Lust of the Lither

Hiding Beneath Her

Liz listened intently while Sabrina and Kat conversed. The three girls stood to the side of the stone pedestal discussing the spirits and otherworldly plane, while Daisy knelt over a groggy Sofia who had recently awoken, now draped in a pale pink silk blanket they'd located in one of the many chests resting on the shelves of the room. She was naturally confused of her situation when she'd awoken, but so far she'd taken to everything they'd told her quite well.

Liz on the other hand, was still grappling with the deluge of information she'd received from her friends and this new woman. Strange dimensions with even stranger rules. A whole other type of creature they'd apparently been involved with, which Kat's underwear was now apparently partly composed of. And now supposedly a whole new spirit out to get them, while the 'mistress' was trapped in some way and unable to help them.

"So if there's no way to 'kill' this thing, what exactly do we do? Can't we just, like, imprison it like the mistress wanted to?" Kat asked Sabrina.

Sabrina, now adorned in a short silk robe, responded patiently. "Even if we could, I wouldn't 'kill' it, or her I guess, there's not much of a gender discrepancy with the ethereals. I couldn't bring harm to any of these beings." She sighed and looked away for a moment before regaining her firm composure. "imprisoning it somehow is the only option I can think of, but I couldn't say how. I'm not even sure what it was the mistress was trying to do, she's much more knowledgeable than me about this world. Obviously, I guess."

Liz looked back and forth between the two women as they exchanged ideas and plans. Kat was always a bit competitive, and Liz could see that creeping into her interactions with this woman. Sabrina's feet floated a few inches off the ground as she was held casually aloft by the surrounding orbs and whatever ones had entered her clothing. Kat stood on the ground as Liz did, but she could see the woman almost itching to emulate Sabrina. As Liz had observed the two, she could almost swear the orbs seemed to obey the two women to some extent, but it didn't seem to be equally.

As the women talked, Liz suddenly felt a strange sensation coming from her bond with Lauren. It was almost as if something seemed to be prodding it curiously. Whatever it was, it wasn't Lauren. "What...ooh..." she mumbled to herself, and Kat stopped mid reply as both her and Sabrina turned to look at her. Whatever had been prodding suddenly seemed to be coiling and flowing around the link, sending sensations back to Liz as it seemed to settle around it.

"It's Lauren. Something's weird with our, ah, bond or whatever." Liz explained to the eyes now watching her.

Sabrina had apparently little information on what exactly was happening between Liz and Lauren, other than that the mistress probably played some part in its creation and that it seemed to resemble what happens when the mistress was allowed to 'take control'. Out of curiosity, Liz sent a subtle command through the link, just a little tease for Lauren. She could sense whatever it was around the bond receive the command, and for a moment Liz could feel it more clearly. In that moment, whatever it was flicked a hint of power through the small bond before it vanished, causing Liz to squeak as her something yanked her panties up to give her a quick wedgie.

"Was that any of you?" she asked her spectators, and they denied any part in it. She'd have to figure out what all that was about when she got back.

From the corner of her eye, Liz saw one of the doors ringing the room crack open as a few orbs zoomed in followed by a few flying garments of Sofia's clothes they'd gone to fetch. The caramel skinned girl smiled from across the room, dropping the blanket as she stood to reveal her well endowed naked backside to the women. She held her arms up as a black strapless bra scooped up her tits as it clasped itself behind her back while she stepped into a pair pf matching panties that sailed up her legs to wedge between them. A patterned sundress fluttered over her arms and draped down around her, before settling against her hour glass figure, leaving a lot of leg exposed.

She twirled once and the dress flared around her as she giggled, before she stopped to smile at Daisy. The blonde haired girl returned the smile, then they made their way over to the rest of the group. Next to Sabrina, Liz figured Sofia should have the most knowledge of their current predicament, as she'd spent the last week or so in the mistress' presence. Despite this, when prodded for information and advice after she'd woken, she hadn't had much more to offer.

"Any new ideas?" she asked as they joined the group to make a circle.

"No. Nothing concrete at least." Sabrina answered and received a sympathetic look from Sofia. Sofia seemed to feel some sort of connection with Sabrina, probably somehing to do with having both been host to he same powerful ghostly creature.

