Lofty Enchantments

03 - A Shoe-in Applicant, Part 2

Rosa climbed up to her feet, still under the enchantment of her afterglow. She wasn’t sure what to make of Jen’s sudden appearance, as well as the new blood standing next to her.

“Evangeline Stillman, huh?” Rosa staggered to the pair of nude women in front of her. “Or should I be calling you Eva?”

“Eva’s fine,” Eva replied, reaching out her hand. “I guess you’re my senior then.”

“Senior? Just what’s going on Jen?”

“Allow me to explain,” Jen said. “She’ll be staying with us for a little while. She’s become my newest student and this is her new room. Please treat her the same way you’d treat me.”

“Of course,” Rosa reached out for Eva’s hand and shook it. “I’d better head back to my room. I’ll leave you to settle in.” As Rosa exited the threshold of the new room, the expression on her face quickly turned from a pleasant smile to an ire-filled scowl.

“Hold on a minute Rosa,” Jen interrupted. “I’m going to start Eva’s lessons tomorrow, but I have an appointment tonight with a Ms. Matsumoto in Tokyo. She’s a nice girl, and she can do things with leather that would make a fetishist out of just about anyone. I want you to make this place feel like home for Eva, okay?”

“Sure,” Rosa replied, trying to hide an evil smirk. “I can do that.”

“Thanks babe,” Jen moved in and gave Rosa a peck on the lips. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning.” Jen made her way to the utility closet door. “And Eva--make sure Rosa gives you the entire guided tour. It’s quite a piece of real estate.” After turning the knob and pulling the door open, a pair of black leather gloves grabbed her in the wrist, followed by more that grabbed at her arms and waist and pulled her into the threshold. As the sound of feminine giggling could be heard from the closet, the door gently shut itself. Rosa and Eva were alone in the loft now.

She couldn’t believe it. New magic room, no explanation or warning; Rosa, here’s your new roommate that you’ve never met; Rosa, entertain your new roommate that you’ve never met. I’ve other things to attend to. And Jen was gone. One-two-three, poof.

She certainly had nothing against Jen’s taste in women. Eva had to be in her thirties, but she had a firm and nicely curved frame. Rosa got an eyeful when Jen showed up with her out of nowhere, totally in the nude. That bugged her a bit.

Not in an embarrassing way or anything--Rosa wasn’t sure that was even possible anymore--but more imposition. Near-omnipotence seemed to made Jen kind of indifferent to common courtesy. Guests? Sure. Anytime. But new full-time residents with rooms of their own?

Rosa’s twinge of jealousy soured to include insecurity. Maybe she misunderstood the connection that she and Jen had. Was she just another student to the demi-goddess that lived in her loft?

It wasn’t as if Rosa was ungrateful for Jen’s gifts. She was. But it was because she couldn’t possibly pay Jen back that she felt a bit trapped. She could experience nearly anything she wanted, and thanks to Jen, she had all the time in the world to do it.

Whining about not wanting a new roommate seemed petty, but...Jen could have at least warned her. She knew she didn’t have to ask, but she could’ve at least given Rosa a heads-up. For now though, she’d help Eva, if for no other reason than Jen had asked her to. However, she’d have a long talk with Jen in the morning about bringing new residents to the loft she rented out.

“So Eva,” Rosa called out. “Can I get you something to wear?”

“I’m fine,” Eva replied. “Jen told me my things should be showing up from my hotel room shortly.” With perfect timing, Eva and Rosa watched the utility closet door pop open as several travel bags wheeled their way into the loft. Through the door was Eva’s hotel room, clear as day. “Jen really is amazing, isn’t she?” Hangers carrying professional suits drifted through the door, along with a make-up kit and other toiletries. It wasn’t long before everything had moved itself save her collection, mostly packed in boxes in the corner of the hotel room.

