Lust of the Lither

It Begins

Falling. She was falling. Kat was falling. Her whole world was a plummet down into nothing as she fell to-

"Fuck!" Kat cried out as the rest of her reality shattering orgasm washed over her.

Falling back on her heels, she panted as the pleasure subsided, her mind still coming to terms with what she just experienced. She slowly scanned around the room, taking in the sensations of her body and reality.

"Are...are you alright?" Sabrina questioned from below.

Whatever the red head had been doing was over, as Kat felt the tendrils of energy slink back away from between her legs and back into the bowl she was straddling. The sprouts of dark material protruding from her living lingerie into her holes hummed as they slowly withdrew from her. Kat looked down at the woman still squirming slightly from the ministrations of the orb controlling the garment nestled between her thighs.

Her mind still coming to terms with what she had just experienced, Kat's mind was still racing with what she had seen. With a grim look, she announced, "We have a problem."

As Kat described what she'd seen, the red head's expression first when from surprise, then to concern. "If that...thing is in Lauren, we have to help them!"

"I know, but how are we supposed to do that? I have no idea how to fight that thing." Kat replied.

"I think I might have an idea. Can your, um, friend get us their house?" Sabrina asked, her eyes darting down between Kat's legs.

Between them, the now unshackled creature stirred. "I think so." Kat responded, not totally sure how the strange creature would react to her commands now that it was unshackled. She thought of Liz's house, where they'd first summoned the mistress, and she began to feel a familiar hum of energy flow into her pussy from the living lingerie.

Kat smiled, "Yeah, I can get us there."

Swirling. The world was swirling and swimming about Lauren as whatever was happening within her seemed to crescendo as she opened the door to see-

"Sofia?" Lauren asked as if in a daze.

Her friend lay on her knees as if bowing to her, but from the groans and motions, Lauren could guess there was something else happening to prostrating woman. She looked up as if to speak, but then groaned as her head was seemingly pushed back down as her hips thrust forwards. "Oh fuck, Lauren you have to-mmph! Sofia whimpered from the floor as it sounded as if her voice was suddenly muffled.

Lauren stepped towards her friend, but stopped as she realized some sort of...force was flowing through her. Lauren followed the feeling and looked down at her right hand to see it making subtle motions at Sofia. Her arm then seemed to raise on its own, lifting its fingers as if in command as the feeling of that force surged through them. Lauren's eyes widened in surprise as Sofia was suddenly lifted into the air, her hands still cupping her pussy as she groaned.

We could do so much more. a voice suddenly echoed quietly to Lauren. In her giddy stupor, it took Lauren a moment to realize she was hearing the voice in her head.

"Wha...what's happening Sofia?" Lauren asked strangely as her friend hovered and whimpered before her.

Go ahead Lauren. Use the power. The voice echoed softly through her.

Lauren didn't know what she was feeling, but she suddenly seemed to have a feeling of what she should do. With her misbehaving hand now under her volition, she curled her fingers and could feel the power and command flow through them towards her hovering friend.

"Nngh!" Sofia groaned as her arms were pulled behind her by an invisible force as her legs were pried further apart. She breathed deeply with the rhythm of her body slowing bobbing up and down as an unseen member plowed her dripping pussy.

"Lauren! It's inside you! You have to-mmmhhm!" Sofia gasped as Lauren's hand once again acted on its own, commanding the hovering girl's mouth shut.

She is our plaything. Your plaything. If you let me, the world could be our plaything. The voice whispered softly in Lauren's thoughts.

'Plaything. Yes. Together we can...wait...' Lauren forcefully made herself step back from her friend, who sighed as whatever was binding her arms seemed to be released. Her thoughts were all muddled and she could barely think straight, but something about this all was just...wrong.

"Lauren." a familiar voice spoke authoritatively behind her.

Turning around to all but forget about Sofia's ghostly fucking, she found Liz standing in the hallway with a worried but determined look in her eyes.

This will be fun. The voice echoed in her head, and unknown to her, a smirk crossed her lips.

Darkness. There was no light or path as Daisy stumbled forward on an invisible surface in what was felt like a constant fall forwards. With every other step, the slippery tendril invading her asshole would twitch a different way, sending another pulse of conductive will through her body. Her pussy would respond kind with its own type of pulse, and Daisy would find herself stumbling in a new direction. It was the pulse and the darkness. The pulse and the darkness the pulse and the darkness the pulse and the darkness and then-

She was in a house. A familiar house actually, staring at a familiar sight. Behind her, shadows slinked away from her as light returned to its proper balance. In the now still air of the house, Daisy stared at the glowing circle of symbols on the floor that encased a pool of dull light.

"We have to pull her out of there." The Lither said from beneath Daisy's clothes. The creature hadn't retreated from her body, in fact it seemed to tense more into her now that they were back in the real world. Well, at least Daisy's real world.

"Right. Okay. Let me just...holy shit." Daisy was still catching her breath from whatever it was she had just experienced. And from what she was still feeling between her legs.

"If we're going to do this, you're going to have to let me share you." the creature slithered across her skin beneath her clothes.

Daisy could already feel a good part of the slippery lither reaching up inside her. She wasn't quite sure how much more she could share, whatever that meant. "You're already sharing a lot." Daisy grunted as as the tendril up her backside twitched.

"I mean share everything, dear." the creatures voice tickled down to her thighs.

Daisy remembered last time she was in this house, and what the black liquid being had done with her then. She had nearly lost all control of herself as the thing invaded her to get them out of there. Breathing in deeply, Daisy decided this time she was going to let it in. "Alright. Let's do it."