As they continued to discuss, Liz focused on her bond with Lauren again, only to feel that same strange presence. When the conversation circled back to her, she had only one thing to offer. "We should get Lauren and bring her in on this. Maybe she could add something, I don't know. She at least deserves to know."

The others agreed for the most part, completely unaware of what awaited.

Lauren yawned and stretched, sitting up as the blanket spilled off her chest to expose her firm bare tits. She looked down in confusion, as apparently at some point in the night her shirt had been pulled up all the way to her neck to expose her boobs. She pulled it back down, brushing it off as moving about in her sleep. Or maybe Liz.

Thinking of her friend, she stood to check if she was awake and swayed slightly with a feeling of lightheadedness that quickly dissipated. Figuring she needed some water, she forgot Liz for the moment and grabbed her phone as she went to make herself some coffee. Still in her underwear, the long legged girl entered the kitchen and started brewing a pot in the coffee maker. As she waited for it to finish, she walked to the window and looked outside a the rising sun.

She thought of Liz again and focused on the bond, or what she could feel of it. Something about it Or different at least, but she couldn't place it. As she thought, she noticed one of Liz's neighbors stretching on her porch, having just finished a run. Lauren eyed the good looking girl in blue spandex leggings and a white sports bra as she bent over to grab her toes. Lauren barely noticed as something tingled and stirred within her.

As the girl raised back up to stretch her arms above her head, Lauren felt herself subtly reach out. Or was it something inside her reaching out? Before she could see the result, Lauren looked away as the coffee maker beeped to inform her it was done. Across the street, she missed the girl gasp and twirl around, looking about as if some invisible force had just clutched a good handful of her ass.

Kat and Sabrina watched as the door shut behind Daisy as she left to return home to get some rest before she returned to class, accompanied by a few orbs to guide her. Kat was honestly astounded that she could still focus on school with all this going on, but she supposed that was why she had yet to get a degree herself. Sofia and Liz had left a little while earlier to fetch Lauren, leaving Kat and Sabrina alone.

"So," Kat began, eyeing their new friend who still hovered slightly from the influence of an orb nestled somewhere beneath her robe."I bet you know a lot about all of this..." she gestured about the room they were standing in, "...this stuff." she finished lamely.

Sabrina smiled at her with a glint in her eye as one of the orbs floated down to rest in her open palm. "You could say that. I've spent a lot of time investigating this world and its inhabitants." She held the orb up as if to study it. "But from what I understand, you've already done quite a bit of exploring of your own." her eyes glanced at Kat's skirt, covering her panties made of orb and lither.

Kat's eyes widened slightly as her underwear tugged her up slightly, as if wanting to lift her into the air. "You could say that." Kat replied, and Sabrina smirked at the copied response.

"I will say, I've never seen any of the formless or lithers bond in such a way." Sabrina flicked her hand towards Kat's waist and the orb left her hand to dart beneath her skirt. The fabric flipped in the front to reveal her black panties with the red symbol on the crotch as the orb hovered near the inscription.

A thin tendril raised from the fabric and smacked the orb, sending it tumbling away as her skirt fell. Sabrina's eyebrows rose as she met Kat's eyes. "Feisty little creature." she laughed.

With a thought, Kat's underwear lifted her into the air and floated her towards Sabrina. She crossed her arms beneath her breasts and her legs as well, leaning back casually to meet Sabrina's gaze with a cool look. "Feisty and useful." she declared with a hint of a challenge.

Kat focused on Sabrina, thinking of the orb holding her in the air and concentrated. She felt a familiar tendril sprout from her underwear as it slipped beneath her folds to curl around her clit, sending a spark of energy into her. Sabrina gasped as her gaze jerked down to her hips when the orb obeyed Kat's mental command. Pressing her hands to her crotch, Sabrina squirmed as her panties played with her snatch.

Looking back up, the red haired woman seemed to see her in a new light. "That is useful." she breathed as her underwear relented. "I learned to make some subtle suggestions, but that..." she trailed off with a shake of her head. "Do you mind if I...have a closer look?" she asked with a touch of innocence.

Kat laughed as she stared into her wide eyes. "If I let you peek, you have to answer any questions I ask." she declared with authority.

