasped and bolted up, grasping a hand to her chest as she panted to catch her breath. She looked around and found to her suprrise to still be alone in the living room. Noticing the blanket tossed to the side, she felt down between her legs to find moisture collected on her crotch. That must've been one hell of a dream, but she couldn't seem to remember any of it.

Laying back against the cushions, she reached over to grab the blanket she'd tossed off in her sleep. As she groped for it in the dark, she didn't see as the cloth seem to rise up on its own to enter her grip. Pulling the blanket back over her, she drifted quickly back off to sleep, unaware of the new passenger hiding and scheming within her.