If Daisy thought she knew what was coming, she was wrong. She didn't really know what to do, other than just to submit and leave "Oh my god!" She gasped as the creature surged into her. She thought the slippery substance of the creature's form was already buried nearly as deep as it could go in her ass. Whatever the thing was doing now, it had found the key to depths Daisy didn't even knew she had.

"Gah!" she cried out at the sudden intrusion. Though welcome, it was still intense beyond measure. She stumbled forward as she began to convulse with the sensation, but her leg stuck itself out to catch her fall. She stumbled a few ragged steps forward before she stopped and stood still. It had only taken moments, but Daisy could now feel something else inside herself. Her hand raised as she looked at it, turning it over while she stared, as if inspecting a new glove.

"Yes, this is much better." she heard herself say.

Daisy panicked for a moment, as she realized she was looking out of her eyes as something else moved her body. She tried to feel something, anything to see if she still had control, and realized with slight relief that she could still feel her entire body. Still looking at her hand, she tried to move it back down and realized she could.

I told you, we're sharing. The creature's voice now echoed within her. But if this is going to work, I need to be in charge.

Daisy's eyes flickered to the glowing portal on the floor ahead of her. Inside it was the mistress and two more powerful spirits that most likely wanted nothing good from her. Accepting what she had to do, Daisy submitted.

Inside herself, Daisy could feel the creature smile as it reached out through her completely. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, and when they opened a new power had control.

Daisy approached the edge of the glowing circle and peered down into the milky light. What's in there? Daisy's voice echoed inside her head at her new bodily co-pilot.

"It's a doorway to a prison." Daisy spoke aloud, her voice sounding a different tone then normal. "Well it's not supposed to be a prison, but that's what it became. Only the mistress can open doors into there for now after what she...well that's another story."

And this will lead us there? Daisy questioned within herself.

"Yes. And hopefully the mistress can lead us out." her voice sounded grimly determined.

Daisy stepped forward and suddenly dropped through the floor, her body rushing feet first into the simmering pool of light. In a moment, the universe turned, then shifted abruptly before slamming to a gently stop. It was all over in less than a second, and Daisy suddenly found herself standing in the middle of a long hallway of what seemed to be some old mansion. The windows lining the wall were all reflective mirrors, displaying her reflection and that of the empty hallway with many doors. She must be on the other side.

Under the power of the lither, Daisy began to walk down the hall, opening the first door they came upon to check look for the mistress. Within then first door seemed to be some large study with several whiteboards displaying long esoteric equations frantically scribbled across them. The next room seemed to be some sort of lab built into the old house, with work tables displaying strange canisters and remotes. Daisy shook her head as the being within her seemed to remember something as it walked away from the room. What lay behind the next door was a surprise though.

What appeared to have once been some sort of file storage room now lay in shambles as cabinets and papers lay thrown and scattered across the room as if a tornado had blown through. What the hell happened here? Daisy wondered.

"This must've been where they entered." She spoke aloud.

"It was." another voice answered from behind them.

Daisy quickly spun around as they both jumped in surprise. The creature in Daisy rose her hands to fight, or do something else Daisy couldn't guess, but they paused as the spirit hovering before them smiled.

"You should've waited longer. I haven't brought the other two into submission yet." the mistress purred as she flowed around Daisy, inspecting her like a piece of fine china. "They'll most likely be up here soon."

"Things have progressed much faster than we anticipated. The Other has made her way into one of the girls." The Lither spoke through Daisy.

"My my. That's unfortunate. This could be the end if I can't overpower the other two." The Mistress almost sounded sad. "I'd planned on merely trapping them here for a time, but the wardens of this place have... well I'm not sure what happened."

Daisy face seemed to twitch as she tried to speak from within her controlled body. After a moment, the lither allowed Daisy her voice back. "It's not too late. Kat says the thing is in Lauren, but it hasn't taken...I don't know, control of her yet or something."

The swirling purple figure froze when she spoke. "Did you say she's in Lauren?" the spirit almost sounded disbelieving.

"The girl is right." the lither now took back the reigns.

The spirit was still for a moment, before throwing its head back in a quick howling laugh. This took both of the souls in Daisy's body aback as the spirit looked back at them with a new fire in its eyes. "And the others, are they there too?"

"I...I think so." Daisy stuttered through the lither's control.

"Well this could be just fabulous. Or disastrous if we fail, but I've never been one to enjoy playing it safe." The entity chuckled sultrily.

The spirit suddenly turned its head back down the hallway as if hearing something. "It seems as if our time is up." It declared, looking back into Daisy's eyes. "You've never had a human let you in before Lilith, how does it feel?" the spirit hummed as it began to slowly coalesce around Daisy into an embrace.

"I don't know that I could ever leave." The creature in Daisy smiled back through her.

Um, excuse me...Daisy declared from within, both at the comment, and at the fact she could hear angry hisses coming from up the hallway from what she guessed were the other two ethereals rushing up to attack.

"Are you ready?" the mistress smiled as she pulled daisy against her misty form, a smoky arm sliding down to her lower back as another slowly slid between her legs.

"Absolutely." The lither in Daisy smirked back, breathing in sharply as the ghostly hand found its way down the front of her pants.

From within, Daisy was getting concerned. Guys maybe we can do this later and focus on...on...oh my god what is that... Daisy groaned internally as some sort of energy seemed to be flowing from both the creature inside her and the spectral figure now slowly dipping its fingers into her pussy, all to coalesce into a growing sensation in her nethers.

"They'll, ooh, they'll follow you know." The lither gasped in pleasure, apparently just as affected by the sensations as Daisy.

"I'm counting on it." the mistress grinned devilishly.

Oh fuck! Daisy cried from within herself as he sensation was quickly building to a flowing tingling crescendo. Just as she could nearly feel the other two creatures upon them, the mistress sighed, the lither groaned, and Daisy gasped as the universe folded them out of existence.