Sabrina smiled devilishly. "I suppose I could live with that."

Kat nodded to her and the red head leaned forward in the air, floating forward to her skirt. Delicately she lifted the fabric with one hand to reveal her goal beneath. "Wow." she whispered as she studied the creature hugging Kat's hips.

"Oh!" Kat breathed as Sabrina slowly traced a finger down her crotch, sliding across the red symbol.

Kat looked down at Sabrina, who in turn raised her head to meet her stare. "Do you know what this symbol means?" she questioned as a small tendril rose from her underwear to twirl around Sabrina's tracing digit.

"I-mm-can't say that I do." Kat shuddered as Sabrina's finger continued to trace the pattern embedded across her crotch, the tendril unspooling and slithering around to follow her motions.

"It's the mistresses mark. It claims this object as hers." she murmured, finishing her tracing as she pulled her finger back, the tendril retreating back into the stitching.

"These are mine." Kat claimed possessively, floating back from Sabrina as her skirt fell back into place.

"Oh I've no doubt." Sabrina replied quickly, righting her position in the air to be level with Kat's challenging stare. "I doubt even the mistress suspected what that creation would become. The two creatures have bonded together it seems, and if I had to guess, they probably only respond to you."

Kat settled down slightly, taking the news in. Beneath her, her underwear hummed against her pussy as if to confirm Sabrina's words. "Is there any way to make these mine...completely?" Kat asked.

Sabrina looked askance as if in thought, before suddenly looking past Kat at the raised stone cauldron in the center of the room. "I might know a way, maybe." She floated closer to Kat and looked at her with a smoky gaze. "Of course, that is if you're...up for it."

Kat's underwear shuddered excitedly, sending a pulse of energy through her pussy that tingled up her spine, making her squirm. Oh yes, she was definitely up for it.

Lauren sipped her coffee while scrolling through various social media apps on her smart phone. Strangely enough, the lightheadedness she felt earlier had not quite faded, but moved, as if her whole body was light. The more she thought about, the more she thought she could almost float off the ground if she willed it. Maybe if she...

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard Liz cal out to her. "Lauren? Are you still here?"

Still in her t-shirt and underwear, she rose from the table to greet her friend. When she entered the living room, she was surprised to find Sofia with Liz. At the sight of her, something recoiled within her, and for a moment she stared at her caramel skin friend with misgivings. She quickly brushed it away, but deep inside her something was still wary. How odd.

"Sofia! I haven't seen you in a while. What've you, um, been..." she trailed off as she noticed several of the glowing orbs hovering about her friends, and a sense of anger simmered slightly beneath her skin.

Petulant creatures. They will obey their betters. Lauren shook her head as the thought came unbound to her. Why had she just thought that? As she looked at the orbs they almost seemed to shy away from her.

"A lot's happened. I've been with the mistress, and well...we need to catch you up on some things." Sofia replied with a hint of anxiousness in her voice.

Lauren noticed Liz looking at her strangely as another strange thought arose. Oh yes, I'm all ears sweeties.

Daisy strode purposefully through the strange mirror world. Accompanied by a single orb that Kat had directed to guide her, she made her way back to her friends bedroom so she could exit this world where she'd entered. Daisy had figured she could just follow the same way she'd came in, but it seemed as if the infinitely connecting rooms of the world had a tendency to...move. She'd told her friend her reasoning for leaving was school, which it was partly, but mainly she wanted to see Jack again after sneaking out of his bed without a word the day before.

Stepping out of a small apartment living room into a hallway made of what seemed to be another house, she realized she recognized the door at the end where the orb was leading her. She'd made it back to Kat's room it seemed. At least this world's version of it. Stepping through the door, she noted the stings of black lattice that had begun to cover the room. They'd both noticed it when they had first stepped through in the morning, But Daisy had assumed it had something to do with the presence of that lither. Now that she looked closer, she wasn't sure that was the case.

Hearing a rattling, she looked over at the top draw of a dresser where much of the black webbing seemed to be emanating from. She considered taking a look to see what lay inside, but quickly thought better of it. Turing to her orb companion, she motioned towards the mirror. "Do you wanna, you know, let me out of here?"