Instead of hovering in like the other bags, the boxes popped open where they were, and a procession of Eva’s boots passed over the threshold. Even in her current mood, Rosa couldn’t help but admire Eva’s fashion sense. Stunning boots of all lengths came walking in, adding to the already formidable collection that adorned Eva’s new boot room. Many were classy or toned-down enough to wear into an office, but the marching boots weren’t without a few garish and downright kinky pairs. Rosa’s eyes caught a lipstick red vinyl pair with stacked heels, then a pair of delicate white ballet boots, which marched gracefully with their toes forever bowed to the floor.

No wonder Jen was impressed. After watching Eva’s delight at the magic procession, Rosa could see the draw of Eva’s excitement. It only made her more jealous.

“Well, I see everything in here should be taken care of. When you’re dressed, come on out and I’ll show you around my lo--” Rosa caught herself, forcing a smile, “your new home.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate this.”

“Oh, it’s no trouble at all Eva.” Rosa took Eva by the hand and lead her around. “Let’s start here with the kitchen. Unless you enjoy cooking, everything in here’s enchanted so you don’t need to concern yourself with a thing.” A pair of yellow rubber gloves appeared from the cupboard below the sink. “And she’ll deal with the cleanup for you.”

“Oh wow, that’s amazing! So you don’t even need to lift a finger?”

“No, we don’t. In fact, most mornings we wake up to find breakfast waiting for us.” Eva’s expression brought back memories of when Jen and Rosa first enchanted the loft. With a wave of her hand, Jen had placed the gloves in charge of kitchen duties, not only animating them, but giving them the magical authority to prep, cook, and clean with nothing more than a gesture from the gloves themselves. They still preferred to handwash the dishes, though--something about needing work and love, as an expert on the psyche once said. “Can I give you a demonstration?”

“Well, I’m not that hungry, you have anything to drink?”

“Sure thing,” Rosa said. Something strong, she thought to herself.

The enchanted kitchen must’ve heard her silent aside, because the ornate cabinet at the wall opened itself up, and bottles of tequila and triple sec hovered out and over to the blender. The fridge popped open, and a bottle of lime juice followed behind. The alcohol poured itself liberally into the blender, and at the fridge, the ice dispenser arm pressed itself. One-by-one in a line of cubes danced over to the blender, dropping themselves in.

Eva couldn’t take her eyes off the spectacle. She hadn’t even heard Rosa say anything specific, and the kitchen was preparing margaritas all by itself. The lid fastened, and Eva watched as the  blender finished the job. Two glasses hovered out of a cabinet, and after a perfect pour, the girls were greeted by a pair of floating frozen drinks.

“Thank you.” Eva couldn’t help but smile at the phantom force. Rosa couldn’t help but smirk herself a little, but she was sure to hide it when it came time to move on to the next location.

“Alright, this is the living room. Flat-panel TV, laptop, comfy sofas and chairs; the works. Everything in here is enchanted as well, and more-so than you might think. Watch this, I think you of all people might enjoy it.” Rosa stood in front of the TV as it turned itself on and switched itself to a music video channel. On the screen, a young woman was grinding herself against her microphone stand. “Go ahead, I think you can tell what she likes.” Eva’s eyes widened as the flesh of the woman on TV slowly began to fade away. By the time it was just a pair of boots strutting and grinding on stage, Eva’s mouth was gaping open.

“I get the magic thing and all, but how did--”

“No, see--that’s what I thought too, but Jen’s can do the craziest things. We kinda see magic as being diametrically opposed to technology, but--that’s because humans don’t know shit about magic. She can manipulate modern technology the same way you’d expect her to manipulate a broom.” Rosa turned back to the TV. “Think of whatever you want to see. Check it out.”

Eva couldn’t hold herself back. The dancing boots on the television made her think of the incredible experiences she had at the office. They started--she remembered--when pornography simply started opening on her computer of its own accord. Nasty, boot-worshipping pornography. Magic boot fucking. Orgasmic levitation and boots that could please her themselves. What came next on the screen was only natural.

“!” Rosa beamed at the screen. “That’s...very creative.” She watched as the same singer from the TV moments earlier was on the ground with the boots she was wearing in the video between her legs, jockeying for the ideal positions like puppies fighting over a suckle. Her back up dancers all began to look down at their legs as their own leather thigh-highs began peeling themselves off of them. “That’s actually pretty hot.”

