Lust of the Lither

The Great Contest

Kat sat upon the raised dais straddling the stone bowl on her knees as Sabrina stood in front of her. Above her, three orbs stood locked in the air as if the points of an invisible triangle. Between her legs in the bowl, a glowing purple mist swirled slowly through the basin pulsing gently every few moments. The pulse was matched by a simultaneous throb of light from the hovering orbs, as if one was influencing the other through some connection.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Sabrina asked, looking up at her.

"Absolutely." Kat declared with confidence, squashing any doubts she had.

They had discussed exactly what to do about removing any of the mistresses influence, and in the end Kat had convinced her new red haired friend to bond the living lingerie to her will. Sabrina didn't think the mistresses influence over the creature was necessarily a bad thing, but Kat had convinced her that she was owed a favor. Having expressed reservations about her ability to even accomplish the task correctly, Kat decided it was worth a try anyways.

"Alright then, let's try it." Sabrina declared, holding out her hand for another glowing orb hovering on the periphery of the room to land on. When it did, Sabrina raised her hand to her lips to whisper something to the creature. It then excitedly flew up behind her and darted down beneath her robe before zipping up between her legs.

"Ooh!" she groaned, leaning forward slightly as the creature settled into her underwear. "Now let's, mmm, let's get started." Sabrina declared with a hint of shakiness as the mystical creature manipulated her below.

Biting her lip as she gripped the pedestal, she eyed the bowl between Kat's legs and the substance began to move. As far as Kat understood, Sabrina knew a way to channel some of the orb's energy in certain ways and situations. It wasn't perfect, but she thought she could use it to change the bond on the creature wrapped between Kat's legs.

As Sabrina eyed the purple mist, thin tendrils began to form out of the swirl and rise towards Kat. The blonde haired girl sucked in a small breath as she felt the first of the wispy protrusions reach her. Some coiled around her thighs, other slipped up between her legs, but the end destination for them all was to slip slowly beneath the fabric of her panties from as many angles as they could.

Kat felt her panties stir stir at the intrusion, and they gripped her waist tighter as the ends of the tendrils began to slowly diffuse into the living fabric. "Easy, easy." Kat cooed as her underwear squirmed against her.

"Everything alright?" Sabrina questioned slightly breathless, never taking her eyes away from the tendrils and Kat's crotch.

"It's fine. They're just-ah-reacting I think." Kat replied, shifting her hips against the motions of her possessed panties. The underwear gripped her possessively as the tendrils snaked a bit further in before stopping.

"Okay," Sabrina's voice sounded far away. "I think, ah, oh! Well, hmm..." She was clearly struggling to focus despite whatever was increasing between her legs. "Alright, here goes nothing." and with that, a look of intense focus crossed her face as she stared intently at the motions between Kat's legs.

"Oh...oh! Oh...shit!" Kat stuttered and writhed against the firm grip of the clothing holding her in place as tendrils charged with exotic energy suddenly sprouted from her panties and plunged into both her holes while the glowing streams of mist seemed to fight with the living fabric.

"S-Sabrina!?" she gasped, arching her back as a particular strong bolt of power coursed up her spine with a ticklish hum.

The red head chewed her lip as her eyes darted about, staring between Kat's thighs as she slowly swayed her hips against whatever motions were playing with her below. "Almost...almost...mmmm." she closed her eyes for a second as a pleasurable expression passed across her. Her eyes suddenly snapped back open with ferocity and pierced daggers at her target. "Got it!" she gasped.

Kat cried out, as all at once it seemed as if lightning coursed up from her panties through the tendrils, blasting through her a shock of pure kinetic ecstasy that ripped her soul from her body.

Kat gasped as darkness enveloped her. Or did she? A moment and eternity passed at once and she realized it wasn't darkness surrounding her, it was an eternity of views and the void between. Sensing a presence, she looked down. She floated through this void, naked except the living lingerie she had been trying to harness to her will. In this space, she could somehow sense the entity and its semblance of consciousness, and she knew whatever she had tried to do had failed. The creature was not bound to her, it was now boundless.

She suddenly realized the tendrils were still buried deep inside her, and she shivered in pleasure as a pulse of power flowed through them into her. In this place she could sense some form of will from the creature, and the fondness she knew it felt for her relaxed her. This thing may not be hers, but it still wanted to stay.