She waited for the orb to move, but it hovered there stiffly, as if waiting a command. "Such obedient little creatures, if you know how to speak to them." an unfamiliar voice intoned behind her.

She whirled around to find one of the slick black creatures slithering out from beneath the bed, the mass forming into a feminine shape Daisy didn't recognize. "You're not, um I mean, you're not the...other one, are you?"

The creature seemed to ignore her questions as it slithered towards her in a smooth walk that brought them nearly face to face. "So you're one of the ones who've challenged the ethereal. Dangerous business you've gotten yourself into."

Daisy didn't like the way this thing was eyeing her hungrily. "Yeah, well, I, um, we didn't mean to cause any trouble..." Daisy tried to take a step back, but the creature quickly wrapped a smooth black arm around her waist and pulled her tight against the creatures now firm body.

"Oh! Look, I'm not sure..." but the creature cut her off.

"You know one of the differences between us and the ethereals?" the creature questioned smoothly, and Daisy shuddered as she felt the creatures hand slowly dip down the back of her pants into her underwear, where it began it stretch and spread into smaller tendrils. "To use your body as their own, they need your consent." Daisy squirmed against it's tight grip as tendrils creeped down between her legs, sliding up her pussy and dipping casually into her folds in a caressing exploration. "We don't."

Daisy gasped as she felt a dozen firm tendrils grip her ass, holding them apart as something seemed to rear up near her exposed back door. "But we prefer it, don't we?" A firm familiar voice interrupted the assault.

Both Daisy and the creature turned to see the now familiar feminine shape of the lither that had helped them get Sofia back. The creature holding Daisy almost seemed to hiss in disappointment as she felt the tendrils begin to retreat from where they came. "Yes. I suppose we do." it muttered as it released it hold on a shaking Daisy and stepped back.

It walked away in that smooth slithering manner towards the new comer and stopped in front of it. "You may be stronger for now, but one day..." the creature didn't finish its sentence as Daisy's apparent savior suddenly shoved its fist right into the other creatures face. The arm sunk into the slippery creatures head up to the wrist, and it began to suddenly ripple and convulse. A few moments later, the creature pulled out its hand, and the rippling creature steadied into a now perfect copy of the other creature. "Keep her in there until she's learned her lesson." the lither told its new clone. The copy nodded with a smile, before slipping away into the closet to disappear amongst the shadows.

"I, erm, thanks I guess." Daisy muttered as the dark creature turned to her.

"The queen is furious with you girls. She's looking for you now, and she may have already found some of you." The lither proclaimed sternly, slipping across the room to the dresser that had been rattling.

"What? Well, shit! We need to tell the others!" Daisy declared.

The creature reached into the drawer and seemed to be muttering to something. When it pulled its arm back out, Daisy saw three small squirming mass of slippery tendrils that seemed to be made of the same oozing substance as the creature that held them. Turning back to Daisy, it approached her with it hand outstretched, as if presenting the creatures to her. "I'm helping because I've chosen a side, not for any subservience to you in any way." It stopped and stood in front of her, eyeing her up and down before it sighed. "We don't need permission, but we get nothing without it." the creature met Daisy's nervous eyes with its liquid black gaze.

Daisy's mind was racing as it eyed the creatures in the lither's hand. Where they really in that much danger? Daisy thought back to the last sight of the ethereal queen and the rage on the entity's face, and realized the lither was probably right. "Alright." Daisy said slowly. "You can help. But stay out of me this time."

The creature smiled at her in a way that suddenly made Daisy think this might be a bad idea. "Oh child, before this is over you'll be begging to let me back in."

"Sounds like I've missed a lot." Lauren muttered as her friends finished catching her up to speed.

So, they don't know everything yet. Interesting. The rogue entity hiding in Lauren thought to itself. Unless they're lying. Perhaps I'll wait a bit longer to be sure.

The entity looked through Lauren's eyes and sized up her friends. The tall dark haired girl was still something of a mystery, but Sofia she had met. At first she'd thought the mistress had returned in the flesh, before she realized it was only her vessel. How interesting though, how much these girls knew, and at the same time how little.

The girls were still chatting, but the entity tuned them out as it began to make a plan, eyeing Sofia hungrily. Oh yes, this could work out wonderfully.