As Eva kept her eyes glued to the screen, the scene continued, bending to every one of her uninhibited desires. One of the dancers found her now empty boots zipping again, turning back on the her as one of them slid between her legs. At the leather moved up, hiking her skirt, the dancer’s mouth dropped open. When she grabbed at the empty bootshaft rising against her body, she found herself rising as well--clear off the ground.

Bootriding wasn’t new to Rosa, but watching Eva’s mesmerized gaze at the television told her that this woman was still only beginning to understand the meaning of ‘limitless’. Rosa recalled the first time Jen showed her just how limitless her power truly was. Eva’s glassy-eyed facial expression recalled her own on that day. Rosa found her jealousy mellowing a little as she watched Eva, experiencing ecstatic wonder as she was shown what the loft had to offer.

And then compassion hit Rosa like a kiss on the forehead. Maybe this is what Jen felt like when she watched someone new play in her magic for the first time.

Still, now she had to share Jen full-time. She’d need a little while to get over that part completely--though she wouldn’t hold it against Eva.

The woman’s eyes didn’t move from the screen, on which her fantastic scene continued. Two dancers kissed and caressed each other far above the stage, both naked and each riding a flying leather boot. The lead singer’s boots were back on her feet, making her hover and spreading her legs to allow another one of her dancers to lap at her clit. This dancer was spread and restrained by four leather boots on all four of her limbs, but the look on her face as she buried it into the singer said she was all too happy with her circumstances.

While the television continued displaying Eva’s fantasies in real-time, Rosa realized that it was time for her to get her feelings off of her chest. She turned and walked toward the nearly hypnotised Eva.

“Hey,” Rosa called out to her as the video wrapped up with the girls panting in a puddle of their own fluids. “Can I get a quick word with you?”

“Sure,” Eva replied. “Is there more to this loft you’ve yet to show me?”

“First of all, the enchantments on the loft are so deep, it would take me a few days to show you everything. Second, I need to come clean with you. When I first learned you were staying here, I was a bit pissed off. You see, I technically own this loft and she didn’t tell me about your arrangement with her beforehand, but there’s more. I--I’m in love with her.”

“And you thought my presence would somehow threaten your relationship with her.” Eva turned to Rosa and caught her in an embrace. “You don’t need to worry about me. While I appreciate everything she’s done for me today, I don’t have the same feelings for her you do. I’m not competition for you at a--”

A loud thumping noise could be heard from Eva’s room. As Eva and Rosa entered to find out the source of the noise, they noticed a massive wardrobe standing in front of the bed that hadn’t been there before. The thick, solid maple legs of the wardrobe began to move, allowing the enormous beast-like structure to walk under its own power. It was then that Eva noticed sitting cross-legged on top were the red latex boots from the indoctrination to Jen’s power in her office.

“I’m glad you two made up,” The boots announced from their throne atop the wardrobe. “Bad blood would have made my surprise for you too sooooo awkward.”

“I suppose it would have,” Eva replied. “Dare I ask what my surprise is?”

“Oh, it’s not just for you,” The foot of one of the boots slammed against the wardrobe. “Jen told us our show was for everyone. Now then--” The doors of the wardrobe popped open, revealing a wide array of boots in all colors, materials and sizes as well as a few sexy costume items. “--What would you like inside you?”

Eva’s eyes widened. Every pair of boots in the wardrobe were filled out into quite feminine curves, lifting themselves to their toes and slamming their heels on the hardwood. The loud clicking noises of their heels, combined with their murmuring about the dirty and raunchy things they intended to do to the human women standing before them made Eva wet just thinking about it. Looking amongst her collection, Eva found it difficult to decide which pairs she wanted involved in the night’s festivities. Her choice, however would soon be made for her.

“Surprise us,” Rosa called out. “I’m personally cool with whatever you want to show us, and I’m sure Eva will fuck anything you throw at her.”