Another pulse of energy and she gasped, her surroundings becoming more clear. Looking down, she was surprised to find herself seemingly floating above and looking down into the room she'd just left. Except...she hadn't. Below her she could see herself, straddling the bowl of mist with her head thrown back in a howl of ecstasy as Sabrina looked on with a look of strained pleasure. It was if she had slipped out of space and time, at least from that room. Even in this place, her competitive side still held sway, and for a moment she thought with a hint of pride that she was probably seeing something not even Liz knew about.

With the thought of her friend she suddenly heard her talking. Looking around in surprise, she finally stared at the view around her. Her eyes couldn't seem to decide if she was staring at a million points of light, or a million panoramas. Focusing on Liz, she heard her voice again, and a point seemed to become clearer. With a start, she sudden;y realized what she was seeing was every single one of those glowing orbs, except from the inside somehow.

Focusing on Liz again, she cooed lightly as a pleasurable tickle of electricity toyed into her asshole as the current flowed through her to bring the point of focus closer. Suddenly it all rushed in at once, and she was floating behind Liz and Sofia as they talked to a half-naked Lauren. After a moment of vertigo at suddenly seeing in three hundred and sixty degrees, she focused back on her friends. She was inside the orb! Or looking through it somehow. She tried to move, and found herself bumping up against the volition of whatever form of consciousness the orb had.

Despite her view, she could still feel her body, and still feel her friend between her legs. Suddenly, she thought she heard another voice. "Petulant creatures..."

She scanned her surroundings suddenly in fear, and the orb she inhabited recoiled from the girls in response to her concern. That was that ethereal thing! It's here somewhere, it's...

Her thoughts trailed off as she looked back at her friends in concern. Something seemed to draw her attention to Lauren, and as she focused, something in her view changed, as if seeing through a new filter. Kat almost cried out in alarm, but she suddenly felt herself yanked out of her voyeurism by her underwear, sucking her back out into the void.

She panted in fear and a creeping exhaustion she was beginning to feel. Kat didn't know anything about this place, and she realized her actions were probably draining her somehow. She noticed the weightlessness around her was beginning to fade, and the subtle pull of gravity was returning, pulling her back towards the frozen scene below.

"Wait!" she gasped aloud, as she felt herself being pulled away.

Her panties halted her descent for a moment, but the force of gravity was still increasing. She didn't know if she could ever get back to this place, and her friends were in danger. Looking desperately at the field of panoramas surrounding her, she began to focus. She had to warn them. she had to save her friends.



Daisy sighed as she ended the call with Jack. He'd been a bit surprised when he found her missing in the morning, but she'd told him an emergency came up with her friend. Feeling movement beneath her clothes, she held up her shirt up with one hand, and tugged at her backside over her pants to try and dislodge her wedging new garment. She now wore what appeared to be a tight matte black one piece swimsuit beneath her clothes that hugged her form like a second skin. Looking back up at the mirror, Daisy eyed the Lither watching her with an amused expression on its liquid face.

"What're you smiling at?" Daisy questioned.

"You must care for this boy if you needed to call him so bad." the voice came from the outfit snuggled against her intimates.

Squirming slightly as the vibrations of the voice, she looked back down at her stomach. "So you're in control of...this?" Daisy asked the creature on the other side of the mirror.

The fabric stretched across her toned tummy suddenly rippled, and a head identical to the creature through the glass stretched out and smirked at her. "Very much so." it crooned, before slipping back to stretch across her.

Looking back up at the mirror, the creature suddenly gave a confused look at the frame of the glass when the silvery surface began to ripple. The dark slippery creature was suddenly replaced with Daisy's reflection as the orb in the glass suddenly shot out towards her.

"Daisy!" a voice echoed from the orb, as if far away yet somehow clear.

"Wha-Kat?!" Daisy was beyond confused. "Kat how are you..." but before she could finish Kat's voice cut her off.

"Daisy! The other Ethereal thing, The one we ran from at Sabrina's place, it's in Lauren somehow! I don't know how or if she knows, but the others are there and...I need to...we need to...fuck!" her voice suddenly slipped away, and the orb seemed to shake itself as if coming out of a daze.

"Kat? Kat!" Daisy exclaimed, walking up to the orb. The glowing misty ball just bobbed up and down through the air lazily, before slowly beginning to glide around the room as if it was bored.

"This has escalated faster than I expected." The lither's voice came form beneath Daisy's clothes.

Kat's voice had surprised and flustered her so much she almost forgot the creature was there. "What was that? I mean how did she...What do we do?"

She looked down at her left arm as the living black substance began to slither and coil down her limb, quickly coating it in a second skin made of the lither. Once covered, Daisy's arm lifted towards the orb and beckoned it. It quickly landed on her outstretched palm, and a voice intoned from the black substance, "Gather what you can and meet us where we left her."

The glowing hazy orb seemed to nod in agreement before zipping off and disappearing back through the mirror. "What are-ooh-what are we doing?" Daisy questioned as the lither retreated up her arm beneath her clothes as the rest at her backside began to slowly writhe and slither about her asshole.

"I'd hope to give her time to secure the other two, and in time she could find her own way out. But that doesn't seem to be an option anymore." the creature replied as Daisy quivered slightly at the creatures prodding intrusions.

"Do you mean...nngghhaa. How are we going to g-get to her?" Daisy stuttered as she was suddenly whirled around to face a particularly poorly lit corner of her Kat's bedroom as small tendrils began to slither and slip into her backdoor, pulsing with a strange power.

"There are other ways to traverse our worlds Daisy. And right now this is the fastest way to get to the Mistress. She's the only one who can help us now." The creatures voice tickled up her spine.

Not totally aware if it was her own volition, Daisy took a step towards the darkened corner and the shadows cast about it seemed to shift. "Oh! Well that's...oh god..." Daisy whispered as she took another step.

With each step the tendrils slipped deeper into her asshole and writhed more eagerly with the strange energy now pulsing up through Daisy. With each step she felt her pussy twitch and spasm as if it was gaining a will of its own in response to the assault and the sight before her. With each step the feelings increased, and with each step the shadows writhed more and more until the absence of light itself seemed to dance in a cacophony of motion in the now deepening corner. Step after step the intensity grew, until Daisy reached the shadows themselves. With another step, Daisy gasped as she slipped away into the darkness itself.

The shadows suddenly subsided and dispersed as light seemed to suddenly discover its absence and rush back into the bedroom. It illuminated a room empty of anyone, human or otherwise. Somewhere, Daisy cried out in surprise and pleasure as she plummeted through an abyss.



Liz eyed Lauren as the three girls chatted. Something about all of this, but she couldn't put her finger on it. First the strange reactions of their bond, and now Lauren seemed to have this giddy aloofness about her. Liz realized she was probably reading too much into it, but the strange reverberations in their bond made her think twice.

One of the orbs that had brought her and Sofia back suddenly spasmed as if seized by a shaking hand, before zipping away from them and down her basement steps. All three of the girls watched it dart away, before turning back to each other.

"Any idea what that was about?" Liz asked Sofia, thinking she might be the only one with any more information than her.

Her friend shrugged. "Don't look at me."

Liz suddenly thought of the orb they were keeping locked in that box in the basement. She wasn't sure if it had something to do with her and Lauren's strange bond, but now that she thought of it, she should check on it.

"I'll be right back. I'm...gonna go make sure that thing isn't causing any trouble." Liz only half lied, that orb was acting strangely.

As she walked to the stairs leading to the basement, she paused at the entrance and looked back at Lauren. Her friend was distracted talking to Sofia, so Liz decided to test the bond again. Liz sent a subtle command through their link, and once again felt it stopped just short of its target. She suddenly felt something arc back through the bond and gasped as her nipples were suddenly pinched and twisted. She grabbed her boobs over her shirt and looked down at them as the invisible assault relented. When she looked back up, Sofia and Liz were staring at her.

"It was just...I...never mind." Liz explained lamely as she made her way down the stairs.



Sofia watched Liz disappear down the steps before turning back to Lauren. "You're taking all of this surprisingly well." she joked to her friend. In truth, Sofia herself had dove right into this strange new world they'd stumbled upon. Ever since that first night with the Ouija board she'd been head over heels for all the strange and wonderful things these ghost creatures could do.

"I guess after the past week it takes a bit more to surprise me." Lauren laughed.

Lauren seemed to suddenly shiver as a strange look crossed her face, but in a moment it was replaced with the same expression she wore before. Something was bothering Sofia about Lauren, but she couldn't quite place it. Ever since they'd showed back up at the house she got a strange feeling from her friend. Something she couldn't quite place.