“Is that so?” The latex boots leaned toward Eva as they spoke. All she could respond with was a nod. “Excellent! Now then, let the festivities begin!” As Rosa approached the wooden beast, she was hurled forward, hovering off the ground just above the bed as she was held to the wall by an unseen force. As the bedroom door slammed shut, Eva began to drool a little as a pair of black patent leather knee highs stepped out from the wardrobe. As she reached down to touch herself, she found herself falling up toward the ceiling. The latex boots stood up from their perch atop the wardrobe as a sexed up police uniform floated toward the patent boots. As the latex pair leaped down from the wooden behemoth, a red latex devil costume met up with them. The closet doors to either side of Rosa slammed open as three pink latex nurse’s uniforms emerged, filling out to feminine curves as they marched onto the bed in Rosa’s general direction.

“Pulling out the stops, are we?” Rosa coyly asked.

“Just sit back and enjoy the ride,” One nurse outfit replied, their white vinyl boots stepping onto the wall and walking toward Rosa. “Do we have something to show you. There are special things Jen had placed in this room and this is just one of them.”

“Selective gravity, nice touch.”

On the other side of the room, the two pairs of boots seemed to detach from the floor as they ascended toward the ceiling. The forearm-length gloves of the police uniform reached into their skirt and retrieved a set of handcuffs as a riding crop floated into the red latex hand of the devil costume.

“I-is there a problem officer?” Eva asked coyly.

“Oh you bet your perky little ass there is,” The police uniform replied in a deep, sultry voice as they slapped the handcuffs onto her wrists. “I think we’re going to need to take you downtown for some ‘questioning.’”

“Or maybe we’ll just interrogate you here and now-” The devil outfit added. The police uniform cuffed Eva’s wrist and dragged her toward the light fixture. The devil costume stood upside down, taking in the room in its half-completed state. “I think I know what this place could use.”

A red latex glove pointed at an empty wall as an enormous flat-screen television emerged from the floor, consuming nearly the entire wall as it continued to rise. The screen flared on, revealing a twenty-foot tall version of the singer that moments earlier was being fooled around with by Eva’s power. Her mouth was wrapped around a black leather thigh boot, a trail of saliva creeping down the shaft. The camera pulled away as Rosa and Eva noticed the twenty foot tall boot was completely empty.

“I hope you’re enjoying everything we’re doing for you Eva,” the red devil costume added. “This is only the beginning, watch your friend for a moment.”

Eva looked on at Rosa, now on all fours and being flanked by the three nurse’s outfits. As a white latex glove slapped across Rosa’s ass, Eva felt something strange. Despite the fact both the devil costume and police uniform were directly in front of her, she felt herself struck in the same exact spot as Rosa. Eva took a quick glance behind her, there was absolutely nothing.

“What in the hell was that?” Eva asked. The police uniform turned and its leather gloves began to grope Eva’s breasts. On the other side of the room, Eva noticed Rosa’s breasts rise into the air and seemed to squeeze themselves.

“This room is empathic. You will feel anything we do to your friend, and she will feel anything done to you. Of course, in the event later on you choose to go solo we will instead provide the feedback sensations.”

Eva felt herself being dragged across the ceiling by the gloves of the police uniform. She couldn’t help but be fascinated that a pair of gloves that could be manipulated with ease from the inside could do the same thing to her from the outside. Her eyes didn’t stay on the gloves for very long however, her eyes tracked down to the empty boots underneath. With the hanging light fixture hovering just over the boot’s cuffs she could see the inner liner of their shafts. The black patent beauties in front of her brought back memories of the first time she experimented with a pair of boots by herself. It had been at least a decade since that day, but the ecstasy would be ingrained into Eva’s mind for years to come. The slippery patent leather inside of her, the smell of sex and boots that flooded her bedroom, the utmost satisfaction she felt afterward. That night, she looked at the crumpled up boots, still dripping with her feminine juices. For a brief moment she imagined how nice it would be if they could get up and go another round with her under their own power. While the concept got her through a few boring nights on imagination alone, she could now live it. Breathe it. Experiment with it.

“Don’t get too lost in thought,” Eva was shaken back to reality by the smoky voice of the red latex boots. Gravity began to lose its effect on several pieces of furniture as a coffee table and chairs slowly began to float toward the ceiling. As they came to the verge of touching, each of the objects flipped themselves over, their legs gently touching down a few feet away from the lighting fixture. “We have so much more to show you.”

The police uniform finally reached its destination as the shiny gloves separated from the uniform’s sleeves and pulling Eva off of the ceiling with relative ease. After gently placing Eva into a leather recliner, two pairs of handcuffs floated out of the pockets of the uniform’s skirt. As the cuffs slapped themselves around her wrists, the other end of each cuff hovered in empty space, as if they were cuffed to some unseen structure. Eva struggled against them, testing their strength. Despite being cuffed to thin air, she found she couldn’t pull hard enough to budge them.

In the background, Rosa found her own hands bound to points in space, held by empathetic restraints. Eva could hear the sound of heels clicking closer. In the corner of her eye, she noticed a pair of white leather knee-high boots on approach. As they drew near, their zippers slipped downward and their shafts folded open. As the white boots wrapped themselves around Eva’s calves, she found her feet being drawn together slowly and firmly. By the time the zippers drew themselves up, Eva found herself almost completely unable to move under her own power. On the other side of the room, two of the nurse’s uniforms flanked an ethereally restrained Rosa as the other separated from the group and made its way to the ceiling. As Eva watched the sexy invisible nurse decked out in pink and white latex and vinyl, she felt her tits bounce and contract under slippery invisible hands. Across the room, a restrained Rosa was at the mercy of white latex fingers massaging her breasts and flicking at her nipples.

The red latex boots were next up, stepping away from the devil costume and climbing onto Eva’s lap. Facing forward, Eva watched as they bent at the knees as if they were squatting toward her. When she saw the quivering anticipation at the end of the glossy open shafts, she wondered what was coming next...until the shafts pointed squarely at her own invisibly fondled breasts. Cupping Eva’s breasts into their empty tops, she could feel not only the wonderful teasing of invisible fingers, but also a satisfying uniform suction around her tits as the smooth latex locked around her, forming a tight seal.

As Rosa’s breasts began to experience the same binding suction as Eva’s, the invisible nurses ceased their fondling. Rosa let out a moan as she watched her tits bulge and stretch in alternation, manipulated by nothing at all. The uniforms on either side reached their gloves beneath Rosa, pulling her off of the wall and gently handing her off to the nurse waiting on the ceiling. As Rosa felt the abrupt shift in gravity, the trio of hollow nurses walked her over toward the coffee table. Upon reaching their destination, the nurses lowered Rosa down onto the polished glass. The sensation of the cold, hard surface on Rosa’s back was transferred to Eva, who jolted forward in shock, only to be stopped by the cuffs on her wrists and the boots on her feet and at her breasts.

“The patient is properly restrained,” One of the nurses called out.

“Good,” Another replied, pulling a tub containing an unidentified cream from its pocket. “Time to apply the stimulant.” The nurse’s gloves applied the cream to their hands and rubbed it across Rosa’s body. The feeling of the cold latex, combined with the slightly oily sensation of the stimulant was starting to have an effect on Rosa. With every touch, she now felt electrical surges pulse throughout her body. The gloves quickly moved from her belly up to her breasts, the pulses increasing in intensity with each stroke. In the chair beside her, Eva began to buck and howl wildly with the empathic massage. “Stimulant applied.”

“Alright then,” The third added. “Let us begin the procedure.”

The nurses once again took a flanking position around Rosa. As one made a grasp for her breasts, another placed its gloved fingers in front of her mouth. As she opened her mouth to greet them, a smirk grew on her face. She knew what was about to happen, she had been down this road more times than she could count. As the fingers of the glove in front of her placed its fingers into her mouth, some of the residue of the stimulant reacted on her tongue.

“Mmmm,” Rosa purred. “Cherry.”

“We thought you might like that.” The white cap above one of the blouses turned toward Eva. “And it looks like your friend is enjoying it too.”