"Lauren are you feeling..." but before she could finish, Sofia noticed something in her friend's face. Her eyes, for a moment, seemed to shimmer a different color, as if something else was looking from behind. No one else but Sofia would have seen it that way, but Sofia had done this before. Or rather, she'd had it done to her.

"..cold?" Sofia finished her question, covering her momentary surprise. Lauren looked confused for a moment, before looking down at her half-naked state of dress.

"Hmm? Oh haha. Not at all! I feel great actually! I can't describe it, it's like this bubbling feeling of...I don't know!" she laughed, spinning around with a giggle before falling back onto the couch laughing.

Sofia thought her friend almost seemed drunk, but she had a creeping dread she knew what was actually happening. "I guess you got a good night's sleep." Sofia laughed, hoping it didn't sound forced. "You know what, now that I'm back in the real world, I need to make a few quick phone calls." She declared, turning to walk back to the guest room next to Liz's.

As she walked away, Sofia noticed the same look pass over Lauren's eyes. Sofia hoped the ethereal in Lauren bought her ruse for the moment, though she doubted she had much time. If the creature hadn't already attacked, it must mean that Lauren still had control somehow. Either way, Sofia knew she had to act fast.



Lauren leaned back into the couch, sighing as she closed her eyes. Throughout the morning, she had begun to feel more and more giddy and, she now realized, horny. Looking up, she bit her lip as she eyed her friend Sofia's impressive backside while she walked away. There was a reason she felt this way, as the ethereal hiding inside her had been slowly manipulating her from the inside. The creature could not control her without consent, but there were still ways to...circumnavigate some things.

As Lauren watched Sofia leave, so did the entity. The girl knows. It thought to itself. Subtly it ratcheted up the feeling in Lauren, who leaned back again and cooed to herself. "Mmmm, what is going on?" she mumbled happily as she closed her eyes.

With her host distracted, it slipped a touch of its essence from Lauren. A small dark mist flowed from Lauren's lips as she breathed out, and quickly darted through the air to the hallway Sofia had just slipped into. The girl wouldn't get away from her so easily this time.



Liz paused as she entered the basement. The box holding their captured orb was shaking and jerking about wildly, as if something was bouncing around inside. What was going _on _with these things? Slowly approaching the box, she reached her hand out to open it. The commotion had distracted her from the other orb that had flown into the basement, that is until she noticed it dart behind her as it seemed to be struggling with some invisible force.

"What the hell has gotten into these..." she mumbled, before she jumped back in shock as the struggling orb suddenly spoke to her.

"Lauren! I can't keep myself here much longer, so listen!" a familiar voice yelled from the ethereal sphere floating in front of her.




Sofia glanced behind her as she slipped into Liz's room. Quickly looking around, she sighed in relief when she saw her friend's phone charging next to the bed. Liz may not know it, but Sofia still remembered her friend's password. Quickly striding over to try and call Kat and the others to warn them, her hand reached out to grab the phone, but suddenly recoiled as a small shadow suddenly darted past her and whisked the phone off the table and across the room.

Sofia gasped and stepped back as she watched the phone be thrown across the room to fall behind a dresser. Sofia looked around quickly after it crashed behind the furniture, but saw no sign of the small wisp. Quickly, she made her way to the door in hopes of getting back to Lauren in hopes she had some control over this situation. Right before she reached it, the door suddenly closed in her face, the handle locking with a click.

A small dark wisp rose up in front of her and a feminine voice echoed from it. "There's no mistress now between us. Just you, me, and that sweet little body of yours."

Sofia could almost hear the spirit lick its lips. "What did you do to Lauren? She'd never let you in!" Sofia spoke accusingly, though stepping back as the wisp hovered towards her.

"She hasn't...yet. But by the time I'm done you'll all want to give me a ride." the voice seethed with intent.

Lauren hadn't let it in? But that meant they could still...A smirk flashed across Sofia's face for a moment as a realization came to her. The mistress hadn't shared all of her plan to defeat the other ethereals, but she had told her a bit. Enough at least for Sofia to know they still had a chance.

"Lauren!" Sofia suddenly yelled as loud as she could, hoping to get her attention.