In the recliner, the latex boots continued to pump away at Eva’s breasts, their toes kicking away from the soft leather. As one landed onto one of the arm-rests, the other gently rested itself between Eva’s legs. The boots on Eva’s feet spread her legs apart as the seat of the latex heel made contact with Eva’s clit, forcing both her and Rosa to squirm. As Rosa let out a loud moan, the gloves at her mouth separated from their nurse outfit, moving quickly farther south. In concert with the boots working over Eva nearby, the gloves stuck two fingers inside of her.


Half a world away, Jen was seated in a woman-shaped leather chair as a pair of long leather gloves worked over her breasts. In front of her stood a television, showing her the events unfolding in Eva’s new bedroom. Down below, a leather phallus shaped protrusion from the chair she was sitting in was thrusting itself inside of her.

“So,” A voice called out from the chair. “This is the new student you mentioned, is it?”

“Yeeeeeah,” Jen cooed. “Lucky find, huh?”

“I’d have to agree she’s a rare one. You only find those whose magical spark is as powerful as their unparalleled lust once in a generation, and yet you have found two in just two years time.”

“It seems as if the forces that gave us our powers are choosing more and more subjects by the day, this is truly a wondrous time to be alive.”

“I would have to agree with you. I would love to accompany you on your searches for such beautiful sexual conquests, but being as I am makes that quite impossible.”

“Are you now starting to regret your decision to purge your mortal shell?” A leather glove at Jen’s breast floated upward, placing its index finger tenderly on her lips as if to silence her.

“Of course not,” The chair purred as the other glove slipped itself over Jen’s arm. “You have no idea the pleasures I feel every day. To have a warm summer breeze brush against you on both the outside and the inside; to have human limbs inside of you, manipulating your movements. There’s absolute sexual ecstasy in an article of clothing for being worn and I wouldn’t give up that feeling for the world.”

“You know, at any point in time I could recreate a temporary body for you. I’d love for you to accompany me someday Keiko.”

“In due time.” A beautiful human face appeared in the leather chair, its gaze fixated on the image of Eva. “In the meantime, I want her.” The sound of a door sliding could be heard down the hall as a pair of black leather boots stepped out into the room. “I want to have her inside me, to use me however she wants to. I want you to bring her to me.”


Back in the loft, Eva and Rosa were both sweating from the sheer sexual feedback. Eva found herself surprised that despite how much stimulation she was feeling, she was no closer to orgasm as she would have been by herself. The slick latex working her over had been taking it easy, making sure not to overload Eva. Rosa however, wasn’t having that problem. Rosa almost looked bored as the gloves inside her slipped out and the vinyl boots underneath the nurse outfit stepped up onto the table.

“We’re losing her!” One nurse outfit called out.

“I’ll be damned if I let a patient slip away!” The vinyl boots shouted as the vamps shoved themselves between her legs. As Rosa tried to clench her legs to no avail, Eva began to pant.

“More, I want more.” Eva screamed, the latex shafts inside of her and the vinyl ones she could empathically feel inside of Rosa’s simply wasn’t enough. “MORE FUCKING BOOTS!” The sound of an army of high heels clicking up the walls excited Eva as Rosa braced for additional sensation. As the latex boots released themselves from Eva’s breasts, a loud pop could be heard as the seal between latex and flesh was broken. Before Eva had a chance to question why they chose to release themselves, a pair of silver vinyl knee highs took their place as the tops of the red latex shafts took a seat on Eva’s shoulders.

“So you want more of us?” The red latex boots asked. “Why don’t you show us how much?” The handcuffs on Eva’s hands slipped themselves off of her wrists. It didn’t take more than a moment for her to reach down and pull the new vinyl boots up to her face. As Eva placed her tongue to the seam between the shaft and the vamp and began to lick, the toe of the silver boot flexed and clenched, rubbing slick vinyl over her face.

“Hey, ease up on her,” A nurse uniform called out. “Rosa’s about to blow. We need a little more time.”

“Sorry,” The silver boots clamped to Eva’s breasts replied. “The time to take it slow is over, Eva wants us to wrap this up otherwise she wouldn’t have called us all here.” The other boots surrounding the girls responded in an agreeing tone.

“It’s alright,” Rosa cooed, shoving the white vinyl boot farther between her legs. “I’m ready to finish this if she is.” The sound of laughter could be heard from the army of boots as several pairs stepped forward. Eva noticed several pulsing lumps in the boots, slowly swimming upward. It didn’t take long for either Eva or Rosa to realize just what the lumps were. Floating up from the boots into the air were several pink eggs, climbing up the shafts and sliding back out of them. As the pulsating pink eggs snaked and slithered their way across the ceiling toward the girls, Eva couldn’t resist beckoning them with a come hither motion. As the last of the vibrators left the boots, they seemed to once again fall victim to gravity, falling back down to earth. Eva couldn’t help but feel disappointed. However, this feeling was quite short lived. The red latex boots rose from Eva’s shoulders and the shafts bent back in such a way that if anyone were actually inside of them, their ankles would have been broken. Eva licked her lips as the pink eggs one by one approached and slipped inside the shiny crimson cylinders. Some crawled up her belly and poked themselves between her breasts and the silver vinyl that enveloped them. The rest went into the white boots working over Rosa. As the boots assumed their positions again, their toes began to pulse with vibration. Eva began to pant as the toe of the boot made contact, then insert itself. As the same thing was happening with Rosa, the ceiling began to violently shake.

“G-g-g-god-d-d-damn!” Eva shouted.

“I kn-n-now, right?” Rosa replied. “Imagine this every morning, every night, whenever you want.”

The gentle rubbing the boots were making over Eva’s pussy rapidly became gentle thrusts. The three pairs of boots working over both girls now synchronised their motions, amplifying the sensations they were inflicting by several fold. Now the three nurse uniforms were returning to their work on Rosa. As six pairs of gloves pinched and teased her breasts, the nurse uniform whose boots were thrusting into her floated in front of Rosa’s face, allowing her to grasp at the dress’ hollow chest. Lumps appeared in the silver boots working over Eva’s breasts as the vibrators inside gently brushed up against them. The two women were sweating as gravity seemed to slowly regain it’s effect over them. The chair and table the two were lying on began to gently float back down to the ground as the thrusting against them accelerated.

“I’m gonna,” Eva shouted. “I’M GONNA!”

In the meantime, the door to the broom closet in the hallway opened as Jen stepped back into the loft. The loft itself began to pulse and creak as Jen could literally feel the waves of pleasure resonate from Eva’s new bedroom. In the kitchen, Jen watched as the blender mixed up a pair of margaritas. The blender suddenly stopped as a bag of ice floated onto the cabinet and dropped additional cubes in as the margarita mix opened and poured enough in for an additional drink. The lights began to flicker, the doors began to slam shut and fly back open. In Jen’s room, she noticed two pairs of crotch high boots scissoring, on the TV a rather attractive singer grinding on an empty boot on the verge of orgasm. As she heard the sound of Eva in Rosa screaming in ecstasy, she noticed the white go-go boots and the black PVC boots sitting in the living room.

“Zhat was quick,” the PVC boots said.

“She’s intrigued with Eva,” Jen replied. “That has me a little worried.”

“And why is that?” The go-go boots asked.

“Keiko is ze kind zat likes to leave scars. Ze poor girl wouldn’t last a minute with her, not yet.”

“For now, we need to protect her. At the very least, until her magic develop a little more so she can protect herself.”

Back in the room, Rosa and Eva were hitting the same note as their orgasm reached its zenith. The room began to shake violently as shelves flew out of drawers and the bestial wardrobe fell over, convulsing as it’s doors opened and slammed shut. As the singer on TV hit her orgasm as well, it began to spark and the LED screen split. The silver boots sucking at Eva’s tits collapsed and released their seal, dropping their pink egg payload all over Eva’s floor. The red latex boots and nurse uniforms followed suit.