With alarming speed, the wisp suddenly shot towards Sofia and flew into her open mouth. Sofia gagged and stumbled back as she felt a ticklish sensation slip down her throat. She grabbed her throat and gasped as she felt a strange tingling motion swirling around her larynx.

"Ah ah ah". Sofia heard a voice echo inside of her. "No speaking unless it's what I want you to say."

The tingling subsided, and she once again tried to call out, only to find her voice completely gone. Looking down with wide eyes, she grasped her chest and groaned as a building sensation began to make its way south. She could feel a slow tickling feeling tracing down her torso as the piece of the ethereal flowed its way through her body.

"And all I want to hear from you..." the voice echoed through her as the sensation settled down into her crotch. " ecstasy."

Sofia's hands suddenly grasped her pussy as she fell to her knees, her voice returning as she moaned in pleasure. She fell forward onto her hands, grinding her hips in the air as her cunt was assaulted from the inside, her nerve ending set alight by the spectral force.

"Oh fuck!" she gasped.

"If you insist." the voice replied, and Sofia cried out as her lower lips pulled apart as if she was being fucked by a ghostly cock.



Lauren hummed to herself as she laid back on the couch, unconsciously rubbing her thighs together. What had been in that coffee? She suddenly sat up as she could've sworn Sofia called out for her. Lauren was about to stand when another wave of blissful energy seemed to roll over, and she sighed and laid back on the couch. She could just sit her forever and...wait.

She sat up again. What exactly was going on? Why the fuck was she feeling this way? She looked around for one of those annoying orbs, or Lauren using their strange bond, but saw nothing. Feeling another wave roll over her, she almost just laid back down to enjoy it, but with great effort she ignored it and stood.

"Somethings...somethings...I need to...I...wha..." she questioned, looking around as if in a fog. Was she drunk? What was happening?

She thought she just barely heard a sound come from Liz's room, and she suddenly remembered Sofia. Feeling an incredible urge to just lay back down come over her, she looked back at the couch longingly before shaking herself out of her momentary stupor. Sofia. She needed to check on Sofia.

Turning away from the couch she found it hard to walk, but nevertheless she pushed on. Stumbling through the hall she reached Liz's door and heard a gasp inside. Upon hearing it, she gasped herself as another wave of soothing energy rolled over her, this time stronger. Shaking it off as best she could, she grasped the door handle and gave it a twist. If she hadn't been in such a stupor, Lauren might've noticed the lock snapping off beneath the force of her grip as she pulled the door open. And then she saw Sofia.



As Kat's voice faded away, Liz's heart raced. The ethereal queen was here? In Lauren?! The strange sensations from the bond suddenly made sense, and she had to stop herself from reaching out again to try and manipulate it. What the fuck was she suppressed to do?

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck." she whispered to herself as she paced about the basement. Maybe there was something in Sabrina's notes, or maybe she could use a mirror or an orb or...

Liz looked up as she could've sworn she heard Sofia yell something.

"Shit." she whispered to herself.

The box holding their captured orb suddenly rattled again behind her, and Liz jerked around in surprise before calming herself as best she could. "What the fuck are you..." she began before suddenly getting an idea.

She wasn't positive, but she was pretty sure this specific orb was somehow tied to her and Lauren's bond. If she could find a way to use it...

Approaching the box, she stopped just above it as she tried to remember the last time she'd tried this. It had almost been pure instinct, but she needed to replicate it. Focusing on the bond, she closed her eyes and thought of Lauren. She didn't send any commands, she just thought of the image of Lauren through their connection. As she did, she let her imagination run wild of sensual ways she could submit her to her power. Seeing the possibilities, feeling the bond, Liz's eyes suddenly snapped open as she looked at the box, eyes aflame.

The lid suddenly popped open and the orb kept inside suddenly darted out and flew at Liz. Flying towards her, the orbs flew down the front of her sweatpants and flowed quickly into her panties. She gasped as the garment was suddenly seized under a new power and gripped her hips. Feeling a new surge of energy flow between her legs, she was suddenly lifted into the air by the force as the bond between her and Lauren became more clear.

Sensing the intruder in her friend now, feeling the new power, she twisted in the air to turn back towards the steps. With a thought, she soared towards the opening, sailing through the air up the stairs to touch down on the wooden floor just outside the door. Steeling herself for whatever lay ahead as the ghostly energies played between her thighs, she flung open the door to confront the creature hiding in her friend.