It was then that the selective gravity Eva and Rosa were enjoying throughout the afternoon suddenly returned to normal, turning their gradual descent into a free fall. However, their landing was cushioned before they had a chance to crash against the floor by the masses of boots Eva had summoned earlier in their session. Eva cooed as she felt the pillows of latex, leather and suede rub against her back. She lingered for a few minutes to soak in the afterglow before the boots gently placed her down on her bed and returned to the wardrobe and closet. The nurse uniforms and red boots once again took shape and stumbled into a newly formed doorway leading into a large shower room. The last thought Eva had before falling asleep was this still just had to be a dream.


Eva awoke to find herself no longer in her hotel suite. A smile cracked on her face as she realized that she was still in her new room in her new loft. Everything that had happened just a few hours ago had actually come to pass. Something was off though. The TV had been severely damaged during her orgasm, and yet it was perfect working shape now. She grabbed the remote and turned it on. She didn’t see the singer from before, but instead the news talking about a puppy saving a young couple from a fire. It was cute, but it wasn’t what she wanted. She then noticed the black leather boots on the young news anchor. She wanted so badly for those boots to unzip and remove themselves, then fuck their owner senseless. She wanted it, but for some reason it just wasn’t happening. She then turned to her closet.

“Come on out,” Eva called out. “Dance, cheer, fuck. I don’t care what you do, I just want to know what just happened really did.” But the room was still silent.

“Don’t bother,” A voice called out from the shower room. The door opened and out emerged the pair of red latex boots from before. “You did quite a bit of damage to this room. All of the magic used to bring to life this room was reinvested to repair all the damage done. Don’t worry, it’ll be back in the morning.”

“How come you’re still able to move?”

“Because, we’re a part of Jen’s personal collection. We’ve been alive for so long that the we can no longer have our life force taken away. By the way, Jen and Rosa are in the living room waiting for you.”

Eva left her room and found Jen and Rosa, still in the nude and lounging in the two recliners. Eva took a seat on the couch as a margarita floated to her from the freezer.

“So,” Jen asked. “Did you enjoy Rosa’s tour?”

“I’m still quite speechless about all of this,” Eva replied. “I mean, even in my wildest dreams I could have never imagined any of this is even possible. So, I can learn all that?”

“That, is just the beginning. Give it time and you can do just about anything.”

“Well,” Rosa asked. “You willing to stay? Jen’s training won’t be easy, but it’ll be rewarding if you stick with it.”

“So you don’t mind if I stay?”

“Of course not. It’ll be fun to have someone else to enjoy all of the enchantments of this place like Jen and I both have. Besides, we’re spitting distance to your office anyway, it all works out in the end.”

“Oh crap! That reminds me, my ca-” Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of tires pulling into the driveway, then the honking of a car horn. Eva looked out the window to find her car now parked into the driveway of the loft as empty as the moment she stepped out of it. “I had just realized that I had left it in the parking garage, how did you...?”

“Witch’s intuition,” Jen replied with a slight chuckle. The car door opened and a pair of heather ankle boots stepped out. “And your boots made sure to remind me as we were heading out.” As the front door opened itself up and the boots walked into the loft, the three girls had a laugh while sipping on their drinks. “I’ll start your training tomorrow when you return from work. In the meantime, you need to be careful over the next couple weeks. One lustful thought and you could charge the clothing in your entire building. The first part of your training will be gaining control over your powers; you think you’re ready?”

“Yes, I am ready.”

“Good, I think you’ll make a fine witch in due time.”


After the girls turned in for the night, the only noises that could be heard came from the loud moaning and rhythmic pounding in Rosa’s bedroom. Out in the hallway, the door to the broom closet opened up and a pair of black leather boots stepped through. In Keiko Matsumoto’s apartment, a figure in the shape of an attractive woman appeared in the leather of her recliner, watching on the television screen as the boots inched closer and closer to Eva’s room. Her hand glided down her belly to between her legs as she began to stroke.

“Soon my dear Eva,” Keiko’s voice rang out as the leathery figure licked its lips. “Soon.”